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Ice Age Breakout Revolution

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Few revolutions in the world have been revolutions for civilization, empowered by the crown that stands for the universal welfare of humanity under which all people win as a principle of civilization. The American Revolution was won with the crown, long before Washington had crossed over the Delaware with his troops in defense of what had been won in the heart under the crown of humanity. The soldiers of America who were fighting in defense of the inner revolution were fighting in defense of their recognized crown as human beings, the greatest cause for anyone to fight for. They were anti-Olympians, fighting for the universal victory of all. And they did win. The American Revolution was subsequently lost on occasions, but only to the degree to which the principle of the crown was lost sight of and the focus was shifted onto the cross, the cross of suffering under the dictates of empire.

The great spiritual pioneer of America started a revolution of civilization under her own banner of the cross hewn down in the focus of the crown. She gave this symbol to humanity that guarantees a revolution of civilization, which was evidently the secret that Prometheus did not reveal as was no one ready to hear it.

Like Schiller before her, Mary Baker Eddy presents not a sword, but the crown of humanity that encircles the cross that is thereby choked out of existence, like the shadow of a bad dream that vanishes in the sunshine of the human reality that is truly divine and reflects the creativity and the power of the universe and the nature of humanity reflected in civilization. She gave no doctrine, but an outline of universal principles based on a scientific basis. The crown she gave to humanity enabled a flood of individual healing. She also provided a broadly outlined pedagogical structure for scientific and spiritual development, which she never articulated, which now is deemed not to even exist, and her cross and crown symbol that she placed at the center of her seal and put her name to it, became privatized as a commercial trademark.

Nevertheless, the challenge that she presented to humanity, for it to claim its crown, which has been the challenge throughout history, remains standing today. It is also the heart of the Ice Age Challenge that is unfolding before us. The crown taking down the cross stands as the symbol for the platform on which all revolutions for civilization, small or tall, gain the power to succeed, and against which all future revolutions for civilization need to be measured, including the modern fight to take the economic future of humanity back out of the hands of empire, without which the Ice Age Challenge will never be met.

To get back into real economics requires a revolution for civilization. The choice presented here is between to opposite systems, only one of which meets the criteria for being called an economic system. One produces tangible wealth, the other produces destruction and illusion. It is obvious, which of the two is the real economic system. An economic system exists to fulfill the physical needs of society. This defines the Reality Principle of economics.

The Reality Principle in economics is generally deemed not to exist. But this is a false perception. The Reality Principle in economics is totally real, though it is rarely understood. It is build on the premise that no society in the world needs to be begging to the money bags of empire in order to produce a richer world for itself, when it can give itself the power to issue currency or credit for the purpose of building whatever infrastructures and industries it needs to make itself productive. Who needs the moneybags, when society can create its own money or credit to create what is required?

Society has been forever independent from the money bags of empire, though this is slow to become accepted. The money that a society creates for its productive purposes gains its value by the products that are thereby created. On this path all win. The Reality Principle, or Credit Society Principle as it is also called, renders an economic system inherently anti-Olympic.

In this system the value of the money is real and tangible, because the products it facilitated are real and tangible for the whole of society while the system creates a richer world. A real economic system is therefore an infinite system. By this system, the more a society is producing, the richer it becomes. The question then will no longer be asked if a certain project is too expensive to build. The prevailing question then will be, what else can we build to make ourselves still richer in terms of creating a richer world. In this context money becomes a secondary issue. It becomes merely the facilitator of the processes of building, a kind of supply item that is created as needed to get the job done. This type of wealth-creating system qualifies for being a real economic system. It was first implemented in Massachusetts in the mid-1600s.

It later became the model that the USA was founded on. It is the model of the crown.

Many times in American history the crown was laid aside for the cross. The masters of empire literally stole America's crown and drew society back under its yoke, where it has become impotent and subjected to great suffering. The suffering is real, because the system of empire is not an economic system, as it is often falsely called. It is a system of thievery. It is not in the nature of empire to create or produce anything that meets society's needs, unless the process can be used as an instrument for looting.

The wealth of empire is stolen by clever contractual agreements, usury, property rights, speculation, gambling, and by tearing society down into poverty by which empire steals its property at auction. On this road society is collapsing. Its productive power is collapsing. Its physical economy is collapsing. It is not possible for a society that is constantly being looted, not to collapse. A non-collapse is not possible. No means exists for society to avoid its collapse, except to step away from the entire system of empire as fast as possible. The system of empire is designed for society to loose, and for the masters of empire to win. The system of empire is an Olympic system, where only one can win, leaving a trail of losers in the wake, and this one who wins is empire that controls the game. But what empire wins is not real. Its winning collapses the physical processes, which thereby collapses the wealth that the masters have stolen. It is not possible to win by stealing. The assumption is an illusion.

Point A on this chart represents the illusion of wealth that empire wins for itself at the expense of society. It wins an illusion, because in the process of winning, which is really a process of stealing, it collapses the physical economy that alone produces real wealth. The illusion of winning, sadly hides the collapsing state of real wealth in the world. Its real state is represented by point B. The farther the points A and B diverge, the more empty and fragile the system becomes, and more prone to a sudden collapse, like the collapse for which 35$ trillion in bailout moneys were demanded to keep up the impression that the dead corpse of the collapsed system is still alive.

Point B marks the current state of all the physical aspects of society's living, the productive aspects that are collapsing further and further.

Point C is the point, and the only point, where society can have a prosperous existence.

To get from point B where society is presently at, to point C where its living would be secure, a revolutionary breakout in productive activity will have to occur on all fronts, in housing, food production, energy production, transportation, employment, education, health care, and social support. The accumulated needs have become horrendous.

Few people are willing to acknowledge that we are at point B in all essential categories. People like to believe that society exists at point A.

But dreaming does not change the world, no matter how strongly people believe the dream to be true.

Thus, society itself is mentally anchored in the dream world at point A, the point of illusion. The illusion is presently maintained by force, such as the flood of bailout money that props up the illusion that financial values can exist without a physical equivalent. But step by step, reality shines through, that no matter how much money is pumped into the financial system, the sum of its represents nothing more than the physical equivalent that has been destroyed and what still remains evaporating rapidly.

In 2007 the illusion began to collapse that the financial world can have value independent of the physical productive process. Huge tremors then shook the entire system of illusions that point A represents.

The collapse of the illusion was halted in 2008 with the bailout process. But the bailout process too, is now collapsing, because the printing of more money simply doesn't add anything of real value. Nothing helps or has helped. Nothing was rescued when this huge stack of bailout money was thrown into the trough for the thieves, which, when piled up in hundred dollar bills, is so huge that it would stretch three quarters the way around the world when laid on its side. When the bailout process stops completely, which ultimately cannot be maintained for long, then point A drops down to point B, and there will be crying in the streets.

When this chaotic implosion happens, 99% of society's pensions will vanish. Millionaires and billionaires will vanish likewise. Nothing will remain as an item of value except that which has an equivalent in the physical economy, at point B.

This point is presently at an extremely low level.

An orderly breakout from this trap is still possible. It can be achieved without the collapse of society occurring, which otherwise cannot be avoided. The shift requires a change in society's intention, from supporting imperial monetarism to becoming a credit society. The breakout of intention must be to cancel monetarism completely, in all aspects of economics. In 1933 this breakout was accomplished in the USA with a piece of legislation that prevented the banks from utilizing society's money, savings, deposits, and equity, for speculative purposes.

The legislation became famous. It is named after its sponsors, the Glass Stegall legislation. It was among the first acts of the Franklin Roosevelt Administration. It worked to some degree.

The Glass Stegall legislation was enacted together with a far-flung credit commitment to physical development, which the legislation made possible. The resulting historic breakout from empire quickly ended the Great Depression. It provided employment and social protection, and a rigorous protection of society from looting by empire. With it, the resulting new credit society system build up the nation to become the richest on the planet and the envy of the world.

The outcome wasn't perfect, but it was a good start. This start that changed the world for more than a decade, was betrayed in the postwar period with the hidden resurgence of empire and its monetarism. Under imperial pressure the Glass Steagall breakout from empire, was gradually destroyed. The destruction started with the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980, which was followed two years later by the Garn-Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982. Each step took away a part of the hard-won protection of society. The death knell was given with the final repeal of it through the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. From this point on grand thievery was legal once again. The economic collapse that is now gripping the world, would not have occurred had the protection of society with the Glass Steagall legislation not been repealed.

We are now at a point where the Reality Principle has been fully scrapped and the old imperial monetary system been fully reestablished. With the Reality Principle taken out of the realm of economics, the economic collapse process that had earlier created the Great Depression of the 1930s, was reestablished in full, and supported from the highest places in the world.

In modern time, the total and final collapse of the system of empire has been held back with several increments of insanity, with increasing lies, fudging of figures, and of late the bailouts. This means that the unavoidable total collapse still lies before us.

When the collapsing system finally falls, the fall will be inevitably worse, like that of a great avalanche that has been building up for a long time and then begins to move when its weight becomes unsustainable.

A non-collapse of an escalating looting system, like the present world financial system is not possible under any circumstances. And this is where we are at.

Society has been looted to the point that it is barely able to exist. The gap between wages and prices has become huge. Housing has become unaffordable to evermore people, and those who still have a roof over their head have become slaves to a process that claims an ever-larger chunk of their earnings just to have a place to live, while the entire economic system thereby becomes hollow. This trend adds up to an avalanche on a scale that no one can forecast or imagine.

There is a growing movement now afoot to get the Glass Steagall legislation reinstated, as an emergency measure to prevent the total blowout of the financial and economic system via a controlled bankruptcy reorganization that simply writes off all the gambling debts and protects what is left of the real economy on which people's living depends. The movement is designed to take down the illusion to the level of reality, to simply zero out what is fake, so that the rebuilding of the economy can begin, and to protect it. The stakes are high without even considering the looming Ice Age Challenge. It might well be that nothing short of the Ice Age Challenge will provide the needed impetus for society to step away from the thievery of empire that is increasingly crushing it. All efforts in the Glass Steagall direction have so far failed.

The movement in this direction was spearheaded by LaRouche long before the system began to crash.

The movement nearly succeeded with the 2006 proposal for an Economic Recovery Act to save the automobile industry. It was followed up a year later by the proposed Home Owner and Bank Protection Act of 2007 that would have stopped the foreclosure crisis and have saved millions of people the loss of their home. Both proposals had wide support in State Governments and in the population. But it was opposed in the halls of government were empire rules. Consequently unemployment exploded, and whatever else followed, which were the real causes for the foreclosure crisis.

The movement to get Glass Steagall back in full, as the latest, and possibly final emergency rescue effort to avert a looming disaster, had likewise wide support in the population, and still has that, but it stood against immense opposition from empire.

However, is anyone who supports the Glass Steagall restoration bill, or even leans into the Glass Steagall direction, aware that at the center of the Glass Steagall breakout from empire, stands the credit society principle, the Reality Principle? If the Glass Steagall restoration is focused on merely blocking the stealing of society's wealth, it will likely fail, being then backwards oriented. In the real world financial values must reflect the value of physical production, which creates the wealth of society. If the Glass Steagall restoration is to succeed the focus must be foreword oriented. Humanity must be inspired to claim its crown, the crown of the creator and producer of all real wealth that ever was, and ever will be. The Glass Steagall focus must be on enabling humanity to unfold its potential. Real wealth is only derived from what is produced. There is absolutely no value in illusions or wealth in fakery. Why then would anyone want to protect what has no value by blocking Glass Steagall. The awareness of the empowering reality-principle is lacking in society, with a few exceptions. The breakout from this failure is crucial. Without, the reality principle Glass Steagall will likely remain blocked, and without Glass Steagall humanity has no chance of meeting the Ice Age Challenge that may be closer than most people imagine.

Only a few people are aware that the breakout from empire to the credit society principle, which Glass Steagall represents to some degree, involves a total systemic shift.

The breakout cannot be a piecemeal change, even with Glass Steagall. The breakout must be total and systemic, because the present crisis is systemic.

The imperial system is a comprehensive system that invokes for its looting enforcement not only poverty, starvation, and genocide, but also terror and war, especially war that has reached a scale of horror that is now bringing us to the brink of extinction.

In addition, the system of empire is blocking humanity's preparations for surviving the coming Ice Age. This blockage is absolute. The blockage cuts so deep that there isn't even enough money in the imperial system in America to dredge out its silted rivers from the last flooding. The world has become caught up in a dying and collapsing system, and is committing itself to die with it at the point of the most critical challenge before it, that the return of the Ice Age is imposing.

As vital as Glass Steagall is, for curbing the thievery that is collapsing civilization, it is a piecemeal effort. It is not comprehensive enough. It lacks the principle for a fundamental systemic change. It lacks the intention behind its design to build a brand new world on the Reality Principle of directed credit creation. It is designed to only separate speculative financial thievery from the commercial banking activity. Its design is to merely protect what facilitates and develops society's creative productivity. This means that Glass Steagall is not designed to actually end speculative financial thievery, but to merely soften its impact. Thus, it doesn't go far enough. It is a passive law. It lacks the provision to enable the dynamics of the creative and productive potential of humanity. This may be the reason while the movement to bring Glass Steagall back has so far been failing. It simply doesn't go far enough towards what needs to be accomplished. But what kind of productivity are we looking for?

Let me illustrate the dynamics of the natural creativity that is reflected throughout the universe. The apple is of a size that most people are familiar with. Most people are also familiar with the grains of table salt. A typical apple is roughly a thousand times larger than a grain of table salt. The salt grain is too small to be visible here for comparison. The relationship in size between the two is roughly the same as between an electron and proton that all the atoms in the universe are made of, which make up everything that we see, our world, and everything else. Now, with this in mind, let's look at the size of an atom in relationship to its parts. The simplest atom, the most abundant in the universe, the hydrogen atom, is typically 100,000 times larger than its parts. This means that the electron, represented by the grain of salt, and the proton, represented by the apple, are dynamically interacting with each other according to the principles of the electric force. It is their dynamic interaction that is supported by a great force, which creates the energetic structure that an atom is, which in our comparison here is 100,000 times larger than the apple and the salt combined.

If one extends this comparison, the only thing that comes close to being 100,000 times larger than an apple is Mt. Everest, which doesn't quite measure up, but it is the biggest thing we have on the planet. A typical apple is 10 centimeters wide. A hundred thousand apples add up to a million centimeters, or ten kilometers. That's bigger than Mt. Everest. That's the kind of creative gain that the universe is build on. This 100,000-fold gain should also be the standard for human economics. We are still far from it. But it is achievable. This is what the Ice Age Challenge is built on.

If we were to take up the challenge and build the intercontinental floating bridges that will be needed to build up Africa, we would have to create a new industrial revolution in the high-temperature processing of basalt, of which there sits more on the surface of the Earth than we can possibly ever use. The resulting high-temperature industrial revolution would necessarily include automated processes powered by nuclear power, such as by the Molten Salt Thorium Reactor. The Molten Salt Thorium Reactor is inherently safe, inexpensive to build, and has a larger fuel resource available than we will ever need, and it produces high temperature process heat for the production of anything we care to produce that can be made of basalt, such as the automated production of floating-bridge modules.

Basalt is a finely grained stone with a ten times greater tensile strength than steel, a three time greater elasticity modules than steel, is nearly as hard as diamonds, is non-corrosive, and can be extruded into micro-thin fibers in the range of ten microns for the production of almost anything, including the production of large scale woven arteries for conveying the outflow of large rivers across the oceans to wherever fresh water is needed, and so on.

The industrial infrastructures that are needed to protect the human world from the next Ice Age will need to be of a type and scale that the automated industrial production of modular housing, in the form of apartment groups or individual houses, becomes a spin-off, produced with the kind of efficiency that society can provide high-quality housing to itself for free, universally, as an investment into itself. The cultural and intellectual development of the human being begins with high-quality living spaces.

The human being is the greatest and most valuable asset that any society has. The development of this asset is critical to civilization. The development of this asset begins with the care for the development of quality housing, together with quality food, education, healthcare, and culture. These items are not luxury items, especially housing. Cramped living, slum living, homelessness, and also rent-slavery, disable the human potential and should be regarded as one of the greatest waste that a society can commit.

There is no need for society wasting its development potential since it can fulfill its critical needs, such as for quality housing for one another. Free universal housing is one of the natural spin-offs of a high-power industrial revolution that we need in order to secure civilization against the return of the Ice Age. The automated industrial production of modularized housing is so easily accomplished with high-energy infrastructures, that society can provide itself this necessity for free, just as society provides itself highways for free. This isn't done today, because the political platform does not exist, so that the needed industrial infrastructures cannot be created. But this will change as soon as the value of the human being and its creative and productive potential is included in the political and economic equations. This sets the stage for the Reality Principle in economics.

Society functions on a platform of universal care, not universal stealing, or universal war.

Most infrastructures in the world are platforms of universal care towards greater freedoms in living and advancing the productive and creative power for humanity, and the meeting of its specific needs. Civilization exists by the power of human beings, and it exists for developing greater riches in human living.

If one were to take the human being out of the world, nothing more than an empty landscape would remain, a wilderness without a purpose, a universe that stopped its development.

Then, as we put the the human being back into the landscape, we will see not only bridges spanning the oceans, but we will see floating agriculture extending from them into the tropical regions where the Ice Age glaciation cannot reach them.

We will see floating cities springing up to support the floating agriculture. It is naturally lawful to think in such terms, because we would see a reflection in them of what a 100,000 fold economic gain looks like, which is the standard platform for the universe.

If we fail ourselves on this critical front, then the coming Ice Age will largely disable the human society, unless we do this ourselves with war. If we fail ourselves, with our small-minded insanities, the Earth will very likely become an empty place that then becomes largely owned by the ice.

But we will not fail.

Human scientific and technological development has made it possible for the first time in geologic history for the Ice Age to be snubbed, so that it will have no effect on the continuity of life on earth, and the earth will never again be an empty place as it largely had been at the end of the last Ice Age when the world population was only a few million strong.

It might well be that we take the hint that the universe offers and recognize our 100,000-fold development potential that would serve us well in meeting the Ice Age Challenge. It might also be that nothing short of the kind of recognition of the power of our humanity, which the Ice Age Challenge will naturally inspire once it is taken seriously, will cause the present society to finally let go of the notions of empire that offer no hope, only death.

When the decisive breakout does happen, and the Reality Principle becomes implemented as it once was to some degree in 1933, to end the Great Depression, a whole new world will become possible in our time with universal riches that few have yet dared to even dream of, with food in abundance for all, and with free universal housing to end homelessness, slum dwelling, and rent slavery.


Then, without empire on its back, weighing it down, society will be free to soar to realize its human potential. It will soar to such heights of achievement that the impending Ice Age glaciation cannot touch it. We will then see the Sahara becoming a garden interspersed with modern industrial centers and high-speed transportation links. We will then see cities springing up with free universal housing, produced in automated industrial processes, made of basalt. Then, also, will we see war no longer, nor hunger or poverty. All of this is achievable. We have the potential right now, to soar to such heights.

We will then see the needed vast wheat fields and orchards and forests springing up afloat on the tropical and subtropical oceans where our food supply would be protected from the coming cold climate. And we will have those vibrant new cities springing up, afloat among the tropical fields, inhabited by a new breed of farmers. And all this huge development will happen in places where nothing exists today. It will be built with materials that are not utilized today, and powered by energy resources that are widely deemed not even to exist.

Yes, we will transform the world into a richer place than we now dream of. We will not lay ourselves down to die. And, when we have built our rich new world that the Ice Age cannot touch, we we'll probably think nothing of it, for by then all the struggles of today will be forgotten as new frontiers begin to unfold in space and in the sciences, and in space-based energy systems.

Thus, we find ourselves at the crossroads today. Only one path from where we are leads to all of that. Our Ice Age response at the present time is a critical one for a decisive and complete breakout from the imperial system, onto the one path that leads towards this rich new world. We need to choose our course wisely, therefore, and honestly, and scientifically, and most of all with love for all humanity. The alternative is unthinkable. Universal looting, war, terror, and destruction are unthinkable in the face of the Ice Age Challenge, and will become forgotten. And this may happen soon, because the age-old myth of empire as an economic system, is already collapsing.

Of course, when we get to our New World, where we need to be, and the return of the Ice Age does finally unfold as it will, it will have no greater impact on us than that of just another curiosity.

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