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Science Decapitated New Ice Age Now

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We are empire; resistance is futile; Science, Politics, and Economics will be decapitated.

We are empire; resistance is futile; you will all be eradicated.

The target of empire is humanity - all of us.

The Titanic song, ‘resistance is futile,’ was interrupted only once. This occurred during the years of President Franklin Roosevelt. It became a brief holiday-type interlude that remains largely just a distant memory.

Does anyone even remember FDR’s face anymore, and his policies? Few do. On the day that FDR was laid in his grave America’s economic ice age was renewed. Even FDR’s Glass-Steagall legislation that had prohibited the banks from looting America in order that America could live again, by which it become the greatest economic power in the world, has been repealed.

Franklin Roosevelt’s face has been forgotten, his policies have been trashed, the old imperial ice world has been brought back. America has allowed everything to be trashed that it had built during its holiday in the sun.

Of course this was so by design. But it doesn’t end there.

The real titanic struggle by empire had a far wider focus than merely bringing America to its knees. The wider focus has been to destroy the Titan that empire fears most of all, which is humanity itself.

The naming of the ship that played a brief role in the long War of Empire against humanity might have been chosen so as to hint at the ultimate objective of empire, which is to defeat humanity as a whole, the Titan, by any means with which this can be accomplished - always proclaiming along the way, “resistance is futile,” while in reality such resistance would be liberating, assuring freedom from the devastating impact of the empire of oligarchy.

Until humanity’s freedom from empire is won the Titanic continues. The most critical phase has just begun.

The next Ice Age lies ahead in uncharted waters. The modern Titanic flies into it, recklessly by intention. The New Ice Age Ahead stands as a barrier, though, that empire cannot pass. Thus, for as long as humanity remains latched to the system of empire and flies with its imperatives, it will collide with the reality of the coming Ice Age that has already started, and it will go down to its grave with the ship. To date no lifeboats have been provisioned to secure humanity and civilization. Not a single one.

In 1912 the Titanic was infinitely better equipped than we are today. While the 1912 Titanic hadn’t been provisioned with the 64 lifeboats the ship had been designed to carry, which would have been amply sufficient to secure the life of everyone on board, the 1912 ship did nevertheless carry 20 lifeboats, while modern humanity, for its journey across the vastly more dangerous sea of the ice ages, hasn’t provided itself a single lifeboat - not one.

While it cannot be determined whether an actual conspiracy stood behind the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, all the elements exist for a grand conspiracy having stood behind the Titanic disaster, because the elements all do tightly mesh. Thus it is extremely likely that the Titanic disaster had been planned and intentionally carried out. It is equally as likely that the disaster that humanity is presently rushing towards has been planned by the same oligarchy of empire and is presently being executed with the same type of intention, though for an infinitely more-devastating outcome.

With the entire world now being chained to the modern imperial Titanic on a journey without lifeboats headlong into the Pleistocene Sea of ice ages, it is extremely unlikely that anyone will survive on the present course. It is highly probable that the disastrous outcome is intended. It is in the nature of empire for this to be intended.

The entire system of empire exists by conspiracies. It is a citadel built on conspiracies since no natural universal principles supports empire as a legitimate element of civilization. Empire exists by conspiracies. Conspiracies are its heart and soul. Empire conspires to commit looting, slavery, and war, by which it exists. Conspiracies are its hallmarks, the hallmarks of great crime.

Still congratulations are in order for the masters of empire. Almost no resistance is offered in the modern world against the march of empire. Its march has destroyed many nations and now threatens civilization and humanity as a whole while the world stands silent, bowing in submission, patiently accepting its imposed fate.

No, the ‘fate’ before us is by choice.

With its scientific and productive capability humanity does have the power to direct its destiny, regardless of what the Ice Age brings with it. This power exists. It is real. We have the power for the first time in human history to snub an Ice Age. But will we choose to utilize this power and live? This is the critical question. Right now the answer is uncertain. Humanity is tightly chained to the system of empire, by its own choice, by which it is dooomed.

Allow me to present a comparison that illustrates the modern effect of empire on humanity. It illustrates to some degree why the Titanic was doomed, and why modern society is doomed in the same manner and makes no effort to avoid this doom.

For this illustration, allow me to compare modern society to passengers on an airliner. The airplane has us all on board. It lifts off. It is bound for a distant destination.

Part way through the flight, flying at 48,000 feet, the captain clicks on the intercom and announces that he has been requested by his superiors at the home office to implement a new cost-saving process. He states that he has been instructed to turn the engines off.

Instead of protesting, the people on board applaud. They really do this. This is the irony of our time. Society applauds whatever empire demands. It applauds its executioner. Oh, yes, it does. It really does.

Society has applauded for decades the long-standing campaigns of empire for radical deindustrialization and radical depopulation. No one has protested. The world applauds. The oligarchy is telling its ‘passengers’ riding the coat tails of empire that humanity has no need for industries and infrastructures, and for populations working in the industries, or for populations altogether. Civilization has peaked. We don’t have the power anymore to exist.

“And who needs those engines anyway,” says the captain, “when one can simply glide? The simple life is the path to real living. It’s quality that counts. Being nicely isolated from one another, living by simple means in a primitive life style, living close to the Earth, and so on, that’s the ideal future.” Yes, people do applaud empire saying these things. That’s being politically correct. There is a lot of this type of decapitation of reality going on in the sciences too, where society aim to fly without its engines powered. Unfortunately, by this dreaming society collides with reality, especially when the sciences are committed to dreaming. An airplane without its engines powered doesn’t fly, at least not for long.

The primitive Earth by itself, without agriculture, science, technologies, and functioning economies, cannot support many people. Much less so can it during an Ice Age, and that we are already seeing on the horizon again, for which the transition has already started. In order to get into an Ice Age with seven billion people on the planet vast infrastructures are needed, and they are needed fast.

We must never forget that after 2.5 million years of development, mankind came out of the last Ice Age with a world population of only a few million people, ten million at the most. That is what we are heading back into, on a ship without lifeboats, on an airplane without its engines powered. We have no hope unless we raise the platform that we are on to a higher level, with the strength of our creative and productive human resources.

The primitive and uncomplicated future that people are taught to seek today adds up to death by starvation. It’s a deception. It is by a grand deception that society is being drawn into a catastrophe - entering unprepared into Ice Age environment. That's the kind of future that very few will be able to survive.

Isn’t that what the primitive song means, when the captain sings obediently, 'we can fly this airplane without engines? I am going to turn the engines off. Engines produce pollution. We can fly this airplane better and more efficiently without those dirty polluting engines!'

The captain might be adding as a refrain, 'listen people, how quiet the flight has become, and how efficient!'

He might add, 'just imagine my friends, we can make greater profits that way. Flying without engines is like gambling in the casinos of the financial markets where one doesn’t have to work as one would in the physical economy to make a living! We can all become rich by doing nothing. We can fly this airplane forever without engines! Listen to how quiet the flight has become.'

This scenario isn’t absurd, because this is how empire operates, by enslaving other people whose life they own by the bonds of debt! In this bondage society is doomed like an airplane with its engines turned off.

Of course, with its engines turned off the airplane will crash long before it gets to its destination.

The process of turning society’s engines off produces a systemic crisis. There is something wrong in the 'system' when society tries to fly its civilization without its engines powered. The core issue therefore needs to be corrected, or else the end result will be a systemic failure in civilization that ends with the extinction of humanity. Turning the engines off, especially in science where this has already been done, is an act of decapitation. It is a crime against the future.

Without our engines fully powered we are not really human.

The human society is capable of operating on a much-higher-level platform of power development, industrial development, and scientific development than we presently operate on. Powering an economy, creating resources for living, is the hart of civilization. This has nothing to do with natural biodiversity. Not a grain of wheat is being consumed by humanity that has not been intentionally created. With our creative productive intention we have broken all the population barriers a thousand-fold. By raising the platform of science and technology further, the Ice Age won’t pose a barrier either, which we otherwise would not survive. Our engine for this process is science and technology. It is a crime against the future for this vital platform to be decapitated. The opposite needs to happen. Its power needs to be increased.

We simply cannot step away from science as our power-engine - the principle-oriented platform that we have created - without losing our civilization and nine-tenth of mankind with it that would have no physical means to exist without this platform. This is what we lose when we open up our economic foundation to become looted into impotence by the fascist forces of empire that have decapitated both economics and science.

We have already lost far more under the umbrella of decapitated science and decapitated economics than we dare to imagine. Flying an airplane without engines is like society trying to face an Ice Age without new infrastructures for its food supply. The time for building those infrastructures, for starting those stalled engines anew, is just about now.

The first step would have to be to get the captain to put the plane into a steep dive to relight its engines, unless there is enough battery-power on board to do this electrically.

When the relighting is accomplished and the engines are rolling again, a completely new world begin to unfold, a world of powered flight. Of course, this is no longer allowed in the modern world that empire owns, nor would anyone suggest so.

The opposite happens. With empire running the show, we always get back to that.

Eventually, the captain who turned the engines off will come onto the intercom once more as the ground turbulence is beginning to be felt. He will speak in an assuring tone of voice to calm everyone, saying that there is nothing to worry about, that the flight team has got everything under control and is making the necessary corrections. He will explain that the reason why the plane has lost so much altitude is simply that it carries too much dead weight so that he is going to jettison the engines and the unused fuel - the dead weight that weigh the plane down.

Indeed, the moment the engines fall away the plane lurches upwards, but only for a moment.

This has already happened in the real world. It happened back in the 1970s.

That is when the policy of deindustrialization was put high on the agenda for America. The official goal was to achieve ‘the controlled disintegration of the economy.’ The Fed’s new chairman was hired for his commitment to this policy.

At the same time, under the infamous NSSM200 policy, the depopulation of the Third World nations was put on the agenda in order to prevent the economic development of these so that they wouldn’t use their natural resources that the empire demands to be conserve for its future needs.

And right in the middle of all that, in 1974, the global warming doctrine was invented to shut down energy utilization on which every economic process depends.

On this platform of sailing without power, the great ship of humanity, the titan, has been put on a collision course with reality.

Its engines have been ejected. Its passengers’ only hope is at this point that the captain may find an uncrowned highway to land on. Except, this too, won’t happen, will it? With the engines gone, the aircraft’s control systems lack the power to operate. The last thing that the passengers will likely see, is the captain emerging from the cockpit where nothing works anymore, asking the stewardess for a stiff drink.

We may be closer to the critical point where the crash occurs than you may think. The USA has shed most of its productive industries so that it now imports most of what it needs to live. But this is fast coming to an end with the American dollar becoming increasingly worthless in the wake of America’s $50 trillion bailout giveaway to the banks to pay for their gambling losses.

Gambling, which is rigged to such an extent that it robs the nations blind, is called economics now and is carried out on a grand scale. America is colliding with reality. The great ‘ship’ called America that has been proclaimed to be unsinkable, with fanfares blaring, is now sinking, and is sinking fast. Yes, the Titanic is sinking. It is going down evermore rapidly as is buoyancy, its productive and creative economic power has been destroyed in its collision with the oligarchic system of mass-thievery.

However, the real titan that the empire aims to sink is humanity itself, for which the sinking of America is just the prelude.

To force a collision of the titan with reality is now on the agenda. The intention has been stated loud and clear by the masters of empire for decades already under the gentle-sounding name of ‘depopulation.’

In real terms, however, depopulation means that the time for living, for 90% of humanity, is about to end. The project is on the table and is near its final stage.

The coveted mass-depopulation is in the process of being achieved with the already far-advanced triple decapitation of civilization in the form of, decapitated science, decapitated politics, and decapitated economics.

The process of decapitation is synonymous with turning the engines off in civilization that has given humanity its remarkably liberating powered flight.

All kinds of methods have been tried so far to sink the colossal titan that humanity has become. The titan, which humanity inherently is by its development potential, threatens the oligarchic dynasty in a big way. Science is critical for human development. It has liberated humanity from the Earth and created the titan it has become. For this reason science is now under attack to protect the oligarchic system.

Historically, global looting and forced economic collapse, both assured by war, were the hallmark of the agenda of empire. But this proved to be not enough in the modern world. Humanity has been growing up. Thus the gloves are coming off. The ‘gentle’ age is over. The decapitation project is increasingly put into the foreground.

This more brutal stage became the stage of the world from the 1960s onward, a stage of deep cultural warfare; the take-down of science and education; the expanded doctrine of unlimited imperial wars,. It gave us the global warming doctrine in the 1970s; AIDS in the 1980s; radioactive gas war and free trade looting in the 1990s; the take-down of nuclear power and the burning of food in the 2000 decade, with the dawn of dictatorial global looting, called bailouts. While the consequences are huge on every one of these fronts, they are still deemed to be not radical enough in their killing humanity. For this reason the decapitation of the support structures of civilization is being advanced to outright elimination. This is happening in politics with the imposition of evermore fascist dictatorship; in the sciences with banishing the truth, and in economics with hyperinflation for which unlimited bank bailouts are being orchestrated.

How deadly this war against humanity is, is glaringly evident in the decapitation of science. Science is humanity’s power-engine. The decapitation of science, to the point of the near elimination of its most basic component, the truth, is a key strategy in the war of empire to skink the great titan that humanity is on the wings of its science.

While the front of decapitated science has many elements, one element stands out. Its code name is ‘global warming.’ Global warming has become a doctrine that was invented in the late 1960s and early 1970s to counter the increasing concern in the scientific community about the consequences of the Earth reverting back to its normal glaciation state when the current interglacial holiday ends.

The scientific community had become concerned with what needs to be done to avoid the consequences of the earth becoming radically colder during the transition to the next Ice Age, such as to protect our food supply that depends on agriculture.

While solutions are possible for protecting our agriculture, such as by relocating the entire northern agriculture into tropical regions, and if need be to place it afloat onto the equatorial sea linked together by intercontinental bridge, the implementation of this type of option would create such an intensely powerful economic and cultural renaissance that the oligarchic imperial system would simply vanish.

In order to prevent this option from even being contemplated, the empire’s hired writer H.G. Wells would suggest in our time that the global warming doctrine be invented as a front for decapitating the science that enables the strategic defence of humanity from taking off that would doom empire forever.

Wells has issued a strong warning to the oligarchy of his time, about what would happen if scientific and technological progress would be allowed to flourish. In his novel, The Time Machine, Eells envisions a gentle people in a flourishing landscape where all their needs are met. A time traveler meets them. But he also meets in the background the dirty, industrious, scientific, machine people who have created the noble creatures idyllic environment in which they keep the noble Eloi as their livestock for food.

Wells’ message to the oligarchy was then, that if they don’t keep science and industry under wraps, the machine people, the Morlochs, will eat them for breakfast.

In this context we see the start of the next Ice Age obscured, though it is fast approaching, with astrophysical science having been turned upside down and decapitate. The global warming doctrine was developed from this background as an element of decapitated science as a projects for hiding the truth.

When science is turned upside down,society’s critical power that it needs for powered flight is effectively turned off. Truth is ejected thereby and replaced with mythologies.

On this path the general discussion of the entire subject of the impending near transition to the next glaciation cycle, the next Ice Age, has been effectively banned.

This is the same method that has recently been demanded also politically in the advancing decapitation of politics. The method is designed to spring the clap-trap in the political arena. This happened in the Euro zone.

A rule has been imposed, or attempted, whereby parliamentary discussions in the Euro nations of the newly devised ‘European Stability Mechanism’ can only be initiated by the head of a party and not by any common Member of Parliament.

The gag rule is said to be needed, because the proposed European Stability Mechanism is designed as a legal mechanism for looting all of Europe, which by its design is infinitely more deadly than the Federal Reserve trap in 1913 had been.

Imposing a gag rule, as in this case for political decapitations, is common in all the three major areas where decapitation is applied. It is as devastating in politics as it is science and economics.

In 1912 the gagging was applied by assassination. It was used to silence the opposition to the Federal Reserve trap. This early form of political decapitation was designed to enable the laws to be enacted that would give empire the power to loot the USA to its very core. And the project succeeded. It formed the first step towards turning the economic engines off in America.

In 1974 the decapitation of science became another necessity for the masters of empire. The decapitation had already been started in the 1960s in the form of cultural warfare. It was expanded in 1974 with setting up the global warming doctrine in order to protect the empire’s very existence from the potential Ice Age Renaissance that was recognized at the time to be necessary for the defense of humanity against the coming Ice Age. Setting up the global warming clap trap was synonymous with jettisoning truth from science altogether.

Now in 2012, on the economic front, the great crash of the monetarist system of the empire of oligarchy is ripping deep through the economies of Europe.

The collapse began in the USA in 2007 where it was plastered over with bailout funding. It ripped through Europe in 2010 where it ‘inspired’ protest and violence. The entire monetarist system is now in tatters. It stands as but a gilded shell that is disintegrating, that no one can put together again while pieces as already falling like so many stones from a crashing facade.

The economic collision with reality could not be avoided. It is inherent in the monetarist system of empire that has decapitated the concept of economics with legalized looting the inevitably implodes civilization to the very point of its collapse. The collapse of civilization is a failure that is built into the system of empire that has ejected from economics the principle of the general welfare for which an economy exist. The European Union was an imposed design by the empire of oligarchy. It was not designed as a bridge to unite the nations for their general welfare and fulfilling the common aims of mankind. The Union was designed as a chain to bind the nations of Europe to a single ship by which they all could be sunk together. The process reflects the method pioneered with the sinking of the Titanic.

How else would the masters of empire be able to destroy the economies of Europe that together constituted the largest economic block in the world, at this time?

The now proposed hyper-radical European Stability Mechanism is evidently designed to finish the job, to drive them all past the point of no return where the ship dies.

The European Stability Mechanism cannot revive the Euro system built on looting-economics. The system is dead, because economies have collapsed. A dead horse cannot be revived by dousing it with fresh blood sequestered from the living of the nations.

The proposed European Stability Mechanism is a typical oligarchic cry before the crash. It is a cry for increased looting.

If the mechanism became law, it would empower an unelected board of a financial elite to legally ‘steal’ from the treasuries of all the Euro nations whatever funds they desired to bail out the banks’ gambling losses. They would have the right under the proposed Euro-wide law to demand within seven days unlimited amounts from the European treasures, which they would have the right to speculate with in the financial markets in a manner that would please the banks, to bail them out, and this without supervision, without accountability, and without recourse by law. They would operate immune from investigation and prosecution for whatever crimes they would commit. The mechanism is thereby designed as a permanent dictatorship over Europe without an end in sight, and without even a discussion being allowed in the Parliaments of Europe for this atrocity to become law. That’s the face of the new round of political decapitation.

If the ‘mechanism’ became law, its directorate of appointed officials would effectively operate in a Law-free environment - a modern untouchable Mafia sitting on top of the European Union as a universal dictator that no state attorney would have the right to challenge, investigate their books, question their crimes, impose supervision, or even question the practices, much less to investigate whether the directorate is competent or not. Then those, of the ‘high mafia’ who cannot be questioned, would have the right to demand enormous funds from any member-country to the point of such acts killing the populations with austerity, without allowing any opposition against the process from the effected members.

This is today’s scene of decapitated politics, a scene before the crash. This is synonymous with the captain leaving the cockpit were nothing works anymore.

The modern scene of deep political decapitation is also exemplary of the decapitation of science as a means for forcing the Ice Age Collapse of humanity that is being orchestrated just as ‘effectively’ on the wings of science without truth.

While the European dictatorship law may not be implemented, it illustrates how desperate the ruling oligarchy has become and how close society’s collision with reality actually is.

The scene also illustrates to some degree how close humanity’s collision with the Ice Age reality potential is. The world has jettisoned its engines. Science has jettisoned truth. On the wings of decapitated science now rides the global warming doctrine that blocks the recognition of reality. In this hyped-up circus of the global warming doctrine humanity is heading towards a devastating collision with reality, because the real astrophysical Ice Age Transition has already begun, with the strategic defence of humanity against it having been disabled. More and more precursors are coming to the foreground now that already touch the entire world with consequences that cannot be avoided as the means for it have not been developed.

In this regard too, the captain has already left the cockpit where nothing works anymore. An appointed member of the crew now sits in his chair. While facing the passengers outside the cockpit the captain asks the stewardess for a double Martini to clear his mind of the nagging confusion that the evidence without science presents.

While the artificial banning of the truth, replaced by mythological illusions, doesn’t alter the astrophysical reality, it blinds society against the precursors that are already visible of the transition to the coming Ice Age, which the precursors indicate to be already in progress.

A great tragedy is unfolding here, because the decapitation of science has effectively stopped humanity’s response to the most critical challenge that lays ahead in its future. By not responding to the imperative of the future, humanity has placed itself on a collision course with reality and is perpetrating thereby a crime against future. And this crime is enormous.

On the course of decapitated science nothing will be done to prepare the stage for the next glacial cycle that threatens to disable all the northern agriculture simultaneously. But this where most of the food for the world is grown. With decapitated science the masters of empire have chained all of humanity onto a single ship to be sunk collectively. This again reflects the method that was pioneered with the Titanic.

On this path of society coasting blind-folded towards its crash with the next Ice Age, humanity, the normally unsinkable titan, will collide with the astrophysical reality and sink. This is the evident intention behind the global warming scam. The intention is to cause humanity’s collision with reality to happen, not to prevent it. Consequently, humanity playing along, playing its role as a mouse, will then not survive.

This ‘great game’ is a part of the Titanic struggle of empire against humanity. The oligarchy knows that its doom would be guaranteed in a normally developing world. The masters of empire are evidently aware of that. That also know that if the recognition of the coming Ice Age can be prevented until it is too late for humanity to respond to, their coveted mass depopulation of the planet would result from it, which they feel they would survive. But would they?

When agriculture fails all across the northern regions and becomes marginal down to the latitudes of the tropics the mass-death of humanity cannot be avoided. No one can live without food. This means that the stakes are enormously high for the entire world in this modern titanic warfare of empire against humanity.

Humanity is inherently the great titan on this planet, but it is not unsinkable. When it plays the role of a mouse, with its power turned off, the coming Ice Age will sink it, for which the transition has already begun.

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