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New Ice Age Now Science #3

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If humanity is the highest element of value in the known universe, then no investment will ever be too expensive for the further development of this value, because in this value rests the greatest economic resource and creative power that has ever existed on the face of our planet.

When the approaching Ice Age requires that all the northern agriculture needs to be relocated onto floating modules strung across the equatorial sea, then whatever credit is required to get the job done will be cheap in comparison with the value derived as society assures thereby its continued existence and an advancing civilization. That’s how the real economic system works that is inherently a credit based system.

When society recognizes that it needs to create a world-development engine, the question then won’t be, how much will it cost? The question will then be, what resources do we require to get the job done. The needed resources will then be credited. Society will gets its payback in terms of what comes out of the process. At this point credit may no longer be called money. It may then have a different name.

The entire process will then be determined by what comes out of it for society. The return for credit will reflect in principle the dynamics of the universe. When the universe constructs an atom, it creates a structure that is typically 100,000 times bigger than what the Universe has put into the building process. Whatever energy the Universe requires for it, is created and put into the process, or else the Universe would not exist. Thereby the greatest investment is justified.

This is how we need to look at meeting the Ice Age Challenge. We can meet the challenge with the physical resources that we have presently at hand. We can build this infrastructure if we rouse ourselves to invest the effort. The outcome will be that we continue to live and a rich civilization of great value. If we fail, of course, humanity dies, and all that we call value falls back to the level of zero.

The building of the world-bridge project with floating agriculture and floating cities falls into this category. The bridge can be build right now, made of basalt, shaped in high-temperature automated industrial processes for which extremely small amounts of human labor involved.

The same process can also produce complete housing modules. They can be produced with so little effort that they can be given away to each other to meet every human being’s need, which in turn creates an infrastructure for more powerful forms of living with increased scientific and cultural development. We will need this type of scientific development to create the kind of agriculture that is productive under a dimmer Sun or becomes immensely productive in indoor environments, or both. The universal criterion for a 100,000-fold gain from credit will be easily accomplished on this type of development platform.

Since we also need water to green the Sahara Desert, the little feat can then be accomplished with ease, by simply diverting the outflow of the Amazon River, and the Congo River, via a network of arteries made of woven basalt fibers, laid across the oceans. Water flowing is water is the most-widely applied water-conveyance technology in the natural world, in the form of ocean currents. Fresh water can be conveyed with the same ‘ease’ in arteries afloat in the oceans.

The gain over credit that results in a process of brining water to the Sahara will be so great that it cannot even be measured.

Indeed, how can one measure the value of humanity that an Ice Age Renaissance enables, to exist in an Ice Age world? If the building of floating agriculture along the equator is the investment necessary for it, no matter how big this credit investment would be, the gain would still be infinite in value. The natural system is so primitive in an Ice Age environment that only 10 million people survived the last one. We can stop this impotence. With a relative small credit investment humanity’s power for living can be expanded 1000-fold, even in an Ice Age.

That’s the nature of credit economics. That’s the opposite to decapitated economics. Of course the principle can be applied also to all other forms of economics as well.

Modern China, and also Russia to some degree, are beginning to lean in the direction of the credit principle. This, of course, is the reason why these nations are being targeted for destruction by the masters of empire.

There is a price associated with stepping away from the decapitated world of empire that offers a new life. Heaven is expensive. Nothing comes from nothing. The credit principle can only be reflected in an active process. Those who value life are willing to pay the price. They expend whatever effort it takes to advance their sovereign self-development to the almost, as should all mankind in all times, especially now that we are challenged to survive war, economic collapse, artificial energy crises, artificial food crises, housing crises, political crises, and the coming Ice Age Transition. We can break the train of poverty of endless crisis of decapitated living by meeting the Ice Age imperatives head on, which is ultimately a human imperative.

The typical current response to the Ice Age imperative is that its challenge cannot be met. The money cannot be raised to build the infrastructures that are needed. Who will put up the kind of money needed for a project for universal world development? What will be the profit that can be made? And so, we ask the wrong questions, don’t we?

The questions that should be asked, should be focused on how we must we proceed to get the job done that civilization requires, and to do it in a manner that produces the greatest amount of benefit possible? That's how real economic questions are asked.

When society needs money for its self-development, it doesn’t need to go to the bags that are tied to the past, it only needs financial credits that are credits against the future, and these any society can create for itself as a commitment to its future.

Giving financial credit to itself is society’s self-acknowledgmen that it is an asset of great value with the power to create a future. In contrast, going begging from the money bags of empire has the opposite effect. It places value in the past. It is a form of self-denial. When society is giving financial credit to itself, it unlocks its power for self-development that it understands it has. It is society’s acknowledgement of itself. An Ice Age renaissance can only be built on this type of platform.

The Universe does the same. It doesn’t go to an external source for the power for its self-creating productive economics. It has the power within itself. It is flush with electric energy in plasma that pervades the entire cosmos and powers it. The cosmos is flush with electric energy, the most powerful form of energy there is. And it is flush with a vast array of creative principles. These together, give the Universe the enabling credit to manifest itself in products of great value.

The question then that pertains to us is how WE must proceed to get our self-development done on the same platform that credits the future. Civilization is the product of human self-development. A renaissance unfolds when this development is advanced in the most powerful and efficient manner, whereby ever greater elements of value are created.

In a credit society renaissance the question will no longer be asked how much money we MUST spend to uplift civilization. The question will instead be asked how many opportunities do we give ourselves to spend money on as a means for uplifting the quality of civilization. The more credit we create on the development platform, which comes back to us a thousand-fold, or 65,000-fold as the Universe has pioneered as a minimal standard, the richer and more productive human living will become. The real breakout therefore, that we need, lies rooted in ourselves.

So how long will we want to wait till we feel the time is right to start the greatest renaissance of all times. Meeting the greatest challenge brings the greatest rewards. Why would we want to cheat ourselves by holding back on building the richest civilization of all times, with free universal housing to advance human development, with limitless food resources, and boundless anti-entropic energy resources?

Why wouldn’t we want to build this renaissance now, which is the human thing to do, which would also give us the power to snub the Ice Age in the flow of our development?

What are we waiting for? We have no reason to wait for anything when the greatest renaissance is as easily created as it promises to be.

We have the capacity for a boundless renaissance. Ironically we don’t know yet what this actually means.

With the unfolding boundary condition to the next glaciation cycle a great beneficial resource comes to light on the horizon that the universe offers to us as a compensation for the glaciation period. This great beneficial resource is located in the vast increase in Galactic Cosmic Ray Flux that will be reaching the Earth when the Sun gets weaker and the heliosphere becomes weaker accordingly. The heliosphere attenuates cosmic-ray flux. A weak heliosphere attenuates less, giving us more of it. While we don’t know yet how big this increase will be, it nevertheless promises to be highly beneficial for human cognitive development as historic pattern indicate.

Under present conditions every one of us is being bombarded with 50,000 cosmic-ray particles every single day. They typically pass right through our body without colliding with anything, because the electric charge of the cosmic-ray particles prevents collisions. However, as the particles pass through our body, they do have an effect, an electric effect, and this effect appears to be greater and more beneficial than we may realize. A fast moving cosmic-ray particle is electricity in motion. It creates a moving magnetic field. Even without touching anything, the moving magnetic field generates a secondary electric current in the surrounding tissue. The generated electric current, minute as it may be, appears to have a profound beneficial effect on our biological systems, which are all electrically operated. The evidence so far exists only in historic patterns.

For example, the dawn of written languages that became a pivotal event in the development of civilization coincides with a period of cold climate that logically is a period of high cosmic-ray flux. The same patterns holds true for all the great pivotal events, such as the dawn of Christianity, and later the dawn of Islam, followed by the Golden Renaissance in Europe.

Great cultural developments occurred during major cooling periods that logically corresponds with a period of increased cosmic radiation.

Another example is the building of the amazing temples of Khajuraho in the 950-1150 AD timeframe. 80 great temples were created in a small area in less than 200 years by a rich culture in Northern India that had developed from 500 AD onward. This development period coincides with the timeframe of a generally cold climate with correspondingly high cosmic-ray intensity.

As till another example of this type is the building of the Taj Mahal that some researchers place into a much earlier timeframe than is officially recognized, possibly the 1300 AD timeframe based on the carbon dating of wood used in the window frames.

The pattern that we see here is remarkably consistent for all these cases.

The process appears to have already begun also in the botanical world. Theoretically the increased Cosmic Ray flux should have an uplifting effect on plant growth. This too appears to be visible. I have noticed in our garden that almost all of our plants have begun to grow much more vigorously in recent years than they ever have before. This hosta for example, has grown taller than our garden chair, and this in mid-May, long before it even begins to bloom.

Some flowering trees too, appear to have become more vigorous in their growth. While no evidence exists or is possible that the increased vigor is caused by increased cosmic-ray flux, the potential that it hints at is highly significant for agricultural production where such an increase would be highly valuable if not critically significant during the coming Ice Age glaciation cycle.

It is interesting to note in this respect, by going back deeply into geologic history, that the tremendous development of the living processes on earth that eventually, a long way down the line, culminated into the dawn of humanity, did not begin in leaps and bounds until the epoch of the modern deep ice ages had began, named the Pleistocene Epoch, that gave the cognitive and biological development a tremendous boost.

The only comparable deep cooling that appears to have occurred during the last half billion years, occurred around 450 million years ago when the proliferation of life and its complexity on our planet unfolded in leaps and bounds. This interesting linkage between the past and ‘modern’ times seems to suggest that we, humanity, might not have come into existence if it hadn’t been for the increased cosmic-ray electric energy that became prevalent only during the modern Ice Age cycles, and not before. The modern high-comic-flux epoch spanned the entire range of human history, in what appears to have been an increasing fashion. It appears to have progressively powered our human development and enabled the development of the amazing complexity of our neurological system and its profound cognitive, even scientific, capabilities.

In this sense we are a product of a profound systemic progression, and an active element of it with a near boundless potential. The long-term astrophysical cycles also indicate that the ongoing systemic progression will become increasingly more intense as the successive Ice Ages will become increasing colder for the next three million years ahead as the two very-long dynamic cycles reach their combined low point.

Astrophysical evidence gleamed from ice-core samples on Greenland suggests that the impact of increased cosmic-ray flux had a much more dramatic impact on humanity’s scientific development than society is presently allowed to imagine.

In times of the historic cold climates that would correspond with increased cosmic-ray flux, a powerful platform for scientific development has apparently been enabled that lead to advanced discoveries of efficient principles for agriculture and the building of more powerful technologies.

During these successive stages of cultural uplift the discoveries were increased and the resulting technologies improved to past a point at which the created scientific and technological power had enabled in society a breakout from the chokehold that ignorance has had on the power of human living.

The evidence suggests that science aided by cosmic-ray conditioning has created a shock front that developed through successive increases in cognitive power. The resulting shock front then suddenly began pushing against empire and its war on humanity. The humanist breakout that resulted caused a tremendous worldwide population expansion from the breakout onward that nothing could restrain any longer nor anything will ever put back into the bottle again. The shock wave created a phase shift.

For six hundred years, since the breakout began, the oligarchy of empire has struggled to hold its ground against the shock front that started ripping through the fabric of fascism, perpetual war, and perpetual stealing that empire depends on. This ripping action still continues. Nor can the now increasing shock-front be resisted. Resistance is futile. The power of the shock front is increasing with the now increasing cosmic nurturing of humanity that has already begun. In the shadow of this increasingly powerful shock front the entire strategic landscape of the world that none of us can likely fully fathom as no historic precedent exist that we could use as a reference point. We are in a boundary zone to an unprecedented world.

Thus, while the shock front keeps on growing and empire keeps crying in its death agony, demanding the depopulation of the world, screaming with grotesque choruses of lies and convoluted lyrics and imaginary apocalyptic tales, their cries and threats and promises of doom for the world are cries into the wind without avail. Against the now increasing shock front resistance truly is futile to the extreme, both for empire and for society. A new wind is blowing.

The current response by empire shouldn’t surprise anyone, therefore. The masters of empire face a situation without hope for them. They understand the astrophysical reality that they try to hide from humanity. They understand its dynamics. They see the really big humanist shockwave already swelling up against them to the point that their games don’t work anymore, and they are scared. And this is not something that is merely on the horizon. It is here and they know it. It is unfolding. The transition stage to the next glaciation cycle, or the New Ice Age as it is commonly called, is in progress at its beginning stage. They know, ‘resistance is futile’, for which they have become desperate.

NASA’s Ulysses satellite has reported a 20% increased flux of high-energy electrons over the space of its 16-year mission. This discovery must have caused such a big shock throughout the empire system already back in 2008 that the Ulysses satellite was consequently turned off.


For both empire and humanity the time has come to acknowledge that resistance to the unfolding shock front is indeed futile. It is hopeless to cling to traditions that have their foundation ripped away.

The supersonic shockwave that the masters of empire feel the beginning of and society still largely tends to ignore, is so powerful in the field of aircraft dynamics that it can rip an airplane apart if its design is such that the aircraft doesn’t fly inside the shock front cone.

In aircraft physics the shockwave phenomenon supersedes all known laws of fluid dynamics that were the only applicable laws recognized up to this point. Once an aircraft is pushed faster than the speed of sound a new facet of reality unfolds that cannot be understood in terms of the concepts of the gentle fluid dynamics. A totally different world erupts at this point.

The shock front of the jet-car, named ‘Thrust SST,’ the moment it entered the supersonic arena expanded hypersonically so fast that the entire shock front appeared instantly on both sides and moved abreast with the car at the speed of sound.

This kind of new reality in dynamics is what the Ice Age Transition is promising to humanity with numerous potentials. It will inspire us to create a New World and a New Civilization with creative powers not yet imagined, even while it poses some challenges along the way, such as the challenge to relocate most of the world’s agriculture. While this may seem like a huge challenge, it can be easily met.

Nevertheless the transition period ahead also has some critical elements. In this transition empire will vanish, and everything that is latched to it. What is called wealth today will vanish. Just look at the shock front that is hitting already the fantasy threads of monetarist wealth.

A shock front develops when an aircraft is pushed faster against an air mass than the air mass can flow out of the way. That’s when higher level principles take over. By these principles the shocked air blows out perpendicularly. Empire will blow out in such a fashion; money estates will blow out too, and whatever else is presently still called wealth and status, and also what is falsely called science, will blow out likewise.

The widespread glaciation that will result with the astrophysical New Ice Age will most likely have the smallest effect in our changing world, in comparison with the high-powered development in our humanity that we will see, which we are about to get into from an already flying start.

In this sense we are the children of the ice ages of the Pleistocene Epoch, the children of a systemic progression that we are contributing to with our own unfolding dynamics. This development epoch will likely increase for another three million years and level out till about ten million years from now. No fiction writer has yet imagined the deep-reaching and powerful fundamental uplift this promises to bring about.

The people who came out the last Ice Age, who saw the beginning of this uplift had built the great pyramids in Egypt, which researchers suggest may have been built as early as 12,800 years ago, contrary to official perception. They are the product of people of extremely advanced skills in geometry, astronomy, and mathematics that became lost during the interglacial cosmic-ray ‘famine.’ The pyramids that the Egyptians had built 4,500 years ago didn’t come anywhere close to matching the quality and design that is inherent in the great Giza pyramids.

Today, society marvels at the ancient’s achievements to the point that many people suggest that the pyramids couldn’t have possibly been built by human beings in primitive times more than 4,000 years ago, so that many suggest that the pyramids had been built by people from outer space. For the same reason doubts are now spreading that suggest that humanity has never set foot on the moon either, that the entire Apollo project was mere theatrics, as they insist that this couldn’t have possibly been done, because such a feat, as they insist, is impossible to do.

Instead of being trapped into this kind of decapitation of our self-perception as human beings, we should see in the pyramids an echo of ourselves as creators with a profound spirit, with a great productive power, and with a profound commitment to the universal welfare of all that may be termed Universal Love.

These are the human qualities that the last Ice Age had nurtured and had developed into a type of renaissance that had enabled the construction of the gigantic Giza pyramids that still stand today as monuments built in the shadow of the previous great Ice Age Renaissance.

All the previous wonders of the world are coming back into focus here as the new shock front is unfolding, and greater things will become possible, such a putting an end to nuclear war and empire that demands war and depopulation. Humanity has tried in vein for millennia already to reach the goal to end empire. It failed for the lacking recognition of the needed principle for getting it done.

Humanity has failed for centuries by not acknowledging itself as human beings, and this all the way into modern time.

In the 1980s a vast strategic defense project had been proposed to intercept intercontinental missiles in space. The proposal was based on the premise that we do not have the power as human beings to live without war, so that war must be prevented physically. With this we lied to ourselves once again.

The strategic defense of humanity against the Ice Age incursion needs to be built on the opposite premise. It needs to be built on the premise that as human beings we have the power, and the unity in our humanity, to uplift the world into the greatest renaissance of all times where the Ice Age has no sting for us. It needs to be built on the principle of ‘the universal kiss,’ the kiss of Westphalia that ended a 100 years of war in 1648.

The ‘universal kiss’ that fulfills the common aims of mankind towards building a brighter secure future, brighter and more secure than any that has ever been aimed for, with the greatest challenge along to way to be overcome, is a ‘kiss for the precious’ that humanity is. It is a kiss for what is lodged in all human hearts.

The Ice Age Challenge is of a type that will inspire the ‘universal kiss’ that has so far been left out of all equations. For this reason we will succeed, powered by the Universe itself. And so we will succeed in relegating fascism, war, empire, monetarism, looting, and slavery, into the trashcan of history. This will happen as a secondary issue along the way.

This shockwave is already moving. Wealth no longer inspires respect, but disgust for the thievery by which it was stolen from the living of humanity. A new type of geometry is unfolding in which respect is inspired by achievements for a common richer world in the flow of the ‘universal kiss.’

In this amazing context our renewed Ice Age Renaissance that we have the potential to meet and are already seeing the beginning of, will not be seen as something extraordinary and miraculous the future ages as it may seem now, but will be seen as common place and as natural as breathing the air.

Shouldn’t this be also the way in which we face the challenges before us right now?

We will likely find that as we gain our liberty from the prison cave of decapitated science and step into the renaissance that we thereby create for us, we will do so joyously with a song on the lips as we watch the Old World fads out of sight.

Towards this end I wrote a novel on the subject of our universal love for one-another as human beings. I started to explore what a great renaissance would look like in the social domain and how it might develop at the grassroots level of our individual living. This became an amazing challenge, to which I later applied the title, ‘Discovering Love.’

However, the subject turned out to be so vast that the writing of more than just a single novel became necessary to explore it. This became apparent during the writing of the work. The Principle of Universal Love came to light as vastly encompassing. From this beginning a series of twelve novels was created, carrying a single theme and a single story, though multifold in discoveries.

The second novel of the series, ‘The Ice Age Challenge’, brings the challenges of the returning Ice Age somewhat to the foreground. The novel is built around it, but not in the typical cataclysmic fashion. It deals more with the task of stepping away from the systems of empire in steps of securing our future. Neither of these two aspects has been mastered well in society to the present day, nor have they even been acknowledged as challenges. Against this background the size of this particular novel became rather large.

It took still another novel to explore the complexities further, such as that of meeting the very simplest challenge of universal love on the home ground at the grassroots level. The civilization that we have created on our planet, as tragic and precarious it has become being interlaced with wars, slavery, destruction, and deprivation, which have set a stage on which we stand poised to destroy ourselves, was not imposed on us by forces from outside of our planet. We have created the mess we are in, and we find ourselves forced by the tragedy of consequences to pull ourselves up to higher ground, no matter how difficult that now may seem. The novel, ‘Roses at Dawn in and Ice Age World’, deals with these difficult complexities.

My next novel in line, ‘Winning without Victory’, explores this higher challenge on a wider plain. The challenge here is building a taller platform for oneself that doesn’t end, but solves the challenges. The challenge at this point becomes to pull up the world behind one as one raises oneself out of the easy chair to higher levels, lifting the world up to the same level. That’s the Peace of Westphalia in the nuclear age.

Along this line the exploration of the Principle of Universal Love, the series of novels became a series of twelve novels with ever-widening horizons. In this context the novel, ‘Seascapes and Sand’, deals with the muddy waters of political seascapes and religious seascapes and castles built of sand.

Nor can one stop there, because still greater forces act on our world than just politics and religion. The novel, The Flat Earth Society, sets the stage for that. These are forces unfolding in the world that one can only ‘see’ with the mind’s eye and needs to develop the principles for, to be able to raise oneself above them.

Occasionally achievements in ancient cultures can also aid in raising one to higher ground. India is rich in these, though many of the riches remain locked up in mysteries. The mysteries have become ‘Glass Barriers’ that beckon one to see through, but not to shatter. In central India 85 great sandstone temples were built in a single area in the timeframe of just over a century, but almost nothing is known about the people and the culture that had given them the power for such amazing creations. The temples are richly adorned with sculptures of people. About 15% of them are erotic in nature. Sexual intimacy appears to have been intertwined with these people’s amazingly creative culture.

The next novel in the series, ‘Coffee Sex and Biscuits’ explores this puzzling potential. Indeed, how can we be at peace in the world without being at peace with ourselves and with one-another on the home ground? This appears to have wide implications. It points to wide horizons.

Our horizons for development are endless indeed, and so are the horizons for our self-development where experiences become possible as we move forward, which seemed impossible before. Thus the title of the novel is, ‘Endless Horizons’. But even in this ‘endless’ environment the demand repeats itself to raise up the world with the power of one’s own breakthrough achievements.

‘Angels of Sex in Queensland’ is the perplexing title of my next novel in line. It combines extreme opposites. It combines the sexual sovereignty of the individual human being with spiritual development, juxtaposed against the claimed dominance by empire by which no one is sovereign and free. Here lies one of the perhaps most critical junction in the world, and the most unrecognized at the same time.

For the novel, this is the target for exploration, though the novel itself falls short of doing justice to it. It remains but a shell and a rather small novel for this reason that sets up the framework for which the substance remains yet to be discovered that will enable the freedom of true sovereignty with wide diversity. We live in a brainwashed world where empire, morality, conventions, and small-minded notions dictate the thinking and self-perception of society, and whereby true sovereignty is still far out of sight.

For the lack of a profound true humanist sovereignty where universal love is the foundation, our world has become a dangerous place where no one is secure, where fascism stakes claim to sovereignty and the greatest atrocities are routinely committed to the point that the entire world is in danger. The title of the novel is ‘Sword of Aquarius’, because in our world, Aquarius the cupbearer for the king bears a poisoned brew that is poured out onto the world.

In my final novel, ‘Lu Mountain’ the protagonists are forced to flee their home country, the land of the ‘free,’ and seek refuge in China. They are forced to do this by the weight of unresolved tragedies. The whole world is in this situation now, and evermore so with the uranium gas wars and nuclear war on the near horizon. Except, unlike the protagonists in the novel, humanity has no place to go to when its world becomes unlivable by the consequences of an unhealed disease called empire and war.

In the novel, the protagonists work from their exile in China where they aim to reach back to heal their home country and the world retroactively. Their new home lies in the shadow of Lu Mountain. Historically, and probably a long time ago, Lu Mountain had lodged many monasteries for healing. The title of the novel symbolizes a reaching back to heal what had been left unhealed for far too long.

The series of novels ends at this point. In retrospect I named the series in honor of what lies in our humanity as the substance with which our civilization can be healed of its vast perplexing problems. For this, I have named the series, ‘The Lodging for the Rose.’

The sequence of my novels ends where we still stand today. It ends with a huge backlog of unhealed problems that are becoming more critical with every passing day, in a world unwilling to respond to their imperatives, and even less so, to respond to the Ice Age Challenge that is nothing more than a challenge to let the needs of the future uplift us in the present to create the greatest renaissance of all times.

Unlike the protagonists we cannot escape to China to escape the consequences of the work left undone. The work needs to be done were we are and soon, or at the very least it needs to be started before our final war, for which the engines are already in place, closes the book on us for all times to come. This means that the easy chair should be banned.

Fortunately we are human beings with great capacities for extraordinary achievements if we put the substance of our humanity to the task. Should we then not master the challenges before us, even the greatest challenge of all times, the Ice Age Challenge?

I think that we will meet and master every one of these challenges, and not just these alone, but step far beyond them to other challenges that we then also meet and master. This is what it means to be human, isn’t it. Of course when we get there, we may realize that we had the potential for this already ‘eons’ ago.

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