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Ice Age Renaissance Economics

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Empire is a system that wages war on humanity on all possible fronts: in economy, finance, politics, and science. It destroys, steals, murders, decapitates, and even demands depopulation. It presently steals from society in ever-greater bursts of madness and financial trickery, which, to keep the process going, legalizes the crime itself in order that the crime won’t be arrested, whereby empire continues to be able to exist.

This is what illustration B is all about.

Empire and decapitation is one, and this one is the most-nearly-infinite crime against the future.

The chart illustrates the functioning of the system of empire, a monetarist-empire, a vast empire of private money estates that exist typically for the single purpose of looting evermore wealth from society. The result is a process of economic decapitation. The decapitation of finance and politics are but auxiliaries for it, together with the decapitation of science.

It all comes together at the one fundamental point where nothing rests on universal principles that confer power, where nothing works anymore, where humanity is about to collide with reality. This point is the abyss, a trap, a dead end.

Since the empire’s wealth is stolen, instead of having been created by it, empire has extracted from the golden goose the very power that has made the golden goose creative and productive, which is the physical economy of society, where all real wealth is produced. However, by this process the stolen loot becomes itself meaningless, which is a claim against what the golden goose creates and produces that increasingly adds up to zero.

That’s where we stand today. Illustration B describes the current empire-world system, a decapitated system, a system of thievery that has collapsed the world and itself with it to the point of the near disintegration of everything. All the wars that were ever fought, and those presently threatened against Iran, Syria, North Korea, and so on, and ultimately against Russia, China, and India, have at their root the looting system that empire requires to draw evermore fresh blood that it pours into the corpse of its system that is already dead, which nothing in the world can revive.

Illustration A presents the opposite. It illustrates the functioning of natural economics, the real wealth-creating platform, a development platform on which society truly becomes rich in living to the point that the concept of wealth no longer has any meaning. On this platform a nation creates itself whatever financial credits are needed to produce the infrastructures for its living, and to develop them in the most efficient manner possible.

These infrastructures include farming, housing, transportation, industries, health care, education, culture. These are the engines for creating a richer and fulfilling life as they produce the richest renaissance of all times, a renaissance so powerfully creative and productive that we can snub the Ice Age with it and say to it, where is your sting?

The illustration A illustrates the original American System of economics. It was pioneered before the USA was even thought of, back in the mid-1600s in the days of the Bay Colony of Massachusetts. The colonists needed to build an iron works for making farm equipment. Instead of begging from the money bags of the English King, they issued a credit to themselves in the form of scrip that became their money for building the iron works. The scrip became valuable by the products that were produced and by the richer farming that was thereby enabled.

This illustrates the future of humanity, the credit system, meaning, a system free of empire, a full-blooded non-decapitated economic system. Credit may take different forms, but it will always be credit in principle.

The best illustration of the nature of economics is of course found in the operation of the Universe itself, where economics is a process of dynamics.

Let me present to you the humble hydrogen atom, the smallest atom in the Universe. It has at its center a single proton that serves as it nucleus, which is surrounded by a single electron that is itself a thousand times smaller than the proton. The two parts carry a complementary electric charge whereby they attract each other by the electric force. However, they cannot collide, because at very close distances the two particles repel each other by another principle. In this dynamic interplay the electron, which has 50 times less mass than the proton, is drawn into an endless dance around the proton that is forming a shell defined by this dance.

What results form this is significant. The shell created by the dance gives the atom its shape, and the shape of it, in this case of the hydrogen atom, is 65,000 times larger than the sum of the two parts that construct it. That’s the nature of the type of economic process that the universe is built with.

The universe uses two tiny basic particles and invests a significant amount of energy into its productive process to get the dynamic dance started. Once the resulting construct is produced by the interplay of energy and creative principles, the resulting product is 65,000 times larger than its parts. This is the nature of the universe’s basic economic gain.

In order to illustrate to yourself how big this gain is, which cannot be drawn in scale, I invite you to compare the single proton that is at the center of the hydrogen atom, with a large grapefruit. Its minuscule dance partner, the electron that swirls around it, which is a thousand times smaller, would on this scale be comparable to a grain of table salt. On this scale the real nature of economics comes to light, because the shell that becomes defined by the dance of the grain of table salt would be comparable in size, on this scale, to Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain on earth.

That’s an amazing economic gain. The Universe uses two particles comparable to a grapefruit and a grain of salt and creates a dynamic construct with it that is comparable to Mount Everest. This amazing creative process is the process of real economics with which the entire visible universe literally ‘produced.’

While we are still a long way off in matching the Universe in its economic gain, the principle is nevertheless the same in our case, and we are progressing along this line. The new industrial revolution that the use basalt would bring about in automated high-temperature industrial processes, would for example make free universal high-quality housing possible that would so uplift the living condition of society that a broad-based intellectual renaissance would unfold the would uplift civilization to a completely new levels in powers of its self-development and expression. The credit put into this system might well result in a 65,000-fold gain for society. The gain thereby becomes so huge that the concept of credit becomes disassociated from the concept of repayment. The ‘repayment’ then is found in the value of what is produced.

The comparison that is presented here is intended to open the door to understanding the principle of created value.

The outcome of the dynamics of the creative process is the value of it.

If no energy was invested in the ‘economic’ process of the Universe, for its atom building, not a single atom would exist, and consequently the universe that we behold would not exist. This means that the universe that resulted from the creative process is of immense value that is defined by its existence, because without it the cosmos would be an empty void.

The created value is therefore as immense as the value of the Universe itself, because nothing would exists without the energy and the principles being invested into the creative process that produces a product of value. In this context the universe is a product of great value. Its existence is its value.

Of course, this simple creative process isn’t quite enough for the Universe to express its vast potential. Creating hydrogen atoms would be enough to create a sun. Every sun is deemed to be giant ball of hydrogen. Also a few of the gas giants of the outer planets of our solar system would exist, which are largely made up of hydrogen. However, if this was all there was, the Universe would a dull place.

Naturally the Universe didn’t stop its ‘economic’ process with building merely hydrogen atoms. It created higher-level principles, which ‘invested’ into its economic process, enabled the production of an impressive array of larger atoms. More than a hundred different types of atoms have been created thereby. With these, the Universe created itself a qualitative uplift in expression, with a corresponding uplift in value.

Still, the Universe didn’t leave it with that. It created itself still more high-level principles, which it ‘invested’ into its economic process, that thereby expanded in leaps and bounds. The Universe did this in the form of creating principles for joining the basic atoms into molecules that form vast chains of atoms all strung together into a wide variety or evermore complex arrangements.

With these added principles ‘invested’ into the process, the quality of the Universe became immensely expanded. The added principles enabled a near infinite uplift of the diversity, complexity, and creative freedom of the Universe itself.

The uplift is of course reflected in the effective value of the thereby created Universe. The resulting value is thereby correspondingly increased. It is reflected in the infinite variety of worlds upon worlds that came to be, which would otherwise not exist.

With the process further expanded, with still more higher-order principles becoming ‘invested’ in the ‘economic’ process of the Universe, life was enabled to unfolds. The produced result added still another increment of value to the ‘economic’ product that the Universe itself is.

The resulting miracle of value that we call life, gives the economic process a near infinite value. The resulting value is immensely great, because any world without life in it is a dull and drab place.

The Universe appears to be designed to ‘invest’ evermore of itself in terms of energy and principles to always advance its creative potential. It ‘invests’ immensely on this platform, and gains immense value by doing so. It keeps on investing in itself, in its creative process, whereby it gains ever-greater value without any limits in sight. We ourselves are evidence of that.

We may see ourselves as standing at the pinnacle of the creative process of life, while in real terms we represent but another unfolding step on the creative scale.

Humanity has become a creator in itself, a creator of culture, music, technologies, science, art, literature. The human being has thereby become the supreme product of the Universe, and an economic producer of value itself. Nothing is greater, and is of greater value, than the human being in the Universe for as far as we have been able to explore it.

Humanity has by its very being and its own economic and cultural self-development accelerated and expanded the creative economic process of the Universe.

Without the human being becoming active in the Universe, the Earth could have spun on its axis for ten more billions of years, and what you see here before you would not have been created to exist. But with the human being added to the economic process, the ‘miracle’ that you see before you has been created by humanity with relative ease by the simple investment of a few years of work, a few resources, and a bill of financial credit to get the job done.

Since the human being is a product of great value, it is inherent in the human economic process to nurture and protect its value by creating evermore resources for its living. The human being is evidently the greatest asset that a society has. It becomes a form of extreme waste therefore, not to protect, develop, and nurture this asset that is of such great value in itself for its scientific, technological, and productive potential.

Unemployment, poverty, slum living, sickness, poor education, decapitated science are all examples of an extreme criminal waste of the human potential that is blocking, even now, the renaissance that humanity would otherwise have created for itself.

It is a crime against the future to let the greatest item of value that a society has, to diminish and not to protect it against the New Ice Age that is already on the horizon for which the transition has already begun.

In order to meet its needs for protecting and developing itself to have a future, society needs to give itself the financial credits to enable its creative and productive power to becoming realized. For this it needs to develop high quality housing, accessible to all with no strings attached, and high quality education, science, healthcare, technologies and industries.

If humanity is the highest element of value in the known universe, then no investment will ever be too expensive for the further development of this value, because in this value rests the greatest economic resource and creative power that has ever existed on the face of our planet.

When the approaching Ice Age requires that all the northern agriculture needs to be relocated onto floating modules strung across the equatorial sea, then whatever credit is required to get the job done will be cheap in comparison with the value derived as society assures thereby its continued existence and an advancing civilization. That’s how the real economic system works that is inherently a credit based system.

When society recognizes that it needs to create a world-development engine, the question then won’t be, how much will it cost? The question will then be, what resources do we require to get the job done. The needed resources will then be credited. Society will gets its payback in terms of what comes out of the process. At this point credit may no longer be called money. It may then have a different name.

The entire process will then be determined by what comes out of it for society. The return for credit will reflect in principle the dynamics of the universe. When the universe constructs an atom, it creates a structure that is typically 100,000 times bigger than what the Universe has put into the building process. Whatever energy the Universe requires for it, is created and put into the process, or else the Universe would not exist. Thereby the greatest investment is justified.

This is how we need to look at meeting the Ice Age Challenge. We can meet the challenge with the physical resources that we have presently at hand. We can build this infrastructure if we rouse ourselves to invest the effort. The outcome will be that we continue to live and a rich civilization of great value. If we fail, of course, humanity dies, and all that we call value falls back to the level of zero.

The building of the world-bridge project with floating agriculture and floating cities falls into this category. The bridge can be build right now, made of basalt, shaped in high-temperature automated industrial processes for which extremely small amounts of human labor involved.

The same process can also produce complete housing modules. They can be produced with so little effort that they can be given away to each other to meet every human being’s need, which in turn creates an infrastructure for more powerful forms of living with increased scientific and cultural development. We will need this type of scientific development to create the kind of agriculture that is productive under a dimmer Sun or becomes immensely productive in indoor environments, or both. The universal criterion for a 100,000-fold gain from credit will be easily accomplished on this type of development platform.

Since we also need water to green the Sahara Desert, the little feat can then be accomplished with ease, by simply diverting the outflow of the Amazon River, and the Congo River, via a network of arteries made of woven basalt fibers, laid across the oceans. Water flowing is water is the most-widely applied water-conveyance technology in the natural world, in the form of ocean currents. Fresh water can be conveyed with the same ‘ease’ in arteries afloat in the oceans.

The gain over credit that results in a process of brining water to the Sahara will be so great that it cannot even be measured.

Indeed, how can one measure the value of humanity that an Ice Age Renaissance enables, to exist in an Ice Age world? If the building of floating agriculture along the equator is the investment necessary for it, no matter how big this credit investment would be, the gain would still be infinite in value. The natural system is so primitive in an Ice Age environment that only 10 million people survived the last one. We can stop this impotence. With a relative small credit investment humanity’s power for living can be expanded 1000-fold, even in an Ice Age.

That’s the nature of credit economics. That’s the opposite to decapitated economics. Of course the principle can be applied also to all other forms of economics as well.

Modern China, and also Russia to some degree, are beginning to lean in the direction of the credit principle. This, of course, is the reason why these nations are being targeted for destruction by the masters of empire.

There is a price associated with stepping away from the decapitated world of empire that offers a new life. Heaven is expensive. Nothing comes from nothing. The credit principle can only be reflected in an active process. Those who value life are willing to pay the price. They expend whatever effort it takes to advance their sovereign self-development to the almost, as should all mankind in all times, especially now that we are challenged to survive war, economic collapse, artificial energy crises, artificial food crises, housing crises, political crises, and the coming Ice Age Transition. We can break the train of poverty of endless crisis of decapitated living by meeting the Ice Age imperatives head on, which is ultimately a human imperative.

The typical current response to the Ice Age imperative is that its challenge cannot be met. The money cannot be raised to build the infrastructures that are needed. Who will put up the kind of money needed for a project for universal world development? What will be the profit that can be made? And so, we ask the wrong questions, don’t we?

The questions that should be asked, should be focused on how we must we proceed to get the job done that civilization requires, and to do it in a manner that produces the greatest amount of benefit possible? That's how real economic questions are asked.

When society needs money for its self-development, it doesn’t need to go to the bags that are tied to the past, it only needs financial credits that are credits against the future, and these any society can create for itself as a commitment to its future.

Giving financial credit to itself is society’s self-acknowledgmen that it is an asset of great value with the power to create a future. In contrast, going begging from the money bags of empire has the opposite effect. It places value in the past. It is a form of self-denial. When society is giving financial credit to itself, it unlocks its power for self-development that it understands it has. It is society’s acknowledgement of itself. An Ice Age renaissance can only be built on this type of platform.

The Universe does the same. It doesn’t go to an external source for the power for its self-creating productive economics. It has the power within itself. It is flush with electric energy in plasma that pervades the entire cosmos and powers it. The cosmos is flush with electric energy, the most powerful form of energy there is. And it is flush with a vast array of creative principles. These together, give the Universe the enabling credit to manifest itself in products of great value.

The question then that pertains to us is how WE must proceed to get our self-development done on the same platform that credits the future. Civilization is the product of human self-development. A renaissance unfolds when this development is advanced in the most powerful and efficient manner, whereby ever greater elements of value are created.

In a credit society renaissance the question will no longer be asked how much money we MUST spend to uplift civilization. The question will instead be asked how many opportunities do we give ourselves to spend money on as a means for uplifting the quality of civilization. The more credit we create on the development platform, which comes back to us a thousand-fold, or 65,000-fold as the Universe has pioneered as a minimal standard, the richer and more productive human living will become. The real breakout therefore, that we need, lies rooted in ourselves.

So how long will we want to wait till we feel the time is right to start the greatest renaissance of all times. Meeting the greatest challenge brings the greatest rewards. Why would we want to cheat ourselves by holding back on building the richest civilization of all times, with free universal housing to advance human development, with limitless food resources, and boundless anti-entropic energy resources?

Why wouldn’t we want to build this renaissance now, which is the human thing to do, which would also give us the power to snub the Ice Age in the flow of our development?

What are we waiting for? We have no reason to wait for anything when the greatest renaissance is as easily created as it promises to be.

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