Text and images transcript of the video Marriage on the Infinite Plain,IV: Zero Distance Soul by Rolf Witzsche 

Marriage on the Infinite Plain,IV: Zero Distance Soul

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There is something interesting indicated between the flowering cross with its nine birds related to the marriage concept, and the crown above it.

We see a ray of light focused by the crown that touches the base of the cross. We also see a similar flow happening above the cross. We see a white bird, perhaps a dove, descending, and two black birds ascending towards it. The two ascending birds evidently represent Gad and Asher.

One can notice a symmetry here between the white bird, with a line drawn between them. This line may be the most critical line in the entire landscape of scientific spiritual perception. It determines our self-perception, and uplifts our marriage concept once more. The little scene indicates that there exists a gap between the two birds. The gap is dynamically decreasing towards a zero distance.

This zero distance relationship was profoundly illustrated by Christ Jesus who is reported to have said in numerous ways, "I and my Father are one." This is to say in the universal context that our humanity IS our divinity. Science tells that there is no difference between them. The two are one. Our humanity IS our divinity. Science tells us that the apparent difference will vanish the more we discover of the truth that there is no difference in reality. This does not mean that man is God, but it does mean that man reflects God. On this scientific platform the assertion becomes valid that the whole of mankind is married to one-another as human beings, reflecting the singularity of our humanity which is the scientific term of our divinity. We are married to one another, because we are invariably married to God as a divine idea anchored in infinite mind.

What appears to be a dividing line between our humanity and our divinity, is really a mirroring line. Here the concept of Soul comes to the foreground once more, not as a dividing element, but as a uniting element.

This small shift in perception uplifts the entire foursquare dynamics even more than it did before. It is the element that is reflected when Jesus said, ‘I and my Father are one,’ It is the mirror in which we see that our humanity and our divinity Is one. It is the mirror in which we can see the reality of zero distance across the entire field of the universal marriage of humanity. This mirror is the Christ. Soul is its name in the spectrum of God. Soul mirrors the elements of Truth, reflected as Love. There is no fundamental difference existing here. Love exists, because Truth exists.

This mirroring concept, of course, applies to all the aspects that are associated with the foursquare city, and also those that define it.

The corrective action that Soul brings to bear when scientifically understood, would radically alter the scene of the two crosses.

Both crosses would vanish. The black cross exists only as a shadow of the unhealed marriage doctrine magnified. In the landscape of Soul, the light flowing through the crown would be unobstructed. There would be no shadows cast, as there would be no obstructions on the way. This is also the title of the painting. The title is: The Way.

In the same manner as Soul mirrors our divinity in our humanity, the two halves of the foursquare city are mirrored by Soul horizontally. This mirroring applies to the two halves as a whole, and also to its elements individually, element by element. And here too, there exists no separating distance between them.

Nor can we stop at this point, because the zero-distance concept applies not only to our identity as human beings and to our relationship with one another. It applies also to where we want to go in terms of progressive achievements. In a zero-distance 'universe' we can be instantly wherever scientific progression inspires us to be. Once a truth is recognized, we are THERE.

I wrote a science fiction novel a long time ago about travelling in a universe without distance. Its title is, Flight Without Limits. While this capability may never be possible, or ever would be needed, it should certainly be possible mentally to cross vast distances instantly in terms of achievements of good by our humanity mirroring our divinity. This is what spiritual science renders us capable of achieving.

Indeed, many aspects of our spiritual capability appear like science fiction fantasies in the present conventional world, especially in the context of marriage relationships. My novel, Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World, deals with this challenge of rationality.

One tiny example that is touched upon in the novel is the aspect of children. We speak of our children, but are they that? Sure, we start a process with sexual intercourse by which 9 months later a child is added to the family. And so we call the child our child. But really, our part in the process is so minuscule, it is hardly worth the mention. And even the initiating step is rarely occasioned by volition. The sexual movements and impulses that inspire intimacies typically take us for a ride to assure that what needs to happen to perpetuate our human civilization, happens. Our typical 'personal' involvement in the process adds up to zero. And once the process is started it unfolds by its own 'divine' processes that are way beyond our control, and even beyond our comprehension apart from the few glimpses that biological science has afforded us. In real terms humanity's children are the children of Life, Truth, and Love - the representatives of Soul. When we speak of them as our children, we render our perception of them too small. We should see all children as the offspring of our humanity and our divinity, and one day in the not so distant future they will be regarded as such, and be honored and supported as such universally, as indeed we will regard ourselves so and one another.

Then we will indeed manufacture high quality houses for one another by the millions and give them to one-another for free as an investment into ourselves as we acknowledge us as the greatest asset on the planet. Then we will built the new agriculture infrastructures across the tropics that the coming Ice Age cannot reach to, whereby the long history of starvation, poverty, and war on our planet will end and become forgotten as if it had never existed.

When our humanity unfolds in the mirror of Soul, with our native divinity, then our marriages become truly holy as we behold in one-another the image of God with a face so precious that it mirrors the value of infinity.

When Soul becomes the center, our marriages loose their boundary and expand in ever-widening circles like the light of stars that illumine the universe.

When the Sun begins to ‘dim’ and the great northern nations lose their agriculture in the New Ice Age and then lose their territory to the ‘eternal’ snow, their names will live on in the divinity of their contribution to creating a new renaissance in the world.

Our human identity is not rooted in territory. Territory can be created. Our identity is rooted in our divinity as creators of worlds upon worlds.

Harvest is seedtime, thoughts ripening

Carried as by a great wind

Carriers of secrets to unfold

Thoughts winged with Purpose

A force waiting, silent

Patiently waiting for the moment.

Listen to the song

Listen to the heart

Listen to the silence where strands of love unfold

Listen to the symphony of our humanity

In this symphony we are One

One with the Universe itself.

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