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Science; spiritual being understood

Thus Leah's advance to the process of building for the general welfare became reflected in Mary Baker Eddy's definition for the name Gad as: ‘Science; spiritual being understood; haste towards harmony.’ With this definition Mary Baker Eddy provided a beautiful high-level definition for the spiritual dynamics of the marriage process, a type of acknowledgement of the fullness of God's creation. This dynamic flow appears totally fictional in today's world.

It is hard to imagine that Leah's action would be possible in the modern world, such as a wife inviting her husband to have sex with her own friend, and for them to have children together for the welfare of the family. That's impossible even as fiction, right? Nevertheless Mary Baker Eddy gave Leah high praise for it, because the intention of her doing so was there, and had bee developed up to this higher-level stage for the universal benefit of all.


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