Transcript for scene 50 of the video " Science of The Lord's Prayer" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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Lord's Prayer, towards an endless future

The grand obligation we have to us and one-another to express all that God is to the fullest degree possible, leaves no room for small-minded thinking. God is infinite Principle expressed in the universe that we are a part of, without which we and the universe would not exist. But we do exist, and we do exist as God's expression. The more we develop this fundamental fact in our understanding, the richer and free, more secure, and more powerful will be our living, our world, and our civilization.

The more this understanding is developed the less-likely it will be for anything to harm us or place limits before us. The coming Ice Age will then no longer pose a danger, or any other astrophysical conditions. Christ Jesus opened the divine portal to us with the Lord's Prayer, towards an endless future, and he suggested that no other such portal exists.


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