Text and images transcript of the video Kepler Today part 2-2 Sovereignty versus Nuclear War by Rolf Witzsche 

Kepler Today part 2-2 Sovereignty versus Nuclear War

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The destruction of Moscow that the now enabled setup in the Mediterranean could accomplish, might also be accomplished two minutes sooner from the American ABM site in Poland. A modern ballistic missile could reach Moscow from Poland in nine minutes or less. While such an option wouldn’t target the entire Russian heartland to the Urals and beyond, a missile launched from Poland might well supply the opening salvo to destroy Moscow. This is the terror that Russia is now confronted with.

Russia has an effective antimissile system installed to protect Moscow that detonates a nuclear blast in the re-entry path of the warheads, however it is highly unlikely that the protective system can shield the city against three simultaneous attacks from three different directions. Moscow’s defense has been traditionally focused against attacks coming from the North.

The Russian leaders have expressed great fear over the close proximity of the potentially offensive ABM installation in Poland. They have protested. They tried to stop its construction, and later gain inspection access. But to no avail.

Officially the American ABM system in Poland is designed to protect Europe against missiles from Iran. If this was really the case, the defense system against them would have been located more centrally to the potential targets, instead of being far distant from most of them. However, defense is evidently not the purpose for locating the American system in Europe. Its purpose is evidently offensive, and its location as close to Moscow as can be arranged for the critical opening in the First Strike pre-emptive game, proves the purpose to be offensive.

The deep penetration of the Russian heartland can be accomplished in 13 to 14 minutes with missiles from the Mediterranean. At this point, roughly 15 minutes into such a war plan, Russia would have ceased to exist as a functioning nation. The war planners assume that such a near total destruction can be accomplished so fast that Russia will not be able launch a counterstrike. This irrational, near mythical, ‘confidence’ is needed to get the war madness started that shouldn’t even be called war anymore, but annihilation, according to the long-declared, ultimate intention for depopulation.

In order to cover all of Russia, and to kill everyone in it fast and efficiently, the second launch base in the Indian Ocean would be needed. This base exists. The cold war with Iran has been painfully staged to enable the required base to be established there, at the northern coast of the Indian Ocean, close to Russia.

China is also in range to be eradicated from this floating base, though it would take 8 or 9 minutes longer to reach China from there.

Should China and Russia be concerned? They should be scared. They are both being vilified in the western press as the devil. They see a fortified military base established near them with the capacity to destroy both of their nations at once. This is not something that might happen. It has already happened. When would one be concerned then, in such a case? Would one wait until the final step is taken and the missiles are launched? It would be too late then to be concerned. The entire world should be concerned over what has already happened, and scream: You cannot do this! It should do more than scream. It should act to defend itself, because it too would cease to exist when the next and final step was taken with the launching of the missiles. We are one step away from ceasing to exist, with the intention for this final step widely proclaimed and now boldly demonstrated.

The USA maintains eight Ohio-class submarines in the Pacific basin with roughly 1500 warheads mounted on 192 ballistic missiles. A number of them will likely be staged closer to China for a faster attack, or further away for increased security. The new Trident II missiles have a 12,000 Km range. Which means that they can be launched from almost any place in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, against both Russia and China.

From its floating nuclear launch bases the American Command has the physical capability to destroy the Eurasian and African continents and nearly all of the people living there in the timeframe of roughly 15 minutes. However, before any of the missiles would explode, the Russian and Chinese counter strikes would be on their way.

In moments of a surprise attack with great strategic uncertainty resulting, Russia’s and China’s nuclear missiles would most likely all be launched within the first nine minutes in a highly automated process. The short response time that the modern game of submarine-launched missiles is now imposing, leaves no room for human intervention, or discussion and decision making. In this high-stakes game where the winner supposedly takes all, nothing is left to chance. When seconds determine the difference the response has to be swift and automatic.

The fallout from these weapons and from the counter-strikes would be transported by the jet streams throughout the hemisphere and leave no one alive, which in time would spread globally.

There won’t be any winners in the end, and possibly only a few survivors in the far corners of the globe, if indeed anyone survives at all. Ironically, this is outcome is the objective that the entire game is set up to accomplish in the first place. The objective is this insane. Not surprisingly it reflects the insanity that the disease, called empire, has inflicted on humanity.

Ironically, the insanity that we reflected in the modern military objectives shouldn’t be surprising. What we see unfolding there is nothing more than the natural outcome of millennia of progressively cultivated decadence that has created that cultural cesspool, called empire, in which the native humanity of a human being is rotted away to near extinction, if indeed even the faintest spark of humanity still remains in the cesspool. Not the slightest sense of humanity has historically been found in the rulings of empire.

Cultivated starvation, intentional famines, the burning of food, and of late the outright demand for depopulation, are all hallmarks of the disease of empire that continues to reach for world dominations. The buildup towards nuclear war is not an isolated phenomenon in the world, but is an inherent element of this ongoing train to hell. In order to prevent nuclear war the entire train needs to be stopped and reversed.

Empire is an unhealed cultural disease that has festered for centuries. The symptom of the disease has grown evermore grotesque in its expression with every advancing stage of decadence. We are way past the stage were merely a city is threatened. All of humanity is now threatened.

Kepler would point out from personal experience that empire is a cultural disease that has infected civilization in its early stages, which has not only remained unhealed, but has festered for millennia, destroyed its subjects, and gradually pervaded the fabric of civilization like a spreading fungus. And he would add that once the disease is recognized for what it is, it can be healed. He simply stepped away from it and lived the life of a human being.

Kepler would point out that empire is not a national phenomenon, though many nations have become infested with the disease, such as Persia that became the Persian Empire, or Egypt that became the Egyptian Empire, and nations that became the Roman Empire, the Venetian Empire, and as of late the British Empire, with a long list of lesser empires emerging in between.

Kepler would point out further that the scourge of war, and the fascism manifest by the phenomenon of oligarchy, are merely symptoms of the universal cultural disease that empire has become, which has became evermore devoid of humanity.

Kepler would add that today’s depopulation ideology, including the modern stage of burning food in automobiles, are clear symptoms that the disease, called empire, is becoming increasingly acute and is nearing the stage of it becoming fatal, and fatal for all who cling to it.

Kepler would point out that it is not by accident therefore that the depopulation ideology, which makes so sense to a normal human being, originated in the cultural wasteland of empire where the disease of decadence, monetarism, and fascism has festered for millennia and has destroyed the productive capacity of humanity.

It is not by accident therefore that the depopulation mantra, including the green biofuels holocaust, is being promoted from the highest thrones of the ruling institutions of empire, where the disease breeds its fascism, war, oligarchic predation, and so on, which now as always, forces its domination onto the world as far as it can reach, even to its death.

Unless humanity can heal itself of the disease of empire that is killing it, the disease will destroy the whole of humanity. With nuclear war now being fully on the table, the already planned final day for humanity may not be far off. In practice no one can walk in two directions at once. Freedom and empire are focused in opposite directions.

Time will not heal this impasse. History is littered with proof of that, and with many a proof that the cultural disease that empire us, when left unhealed, becomes more acute with every passing year towards our final doom.

World War I and II were merely the most recent early symptoms of the disease becoming acute. They in turn were preceded by lesser earlier symptoms such as the empire’s Famines in India, its Opium Wars in China, and it Civil War in America. Without society heeding these lesser warnings, no healing has been achieved in the early stages. As the result, the disease of empire became evermore acute, becoming a monster in the postwar period with the destruction of Palestine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, with Syria and Iran already standing the crosshair to be next in line, to be followed by Russia and China, with India and Africa set up to fall along the way. The wars that are now set up are not wars against nations, but are wars against humanity itself.

No, no, the mere passing of time will not heal the disease called empire that has created a cesspool of inhumanity in the highest places of power.

The passing of time does not heal anything. The passing of time only allows the disease to fester. There is no passive healing possible. The healing has to be pursued actively, with society committing itself to rebuilding its humanity that the disease has disabled or diminished the world over.

Unless the healing begins, and begins soon, nuclear war will happen for reasons that the disease has become critically acute. No other option for avoiding nuclear war exists, than to purge the landscape of the disease of empire. All attempts to defeat the plans for nuclear war on any lesser platform have so far failed.

The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties have had no effect on the nuclear-war danger, except to veil the danger. Thus the treaties have kept the plan for nuclear war alive.

The treaties have merely shifted a portion of the nuclear arsenal from the strategic arena to the tactical arena that can accomplish essentially the same end. The disease hasn’t been healed thereby, but is becoming increasing veiled with evermore Band-Aids coverings to hide the symptoms.

In 1986 the world had 65,000 nuclear bombs in its strategic arsenals. This has been reduced to 27,000. The difference has been shifted into the tactical arena were the weapons are not counted, and some have been put onto the shelf where they are not counted either. Of course some obsolete ones have been dismantled, while new ones have been built. No real disarmament has so far taken place, nor exists there an intention for it. And so, we all remain self-doomed.

The intention of empire to force humanity to commit itself to mutually assured suicide with the burning of food on an ever-widening horizon of genocide was evidently preparing the ground for the bigger holocausts to come. This expanding plan presently remains fully intact. The commitment to universal genocide has remained intact in spite of the numerous weapons treaties.

For as long as the cesspool rules, there will be no treaties possible to establish peace, progress, development, and humanity to become the foundation for a secure civilization.

Instead of building towards peace and reducing the chance for a nuclear war, the nuclear-war infrastructures have become legitimized, protected, and made ever-more efficient in order to assure that such a war can be easily arranged when desired, and be carried out with near absolute certainty.

Nuclear war has become so efficient that the end of civilization, and much of humanity with it, can be ‘achieved’ in 15 minutes. When the cesspool presses is demand on its stooges, the ‘nuclear button’ will be pressed that unleashes the final holocaust.

For as long as the once great nations of the world no longer own themselves, but are owned by the cesspool in countless ways, the layers of their institutions become weaker that would stay the hand that reaches for the button.

Nuclear war is then easily started when the resistance erodes that precariously still prevents it, which it has successfully done on a number of occasions.

At the moment when one of the cesspool’s puppets finds itself in full control of the power of state, with ever fewer resisting the puppet, the nuclear ‘button’ comes into reach for a full-scale surprise strike.

A nuclear surprise attack can then be launched with complete impunity. In the nuclear war arena the mad man becomes omnipotent. There is no legal deterrent possible in this arena against a mad leader launching a surprise attack, who has eliminated all opposition and finds himself in complete control. No deterrence rules on this scene as no one would remain alive in the aftermath to ask the question why it was done, and to persecute the offender.

This danger already exists in the USA whose president is mentally impaired with a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This mental disease typically results in irrational fantasies, dreams of omnipotence, a lacking sense of reality and lacking human empathy, rage, tough-minded overbearance, unemotional exaggerated self-importance that is typically hiding a deep inner emptiness. Those suffering the disease seek grandiose acknowledgement and attention to offset their inner insecurity, whereby they become externally manipulated like puppets on a string. This type of severe mental impairment opens pathways to atrocities that would be inhibited by a normal person’s sense of humanity.

When this type of mentally impaired person is given access to the nuclear ‘button,’ then nuclear war, either by first strike, or provocation, or even self-provocation, is becoming increasingly immanent.

Nuclear war can be started with a wide range of provocation, such as the current war-rage against Iran that is a thinly veiled threat against Russia, for which the nuclear war option is already on the table, as the President has openly threatened, saying ‘ALL options are on the table.’

Nuclear war can also be started with the tried and proven method of self-provocation, such as the Gulf of Tonkin affair that unleashed the Vietnam War, or the Bay of Pigs affair in which, supposedly the U.S. Navy would blow up one of its own ships as a provocation to launch a full-scale attack on Cuba. President Kennedy had blocked this mad scheme. After he was assassinated the self-provocation scheme apparently succeeded in the Gulf of Tonkin incident that got the Vietnam War started. A nuclear re-play would most-likely be just as successful.

When a nuclear missile rises out of the ocean from a submarine can anybody tell with certainty who launched it? Many nations now have this capability. Nor would anyone have the time to ask the question by whose hand the missile was launched. The counterstrike would be automatic. No institution would then be able to prevent a counterstrike.

In essence, the world’s arms treaties have become mutually assured suicide treaties. Nuclear war has become essentially an extension of the growing acquiescence by society to the demands of empire to commit universal suicide. That’s what rules the world today on a wide platform. Nuclear war needs to be seen in this context, and be overturned in this context, because it is in this context that it is likely to happen.

For as long as the cesspool empire remains standing, the weapons remain in force and will be kept secure from abolition. Thereby their capacity to destroy the world many times over, without warning, without recourse, remains protected and fully assured for the purpose defined in the cesspool of empire.

This is what the underlying doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction stipulates, as it has been served up from the countless sewers that flow into the cesspool of empire that gave the world a demonstration of its ‘color’ with its holocausts in Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and with the postwar preparation for wiping Soviet Russia off the map.

With its staunch and unrelenting commitment to nuclear war, for which the nuclear weapons exist, society assures itself the destruction of what remains of its civilization; it assures its own annihilation; and it assures the depopulation of the planet - which are all aspects desired by the culturally insane that are bred in the cesspool of empire in abundance.

The cesspool has no name, nationality, culture, and no humanity. It is the international monetarist system, exemplified by the old British Empire and its monetarist sewer called the City of London. Today, the entire cesspool that lives on the collective outflow from the near worldwide system of sewers is on the edge of extinction. Nothing works anymore. All of Europe is disintegrating.

How the many stooges of the cesspool will respond to the impending collapse of the entire sewer system in the coming days or months cannot be determined, except to say that it promises to be not pleasant. All the Euro nations, which no longer own themselves, are economically collapsing for this very reason.

With the stench of the collapse, the heat is rising in the cesspool, towards an impending explosion of hyper-intensified insanity that may drag the world into its grave on the fantasized delusion that a nuclear war can be won and the system of the cesspool be saved thereby.

That is where we are today. The heat is rising.

The continuity of the entire monetarist system that is ‘foundational’ to the system of empire is evaporating. It has stood since before the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Venetian Empire, the Anglo-Dutch system of empire, to the present day oligarchic empire. Its era of increasingly escalating decadence is ending. Nothing can save the cesspool that developed, no matter how strongly its masters dream that the surrendering of Russia, China, and India to its grasp can save the cesspool. And this isn’t likely to happen anyway. The epoch of world-empire dominations has functionally already ended.

However, humanity can still save itself by escaping the cesspool and rebuilding its economies, not on a new monetarist system, but on the long-established platform of sovereign credit for national, productive, physical development. The escape from empire has begun. The universal escape from it by the whole of humanity is possible. This renaissance potential the creatures in the cesspool fear the most, since such an escape, once it begins, would irreversibly end the epoch of empire.

To a large degree the escape has already begun. It is in progress in China, India, and Russia. Thus the faster the universal escape from the cesspool unfolds, which threatens to become a mass-escape all across Europe in the months ahead, the more desperately will the remaining cesspool creatures reach for the nuclear button as if this could save them.

This is the desperation that stands behind the war cries against Syria and Iran. The war cries have nothing to do with humanitarian concerns, or security concerns, or the non-existing Iranian plans to make an atomic bomb, as if this would matter in a world brimming with more than 60,000 of them, held by numerous nations.

The war cries spouted against Iran are in reality directed against Russia and China as a last minute attempt to get them to submit themselves to the cesspool, which they are not inclined to do. This is what stands behind the repeated declaration from the cesspool that all options are on the table.

Nuclear arms treaties have never been designed to overturn the Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine that assures nuclear war, much less the cesspool from which the game is orchestrated. True security in the world can only be found with the cesspool becoming abolished, whereby the nuclear weapons can be abolished.

The task to abolish the cesspool and its demands for universal war is not an easy one to accomplish, but it can be accomplished by society’s retrospection and introspection and its resulting commitment to its all-embracing universal humanity. Without these, one or the other of the many plans will succeed to blow the world up.

I deal with this danger in my novel, Brighter than the Sun, and with the difficulties of rescuing ourselves by overcoming the deep isolation and division that the agents of the cesspool have cultivated over countless ages. The novel was started in the 1980s at the height of the Cold War and updated in the 1990s, but its focus is more relevant today than it was then.

Such a treaty would foster a commitment to rediscover ourselves and redevelop our humanity that has been largely eroded.

The only treaty that can be effective against nuclear war is the treaty that we thus all make with ourselves as human beings and with one another on the platform of universal respect and universal love for our common humanity and the common aims of all mankind. And this project is grand, beautiful, wide, and enriching. Yes:

Listen to the symphony of our humanity

In this symphony we are One

One with the Universe itself

However, in writing the novel, ‘Brighter than the Sun’ it quickly became apparent that the key aspect in our self-discovery is the discovery and development of the principle of universal sovereignty on a higher platform than is commonly perceived. Sovereignty is fundamental to civilization. All beauty is sovereign. It is subject only to the heart, as we too may find ourselves one day. If one breaks the principle of sovereignty one has nothing left, no life. Without sovereignty we have no security, and society dies in countless different ways.

Since the challenge of universal sovereignty takes us far beyond war and the cesspool world, I started writing another novel that I had called, ‘The Lodging for the Rose’. I soon discovered that the exploration of universal sovereignty, developing towards universal love, opens up a vastly larger world to be discovered. By the time the exploration was completed, the single novel had become a series of 12 novels for which the original title was retained as the overall title.

The 12 novels too, seem to be more relevant to the modern nuclear war crisis than the Cold War crisis of the 1980s and early 1990s. It will likely remain relevant for some time to come until sovereignty is fully established and the concept of nuclear war but a distant memory.

We have a powerful potential in our humanity to survive the Cesspool War against humanity that is currently in progress, and come out as victors. This has been done once before in 1648 with the treaty of Westphalia that established the platform of universal sovereignty for all nations. We can revive this treaty and take it beyond, and to the heart, and give ourselves a world of peace and build on it. We can do this. We can begin today to do what has never been done fully before. We can do this by looking forward, not backwards.

Like seeds are we, from an infinite fountain

Carriers of secrets still unknown

Sentinels of intelligence, forever unfolding

Prophets of the enduring

Apostle of power in an endless landscape of good.

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