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Ice Age Climate Change Precursors versus Global Warming Carbon Politics - Part 5 - Political Dynamics

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On the political scene the future looks presently dark, and intentionally so, as it is becoming increasingly evident. The British author H. G. Wells would comment, if he was alive today, "This is necessary for the good of the empire." He probably has said this on many occasions in his time. He certainly has said so in his novels, indirectly, such as in his 1895 novel, The Time Machine.

Wells never spoke of global warming, of course. This scam hadn't been invented that far back. It is a recent invention, though built on the platform that he laid out in his novel, The Time Machine, to serve as a diversion.

There is nothing real about global warming except its purpose, and this purpose is to keep humanity's eyes closed to the danger and the reality of the impending return of the Ice Age glaciation. Wells' prime political doctrine was, to choke science in order to prevent the normal development of humanity. The modern global warming hoopla expresses directly this doctrine that Wells had laid out in 1895 within the story of his novel of a time traveler.

In the novel a machine was built that enables its operator to be transposed in time far into the future. There he encounters the Eloi, a society of small, peaceful, elegant, childlike people. They live in small communities within large and futuristic buildings that were deteriorating. They were doing no work. They had no need for it. Their world was rich with fruits of all sorts. When the traveler's time machine becomes stolen, he searches for it and encounters the Morlocks, an ape-like people who live underground and surface only at night. The traveler discovers in their dwellings the industrial machinery that makes the above-ground paradise possible. As he searches their tunnels for his time machine, he discovers the relationship between the two people, learning that the Morlocks, the machine people, feed on the Eloi, which they keep as livestock for their nourishment.

H. G. Well's novel The Time Machine appears to be designed as a wakeup call for the empire's oligarchy, the leisured class that has become the ineffectual Eloi, while the downtrodden working classes, the intelligent, science-driven machine people, have become the masters of the world. His message to the oligarchy was, which was understood, that if you don't wake up and curb the advance of science and technology in the world and prevent society's development, those primitive working classes will eat you for breakfast in the near future.

Herbert George Wells (1866-1946) wasn't alone of course, in warning the empire's oligarchy to prevent scientific and technological progress by all means possible. The Fabian society was already leaning in this direction, which he respected for it, though Wells found the Fabian's to be not radical enough. He had high praise for Joseph Stalin, a real, 'effective,' radical man.

The Fabian Society adopted the name of the Roman General Quintus Fabius Maximus. Fabius earned his fame with his defense of Rome against the vastly superior forces of the Carthaginians when Hannibal invaded Italy. Without a hope of winning, Fabius refused a direct confrontation, while he kept his troops close to Hannibal's army to harass and exhaust them in a long war of attrition, limiting Hannibal's ability to fight while conserving his own military force. The delaying tactics involved a "scorched earth" type policy that prevented Hannibal's forces from obtaining grain and other resources. Eventually Hannibal retreated from Italy.

The scorched-earth lesson of Quintus Fabius Maximus inspired the empire's oligarchy in its war against the rising renaissance spirit of humanity. In admiring Fabius' strategy it adapted his name, as the Fabian society. Over the years the Fabian objective became the platform of a number of organizations with different names, by which the objective became implemented on a broad front, and continues so to the present.

Here we find the connection between Wells, the Fabian ideology, and the global warming scam with the return of the Ice Age on the near horizon. The return of the Ice Age demands a worldwide scientific and technological renaissance to protect the world's agriculture against the returning deep cold climate. No empire, no matter how mighty, would be able to withstand the humanist power of this renaissance. The masters of the modern empire understand this reality perfectly, and evidently saw no way to avoid the consequence, except by preventing it from happening. Thus the global warming scam was designed to block humanity's move towards the renaissance that would end the rule of empire. The scam was designed to block especially scientific and technological development. That's the Wellsian platform.

Actually H. G. Wells didn't invent the doctrine that he laid out. The oligarchic doctrine that he presented has a long history that may have had its beginning in the ancient Persian Empire, and might have also have been established in ancient Greece. The oligarchic doctrine recognized, from the standpoint of the ruling class, that if the people became too well-educated and were able to develop, which is what classical Greece has been leaning towards, the resulting educated society would get rid of the oligarchy. The oligarchic doctrine appears to have been developed as a formalized understanding among the oligarchy itself, which was even then only a small part of the population, of how to keep the majority of the human race primitive, stupid, not too numerous, and easily exploited for the good and the protection of the oligarchic class, and ultimately for the empire itself. This is the ancient doctrine that H. G. Wells carried forward in his time, which still rules today, and now stands behind the Global Warming Doctrine. The Global Warming scam is not supportable by any existing scientific principles. That is why the scientific community has protested ever since the scam was originated and rammed into the limelight as a doctrine. A doctrine doesn't require an underlying principle. It requires only the force of indoctrination, the same kind of arbitrary force by which the oligarchic doctrine has survived to the present day and keeps on wrecking whatever it is applied to.

One might call the Oligarchic Doctrine the rule by the White Spider. That's the kind of effect it has on science. It drains it empty until it is but a lifeless shell. For cosmology, the queen of science, this means that 99.999% of the universe has been sucked out of the domain of science as if it didn't exist or has ever existed. According to leading-edge plasma physics 99.999% of the mass of the universe exists in plasma form, which carries an electric charge. Being electric in nature, plasma electricity responds to the electric force, and being in particle form, physically, it also responds to the force of gravity where such a force exists. Plasma electricity provides the energy that powers the Sun.

It is the effective density of the plasma electricity that powers the sun, which determines the strength of the heliosphere. The strength of the heliosphere, in turn, determines the cosmic-ray density that affects us on the Earth. It thereby determines our climate. Its cycles also determine the Ice Age phenomena.

But all of this knowledge and scientific awareness has been sucked out of the domain of science by dogmatic force, as if none of it did exist. No one is now allowed to speak about it in the scientific community, or even think about it. Cosmology is thus left as an empty shell in which only the force of gravity is permitted to remain for consideration.

.When the white spider is finished with emptying the life out of cosmology, all that remains is an empty lifeless shell, filled with mythological concepts that are conjured up out of necessity when only the weakest force in the universe is deemed to exist, which is gravity, on which every phenomenon is required to be based. In the sphere of this doctrine where everything must be based on gravity, the weirdest concepts become the order of the day to explain the observed phenomena, such as dark matter that cannot be detected, black holes that cannot be seen, density waves for which no physical principle is possible, and solar systems bobbing up up and below the galactic ecliptic to explain cosmic radiation cycles and cycles of species extinction which are actually not cyclic in nature.

Can you imagine our solar system bobbing above and below the galactic ecliptic? No physical principle exists that would facilitate such movements, or the orbiting of stars around the galactic center when no gravitational center exists, or can exist with the galactic range by the force of gravity. With gravity having only a 'local' effect in the range of planetary systems, because it diminishes with the square of the distance, it is impossible for the force of gravity to effectively reach across 50,000 light years of space to guide the path of several hundred billions of stars.

When the electric force is banished from perception, which is 36 orders of magnitude greater than gravity, and doesn't diminish with the square of the distance, nothing remains to cosmology that is physically possible on the galactic scale. What results is the emptiness of mythological concepts for which imaginary principles are invented that can't possibly exist in the real world, to explain observed phenomena, like Ptolemy's epicycles were invented for this reason, which he required to make the universe conform to the dictate of a primitive doctrine.

The Manmade Global Warming Doctrine falls into the category of the mythological and irrational. The global warming hoopla is able to stand only as the dictate of a doctrine, not as reality.

It can't stand as reality in the real world, because it isn't happening. No principle exists that would make manmade global warming possible. Of course, for a doctrine to stand, underlying principles are not needed, nor are they desired, because when faith in the doctrine becomes a forced political demand, the most extreme insanity becomes imposable, and when it is imposed with fear, the mind reverts to infantilism. The Global Warming Doctrine imposes a fear for which no solution exists except humanity killing itself and vacating the planet. Only one billion are allowed to remain under the latest depopulation objective by the masters of empire. Global warming has scared children and the feeble minded to believe they will suffer an apocalyptic future that they cannot escape from no matter what anyone does, as their very existence, their living a human life, is killing the planet. The Global Warming Doctrine is a doctrine without a solution except for society to stop living. That's apocalyptic if anything is. While the return of the Ice Age poses a large challenge for humanity, it poses a challenge for which numerous solutions do exist, which when implemented, offer the brightest future imaginable. The Global Warming Doctrine does the opposite. It is to date the clearest example of the Oligarchic Doctrine. It aims to disable society from within by whatever means possible.

The Global Warming Doctrine controls society by means of two major deceptions for which science is abused. It offers up proof for global warming in the form of the warming of some parts of the Arctic, which is in reality an effect of global cooling. It also conjures up the myth that the CO2 gas in the atmosphere has massively increased since the dawn of the industrial revolution, which the doctrine labels a dangerous greenhouse gas. This deception is promoted with the famous hokey stick curve.

The warming of the North is real. When compared with the coldest most recent period since the 1930s, the present-day Arctic has become warmer. This warming, however, is the result of a cooling trend happening, instead of global warming.

When cold air, which is heavier than warm air, is forced towards the equator by the centrifugal force of the rotation of the Earth, a return flow of warm air is drawn back to the North in a large anticyclone heat transfer system. The faster this system operates, which is powered by the heavy cold air in the northern region, the more warmth is drawn into the North, so that the northern warming is actually the result of global cooling. It is pure political deception to cite the outcome of this process as proof for global warming, while the opposite is the case.

The resulting anticyclone is a known dynamically operating system that is active in all northern regions, where large cold landmasses exist in the sub-arctic, where the centrifugal force is the greatest. Since the dynamics involved are not unknown, it is pure intentional deception to cite this increased heat transfer that results from colder climates, as a proof for global warming. But then, how else would one prove the existence of global warming, which isn't happening, except by the resorting to deception?

The northern ice cap exists primarily in the form of sea ice that is constantly being recycled as the ice is melting from below. The darkest areas have the oldest ice, up to eight years old, which is a measure of the ice accumulation . While it is highly unlikely that the entire sea-ice pack will melt, even with the increased inflow of warm air by the now stronger flowing anticyclone system, the event would cause no harm. It wouldn't have apocalyptic consequences. Contrary to the scare stories of flooding all over the world happening as the result of rising sea level caused by the melting of the ice, the fact is that the melting of the entire sea ice pack would not raise the ocean level by a single millimeter. The water volume that results from the melting of ice is no greater than the volume displaced by the weight of the ice before the melting. If you placed an ice cube into a glass and filled it to the brim with water, the water level would always remain the same, even after the ice had melted. The melting of the ice would not overflow the glass. If the entire winter sea ice of the world would melt in an instant, which typically covers an area three times the size of the USA, the ocean levels would not rise even by the tiniest amount. All the scare stories about an immanent danger to the low areas of the world, of them becoming flooded, are pure deception.

In order for the ocean levels to rise, the great land-based ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica would have to melt. But this isn't happening, These ice sheets are getting thicker instead of melting away. While there has been some melting around the edges in Greenland, as the result of the increased warm air flowing into the Arctic with the anticyclone system, both the Greenland and the Antarctic Ice Sheets are getting thicker, according to NASA.

This means that all the scare stories of worldwide flooding resulting from melting ice, are intentionally crafted deceptions.

Another factor that causes increased melting in the Arctic as the result of global cooling, is related to the tilt of the Earth's spin axis. The tilting of the spin axis by 23 degrees, places the entire polar region south to the 67 degrees line, into the shadow of the earth at the dead of winter. The same effect also places all of the Arctic into full sunshine at the height of summer. At the winter solstice the entire area within the Arctic Circle is rotating around the Earth's spin axis in the shadow of the earth. This puts it into complete darkness with not a ray of solar radiation touching the ground. Within a short time the Sun appears low on the horizon, briefly, in the areas close to the edge of the Arctic Circle. With this process continuing, the Arctic is getting progressively lighter towards its center. By the time of the equinox, an observer at the north pole would see the Sun just barely on the horizon, for 24 hours a day, and gradually moving higher and higher into the sky as the weeks an months pass. At the time of the Summer solstice the entire area within the Arctic Circles is then fully in the sunshine 24 hours a day, with the Sun standing high in the sky.

That's the time when the Arctic melting takes place. This is also the time when the reduced greenhouse effect becomes significant. When increased cosmic-ray density causes increased cloud formation, the water-vapor density in the atmosphere becomes reduced, which reduces the greenhouse effect, and with it the moderating effect of it. As a consequence the cold days are colder and the sunny days hotter. When this happens in the Arctic in its season of perpetual sunshine, the increased summer heat causes increased melting. The result then is what we are seeing now - increased melting. However, contrary to the Global Warming Doctrine, the increased melting in the Arctic results from global cooling instead of global warming. To cite the increased melting in the Arctic as proof for global warming is an act of deception.

The summer warming happens in the Antarctic too, even while Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth. Antarctica is also the driest and windiest continent, with the highest average elevation of all the continents. It is considered a desert with an annual precipitation of only 8 inches along the coast and far less inland. The coldest temperature recorded in Antarctica was -89 degrees Celsius.

Nevertheless, with the ongoing reduction of the greenhouse effect ,the increased solar radiation during the endless summer days when the sun remains high on the horizon, has caused some warming in the low elevation areas of Antarctica. The warming is said to be in the range of a quarter of a degree during the last decade. Here too, the global-cooling induced warming, as in the Arctic, affects mostly the sea ice. With the inland ice sheet growing thicker, some increased outflow of glaciers has also been noted. It is irrational to cite these effects as cataclysmic results of global warming, when the real cause for them is in the opposite and the reason for it is well understood.

The hokey stick curve is similarly promoted as a deception. It is used to show that human industrial development is killing the planet by flooding it with a massive increase in carbon greenhouse gases since the industrial revolution began. For this deception the ice core data from glacial ice is conveniently misinterpreted to show the desired results, which didn't actually happen in the real world. While the measured accounts shown here are no doubt accurate, they do not prove that the CO2 concentration was less 200 years ago. The deception in this case is the result of ignoring the gaseous losses that result during the process of loose snow becoming compacted into ice.

As Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski points out in his paper, The Ice Age is Coming, major gaseous losses occur during the compaction process as large volumes of air that are contained in the loose snow become increasingly compressed, while the compressed air escapes and some of the CO2 becomes dissolved into liquids, some of which become drained away, and so forth. He points out that this loss process continues all the way to the stage where the snow is compressed into solid ice. This stage coincides with the timeframe when the industrial revolution began. Past the solid-ice stage, no more losses occur, so that the curve remains flat from this point on.

It is pure deception to utilize these well understood losses in ice accumulation, as proof that the industrial revolution flooded the atmosphere with a massive increase in CO2, which is used to vilified humanity and human activity as a danger to the Earth for which no solution exists except to shut everything down that human existence in a civilized world has come to depend on. Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski points out that the deception is easily proved by analyzing CO2 data in deep-see sediments, which show that the CO2 concentration was roughly the same 200 years ago, than it is today.

He called the abuse of science for this kind of monstrous deception, for which evermore genocide is demanded, the greatest scientific scandal of our time. And the genocide that is demanded is real indeed, while the danger that the deception has conjured up, does not exist.

Yes, there stands a clear intention behind this type of madness that utilizes massive deception to justify the genocide that the Oligarchic Doctrine demands . According to this long standing doctrine, the intention is, as it has always been by the masters of empire, to create a hollowed out society. The greater the irrationality is, that is being imposed for this purpose, the more infantile society's mentality becomes by its trying to comply with the irrational.

In such cases when the mind becomes locked into a prison of the incomprehensible, it tends to revert back to a more infantile state for its own protection. Of course the resulting stepping backwards creates precisely the type of mental scorched-earth effect that the Oligarchic Doctrine demands. The result then is, when this happens, that the most insane oligarchic objectives can be imposed on society with almost no opposition, like the biofuels mass-genocide that is ongoing today, which is demanded under the umbrella of the Global Warming Doctrine, even to the point that nearly the whole of humanity has become willing participants in this huge genocide of its own kind.

The Global Warming scam has this massive genocidal effect, as one would expect it to have as a Fabian component, which is essentially a 'scorched earth' policy by genocide.

Under the global warming umbrella the most devastating global holocaust is presently carried out that silently claims up to 100 million victims per year under the dictate of imperial demands that take food out of the mouths of a starving humanity, for it to be burned. The amount of farmland and resources that are presently devoted globally to growing the feedstock for ethanol and bio-diesel would normally produce sufficient food for more than 100 million people. In a world where a billion people live in chronic starvation, the consequences for massively burning food under the global warming umbrella, adds up to a global holocaust that dwarves the gruesome Nazi holocaust into insignificance.

The biofuels have no other purpose than genocide. With rare exceptions, they are not a net-energy-producer, nor a reducer of pollution, but are affective in causing genocide. The genocide is evidently intended to weaken society to prevent human development - a typical Fabian objective. The brutality that is deemed necessary also increases the impression in society that global warming is real - for which genocidal sacrifices must be made, thereby instilling the belief that the real danger, the return of the Ice Age, does not exist.

Wells would be happy with the modern Fabians now being sufficiently radical, though the term 'radical' is carefully avoided in the political world. What used to be called 'radical' is now called, making 'difficult choices,' or 'hard choices,' and genocide is called in modern terminology, 'demographic adjustment' or 'population reduction.' In the shadow of this 'false-speak,' the return of the Ice Age that is never spoken of, which is a great and real danger for us all, drifts far out of sight.

Global warming appears to have been designed from the start as a genocide project for the purpose of preventing a grand new renaissance from taking off in response to the growing awareness in the scientific community in the early 1970s, of the great challenge that the impending return of the Ice Age presents to humanity.

The masters of empire evidently saw this trend as a great threat to their power, which every renaissance in history was. They finally acted in 1974 to not only prevent it from taking off, but to overturn it so completely that the very notion of an Ice Age Renaissance would never be raised again. The project for this became the global warming doctrine.

The year 1974 was the year in which a number of other genocidal projects were started. One of these was the American NSSM200 policy that called for radical population reduction throughout the Third World. It was designed to prevent human development, with the excuse to prevent the use of raw materials in the third world that the masters empire aimed to preserve for their own future needs. The global warming doctrine has become widely used to not only prevent Third World development, but to cause depopulation by poverty and diseases. AIDS erupted 4 years after NSSM200 became an official part of U.S. policy. The policy became later universally applied against any form of economic development, worldwide, forging the stage of de-industrialization, leading into the post-industrial era of increasing poverty, misery, hopelessness, punctuated by wars.

Eventually the scientific community began to fight back against the global warming scam and its objectives.

It started in Germany in 1992 at the University of Heidelberg, then 5 years later at the University in Leipzig, followed by a major effort organized in Oregon. Even a department of the U.S. Senate ran a major project in 2007 against the global warming doctrine. Then a year later another major protest project was launched from the U.S. through the Internet.

In an 1999 article Dr. Hugh Ellsaesser tells us of the Heidelberg Appeal to the scientific community in 1992 that over 4,000 scientists responded to. It was hoped that such a high-level voice would have an impact on the policy makers at the Rio Earth Summit. Their voice wasn't heard. He states that over 35 organizations were publicly standing against the global warming doctrine at the time, whose voices were not heard either..

Dr. Hugh Ellsaesser also writes about the Leipzig Declaration that started at The International Symposium on the Greenhouse Controversy and Ozone Problem in Leipzig. As an atmospheric scientist associated with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory of 23 years and spending 20 years as an Air Weather Officer for the U.S. Air Force, he was standing at the forefront in the field of climate science. He was pleased to report that the Leipzig Declaration project, which had solicited only meteorologists and climate specialists, had collected 110 signatures of this highly specialized group. Their statement in opposition to the global warming doctrine was submitted to the Kyoto climate conference, but again their voices were not heard.

He also speaks about the Oregon Petition Project.

The project against the global warming doctrine was launched in the shadow of the Kyoto agreements that was referred by Russia's Academy of Science as a global suicide pact. The project was focused on all scientists worldwide to gain their written support for a campaign to urge the nations to subsequently reject the Kyoto agreements. The world responded with 17,000 signatures from scientists, most of them with high degrees, opposing the unscientific assumptions of the global warming dogma. In the shadow of this global protest only roughly 15% of the nations that signed the Kyoto protocol, ratified it, which adds up to an 85% rejection of Kyoto and the first real breakthrough by the science community in its fight against the global warming doctrine.

The Senate Report presents a collection of over 400 detailed submissions, mostly from the academic community, outlying the individual's reason for opposing the global warming dogma.

Similar to the Oregon Petition Project in 1998, a new online project was launched that is still ongoing. For this the respondents must print a form that must be mailed in, signed, with their academic standing indicated. More than 30,000 scientists from across the world have made the effort to do this.

The scientific community is indeed fighting back. Even some people of the oligarchy are joining the fight, as in the case in 2009 where the scientific fraud behind the global warming doctrine was exposed during the Copenhagen Climate Change conference.

In the timeframe of the Copenhagen Climate conference, Viscount Lord Christopher Monckton appeared on the website, ClimateDepot, run by Mark Moranao, former aide to U.S. Sen. James Inhofe. Lord Monckton blasted what he called "the tiny, close-knit clique of climate scientists who invented and now drive the global warming fraud," adding, "for fraud is what we now know it to be." He pointed to housands of emails that had been circulated by a whistleblower at the University of East Anglia, which prove the point of fraud, such as that climate data were arbitrarily altered. He further cites a revealing 15,000-line document from the computer division at the Climate Research Unit that shows that the programs and data are a hopeless, tangled mess, so that in effect, the global temperature trends have simply been made up.

However, the empire is also getting boisterous. In Copenhagen the genocidal objective for the climate fraud was openly laid on the table. The London School of Economics, the anchor of the Fabian Society that the government supports, has produced a study for the Copenhagen conference that was released by the British, Optimum Population Trust. The study is demanding the reduction of the world population by between three to five billion people between now and 2050. This brutal call for mass extermination is based on the argument that the single greatest cause of global warming is over-population, and that the most "cost-effective" cure for global warming is radical population reduction. - Eliminating three to five billion people means eliminating 50% to 75% of humanity, and all in the name of global warming that is a fraud to begin with.

What does it all mean? It means genocide in the name of global warming, or 'climate change' as it is called of late, and the push for genocide will continue until humanity commits itself to die in depopulation, or commits itself to respond to the real climate change before it, of the next Ice Age glaciation cycle. With the 17th United Nations Climate Change Conference already scheduled to be held in Durban, South Africa, in November and December 2011, the the push for genocide will likely continue since the Ice Age reality remains to be a forbidden subject as it has been since 1974.

Only three aspects are certain on the climate front.

Number 1. The manmade global warming is not happening, because carbon gases have no effect on the global climate, and humanity's contribution to them is minuscule.

Number 2. The next Ice Age glaciation cycle is coming, no matter how intense the carbon swindle is promoted to hide the reality of the normal Ice Age climate and its glaciation that will resume in the near future.

Number 3. Humanity will perish if it fails to prepare itself for the effects of the coming Ice Age glaciation climate.

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