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The Sky is Falling

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The Ice Age Transition is here. It is in progress. Resistance is futile!

The only sane response is to create a renaissance in science, economics, and politics with the power to meet the Ice Age Challenge

The time has come! We need a great renaissance afloat on the tropical seas with the power to live through the coming New Ice Age that is already unfolding. - resistance is futile! -

The evidence that the Next Ice Age Transition is in progress is all around us

- resistance is futile -

The evidence that the masters of empire have decapitated science to prevent this recognition is likewise all around us. Their cry is:

We are empire, resisting us is futile.

The Ice Age Transition has become a war front

Empire versus humanity. Depopulation to prevent a renaissance. Decapitated science to prevent humanist power. Scientific mysticism to keep the door closed to reality.

On which side to we stand? Johannes Kepler stood on the winning side. He started a science revolution.

Resisting empire is liberating it always has been that.


We live in an age of tragedy that is rooted in the near-total denial of the scientific discoveries of Johannes Kepler of the early 1600s.

If Kepler’s discoveries were acknowledged we would live in a virtual paradise today, without war, poverty, hunger, economic collapse, and energy crises, because these would have been all put aside for meeting the great challenge that the return of the Ice Age has placed before us all, but which the denial of Kepler is hiding from us.

If this challenge had been met and been responded to, it would have caused humanity to create the greatest renaissance of all times. This would have been the natural response to the imperatives of the future. It still is that today. It remains an unresolved challenge.

If the challenge had been met, it would have put an end to the rule of empire that prohibits human development on every front. For this reason the masters of empire have quietly decapitated all three of the vital support structures that civilization depends on - our system of politics, economics, and science.

Politics have become fascist laced with war.

Economics have become monetarist laced with looting and destruction.

The most tragic decapitation, however, is imposed on science to the point that 99.999% of the mass of the universe and its power is deemed not to exist. If Kepler had been heeded in modern time it would be recognized that the most essential part of the Universe that is being denied to exist, does indeed exist, whereby the denial of it reveals itself as being one of the vital key elements standing behind the tragedies of the modern world.

In the blindness imposed by decapitated science the reality before us is hidden as if it didn’t exist. But it does exist. Truth is knowable.

NASA’s Ulysses spacecraft ‘saw’ the Sung getting weaker. Solar wind pressure is down 20%. The Sun’s underlying magnetic field is down 30%. All this in the span of a decade. To prevent further discoveries, Ulysses has been turn off (decapitated).

The weakening Sun is not something that is happening in the future. It IS happening NOW.

The weakening Sun is producing a weaker heliosphere that lets more Galactic Cosmic Ray Flux through its ‘gate.’

This increase is in progress. Cosmic Ray Flux HAS increased by 20% (measured by Ulysses).

The increased Cosmic Ray Flux IS causing increased cloudiness and a colder earth.

Colder climates are experienced worldwide in the present.

The weakening Sun IS also causing increased solar mass ejections, in order to maintain its (weaker) plasma-pressure equilibriums.

This too is really happening. The solar mass ejections are increasing while the sun gets weaker.

Increased solar mass ejections have also powered increased earthquakes that are up in numbers 14 to 72-fold since the year 2000.

The earthquake increase is not something that may happen the future. It is happening NOW. Earthquakes HAVE increased in the last decade 14 to 70-fold over the historic average, depending on the regions affected.

You are not allowed to see the connecting thread and the principles involved. Science has been decapitated.

The fundamental technical aspects of the denial of Kepler has been already presented in Part 1 one the series, Kepler Today, named Science Revolution. This video here, is more focused on what results from the denial. An exploration of the method and the consequences is critical, because it has deep-reaching implications on nearly the entire horizon of civilization.

The Sun is a catalytic star, is not its own master, but is anti-entropic.

The energy that powers the Sun is also available on Earth to humanity.

Civilization has been decapitated so extensively that its self-genocide is deemed to be freedom.

On the intentionally created platform of waging war against humanity on all fronts, as we see it reflected in the decapitation of politics, economics, and science - where the war is fought with all the pomp and power of empire - the greatest tragedy is that this war against humanity is widely supported in society rather than society defending itself against it. By this deep failing, humanity’s very existence is now threatened, like by a disease that has festered and become acute.

The grand foundation in civilization - science, culture, and economics - has been decapitated. We can get these back by acknowledging Kepler and thereby the truth.

One can’t have it both ways. Kepler’s discovery has been hijacked and falsely applied to imagine stellar orbital motions. To honor Kepler one must honor the truth.

The most severe consequences for humanity result from decapitation of science, the video is intended to highlight that.

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