Transcript for scene 11 of the video " Science of The Lord's Prayer" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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Example depopulation

An example of this type of festering evil is the currently ruling world-empire's depopulation ideology that has become a policy of reducing the human population on the Earth from the present population of 7 billion people to less than one. Who hasn't heard the chorus of cries that the world is over-populated and is running out of resources. Humanity has been termed a cancer on the Earth from the 1960s on. This travesty in perception has opened the gates to immensely destructive genocidal processes, such as the burning of food in a starving world, and the Uranium wars that have spread deadly radioactive poisons with the air streams across the world, and also the global warming hype that has prevented economic development and forced de-industrialization, creating poverty and death, and so on.


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