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The bombing of Dresden

With the dawn of the uranium gas war a new stage for warfare has been set. We stand on this stage with the most deadly weapon ever.

When World War II ended, the killing of the populations stopped. When the guns fell silent; when the last bombing run ended; the horrible dying unleashed by this war had ground to a halt. The cities were rebuilt.

Now however, since the dawn of use of depleted uranium in the weapons of war a new stage has been set on which the dying, suffering, and destruction continues on forever, unabated, long after the wars themselves have ended and are forgotten. The uranium poisoning of the air is accumulative. With each successive war more of the radioactive poison accumulates, which like a gas pervades first the air, and later the ground, and becomes a part of the environment in which we live. The radiation of uranium decays slowly. It has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.

In this context the scene of the aftermath of the bombing of Dresden was a scene of ‘paradise’ in which the war-destroyed world could be rebuilt, and was rebuilt. This is no longer possible. We cannot get back to the state of the world that existed before the depleted uranium wars began.

The entire world is presently already trapped into these long-enduring consequences, expressed in a wide range of biological effects that will be suffered for all times to come. The poison that has been injected into the air and the global environment cannot be cleaned up. It is of a type that has never existed before in the entire history of the world. And it is here to stay.


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