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Contrast in Mary Baker Eddy's assessments

We have two physically identical processes described in the story. Both Rachel and Leah gave their maid to Jacob as wife for the purpose of having children, which they do. They have two children each. But why is there such a contrast in Mary Baker Eddy's assessments?

Apparently the physical process wasn't the key factor in her comparison, which was instead focused on the radically different intentions of the two women that reflected different mental backgrounds. Rachel’s intention had remained focused on personal gain under her continued denial of the fullness of God. This became evident in the naming of the children. She denied the singular, universal nature of humanity as the reflection of God, and saw herself isolated in her marriage in competition with her sister. This evidently prompted Mary Baker Eddy's scathing comment as: “Animal magnetism, ...error working out the design of error, one belief preying upon another.”


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