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Culturally inherited psychological disorders

The impaired suffer from what one might call a culturally induced psychological disorder. The victims typically have a grandiose sense of self-importance; are preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance; have a distorted sense of beauty, irrational ideals; and they believe that they are unique and special above all other people, cultures, and other races. They seek excessive admiration with a strong sense of entitlement. But even as they almost demand this slavish attention they are interpersonally exploitative and lack empathy to the point of being arrogant and haughty in behaviors and attitudes. This seems to be the general consensus of a wide range of research with victims of Post-Traumatic-Stress induced or culturally inherited psychological disorders.

When such mental impairments are discovered in leaders of nations the affected persons need to be removed from office as an emergency response, especially so if they have the power within their reach to commit the infinite crime of global suicidal warfare. The impaired need to be removed from such offices of power, decisively, just as any criminal would be so removed to protect society, because to fail to do this in the case of national leaders would be paramount to inviting the universal extinction of humanity that the presently available weaponry assures.


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