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A vast jump in birth defects

With the infinite crime having festered for millennia, and having grown worse, a new type of warfare has emerged, by which indifference comes with the tallest price tag attached. War has become a crime against life itself. It has become a crime against the very blueprint of life in all its forms, including its human expression. We see a vast jump in birth defects, both in numbers and in ugliness, since the uranium wars began. War has suddenly become a crime of annihilation on a broad front.

We face a new and infinite type of genocide now. The only thing that is not new on this scene is that this genocide is still the result of indifference.

Indifference rules by default in a world without sovereignty. Indifference results when sovereignty is lost.

Indifference rules the world today so strongly that the combined effort of humanity has not been sufficient to ban the uranium weapons that mutilate all life, for which we now face potentially a 100-fold increase according to the preparations that have already been made in pre-positioned weaponry.


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