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War cries for capturing Asia

Thatís what stands behind the war cries for the capturing of Asia, which means for a starter, the destruction of Syria and Iran, and potentially also North Korea. These first-in-line targets are as close as one can get to the main targets. In the age of radioactive uranium gas warfare one doesnít actually need to get any closer to destroy the populations of the main targets.

Of course a war adventure of this nature is a thinly veiled cry for nuclear war, a thermonuclear war is ultimately intended by the masters of the cesspool to eliminate Russia, China, and also the USA and 90% of humanity with them, from the global landscape. This adds up to a far-flung plan for eradicating all the forces that have the power to arrest empire. Towards this end the infinite crime stands to ravish the world once again. The ravishing is a part of the package of empire.


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