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The naming of Jacob's 12 children

She presents this platform in the form of glossary definitions for 9 of the names of the children of the biblical Jacob, the man who later took on the name Israel. Jacob's story, as presented in the Bible, has all the features of a well-crafted illustrative historic fiction in which the naming of Jacob's 12 children reflects the respective mother's mentality surrounding the children's birth. The writer was illustrating a principle with the story. Also the story is evidently fiction as it pertains to times from long before written languages were in use. Also the number of children is suspicious, because 12 is a near universal numeric metaphor derived from an ancient symbol, the hexagram, that is used to signify 'many' or abundance. The metaphor of 12 to signify abundance is used 165 times in the Bible, including in the Jacob story. Since the story is evidently fiction for these reason, it becomes interesting to explore what the writer had intended to illustrate about the marriage process that comes to light in a range of unique features in the story.


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