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Ice Age Breakout from Terror Train

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When Christianity was hijacked by the masters of the Empire of Rome, after it had failed to crush it with the most brutal terror possible, Christianity was simply taken over and turned upside down, in order to prevent the dawning idea from gaining ground that humanity is more than a beast of burden or a born slave, as Aristotle had defined it. Rome turned the church of Christianity into an instrument for the propagation of lies that would darken the rising Sun.

Rome reshaped Christianity towards this end. All that we know about Jesus of Nazareth and the Christian era came to us through the channels created by Rome, that became the Church of Rome. Nearly the entire New Testament of the Bible was produced, and probably also written, if not invented to a large degree, in the workshops of the Roman Church, much of it some 200 years after the fact, nicely edited, through which the church doctrines became established as an instrument in the service of empire.

How much of the New Testament reflects the truth, and how much is political historic fiction, is anybody's guess.

The only fairly certain non-fictional element of it might be that some great and profound spiritual breakthrough had been made, presenting a taller image of humanity than has ever been seen before, which evidently had roused the masters of empire to crush it. Where force failed, subversion succeeded. Religion became a terror weapon to subdue the masses.

The iconography of the Roman Empire Church, illustrates the subversion to terror plainly. It stands to the present day as a subliminal celebration of the power of Rome, the power of empire, the power of tyranny.

Thereby the emblem of the cross, the symbol of imperial tyranny and its demanded tolerance of absolute evil and of society's patient suffering under its yoke, became the emblem of Christianity.

With the imposition of this emblem as as the symbol of Christianity, Rome is saying to humanity that, "We, the empire, have killed the Son of God, and we have done it with the power of God vested in us to do this. We are the arm of God."

In the Gospels that support this tyranny, Jesus agrees with his executioner that Rome would have no power over him unless it was given to it by God. Thus a doctrine of absolute despotism was created, which to the present day stands tall over the Christian religion, over humanity, and over the individual.

The church of Rome thereby became the enforcer of society's subjection to the tyranny of empire and its demand for society's patient suffering under the terrible mass of evil that flows from any system of empire.

To this end the Church of Rome has awarded the emblem of the cross to humanity, the symbol of the greatest evil perpetrated against humanity, which became the heart of the dark ages that blackened Europe for centuries upon centuries, and continues to do so to some degree to the present day even while much healing has been accomplished over the years. The torturing has stopped. The pyres at the stakes no longer burn. Multi-religious cultures now live in harmony.

Nevertheless, the identifying iconography in Christianity does not celebrate the risen Christ, as it might have, or the power of humanity to elevate itself above evil. Instead, it continues to identify suffering as divine, and a divine act to impose it, especially politically.

The Roman Church iconography still justifies the murdering of humanity's highest ideals, as a divine act, as in ancient times whenever society stood opposed to the notion of empire. The iconography also includes the murdering of the messengers of those ideals, as a divine act.

Under the shadow of this subliminal religious iconography, humanity has subjected itself for two millennia to an an endless train of tyranny by its executioner who preached society's impotence and who still demands its submission by faith to whatever doctrines are dished up as the Truth, demanding society's patient submission to unspeakable suffering, the kind that increasingly becomes the norm under the yoke of the modern system of empire.

For two millennia the subliminal entrapment has been gradually shifting away from the left column, the theological column, to the right column, the political column, setting up a strong anti-science and anti-humanist position there, with the possible beginning of it as early as the 4th Century.

The destruction of the ancient Library of Alexandria is likely an example of the anti-science thrust of the early Roman Christian theology. Of the four potential causes for the destruction, the third, the destruction of it by the holy decree of Pope Theophilus in 391 A.D., fits the general antihuman pattern of the church of the Roman Empire. The library was ordered to be destroyed as a pagan temple. Science, philosophy, knowledge. art, music, and literature, were all defined as pagan and anti-Christian. Other references suggest that the 4th Century date for the destruction of the library is the most likely one.

History records that the widely renowned philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician, Hypatia, was the daughter of the last known librarian of the Library of Alexandria. She was killed in March 415 A.D., by a Christian mob of monks who waylaid her chariot on her way home, who stripped her naked to humiliate her, and then dragged her through the streets to the Christianised Caesareum church, where as reports suggest, the mob flayed her body with pot shards and then burned her alive:

So deep had the inflamed hatred of science, philosophy, and knowledge become. Contemporary sources describe her as not having been aligned to any religion. Thus the focus of the persecution was not religion, but science, philosophy, and knowledge, for which she was identified as a Hellenistic pagan, and as one devoted to magic, astrolabes, and instruments of music, and as also a woman who beguiled many people through her Satanic wiles. In spite of all the land-standing slander, in more modern times, Christians changed their mind and made her symbolic of feminine Virtue. This change, however, must have occurred after 1885, when Charles William Mitchell painted her image according to the old perception.

This dating isn't trivial, because it paints the cultural landscape of the Venetian Empire with the same colors of madness and irrational inhumanity, that appears to have torn the great Library of Alexandria to the ground, and have killed the most accomplished genius of that age who had drawn auditors from distant places. It appears that the Empire of Venice, that grew out of the collapse of the Roman Empire, had inherited this kind of cultural morass. This became the environment in which Giammaria Ortes composed his carrying capacity doctrine that defines humanity as but a herd of dumb cows that is masters must cull to protect the pasture. Ortes had inherited a cultural landscape that had collapsed into a deep intellectual and humanist bankruptcy that had already begun seventeen centuries before him.

It won't be easy for society to break itself out from its subliminal entrapment to a form of terror that has spanned two millennia to date and has increasingly affected the political and scientific world.. While the church scene has been healed to a large degree, the subliminal entrapment that began in early times has deepened and now festers in the political and scientific world where it has produced terrible consequences for modern society, item for item. In a tragically real way, the Empire of Rome still rules by its long standing effects that its Church has created in terms of ideologies that rule society directly and indirectly in a deep-cutting manner, even while Imperial Rome itself, which had systemized its evil, has long become history.

This means that the breakout from empire will likely not succeed unless it addresses both columns of the fascist movements at once, which are presently deemed normal by which they are hard to address and harder to heal. This dual-healing approach is possible with the recognition that both columns reflect the same process. However, a big and powerful impetus, such as the Ice Age Challenge, may be required to inspire modern society to break itself free from its deep long-standing entrapment.

The Roman Church invented the trinity of hierarchy. It created three separate offices: An arbitrary God; a mediating representative as the Son of God; and the holy Spirit that the mediator conveys to humanity. This created trinity codified the imperial setup. Since Rome killed the Son, its church took the role of the mediator and interpreter upon itself, to convey to humanity what the will of God is, or what the Truth is. This game still rules humanity to the present day. It has become a perfect channel for controlling society with terror and lies.

The breakout from the channel of empire necessarily involves a recognition of the profound unity of humanity, which when it is understood and experienced, leaves no room for an interpreter, since Truth is inherently knowable as the term implies. By this recognition the entire hierarchical trinity vanishes as a puff of smoke.

Humanity needs this kind of breakout urgently, that closes the channels of terror and lies. And it needs it more urgently then ever. It needs it now, not a thousand years from now. It needs to achieve it, because it needs to achieve a breakout from the cycles of economic collapse, famine, and war that the masters of empire routinely impose whenever their power to loot is in jeopardy. Humanity is at a critical stage in this respect as the entire economic mainstay of empire that is its looting system, is collapsing.

Worldwide efforts have been made to secure a ban of the use of depleted uranium in weapons in order to protect humanity and its future. To date, these efforts have been to no avail, while the clock keeps ticking. The masters of empire are vehemently demanding that their stooges hold their course on the uranium war issue and not allow themselves to be deterred by the cries of humanity. We see the same on the economic front where all efforts to curb the looting machine of empire with protective legislation has so far failed.

The lesson that one draws from this, is that the breakout of society from empire has to be total and complete, not piecemeal item by item, but needs to be a fundamental breakout of society's self-perception, together with a corresponding economic ideology. But such a comprehensive breakout isn't even being considered. It is extremely difficult to achieve. Only in a few rare cases has society staged a successful breakout from empire.

The dawn of Islam wasn't caused by a breakout from empire. It unfolded as a revival of the human spirit after the collapse of Rome, and created a great cultural and scientific renaissance. But it also created its own imperial system under various regimes.

Another major breakout nearly happened with the founding of the Golden Renaissance in the 15th Century when European society began to free itself from the Roman terror doctrine. The attempt was short-lived, as the Venetian Empire with the aid of Rome successfully overturned the budding renaissance in a century of religious wars that unleashed in time the worst military atrocities prior to the 20th Century.

However, with the golden Renaissance emerged the root for the American Revolution. Cardinal Nicolas of Cusa, an intellectual pioneer and reformer of Catholicism, recognized that breakout from empire is only possible by setting up a new stage on a distant continent, peopled with pioneers of the best traditions of European civilization, but without empire.

From this renaissance root emerged the first successful breakout from empire, centuries later, by the Benjamin Franklin inspired American Declaration of Independence in 1776, and the subsequent founding of the USA as the word's first Nation State.

Nevertheless, the Revolution was betrayed again and again, such as in the Civil War, until it was finally lost with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

More than a million people had perished in establishing and defending the American freedom till it was lost again, that now remains as but a shell.

The French Revolution started in the year the U.S. Constitution came into force, in 1789. The French Revolution was not a real revolution in terms of breaking away from the platform of empire. It was betrayed by little men aiming to compromise, before it even got under way, whereby it was quickly stolen by the masters from London that directed its show into a counter revolution that destroyed the intellectual elite of France with the Jacobin terror operations. The counter revolution expanded further when Napoleon took over and spread war and destruction across all of Europe and into Russia. However, in the shadow of the terror of empire that was wrecking Europe and had reached out to crush America in the Civil War, which almost succeeded, a new attempt was made in America to overturn the core of the terror of empire, the subliminal terror of Rome, that even Cusa, the reformer, hadn't been able to break out of.

A farmer's daughter from New Hampshire created a Christian Church in the late 1800s that had overturned the cross and whatever Rome has attached to it. She overturned it with her discovery of what she called the divine Principle of scientific mental healing.

She had inspired a rapidly growing circle of congregations across the nation and in other lands, to raise up their self-perception and their humanity, and to become healers of themselves and others. She gave society a crown to wear, instead of a cross. And the crown was not weighed down with dogmas, but was as light as a thinly outlined foundation for scientific reasoning with which to discover the principles of Truth in individual experiences.

After she died 44 years later, in 1910, the emblem of spiritual freedom that she had presented to inspire humanity, became privatized and turned into an imperial structure itself. With it the flood of healing diminished to a trickle. Two years after her death, the USA as a nation, surrendered its economic freedom with the Federal Reserve Act, and less than a year after that, Europe exploded into war, a war with which the masters of empire spread their terrorism against the world.

The Russian Revolution erupted in the shadow of the chaos of World War One. It never achieved a breakout from empire for Russia. The Revolution was betrayed. The great October Revolution in 1917 was never designed to be a Revolution that would raise society onto a higher platform. It was nothing more than an opportunistic power grab staged in desperate times by imperial agents who were financed and trained from the heart of the British-American empire. The agents utilized the revolutionary ideology of Communism that had been engineered by Marx and Engels in 19th Century England, under imperial guidance of course. The Russian revolution did nothing but replace one form of imperial dictatorship, with another. It didn't raise society's perception of itself and its creative and productive capacity as human beings.

In the wake of the raw overturning of power, the human value became reduced. Life became cheap. It became wasted. Up to 50 million people lost their life before the new communist empire stabilized itself.

The second historic successful breakout from empire occurred in India under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He started a 20-year non-violent, silent revolution. The most famous was his campaign against the British tax on salt, in March 1930. He staged the famous Salt March to Dandi where he marched 388 kilometres to Dandi, Gujarat to make salt for himself. Thousands of Indians joined him on this march to the sea. This campaign was one of his most successful at upsetting the British hold on India. Britain responded by imprisoning over 60,000 people, by which its fate was set increasingly on a course of no-return.

The silent revolution in India ended with success 17 years later. It became a bitter-sweet success, though. While Gandhi had inspired the Indian National Congress to call on the British to leave India, the Muslim League passed a resolution, asking Britain to divide the country first. Thus, in 1947, up to 12.5 million people in the former British Indian Empire were displaced in the division of India with an estimated loss of life up to a million.

The third historic successful breakout from empire occurred in China in 1949 under the leadership of Mao Zedong. The Chinese Revolution followed the successful War of Liberation spanning 20 years. Some call him the savior of China, others call him a murdering maniac. He likely was both. The weight of empire on the Chinese people, both from within, and from without, such as the British Opium Wars and related organized uprisings, was so heavy that the population of China increased by only 350 million over the space of 440 years. This was suddenly repeated in a mere 27 years under Mao's leadership, in spite of the horrific death toll his run-away political projects may have caused. Was he a great leader then? He inspired China to fight for a new life, and China won. But neither he nor China itself, had a vision of what a self-elevated society must achieve. China did not have the cultural background that America had when Benjamin Franklin roused it to claim its freedom. Mao Zedong lead China to claim its freedom from empire on a platform that he knew it could win. He did give China a new future. He was a great leader in this respect. The chaos that followed reflects the empty platform that an armed revolution brings with it.

But who are we to judge the tragic failures in China that have occurred, as we are failing ourselves more tragically? If we compare notes on this score, Mao Zedong appears like a saint in comparison with us in western society who are engaged in massively burning food in a starving world, in the form of biofuels, which presently consume agricultural resources that would normally feed 100 million people. The tragedy of our failing in this regard adds up to the greatest silent holocaust of all times that is claiming a hundred million lives every year, for which nothing is accomplished in return, except genocide.

A revolution that tears society's house down in its grab for power, without building a better house in the process, always ends in tragedy. Tragedy results in revolutions when the focus is backward oriented, tearing down an established imperial system to eradicate the control of empire over society without establishing the platform of humanity own power. Such empty revolutions have nothing to offer in the end that would uplifts society. They become empty revolutions

For a breakout from empire to be successful for society, it needs to be forward focused. It needs to be born on the wings of a revolutionary breakout in the self-perception of society in terms of the realization of its creative and productive potential.

The French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the Chinese Revolution were of the backward-oriented character. All three had their ideological dimension provided by the masters of empire in London. The French Revolution was directed and to some degree financed from London. The Russian Revolution got its orientation provided through the channels of Marx and Engels, pre-staged from London. Mao Zedong may have received his orientation through the Russian-Marxian axis. All three revolutions were by design, empty revolutions. Mao's revolution ended in tragedy for this reason. However, Mao only failed by not implementing the principle that society itself had rejected and continues to reject. Thus, society's own continuation on this course will bring upon it consequences from its escalating uranium wars that promise to pale Mao's tragic failures into insignificance.

The principle that had been missing in the French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions, with the result of great tragedies, and in some cases the loss of the revolution, was illustrated by the farmer's daughter who in the mid-1800s had overturned the cross and replaced it with the crown. She did not war against the doctrines of the fiction of Rome. She did not war against Rome that had scrapped the spiritual dimension of humanity, that had turned it upside down. Instead she laid before humanity the option for utilizing science, with which to lift itself into the realm of Truth where the doctrines of insanity fall away by their own emptiness like irrelevant shadows along the path of the unfolding spiritual dimension of humanity. On this path she achieved a flood of healing, and not only conceptual healing. However, when she died, the great experiment died with her. Nevertheless, its imperative still remains valid, and remains yet to unfold.

Perhaps when the Ice Age Challenge becomes seen in its full dimension, with its demand on society to develop its inherent potential, humanity will at last inspire itself to step up to higher ground, above the little games that are presently tearing its world apart, to the truth of its humanity where it finds the resources within itself to build the infrastructures for meeting the Ice Age Challenge. The resulting revolution would then be forward oriented. It would build the new and brighter world out of the power of humanity's inner resources, with which the Ice Age Challenge will be met. The old-world concepts, such as monetarism and imperial despotism, will then be simply left behind as they would no longer measure up in any way to meet the growing needs for humanity's unfolding potentials.

An honest facing of the Ice Age Challenge might spark such a revolution. Such a revolution would become imperative then, not because the magnitude of the Ice Age Challenge is such that a non-response to it would amount to suicide, but because an honest facing of this challenge would drive the kind of revolution in thinking that opens up a new world with vast potentials that leaves anything less in the dust.

The Ice Age will come no matter what we do. But it matters to us, how we respond to it. Thus, it doesn't really matter in what time and age it will begin, because what it demands from us is already needed today. Nor is it significant that no one can determine when the next Ice Age transition may begin, when the imperative to respond to it already exists.

Empire is an ideology more than a power. It has no real power. It wields only the power that society gives to it. Society holds all real power. If society clings to the illusions which empire projects, it reaps the destruction that are inherent in this course, and vise versa.

This means that in order to be able to break away from empire, society requires an understanding of the mode of the operation of empire. The American economist Lyndon LaRouche created an outline that illustrates how empire operates on the economic scene. The illustration was originally designed for a presentation at the Vatican.

A represents the collapsed economy. The illustration shows further how the masters of empire then lay up the stolen loot in unproductive portfolios, which they deem to be wealth. Point B represents the resulting illusion.

This is how the system of empire works. Since by its very nature the system of empire is a wealth collapsing engine, LaRouche warned repeatedly, especially from 2007 on, that a non-collapse of this system is not possible by any means, or any leadership, or any force of government. He warned in 2007 that the point of no return has been crossed. The physical economy has been collapsed so deeply and the illusions of wealth become so insane, that the total collapse of this looting system, which has been imposed as the world system, is no longer avoidable. He stated repeatedly that this system needs to be scrapped in order for society to have a chance to survive.

However, the scrapping of this system that has ruled the hearts and minds of humanity in its essence for centuries, even millennia, is not easily accomplished.

The current system of empire rests on a subliminal foundation that was hugely promoted already by the empire of Rome where the value of the human being was reduced to zero and the insanity of power beyond imagination.

The subliminal train of evil has terrible consequences, and it is hard to get off it.

The huge gap between the deeply collapsed human value and the sheer brutality of imperial insanity, which is the hallmark of the system of empire, became the religious code of arms of empire that has ruled for centuries. It gives empire its power, and forces society's compliance with the doctrines of the system that is killing it. The murdering was once done in the name of God. In later times it was done as 'the divine rights of kings.' In more modern times it was done under the heading of 'market forces.' And in today's world the killing is done in the name of the earth, as in the case of the biofuels holocaust.

The bio-holocaust is real. The vast acreages that have been taken out of food production and are diverted to grow the feedstock for biofuels under the force of law, have left a billion people in chronic starvation. Of these upwards to 100 million people perish every year in unspeakable agony. Almost the whole of humanity has become complicit in this greatest ongoing holocaust of all times, some in the name of profit, and some in the name of the Earth to save it from overheating with too much CO2 in the air. Both aspects are based on lies. The CO2 level is presently at the lowest point in 500 million years, and is at a level where plant growth is already diminished by the prevailing CO2 deficiency. When greenhouse operators double the CO2 in their greenhouses, they get a 50% increase in plant growth. The biosphere is running in a starvation mode for the lack of CO2.

CO2 is not a dangerous greenhouse gas, since 97% of the greenhouse effect is caused by water vapor and oxygen. There is no global warming danger as the result of human activity, for which people must be killed to save the Earth. The biofuels holocaust that is now killing 100 million people a year is totally unnecessary as nothing is gained by it, except a flood of profits for a few. The greatest tragedy, however, is that society is collapsing its humanity as it keeps on bowing ever deeper to the mandate of lies, to the point that society has become active participants in the murdering of humanity that pales the Nazi holocaust into insignificance.

This means that LaRouche's illustration of the empire process has implications on a far wider landscape than mere economics. If the economic tragedy that has now gripped the world is to be ever healed, the wider landscape needs to be understood and be healed on the home ground.

Our home ground has become deeply polluted with lies and inhumanities and subliminal impositions of the foulest sort. We cannot heal the economic tragedy in isolation from the whole vast landscape of deep rooted tragedies that are all aspects of the system of empire that now nearly the whole of humanity subscribes to, and has become subservient to. It is not sufficient to take one aspect in isolation, such as economics, to aim to stop the looting process with protecting laws, or to aim to stop the biofuels holocaust in isolation, or even to stop the enforcement of poverty across the Third World. These have all been addressed in isolation. None of the attempts to solve those problems in isolation have worked.

A breakout from the system of empire appears only possible when society pulls itself away from the entire landscape of tragedies and discovers its humanity on a higher level, on a level above the quagmire where the problems are rooted. This is the level that the German poet Friedrich Schiller labeled the 'sublime.' He gave humanity its crown to wear, and with this crown Russia defended its freedom, even after Schiller himself was dead. And wearing this crown he composed the great poem, his Ode to Joy, that Beethoven later set to music for the ending of his last symphony. This video presentation closes with the finale of it.

The crown that Schiller gave to humanity was not an empty crown. It was brought to Russia by one of Schiller's collaborators. It came to light as a powerful crown that defeated the mightiest military force of the time, Napoleon's force that attacked Russia in 1812. Napoleon threw more than 690,000 men into the attack on Russia, of which just a few thousand returned. But while being defeated, Napoleon was rarely opposed, just harassed, while the logistics were denied that a human society requires. The supply lines were cut.

Historians say that Napoleon was defeated by the Ice Age of the Russian Winter. This is hardly the case. Napoleon only had 100,000 men left when he took Moscow unopposed. He had captured an evacuated city that had been emptied of all supplies. Sure, a few crazy battles were fought that gained neither side any advantage. The real victory was won by the crown, the crown that Russia had accepted, that gave Napoleon the opportunity to destroy his own army.

Being already nearly defeated, Napoleon settled down for the winter in Moscow. That's when Russian patriots burned the city to the ground, right under his nose, forcing Napoleon's retreat just as winter was setting in.

Yes, the winter claimed a few of his forces. In real terms Napoleon was defeated by the crown that stands for the universal welfare of the nation. The city was sacrificed for the nation. Napoleon was defeated by withholding the logistics for human existence. Napoleon had literally defeated himself. This is the ultimate fate of empire. Was this the secret Prometheus knew?

In the early Greek literary tragedy, Prometheus Bound, the god Prometheus is being punished not only for stealing fire and giving it to humanity, but also for thwarting plan of the god Zeus, who had aimed to obliterate the human race.

Zeus is the king of the gods who ruled the Olympians of Mount Olympus with a thunderbolt in his hand. He represents empire and its power. Prometheus confesses in his contest with Zeus that the gift of fire to mankind was not his only benefaction, but that he taught men all the civilizing arts, such as writing, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, metallurgy, architecture and agriculture. This was the gravest sin that could be committed against empire. Prometheus reveals also that he knows the secret of the ultimate demise of Zeus.

Prometheus is punished for his crime with eternal torture, being chained to a rock with a bird of prey demanded to forever peck at his liver. However, he was given a choice. He would be freed if he would reveal his secret by what means Zeus will be doomed. As Prometheus refuses, an angry Zeus strikes him with a thunderbolt that plunges Prometheus into the abyss.

That's as far as the play goes. But the tragedy goes on, beyond what was recited in the Theatre. Zeus the god of Olympus found a way to ensnare humanity, the beneficiary of Prometheus, and thus to wrest away its crown that Prometheus had bestowed on it. He invented a game, a game of competition in which only one person could succeed and all others would loose.

He invented the Olympics. He invented a game of competition that allows only one winner and a trail of losers, which is the very opposite of the platform of civilization where the crown of humanity assures that all of humanity does win. As one would expect from the masters of empire the entire world financial and economic system has become a competition where the strongest get to win while the rest perish in the dust. Modern society has been taught to embrace the Olympics in all its forms.

When ruthless financial players on the globalized scene caused the so-called Asian financial crisis in 1997 in which many Asian nations suffered huge financial and economic losses, it was said at the time in defense of the ravishing greed that the stronger players in the market have every right to be successful. This saying was countered with the question whether every person who has the means to acquire a sledge hammer has thereby the right, by his acquired might, to break down his neighbors door and steal all his belongings? This Olympic question remains yet to be answered.

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