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Humanity to commit suicide

The cesspool masters evidently comprehend the danger they have placed on society by their financing a dangerously impaired person to high posts of power. They have done this before, and it had nearly cost them their empire. They fear the risks involved, but they fear the consequences of a normally developing humanity even more. They fear it, because they would not survive it. Thus they encourage humanity to commit suicide. This appears to be their end game now, as their empire is hopelessly collapsing all around them. All the money in the world that has been thrown into their bailout trough didnít help them one bit, because they had already killed the golden goose, the physical economy, by which every form of money gains its value. Consequently, in a kind of desperation they Ďaidí their enemies to cut each otherís throat, aiming to come out surviving in the end. Their traditional method of financing a deeply impaired person to the highest post of power fulfills their modern requirement still perfectly, even if it will destroy the entire world this time, instead of merely much of Eurasia as was the case in World War II.


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