Text and images transcript of the video New Ice Age Now Science #1 by Rolf Witzsche 

New Ice Age Now Science #1

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The breakout from decapitated science to a new renaissance begins when the recognition dawns that the 99.999% of the mass of the universe that the masters of empire want to make humanity believe doesn’t exist, does indeed exist. It exists in the form of plasma that pervades all cosmic space.

With this single recognition an entirely different universe comes to light. The universe comes to light as no longer being isolated and entropic, careening towards its eventual heat death as every sun consumes itself and dies. Instead, the universe comes to light as a single whole, united by vast energy streams that power the billions of galaxies that exist, and the hundreds of billions of stars in each one of them in an anti-entropic process by which the universe grows both in quantity and quality.

The difference between decapitated science and liberated science is so revolutionary that it changes the entire face of science. Science now deals with a profound truth, instead of just shadow images that do not reflect what is actually real.

Plato understood the dynamics involved with a breakout in science into the real world. Plato was a champion in breaking away from the imprisoning sophistry that had dragged Athens into the long Peloponnesian War that had nearly destroyed the once proud Greek Classical culture. Plato was a pioneer for freedom in scientific perception – the freedom to reach for the truth.

Plato had many students, though he was a student himself of the great Socrates. He used the method of teaching by parable to illustrate his most profound concepts, like the path for breaking away from mysticism to reality.

Plato illustrated the dynamics of breaking out from perceptional imprisonment with his parable of the cave. The parable is found in his book, The Republic. In the parable Plato describes a group of prisoners in a cave, who are chained behind a barrier. They have been there for so long that this dark world is the only world they knew – a world that is defined for them by shadow images projected on the wall above them. The images were produced by objects passed in front of a fire in the cave, which the prisoners could not see. But they could see the light reflected on the wall and ceiling, and the shadow images of objects in front of the fire.

Then, one day, one of the prisoners breaks free from his chains. He climbs over the barrier. As he does, he discovers with amazement that the shadows they had seen dancing and moving for many years were nothing more than just illusions. The man’s entire perception of reality had suddenly changed in that single moment of a profound realization.

Before long the self-freed prisoner discovers that there exists an exit from the cave. He discovers that a vast, bright, sun-filled world lies outside the cave, a world that he had never imagined to exist. He discovers that the freedom that he gave himself, was far more than just a freedom from chains, but that it gave him a whole new world where everything was real, and understandable, and profound. To him, being free, suddenly meant much more than he ever imagined it would.

He discovers that his cave-world shadows that he had believed to be real, such as the nuclear-fusion powered sun, was a myth where nothing is real, where the world he saw was nothing more than a myth conjured up in imprisoned science, a world of orchestrated illusions.

Outside of the cave, in the wider world he recognizes that the real world is far more profound. He looks at the Sun. He looks at the sunspots. He sees with his own eyes, aided by a telescope, that the sunspots are darker. As he realizes that the sunspots are holes torn into the photosphere, and by seeing with his own eyes that deeper layer below the radiant surface of the Sun is darker and colder, the recognition dawns on him that the Sun is not heated from the inside by the fabled nuclear-fusion process.

He reasons that if the Sun was heated from the inside, the lower layers below the sunspots would be hotter and brighter, instead of being substantially darker and colder.

He realizes by looking at the sunspots that the Sun is externally powered by in-flowing stream of plasma-electric energy, the very energy that the masters say, doesn’t exist. While he realizes too, that what he thus sees in his mind by observing the evidence, a further recognition downs on him that the fabled proton to proton fusion power, that supposedly powers a sun is not possible for reasons that nuclear fusion is an energy consuming processes, and not an energy producing process. Nor would a sun have a need to produce its own energy, when the entire universe is filled with energy, when energy is its second name.

The liberated person, no longer a prisoner now, realizes instantly that when an atom bomb is exploded, a large atom is broken apart whereby a portion of the latent stored-up energy is released that had been previously invested in the atom building process. He also realizes that the same happens in a hydrogen bomb explosion. Here, two over-built atoms – tritium and deuterium - are combined in a manner that a portion is left over that becomes jettisoned, whereby the bound-up, latent, energy is released.

No energy is actually being produced in either process. Consequently, no energy is being produced by the Sun either.

The Sun isn’t not an entropic furnace that burns itself out. It is instead a part of an anti-entropic networks of cosmic energy streams that power every sun, in which our sun functions essentially as but a cosmic catalytic energy converter. It glows brilliantly with the electric energy flowing into it, attracted in part by gravity and in part by the electric force. Thus flowing streams of electric energy are inherent in the nature of plasma that fills all space.

The self-liberated man who is no longer a prisoner now also makes another profound discovery by just looking at the evidence that the Sun presents to us. He discovers that the brightness of the Sun is a function of the density of the electric energy flowing into it. He discovers thereby that the radiance of the Sun is not a constant factor at all, as the myths would make us all belief, but that instead the luminance of the Sun varies greatly with the cycles of the electric density that act on it.

He sees this to be the case rather dramatically when the Sun is observed in the high UV band of the energy spectrum. There its ‘luminance’ varies a whopping 20-fold during each of its 11-year solar cycles. Our sun is anything but a constant factor.

This is where we are today. While nearly the entire field of cosmic science remains imprisoned in the cave of deep darkness, where the only ‘light’ is that which serves the theatrics of illusions, a few breakouts have been made, and those occurrences have been kept quietly under wraps.

This sad state of affairs has momentous implications that will continue for as long as society remains imprisoned in the cave where truth is kept out. The consequences are tragic, and they promise to be infinitely more so in the near future.

This is what the self-freed person can see rather clearly, who is not a prisoner anymore. By having escaped the cave to the real world, it is becoming rather plain for him to recognize that the cave that was his former world is about to be flooded with the coming change in the weather. He sees rainstorms already happening and great storms causing floods where no one would expect them. He sees the clouds becoming darker. He fears for his former fellow inmates who are still remaining in the cave.

He knows that he must go back to alert them and inspire them to rescue themselves.

But how can they, in the cave, hear him when he speaks of things that the long-time imprisoned people have never seen and have no reference for in their dark world of illusions, which they are told is the universe, and which their limited perceptions confirm?

But can we use the excuse that the prisoner’s have, for ourselves, especially today with the ‘weather’ already changing massively?

The ‘weather’ is changing in such a big way that nobody could not have felt the consequences of the ongoing transition. The evidence is all around us and the consequences are mounting up.

Yes, a transition is in progress. The Ice Age Transition has already begun. It is here! It is happening regardless of the fact that that society remains chained up in its cave of stupefying illusions that can also be called ‘imprisoned science’ or ‘decapitated science.’

The tell-tale evidence of the ice-age transition storm that is in progress is visible in four different areas in the form of four major astrophysical aspects that are all have a common cause.

#1 We see a weakening sun.

#2 We see sharply creased earthquakes all over the world.

#3 We see already a massive increase in Cosmic Ray Flux.

#4 We see a progressive weakening of the greenhouse affect that keeps our climate in moderation.

The cause for all of these four aspects is the now ongoing reduction of the electric energy density in the ‘local’ space in which our solar system is located.

These four aspects are poised to have enormous effects, far more than we may imagine.

#1 – The dimmer Sun will cause vast ice sheets to form anew in the northern hemisphere where much of our food is presently grown. However, this isn’t a big thing, because as human beings we have the power to relocate our agriculture far out of the endangered regions, into the tropics. We might place most of it afloat onto the equatorial seas, since this would be the most efficient solution enabled by automated industrial production.

The end result will be that we come out of the already mounting food crisis far richer than we can yet imagine, with a much more-powerful civilization in all its numerous aspects. The now unfolding Ice Age Transition will ‘forcibly’ inspire us to get us out of our easy chair and apply our potential to develop the great productive power that we have as human beings.

#2 – The earthquakes are increasing. The increase is a part of the package. This aspect of the transition cannot be avoided. Still, it isn’t anything to cry over. As human beings we have to power to adjust our living accordingly. We can manufacture brand new cities, produce them in great quantities, and place them afloat onto the seas where earthquakes cannot affect them, no matter how strong they might become.

Here too, we will come out richer as we get ourselves out of the easy chair and utilize the creative and productive power we have as human beings to produce those brand new floating cities in great numbers with the power of automated high-temperature industrial processes. These types of brand new cities could already be produced with existing technologies and resources, and with so little effort that society would provide them to itself for free as a credit for the future, a wealth-creating investment by society into itself.

#3 – Yes, the Cosmic-Ray flux is increasing. NASA’s Ulysses satellite has measured a 20% increase. And that’s where the real fun begins. That’s a result of the weaker Sun that Ulysses has also measured, which results into a weaker heliosphere. This consequent increase in cosmic-ray flux reaching the Earth nets us huge benefits.

Cosmic Rays are typically high-energy electrons and proton moving up to near the speed of light. That’s electricity in motion!

Electricity in motion creates a ‘moving’ magnetic field, which in turn generates secondary electricity. By this process all commercial electricity is being generated.

When the cosmic-ray electricity passes through the human body at a rate of 50,000 particles per day, while the cosmic-ray particles won’t collide with anything, their motion generates secondary electric currents in the body that enhance the living biological processes. All biological processes are to a large degree electrically operated.

We have lived during the interglacial time in a cosmic-ray starved world. The Ice Age epoch that corresponds with a weaker sun and a weaker heliosphere provides a much richer cosmic-ray electric environment as less of the cosmic-ray flux is blocked by weaker heliosphere in an Ice Age environment.

It may have been the more-powerful cosmic-ray electric environment in the ice ages that enabled the amazing development of humanity in the first place. This makes us literally the children of the cosmic-ray flux of the ice ages, an epoch of the highest cosmic energy input into the biosphere in the last 450 million years.

The kind of high-power cosmic-ray epoch in which humanity emerged began more than two million years ago. The previous time when similar conditions occurred takes us back 450 million years to a time when the great proliferation of life began on this planet in the Ordovician timeframe. We now experience similar conditions, and possibly more powerful conditions than those in which we ourselves began to develop.

This is the promise of the Pleistocene epoch to us, which will likely be with us for another ten million years, and will likely be increasing for the next three million years. That’s something to celebrate rather than to dread.

#4 The measured increased Cosmic Ray flux increases the cloud formation in the troposphere. Increased cloud formation reduces the greenhouse effect. The result of this process is widely evident in weather-consequences around the Earth.

The weather is indeed changing. The Earth’s troposphere that is 6 to 20 Km thick, where the weather is created, contains 80% of the mass of the atmosphere and almost all of its water vapor that produces 97% of the greenhouse effects. That’s where cloud formation happens and takes a toll on the water vapor, which thereby reduces the greenhouse effects that moderate our climate.

The greenhouse effects reduce the otherwise large temperature swings that we would experience. With the greenhouse protection now getting weaker, more infrastructures are needed to make up for the shortfall, including larger water supply systems to compensate for the resulting drought conditions that are now becoming evermore prevalent.

In addition, the Earth is getting colder as increased cloudiness reflects more of the incoming solar energy back into space. The white top of the clouds are highly reflective. The cooling effect this has on earth is also universally evident in numerous ways, which are too many to list here.

Of course, the resulting new weather patterns do not pose a critical problem since the needed infrastructures to compensate for them can be built relatively easily. And so they will be built.

Also, they will likely be built on the kind of large scale that matches the scale of the unfolding global challenge, which is to rapidly develop new food production capability, such as by irrigating the Sahara Desert and bringing water to other dry regions.

The concept of water-supply infrastructures will then be raised to higher levels of developmental power, to levels that have never been seen before. And this will likely happen soon. The principles for it already exist, and the materials and energy resources to implement the principles do likewise exist. And best of all, the requisite principles can be implemented fast and the resulting infrastructures can be expanded with the increasing needs in step with the Ice Age Transition advancing.

For all of the above reasons the New Ice Age that is already unfolding, slight as it presently is, should inspire a great celebration as it signals a new dawn for all mankind with a renaissance of such power in universal economic development that the likes of it has not been seen of earth in its entire history.

While the dawn of a new Ice Age is unfolding, the breakout of humanity from the prison cave where science remains decapitated and tied to the earth, is also unfolding and progressing. This breakout into unfettered freedom cannot be held back. It is proceeding with astrophysical power, with cosmic-ray power. Here the phrase truly applies to all of humanity: resistance is futile.

The phrase applies especially to empire as the new dawn will be its doom, where the phrase applies in big letters: resistance is futile. The system of oligarchy will end at this stage while the new world, the Ice Age World, unfolds evermore.

The critical part for us however, for humanity as a whole, is determined by the message of the universe that needs to be understood, that resistance against its dynamics is futile. And this begins with the recognition of plasma in space that as particles is 100,000-times smaller than an atom but makes up 99.999% of the mass of the universe, in which the power of the universe is located, including cosmic-ray power that appears to have enabled the human presence to develop.

When empire controls science, 99.999% of the universe is deemed not to exist. That’s tragic quackery. Here resistance - resistance to quackery and mental imprisonment, is liberating! It opens the door to profound discoveries.

One of the most challenging discoveries that will be made on this front where reality is acknowledged, is that the now sharply increasing earthquakes on our planet are a logical consequence of the dynamics of a weakening sun.

The recognition will be resisted until the principle that causes the phenomenon becomes understood, or as one might put it, when science becomes liberated from its impotence. Until such a time, the strongest evidence for the truth remains an enigma. And the evidence that we have before us is strong. Sure, great efforts are made to explain the evidence away by tying it to mythological causes. Decapitated science abounds with mythological concepts that are designed to explain away the truth.

The fact remains, however, that in the same time frame in which ‘the Sun became dimmer’ as measured by NASA’s Ulysses spacecraft in terms of reduced solar-wind pressure, earthquakes have increased in lock-step nearly all over the world, and not by just a few percent, or even 100%, but have increased 14-fold above the historic average, even up to 72-fold in some cases.

These are enormous increases that have never been experienced before according to historic records. Nevertheless, the connection between the weakening Sun and the increase of earthquakes cannot be drawn while the connecting astrophysical element is deemed not to exist, whereby the increased earthquakes remain an enigma.

This means that we face a paradox. The increase in earthquakes is not theoretical, nor is it something that might happen in some distant times, far down the future. It is happening now. The weakening Sun too, is happening now as Ulysses had measured it. Every aspect of the weakening sun has already enormously large consequences, such as increased tornadoes, cloudiness, colder climates, erratic weather, droughts, flooding, and so on. Sill, the evidence that the Earth is not isolated from the dynamics of the solar system is not allowed to be drawn into the conclusion, because the missing link, the plasma link, is deemed not to exist. Thus the paradox remains unresolved and the phenomenon mystified.

Nevertheless some type of big transition is evidently in progress. However, for as long as the truth remains in prison, far-flung myths become conjured up to explain the phenomena. One myth is that the earth is changing on its own, massively, worldwide.

It would be far more rational, though, to assume that it is the cosmic environment that is in transition and that this larger environment includes changing forces that are bearing down on the Earth with changing effects. While this recognition is gradually being made, it remains far from the recognition that ties these effects to the Ice Age Transition that is apparently in its early stages.

All the features that one would expect to see associated with an astrophysical transition, if the truth was allowed to be recognized, are already beginning to hit us over the head, to jolt us to attention, to stop us dreaming about a reality that is devoid of the truth.

Logic should tell us that the four phenomena - the ‘dimmer’ Sun; the increased earthquakes; the increased cosmic radiation; and the weaker greenhouse effect of the Earth’s atmosphere, are all facets of a single cause that is the weakening of the electric plasma surrounding the Sun that powers the Sun.

While each of the four phenomena is a major topic by itself, the enormous scale of the consequences already observed in each of the four areas should have already caused corresponding scientific responses by humanity all across the world, instead of no one raising as much as an eyebrow.

The missing responses are not surprising if one considered that society’s primary power-engine, its science, has not just been merely turned off, but has been turned upside down. The knowable truth that underlies the entire universe has been jettisoned from science as it were. The Sun has become mythologized.

In reality our sun is not an insolated self-powered fusion furnace, but is a part of the vast anti-entropic universal energy streams of electric plasma that pervade all space and power every galaxy and every sun within it. Our sun doesn’t create energy, but attracts it. The attraction concentrates it. The concentration is so dense at its surface that the electric interaction becomes intensely brilliant with a current temperature of 5,780 degrees Kelvin, or 5,500 degrees Celcisus.

Our sun is a cosmic powered catalytic electric-energy converter. Its surface is a vast sea of electric interactions in high-powered plasma streams. Our sun doesn’t produce power. It doesn’t need to. Power is the second name of the Universe. The Universe IS power. It lights up every sun in every galaxy. Electric plasma carries the universally powering impetus.

Our Sun is not a gravity-powered, entropic nuclear fusion furnace. No verifiable principle exists to cause such a phenomenon. Nor does the visible evidence support such a theory. The theory is a deception. This is important to recognize.

When the Sun is seen as a nuclear fusion furnace it is regarded as an invariable constant. This means that all the phenomena that we now see occurring on Earth, even the phenomenon of the Ice Ages, must as a result be regarded as caused elsewhere instead of being related to a variable Sun that a catalytic sun is.

In order to maintain the delusion that the sun is a self-powered constant factor and that electric plasma plays no role on the cosmic scale a number of mythological concepts of the galaxy have been developed that are deemed to mysteriously cause all the anomalies that we now see, by which the real nature of the Universe becomes hidden, and society reaction to its actual characteristic becomes prevented.

As a consequence of hiding the nature of reality no preparations are being made to meet the challenges of the ice age transition that is already in progress. The strategic protection of humanity against the natural dynamic cycles that affect our world, which the ice age transition is an element of, is thereby being prevented. Tragic consequences lay in our way therefore that appear to be intended.

In the decapitated modern science where 99.999% of the mass of the Universe is deemed not to exist, as plasma is deemed not to exist in interstellar and intergalactic space, the electric force of the universe is thereby necessarily disavowed to exist. In this decapitated science, only the force of gravity is acknowledged as the acting force in cosmic space, to which every phenomenon in the universe, including the Ice Age phenomenon, is subsequently attributed.

In this decapitated sphere of perception that is ironically still called science, our sun is deemed to be an orbiting star on a path around the galactic center. All stars are deemed to be so orbiting.

Kepler’s discoveries in the 1600s render the concept of orbiting stars to be totally impossible. In order to hide this fact too, Kepler has been thrown out of the window too, in decapitated cosmic science.

Since the visual evidence doesn’t support the theory of orbiting stars, a highly imaginary density-wave theory has been invented to make the evidence match the mythology, like Ptolemy had done when he invented the mythical epicycle and the equant. The theory imagines the stellar orbits to bunch together to form the appearance of galactic spiral structures, which are deemed not to exist in reality.

Of course, rigorous proof isn’t needed in decapitated science, especially when it stands in the way of politically motivated apocalyptic tales of natural extinction cycles. Apocalyptic scares create problems in the mind for which no solutions are possible, which forces the mind into an infantile state.

Another form of decapitated envisions the solar system bobbing up and down across the ecliptic while it orbits the galactic center, for which no physical principle exists or is possible to make it happen.

The resulting mind-numbing mythological confusion is mashed together with the Big Bang theory of the universe. In the jungle of imposed mythological confusion that increasingly cripples the functioning of science the general recognition of the Ice Age dynamics becomes blocked, with the result that all the precursors are ignored and no preparations are made for the strategic defense of humanity against the coming Ice Age transition.

The mythological confusion was created to counter the advances in the electric cosmology where all observed phenomena accord with simple electric processes that can in most cases be replicated in the laboratory. Here everything is simple, logical, and accords with known universal plasma-electric principles. No mystery rules here.

In the real world no mysticism is needed to explain the very long climate cycles of 62 and 144 million years in duration for which orbiting stars are imagined that violate all known principles, or solar systems bobbing up and down as they orbit, for which no physical principle exists either. Neither is the density-wave mythology needed to give us the 144 million year cycles. The universe is much more lawful, simple, and orderly than that.

In the real world all galaxies are electrically interconnected by vast currents of plasma electricity. The connections are typically not visible and cross vast distances.

Only on rare occasions are the currents strong enough to emit light, or barely so.

In most cases the interconnection is recognizable only by the string-like alignment of the galaxies to each other in the electric current streams that power them. It is there, in the intergalactic currents, named Birkeland currents, where we find the very long climate cycles located. The cycles exist as electric resonance cycles. All electric plasma structures have resonance cycles with timeframes corresponding to the size of the resonating structures. Our galaxy has logically two such segments with very long cycle times. One gives us the 62 million year cycles, and other the 144 million years cycles, which interactively affect the entire galaxy.

Energetic resonance systems are widely common. Even the children’s swing of the playground has a specific resonance. In the case of the swing, the cycle time depends on the length of the chains.

On the scale of the solar system, the 11-year solar cycles are evidently also resonance cycles. Here they occur within the electric plasma structure of the heliosphere.

And on the larger stage, the galactic stage, the 110,000-year ice age cycles are evidently pulsing electric discharge cycles.

Pulsing phenomena are fairly common, as in the case of pulsars that pulse tens of times per second, like the one found at the core of the crab nebula. We also find pulse systems in water parks in the form of dump buckets that flip over every few minutes depending on how fast they are filled.

With the Sun being electrically powered, it stands to reason that the cosmic effects on our climate are nothing more than the natural effects of the various cosmic electric cycles interacting. No magic is involved. No orbital mechanics. The universe is electric in nature and dynamic.

The mythical orbital cycles, density waves, and bobbing motions of solar systems exist only in the fantasy world of decapitated science where 99.999% of the universe is deemed not to exist, since plasma is deemed not to exist. As a result of this decapitation wildly mythical concepts are needed to explain anything. The theories that emerge from that are pure fantasy. It is evidently not possible to recognize the nature of a physical construct by leaving out 99.999% percent of it, and the most essential and most powerful part at that.

To attempt such a hopeless quest is akin to one trying to explore the artworks of Nan Gogh while being blind to color, or flying an airliner without engines.

The mythological confusion that would result from such attempts is the same as that found in decapitated science where reality is left out, and pseudo reality is artificially created to hide what is actually true, to counter it, to prevent demonstrable science.

As one might expect, the mind-crippling confusion is hailed and defended by all the king’s men and their stooges. It is even hailed by some of the noblest advocates of science who unknowingly cripple themselves with it, who thereby assure, unintentionally perhaps, that the rich colors of the universe that also include the Ice Age dynamics, remain unrecognized in society until it is too late for anyone to respond to the astrophysical dynamics that have now begun to affect us.

If this tragedy is continued beyond the point of no return, the point where humanity - the natural titan, having become decapitated to play the role of a mouse - dies. This ultimate tragedy is intended, which the global warming doctrine is designed to assure, which should therefore be regarded as a crime against the future.

The global warming doctrine is a lie. It creates a myth that has no truth, and hides the truth that would otherwise be obvious to anyone.

The doctrine vilifies carbon dioxide, C02. It is said that it is a dangerous greenhouse gas, and that humanity has pumped so much of it into the atmosphere that the earth is now overheating. But this isn’t happening, is it?

C02 is such a rare trace gas in the atmosphere that only 390 parts out of a million are CO2.

Let me suggest a comparison. Consider the global atmosphere being comparable in size to Mount Everest. On this scale the entire CO2 volume in the atmosphere would be comparable to the size of a man standing on top of that mountain. That’s the ratio of 390 parts to a million. A man standing on top of that mountain is rather insignificant, isn’t it? And so is CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

But this isn’t all. The global warming doctrine blames only the manmade contribution to the global CO2 budget, as the villain that is said will overheat the Earth. With the manmade contribution being less than a quarter of a percent, the manmade contribution would be comparable to the size of a small button on the shirt of the man standing on the mountain.

This infinitesimal amount is what the carbon-trading ‘swindle’ is all about that is ripping society off to the tune of billions and is killing a 100 million people a year by burning their food under the biofuels travesty. And still, the global warming scam gets more absurd than this.

Look at where in the solar radiation spectrum the CO2 absorption band is located. You can find that the rare trace gas, CO2, plays a role only in the low energy region of the radiation spectrum, where the Sun’s energy is at its weakest.

Thus, the resulting influence of CO2 on the greenhouse effects is so minuscule that it is for all practical purposes non-existing, and much less so the human addition that is insignificant itself.

It is generally acknowledge that 97% of the earth’s greenhouse effect is produced by water vapor in the atmosphere. The remaining 3% is divided between the other greenhouse gases of which molecular oxygen plays a major role that exists in large quantities in the atmosphere in the order of 20%.

On the basis of this global warming hoax, food is being burned in automobiles that would normally feed a hundred million people, and industries are being shut down as polluters and so forth, while empire demands that the world must be depopulated by six billion people to save the Earth, or more precisely to save the empires.

Evidently, it was for this brutal goal of ultimate mass-depopulation that the Global Warming doctrine has been invented in the first place as it would assure the desired mass-depopulation if it was to remain in control of humanity. The doctrine has been invented in 1974 to block the recognition of the near New Ice Age that the scientific community had been concerned about at this time.

The resulting brutal assault on humanity that the Global Warming doctrine serves is a part of the ugly face of decapitated science. It is not surprising in this context of utter brutality that 99.999% of the mass of the universe is denied to exist, considering that the resulting denial of reality serves the ugly, long-standing, overall goal of the world’s depopulation for which near unimaginable methods of brutality have already been invented and implemented to various degrees.

Decapitated science is focused on creating a tragedy in all aspects related to the Ice Age Transition, evidently to assure that the ‘point of no return’ will be crossed, whereby 90% of humanity would die as the masters of empire have long proclaimed is their goal.

While the writing is on the wall in a wide range of aspects of the ice age transition, nobody presently cares to read the writing. This, sadly, still happens in a big way while the consequences are potentially enormously large, resulting from what is being ignored. Canada and Russia, for example, would simply cease to exist when the Ice Age Transition disables their agriculture and their land, and no replacement infrastructures would have been created with which these nations would continue to exist as a nation.

Since the dynamic nature of the Ice Age Transition is such that large and rapid fluctuation should be expected - as we have seen it in timeframe as short as hours in the case of the gamma-ray bursts in the crab nebula in 2011 - or whether the transition will be as long as fifty years as the Polish Professor Zbignew Jawarowski suggests, we should not be surprised when we actually see them happening in various ways as they all reflect the nature of the dynamics of electric processes.

While in decapitated science the Sun is regarded to be an invariable constant, in the real world this is far from being the case. The luminance of the Sun already varies by a factor 20 in the high UV band during the course of the 11-year solar cycle.

If we look through the holes of the photosphere, which the sunspots provide to expose the lower layers, we see a much colder Sun at those lower levels. What we see suggests that the Sun was much colder during the long glacial period. It might have been as cold as 3000 degrees Kelvin. In this context the current Sun is an anomaly, with the Sun being much dimmer during the cold interglacial climates.

The changing luminance of the Sun appears to be one of the most critical elements of the Ice Age transition, and the hardest one to accept, even while nothing else makes any sense.

The steep drop-off in temperature that the ice core data indicates in the boundary region to the previous Ice Age would not be possible in the theorized entropic universe where the Sun is regarded as a steady-state fusion furnace, burning by its own fuel. This enigma doesn’t exist in an anti-entropic universe where the Sun is electrically powered, where large fluctuations are not only be possible, but are expected as boundary phenomena of a powerful electric system changing from a high-intensity state to a low-intensity state.

A potential cause for large and sudden fluctuations in the power of the Sun might be a sudden rupturing of the heliosphere, similar to the rupturing of the solar photosphere that cause mass ejections and leave sunspots in the wake.

The Ulysses satellite saw the solar wind-pressure reduced by 20% over the space of a decade, and saw cosmic-ray number increased by the same percentage as a result of a weaker heliosphere. However, we have absolutely no way of telling what the result will be when the solar wind-pressure becomes reduced significantly further.

Will then the heliosphere begin to rupture? And if so, what will be the electrodynamic effect of such an event?

The heliosphere is an integrated part of the electric system that powers the Sun. The heliosphere feeds the heliospheric current sheet in which plasam flows back into the Sun. If a rapture occurs, a portion of the solar system’s plasma might be vented into space, causing a sharp sudden reduction in solar plasma density and solar activity that may not ‘heal’ itself until the incoming interstellar plasma density becomes enriched again with the next interglacial warm pulse.

It may well be that we face such an implosive type of rapid fluctuation in which the dynamics of the heliosphere become ‘flipped’ to a lesser energetic system.

The Polish ice core researcher, the late Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski, speaking from the background of his 50-year carrier in scientific research, suggested in a 2003 paper, ‘The Ice Age is Coming,’ that we might see a huge transition happening in as short a time as a single year, or that it might be as long as fifty years, and that the transition event might begin at any time and without warning. He points out that the Earth has been in the timeframe where a transition should be expected, for a few centuries already. The rupturing of the heliosphere could facilitate the kind of large-scale transition event that he suggests we should expect to happen.

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