Text and images transcript of the video Arresting the Infinite Crime: Kepler Today part 4.2 by Rolf Witzsche 

Arresting the Infinite Crime: Kepler Today part 4.2

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The first time we did this was in 1648 (The Treaty of Westphalia) after the third of the population of Europe had perished. The nations made a treaty with each other to live without war. The treaty didn’t only end the Thirty Years War, but also set a new stage for civilization that stood its ground until the masters of empire succeeded in wrecking it. We need to build in this direction, and to a much greater extent than ever before, even to the point of assuring that both empire and war are arrested together, or else all will be lost irreversibly.

‘Empire and War’ is One – an ancient pollution of civilization, a tragically accepted contamination – the root of the infinite crime.

When our humanity blocks this crime in the heart sufficiently to overcome society’s long cultivated indifference, then the crime will be arrested in the universal forum where humanity makes its treaties with itself.

That’s the kind of breakthrough I am aiming to prepare the ground for with my series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose.

No one has ever laid a weapon aside out of fear. But this happens by the imperative of active principle, the Principle of Universal Love – it alone will arrest the infinite crime.

And what is the war for? It isn’t fought to elevate the nation, is it? The terms ‘Empire and War’ have at their core ‘Purse and Power’. The benign empire is a mirage, a fake sun. Empire nurtures nothing but itself. Crime is in its heart.

Now with the infinite crime no longer being regarded as a crime, Afghanistan has become somewhat a holiday zone for all the willing warriors of the world.

The World Street Gang protects the poppy fields that feed the biggest opium operations in the world.

Isn’t dope the main base of all street gang operations? The Street Gang war is also for control, establishing destabilizing control right across the entire region.

Both of these objectives are forms of attacking other nations. They are thereby illegal objectives under the U.S. Constitution. But does anybody care?

Under the USA Constitution all the American wars since 1945 were conducted illegally, nor are the currently planned wars against Syria and Iran, and whatever other wars are planned, any less illegal. Even the ongoing preparations for these new wars should be deemed a crime under the Constitution.

The very planning for new illegal wars constitutes a criminal act, since the preparations are made for the purpose of committing a crime.

This means that the placement of the five aircraft carrier groups off the shores of Syria and Iran in 2011 and 2012, as a threatening posture against these nations, is a criminal act under the U.S. Constitution, because the threatening posture is designed to solicit war.

All persons complicit in these crimes, regardless of their rank in office, by their involvement render themselves liable for criminal prosecution and for compensations claims.

But why hasn’t this basic criminality been arrested? Mankind is not a slave by design, but an infinite species with great power in its expression, and a profound freedom in its soul. Shouldn’t this most basic crime of attacking entire nations, which violates a whole raft of laws be instantly arrested by an infinite species? By failing to do this humanity makes a mockery of itself.

While there exists no court in the USA, or for that matter in the world, to prosecute the infinite crimes, which are essentially basic crimes, and to deal with the compensation claims for the resulting damages, it is highly likely that such courts will yet become established to deal with this basic criminality. Nor would the cases be difficult to prosecute as there exists ample logged evidence about who organized the crime, and who carried them out from start to finish.

If all the people responsible for criminal acts against the nation and humanity would be prosecuted fully under the law, especially according to their rank in the crime, the ongoing crime would be arrested and further crimes would be prevented while they can still be prevented. In real terms the prosecution would be just a token as the crime has become so huge that it is massively destroying humanity and threatens to eradicate all life, for which monetary compensation is not possible.

Of course the trail of crimes for the prosecution should also be pursued right up to the highest thrones of the global empire, which has amply demonstrated itself all through history as being the enemy of mankind, and the only enemy mankind has. The resulting prosecution against the infinite crime should therefore be especially focused onto the very core of the crime of war.

If the prosecution of the basic crime would be pursued honestly, humanity would have a chance to have a future again, which it presently denies itself by failing to recognize the core of the package, which is empire, that has dragged many a patriotic element of the nations into becoming complicit with empire’s perpetual crime against humanity, which is both basic and infinite.

‘Empire and War’ is One. It is the name of the package. It is a single name, a single package. It is the name of the ‘dragon’ that perpetrates the infinite crime. It flies on two wings, empire and war, and devours humanity in its flight. When one wing does not function the crime does not fly. It needs two wings to fly. This means that the package is one and IS itself the crime. It is the infinite crime, because the destruction of civilization is its consequence, and this consequence is infinite in scale.

The dragon that symbolizes the infinite crime has no equivalent in the natural world. The symbol itself represents the mythological dreams of kings and queens and fierce warriors, who as a package rule with swords and axes and the cross and the stake, who by their devotion to the crime put their opponents to death under the glitter of so many royal crowns.

The nature of the package of the infinite crime has been well understood by the artists of old.

Now, in modern time, with depleted uranium added to the theatre of war, war has ‘progressed’ to a choke point where humanity becomes potentially self-terminating.

The mythological name of the dragon has been pinned onto man. This too has been understood by those who have eyes to see. But this deception too, does not hide the mythological name of the package that is the infinite crime.

Society is doomed by casting itself in the role of those who swing the sword. It belittles itself thereby into impotence and ultimately into indifference. It is physically doomed by the outcome of its indifference to what it has long understood about the nature of the crime being committed against it. It stands supremely doomed today, thereby, unless by some consecrated efforts at this late stage, society arrests its indifference and regains its sovereignty as human beings.

The hope that humanity’s indifference to the infinite crime will be terminated before the crime terminates all of humanity, is till on the table. Hope remains. The crime in progress can still be arrested with society restoring its sovereignty. But time is running out. The final end of civilization is near.

The act of terminating its indifference means for society, to reassert its sovereignty as a free people. This is humanity’s ticket for survival. It means arresting the giant, the system of empire that is a system of war in a single package. ‘Empire equals war.’ Humanity is not a part of this package, but a target as in gang attacks. Society stands for humanity but is drowned with betrayal.

Humanity cannot afford to remain indifferent to its own nature and the nature of the package of the infinite crime that stands against it that is artificial and mythological. In Goya’s painting a donkey stands serenely indifferent to it all. But the human being is not a donkey.

Humanity should have never stood indifferent to the power of its sovereign spirit that is a real and native element of the human being, and by the same token humanity should have never stood indifferent to the mythological forces arrayed against it that it has the power to arrest, and always had this power.

The law of the U.S. Constitution still stands today as the supreme law designed to prevent the infinite crime, but it means nothing if it is not upheld sufficiently by society to be its law.

Only a world without empire is a world without war. War cannot be arrested in isolation. ‘Empire and War is One,’ reads the banner, ‘and This One is The Infinite Crime.’ This fact remains yet to be understood and be acknowledged scientifically.

The sculpture at the U.N. headquarters in New York represents a failure of perception of the infinite crime.

The world seeks peace but allows the ‘gun’ to remain in the world. The gun represents war. The gun is allowed to remain on the assumption that its effects can be blocked, which is not possible in the real world.

The failure of perception that allows the gun to remain conjures up the illusion that war can be tied into knots so effectively that it will not harm humanity. This illusion now stands behind the greatest tragedy in the world. The illusion is a part of society’s deception by the monsters of empire who inspire in society a self-deception that breeds the very indifference the criminals desire. Indifference is not native to the human mind. It is artificial in nature and is intentionally induced.

In the real world the gun is war, and the ‘invisible’ hand that holds the gun is empire. Empire and war IS one. The infinite crime is the most deadly element in the world. It shreds the fabric of civilization. It is a disease that has festered for millennia in an increasingly indifferent world, and has thereby tightened the noose around humanity’s neck.

For as long as the ‘gun’ is held by the invisible hand - by the doctrine of empire - the trigger remains in reach to be pulled.

For as long as the trigger is within reach it will be pulled by one, or some, of the countless sly little creatures, the mad men who have drowned their soul and their humanity in the cesspool of empire, who kneeling deep in the mud at their master’s feet obeying their master’s every command.

This is what we see in the world today, which is a world in grave danger of being destroyed by the infinite crime. Empire and war is one, and this one is the infinite crime.

According to reports in 2012 the acting U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta claims or suggests that a U.S. President does not require Congressional approval for any militarily attack on any nation in the world, but requires only international support in order to pull the trigger for war. His take is that nothing more than this is required. This is to say that the President only needs to have the support of his masters, the masters of empire, the masters of the cesspool who command him.

On the basis of this newly proclaimed ‘authorization’ the U.S. President, the Commander in Chief of the greatest military force in the world, blares the trumpet of war. He blares the trumpet of the infinite crime and thereby renders himself as an infinite criminal by intention and by deeds already done, and as one of a long line of other presidential infinite criminals who have ‘earned’ their place in the halls of infamy before him. A sane society would have this man impeached and prosecuted long ago, which countless voices have indeed suggested, and repeatedly so like a broken record.

This time the President of the infinite crime blares the trumpet against Syria and Iran. This means that a big war is on the agenda, the final war, the long-feared World War III with Russia and China that is poised to destroy the world.

The infinite crime is now fully on the table; ready to go. It has been put there with all the pomp and circumstance and great fanfares, posturing, speeches, and media coverage, of the kind that are traditionally uttered to legitimize the infinite crime.

Yes the war with Russia and China IS on the table. It is on the table because of these nations’ refusal to allow themselves to be dragged into the open cesspool of empire and be drowned there.

With the cesspool itself fast collapsing, which is functionally already dead, the cesspool demands the same for humanity as a whole, under the illusion that empire can be kept thereby in control, by drowning the nations either in its muck or in its wars.

Under this illusion the cesspool’s countless little men and stooges who bow their heads and pray to empire while they swallow the cesspool’s sludge and swear their most holy oath as faithful servants, promising to reduce the world to ashes on the demand of those whom they call, master.

That’s what stands behind the war cries for the capturing of Asia, which means for a starter, the destruction of Syria and Iran, and potentially also North Korea. These first-in-line targets are as close as one can get to the main targets. In the age of radioactive uranium gas warfare one doesn’t actually need to get any closer to destroy the populations of the main targets.

Of course a war adventure of this nature is a thinly veiled cry for nuclear war, a thermonuclear war is ultimately intended by the masters of the cesspool to eliminate Russia, China, and also the USA and 90% of humanity with them, from the global landscape. This adds up to a far-flung plan for eradicating all the forces that have the power to arrest empire. Towards this end the infinite crime stands to ravish the world once again. The ravishing is a part of the package of empire.

Yes, all the cries for depopulation, in their countless disguises, are inherent elements of the infinite crime. Depopulation is by its very nature an infinite crime. The crime is already in progress as the holocaust of hunger under the biofuels doctrine is killing a hundred times as many people than Hitler’s holocaust had killed. It is carried out in silence by the ‘most supreme’ criminals in the world, who now threaten their crime to become total, who have the gun already cocked for eradicating all opposition to empire by whatever means this can be achieved.

And so the stage is set for the Big War to happen to eradicate six billion people. Syria, Iran, and potentially North Korea, are set up to serve as the trigger, the kind of trigger that Russia and China must respond to unless they are willing to lay themselves down to die. With the uranium war potential now setting a deadly stage, it is not possible for Russia and China to stand idly by, because the consequences of the uranium gas war are the most deadly consequences of all the forms of the infinite crime to date, including the crime of burning food in a starving world and the staging of a thermonuclear war for extermination.

With the dawn of the uranium gas war a new stage for warfare has been set. We stand on this stage with the most deadly weapon ever.

When World War II ended, the killing of the populations stopped. When the guns fell silent; when the last bombing run ended; the horrible dying unleashed by this war had ground to a halt. The cities were rebuilt.

Now however, since the dawn of use of depleted uranium in the weapons of war a new stage has been set on which the dying, suffering, and destruction continues on forever, unabated, long after the wars themselves have ended and are forgotten. The uranium poisoning of the air is accumulative. With each successive war more of the radioactive poison accumulates, which like a gas pervades first the air, and later the ground, and becomes a part of the environment in which we live. The radiation of uranium decays slowly. It has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.

In this context the scene of the aftermath of the bombing of Dresden was a scene of ‘paradise’ in which the war-destroyed world could be rebuilt, and was rebuilt. This is no longer possible. We cannot get back to the state of the world that existed before the depleted uranium wars began.

The entire world is presently already trapped into these long-enduring consequences, expressed in a wide range of biological effects that will be suffered for all times to come. The poison that has been injected into the air and the global environment cannot be cleaned up. It is of a type that has never existed before in the entire history of the world. And it is here to stay.

All that we can do from now on, is to prevent the already planned further accumulation. This necessitates ending the epoch of war for all times to come. This means no more war - not a single war, not ever. The ‘color’ of war can no longer be ignored. War is, and has always been, a crime against humanity. It now stands before us as the most supreme crime, a crime against life and the future. And those who blare the trumpet of war stand proudly before us as the most supreme criminals in the world, because humanity in its indifference as an already defeated society, allows them to stand and have their way.

That’s where WE find ourselves today, the people of the world, collectively. We find ourselves mired in the sludge of indifference, impotent while facing death on an unimaginable scale.

This means that in order to survive humanity has no choice, but to snap itself out of its collective indifference; to end the ‘most supreme’ crime against life itself, which is war, and to arrest the ‘most supreme’ criminals, the war criers; and to arrest empire, the ‘most supreme’ crime ever perpetrated against mankind.

We should not be at the stage we are at, but we are so because we have thus far lacked the humanity in the heart to block the infinite crimes. War and empire should have been arrested ages ago, but society has let them go on. It kept saying it is too hard to arrest war and empire from the landscape of civilization; that is to arrest the infinite crime. Society kept saying that it can’t be done. We still say this.

Oh sure we have the civil means now established to do this, to protect our world and our existence, but we lack the heart to use the means. Thus, the failure lies in ourselves.

They key for survival therefore lies in rebuilding the principle of humanity in the heart into the greatest force of life on our planet for the protection of life, liberty, and civilization, which means happiness. This we can accomplish as human beings.

It is possible to arrest war and empire together, which can only be arrested together as one single phenomenon, because empire and war is one single crime, though it has many facets. On this platform of the Keplarian-type of recognition it is possible to end the infinite crime in the world.

War and Empire, the infinite crime, have soiled the landscape of civilization for far too long already. The Treaty of Westphalia that once arrested war and empire across Europe and set the stage for modern civilization needs to be rebuild.

The arresting of war and empire in whatever form they may be found, old or new, and there are many such forms, needs to be accomplished in modern times in an emergency-type fashion before the next increment of war starts that threatens to increase the already existing radioactive poisoning of the world up to 100-fold.

Will there be war and empire on the planet; will the infinite crime ravish the world; or will there be life in the future? This is the question before us now. The key this time is located on Capitol Hill and its interplay with society. Will there be indifference and doom in our future, or the existence of a sovereign humanity, free of war and empire? This is the key issue for today.

Today, society stands on the side of the infinite crime and thereby its own doom. It stands in this inhuman mode, because indifference demands so much less than what society standing tall for its sovereignty would demand of it. However, now that the infinite crime has become absolute on all fronts, indifference comes with an immense price tag attached that has already become unbearable. So, why shall anyone remain indifferent?

Today’s price tag for indifference should be recognized as being immense, which it really is, though it is rarely recognized as such. It is not surprising therefore that the huge danger of the uranium warfare isn’t recognized either, because it is intentionally hidden as a part of the infinite crime.

If the immanent danger before us became generally known, the natural response from the heart of humanity would shut the entire military industrial complex down. At this point it would become recognized that all the engines of war are auxiliaries of the infinite crime, and are in the world of civilization essentially useless junk.

Of course, if this recognition would dawn the entire war industry will have to be converted to produce useful products for once. However, since the military industrial complex wields great political power, no effort is spared by it to hide the reality that all of its products are hyper-expensive junk.

The critical nature of the uranium-weapons impasse has therefore become hidden by the advocates of the infinite crime in a desperate effort to keep the scourge of the crime alive and to keep its engines flying and the production lines running. There is gold for their makers in the perceived need for weapons. The dying of humanity is of no concern to the really high minded whose humanity has been drowned in the cesspool. Nor is truth a concern for them. No lies will be spared to assure society that uranium weapons are efficient and don’t pose a problem, and that radioactive gas warfare is totally harmless, so that all those millions who have already died of it can be deemed to have died of ‘natural’ causes.

This banner ‘In Lies We Trust’ is easily defended in the uranium gas war arena, because the typical rigorous smoking-gun evidence is not physically possible, of the type that would stand up as proof for the uranium caused damage. It isn’t possible to deliver such proof, since the deadly particles that kill people by the millions are smaller than the wavelength of light. They are visible only with electron microscopes. Only coincidental evidence exists, which can be easily denied under the banner ‘In Lies We Trust.’

Visible evidence can be produced in the laboratory. In real life people won’t know about the damage for a few years after the damage is done. And even after the radioactive damage is taking its toll, as in the CNN report that lung cancers in the USA jumped 6-fold in 2006, the cause was said to be a sudden change in smoking habits. Indeed, in lies we trust.

But is the depleted uranium warfare poisoning of the world really so critical, especially as far away from the battle field as the USA, that the danger should finally impel society to arrest the infinite crime and the criminals that have blackened history for millennia?

The answer is, Yes! That is why it is covered up. The term ‘depleted uranium’ or DU for short, is one of the numerous special terms that are used in the infinite crime, to cover up the crime. These terms all involve deceptions of various types. The term ‘depleted uranium’ is in no way different. It is essentially a lie that enables the continued use of the uranium weapons.

Depleted uranium has not been depleted, or even weakened of the radioactive property of uranium, which when vaporized into an invisible dust so that it will be inhaled by people, becomes the longest enduring killer of life ever invented with a half-life of over four billion years. Depleted uranium is depleted only of a portion of a rare trace element, by about half a percent in volume that is useful for nuclear power reactors and the making of nuclear bombs.

By the deceptive nature of the term, Depleted Uranium, or DU in short, the indefensible killer of people has remained in active use in spite of worldwide efforts to ban it. The term Depleted Uranium is as cleverly deceptive as are all the other special terms that have been invented to enhance the infinite crime.

With the infinite crime having festered for millennia, and having grown worse, a new type of warfare has emerged, by which indifference comes with the tallest price tag attached. War has become a crime against life itself. It has become a crime against the very blueprint of life in all its forms, including its human expression. We see a vast jump in birth defects, both in numbers and in ugliness, since the uranium wars began. War has suddenly become a crime of annihilation on a broad front.

We face a new and infinite type of genocide now. The only thing that is not new on this scene is that this genocide is still the result of indifference.

Indifference rules by default in a world without sovereignty. Indifference results when sovereignty is lost.

Indifference rules the world today so strongly that the combined effort of humanity has not been sufficient to ban the uranium weapons that mutilate all life, for which we now face potentially a 100-fold increase according to the preparations that have already been made in pre-positioned weaponry.

It won’t be easy to create a world without empire and without war. Too many people are profiting from empire and war. It seems that humanity has lost its skills for living at peace.

A lot of growing up will need to be done before both the weapons, and empire that demands the weapons, be laid aside. However, we have also proven ourselves to be fast learners, and to be capable of grand achievements if we put our mind to the task. Of course, the time to do this is now, and to do this radically and completely, to arrest war before it explodes anew. It is not possible to stop war and empire partially. We cannot arrest the infinite crime and embrace it at the same time.

A narcissist cannot do the task of putting the weapons aside that is required. He cannot put the weapons aside. He cannot comprehend such a concept. He will not yield from war. The current U.S. President Obama appears to fit the pattern of the narcissist mental disease.

The mentally impaired wear no badge; still the victims of the disease are identifiable. The cause is poorly understood, but is most often related in nature to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

The impaired suffer from what one might call a culturally induced psychological disorder. The victims typically have a grandiose sense of self-importance; are preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance; have a distorted sense of beauty, irrational ideals; and they believe that they are unique and special above all other people, cultures, and other races. They seek excessive admiration with a strong sense of entitlement. But even as they almost demand this slavish attention they are interpersonally exploitative and lack empathy to the point of being arrogant and haughty in behaviors and attitudes. This seems to be the general consensus of a wide range of research with victims of Post-Traumatic-Stress induced or culturally inherited psychological disorders.

When such mental impairments are discovered in leaders of nations the affected persons need to be removed from office as an emergency response, especially so if they have the power within their reach to commit the infinite crime of global suicidal warfare. The impaired need to be removed from such offices of power, decisively, just as any criminal would be so removed to protect society, because to fail to do this in the case of national leaders would be paramount to inviting the universal extinction of humanity that the presently available weaponry assures.

The cesspool masters evidently comprehend the danger they have placed on society by their financing a dangerously impaired person to high posts of power. They have done this before, and it had nearly cost them their empire. They fear the risks involved, but they fear the consequences of a normally developing humanity even more. They fear it, because they would not survive it. Thus they encourage humanity to commit suicide. This appears to be their end game now, as their empire is hopelessly collapsing all around them. All the money in the world that has been thrown into their bailout trough didn’t help them one bit, because they had already killed the golden goose, the physical economy, by which every form of money gains its value. Consequently, in a kind of desperation they ‘aid’ their enemies to cut each other’s throat, aiming to come out surviving in the end. Their traditional method of financing a deeply impaired person to the highest post of power fulfills their modern requirement still perfectly, even if it will destroy the entire world this time, instead of merely much of Eurasia as was the case in World War II.

This means that society needs to act in the case it has before it. A compromise is not possible. Society cannot move into two opposite directions at once, both for and against its own survival.

We face a challenge with this now, of a type and magnitude that we have never faced before, to clear the slate of all the sewer servants who have ‘tortured’ the face of humanity for far too long already. Also we face a new imperative for ending wars forever, with new demands and with a new as yet unwritten constitution that needs to be applied from the resource of our universal humanity by its own imperative. This movement towards sanity is presently blocked by the empire syndromes. It inhibits sanity.

Gang violence is one of the methods used to set aside sanity. Some call it a holiday from sanity. The ganging together enables crimes to be committed that individuals would be prohibited against by their inner humanity. The process of ganging up makes crimes appear legitimate by the ‘fog’ of mass consensus. Rape is an example. It enables individuals to rape, who would never dream of doing so by themselves. When in addition artful advertising, like the one shown here for the 18th Street Gang, gives the gang process an air of legitimacy, then crime itself becomes legitimized thereby in the eyes of the beholder.

The crime becomes deemed OK when it is committed as a ‘coalition of the willing’ who have become free from the constitution of their humanity and the principle of civilization. Nevertheless, the resulting, often indefensible, force amassed by the gang-coalition process does not render the crime for which it is applied any less a crime. In fact it renders the crime more despicable.

Empires employ this feature to terrorize society with invincible force. The Roman Empire existed almost exclusively by the terror-force of its ‘roving’ Legions. Rome had become the Euro Street Gang that had nearly destroyed civilization altogether. The modern world empire lives by the same method.

The leader of Libya, Gaddafi, was murdered by the modern World Street Gang and the country was ravished by a civil war staged for this purpose. Now the gang owns the Libyan oil fields once again.

The gang now calls itself openly ‘the coalition of the willing.’ A recruited gang member is required to throw away its own Constitution that would inhibit the crime.

Afghanistan has been ravished in various ways for over thirty years by the World Street Gang. It has become the gang’s world center for dope production, which is protected with military force. And it has become the central hub for destabilizing the entire surrounding region, with borders to Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and even China.

The ravishing of Afghanistan began long before the 911 terror attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. Nor was the attack organized from Afghanistan, but it was used with planted evidence to vilify Afghanistan to take control of it by the gang.

According to available evidence the 911 attack was a thinly veiled World Street Gang operation that served the typical gang tactics of using terror to expand and deepen its control.

The World Street Gang is now becoming evermore brazen in its attacks for control. Its demands for regime change in Syria by force, serves purely strategic objectives. It is a gang crime unfolding that Russia and China are trying to prevent.

The World Street Gang is also reaching out to take over Iran, or what is left of it after the crime has been committed, if indeed anything remains standing after the deed is done.

The core objective of empire, however, which has organized the World Street Gang for its purposes, is to take control of Russia and China. And this means nuclear war.

The patiently cultivated gang process is designed to assure that the normally impossible, such as nuclear war, becomes possible. By it, the depleted uranium poisoning of the world has already become possible, with a 100-fold increase staged to be added. Do we stand helpless against the gang-war process, which is happening, even while it is technically illegal? The answer depends on each one of us, doesn’t it?

Vaporized uranium has never been a part of the natural environment of our planet. With a radioactive half-life of 4.5 billion years, when it is vaporized into the environment where it affects all life for all times to come, would potentially transform our precious planet into a barren rock over time that would be devoid of life - an empty dead sphere in space like the moon.

It is incumbent on all of us, therefore, to prevent the further increase of the tragedy in order to protect our precious paradise of life for which we have not yet found an equal in the universe as far as our telescopes can reach.

This means: no more war, no more gang wars, no more empire. It means no more imperialism; no more monetarism; no more looting of one another. It means building a world on the platform of human development and shutting down the platforms for predation. Nothing less will suffice.

No compromise is possible when the only option to the right option is the wrong option that no one can survive.

This is the only option that remains for us on the table with which to arrest the plans for a massive bombing campaign against Syria and Iran that is poised to result in a radioactive gas war of immense proportion that would ironically still be called ‘conventional’ war though the term would no longer apply, because the war would become nuclear war within days.

This defines the kind of task we face, and the kind of urgency with which we need to get on with it.

The first indication that we will see when we get to this stage as our proof of progress, is a new world unfolding before us in which weapons of war of any kind, uranium weapons and nuclear weapons included, are no longer found, because they are understood then to be to no one’s advantage. They would by then have been scrapped and be recycled into something useful, which we always had the power to do.

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