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Global Warming Doctrine - Segment 3: Science Opposition

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One of the early activists on this front was an atmospheric scientist who had been associated with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for 23 years and had served for 20 years as an Air Weather Officer for the U.S. Air Force. He describes in an 1999 article in The New Federalist newspaper how several big international protest movements developed from 1992 on.

He tells us that it all started in Germany in 1992 at the University of Heidelberg, then 5 years later at the University in Leipzig, followed by a major effort organized in Oregon.

Since the protest movements began, over 50,000 signatures and statements from the scientific community from numerous countries were collected in response to numerous petitions from different countries and different organizations, with numerous Nobel Laureates among the respondents.

The resulting silent voice by the scientific community, which was officially never heard, was nevertheless strong enough so that the entire 20-year effort caused enough of a stir in the Global Warming camp that it became labeled as fake in an effort to blunt the impact that was exposing the underlying fraud.

In his 1999 article Dr. Hugh Ellsaesser tells us about the Heidelberg Appeal where it all began. The appeal went out to the scientific community in 1992, which over 4,000 scientists responded to, including "69 Nobel Laureates from 69 counties". It was hoped that such a wide-based voice would have an impact on the policy makers at the Rio Earth Summit. Those people's voices weren't even heard.

Dr. Ellsaesser states that over 35 organizations were publicly standing against the global warming doctrine at the time, whose voices were not heard either.

Dr. Ellsaesser also writes about the Leipzig Declaration that started at The International Symposium on the Greenhouse Controversy and Ozone Problem in Leipzig. As an atmospheric scientist he was pleased to report that the Leipzig Declaration project, which had solicited only meteorologists and climate specialists, had collected 110 signatures of this highly specialized group. Their standing in opposition to the global warming doctrine as a statement by leading-edge specialists in the field was submitted to the Kyoto climate conference, but as it became the norm from then on to the present, their voices were not heard either.

He also writes about the Oregon Petition Project.

This particular project against the global warming doctrine was launched in the shadow of the Kyoto agreements, which was referred to later by Russia's Academy of Science, as a global suicide pact. The Oregon Petition project was focused on all scientists worldwide to gain their written support for a campaign to urge the nations to subsequently reject the Kyoto agreements. The world responded with 17,000 signatures from scientists, mostly with high degrees, standing in opposition of the unscientific assumptions of the global warming dogma.

Other protests followed in later years. One of these was the 2007 Senate Report, which presents a collection of over 400 detailed opposing submissions, mostly from the academic community, each one outlying the individual's reason for opposing the global warming dogma. Their statements are all online.

Also, and similar to the Oregon Petition Project in 1998, a new online project has been launched in recent years that is still ongoing. For this project the respondents must print a form that must be signed, and mailed in, with the person's academic standing indicated. More than 30,000 scientists from across the world have made the effort to do this, including over 9000 PhDs.

Of course the wide nature and sheer magnitude of the worldwide opposition movement in the scientific community doesn't disprove the dogma itself. However, it puts its validity into doubt. The worldwide nature and size of the opposition movement does prove that the claim of scientific consensus with the dogma in a lie. There may be widespread collusion, but there is No consensus.

Nor is there a consensus in society anywhere in the world that war is necessary as a natural aspect of human civilization. War is a feature of empire. Its bribery buys a lot of collusion, but there is no hint of a consensus that war should ever be seen again on the face of the planet. The consensus is on the side of peace and truth.

Neither is there a consensus anywhere in society that the eradication of the human population to any level or by any means, under the depopulation dogma of empire is necessary, or desirable, or wise; no matter how much collusion with the dogma has been bought. The consensus is on the side of humanity.

For all of these reasons the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference collapsed without a single concession by humanity on any point of the demands of empire, including war and depopulation.

The scientific community is fighting back even against the notion of a consensus. Surprisingly, some of the more human people in the oligarchy have joined the fight against the global warming doctrine as in the case in 2009 where the scientific fraud behind the global warming doctrine was exposed by Lord Monckton during the timeframe of the Copenhagen Climate Change conference.

In the timeframe of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, Viscount Lord Christopher Monckton appeared on the website, ClimateDepot, run by Mark Moranao, former aide to U.S. Sen. James Inhofe.

Lord Monckton blasted, what he called "the tiny, close-knit clique of climate scientists who invented and now drive the global warming fraud," adding, "for 'fraud is what we now know it to be.'" 'He pointed to thousands of emails that' had been circulated by a whistleblower at the University of East Anglia, which 'prove the point of fraud, such as that climate data were arbitrarily altered.' He further cites a revealing 15,000-line document from the computer division at the Climate Research Unit that shows that the programs and data are a hopeless, tangled mess, so that in effect, the global temperature trends have simply been made up.

While there is no consensus in support of the Global Warming Doctrine, it has become an emotional issue with many people.

For those who profit from the carbon trading and related processes, the doctrine is a source of wealth.

For some people who have become trapped into mythological dreaming, it has to do with the survival of the earth, born out in a type of mythological quest.

For this mythological cause large sacrifices are demanded, and are already being made in terms of destroyed industries and rising food prices resulting from artificial scarcity of food, as food is being burned.

The most affected, of course, are not even being asked for their consensus. Those are the victims of the biggest holocausts in the entire history of civilization, which is without a doubt the modern holocaust that results from the burning of food in a world where a billion people now live in chronic starvation. The resulting silent holocaust under the Global Warming doctrine may be forcing 100 million silent deaths every single year, of people whose agonies remain untold and their numbers uncounted. A healing is most needed here, and this for the sake of us all, to protect our humanity as human beings.

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