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From Global Warming Delusion to Ice Age Climate Change Reality - Part 5 - Dynamics for Freedom

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The dynamics for freedom are best illustrated in economic freedom.

In the world of real economics, the achievement of physical production stands at the center of the focus. It does this now for meeting the Ice Age challenge, as it always did. Physical production is the only means society has to meet the human need, or any other physical need. The money supply for it needs to be created, not borrowed from the money bags, to facilitate whatever must be produced for the well-being of society and the advance of civilization. The created money that is applied to such a task intrinsically gains its value from what is being produced. If nothing is being produced, all the money in the world has no value, no matter who owns it or how it originated. If, inversely, much is being produced, then the value of the currency that represents it is great. On this note the Ice Age Challenge, when it is responded to, will mark the start of the richest era humanity has ever seen or imagined as possible.

This inherent direct relationship between money and production underlies the principle that was pioneered in the mid-1600s in the Bay Colony of Massachusetts. There, a scrip system was invented by the colonists, most of whom were farmers, to finance the construction of the Saugus Ironworks with which the farming society created itself the means to advance its mechanization. The scrip became a form of money, and the money became valuable by the production it represented. Meeting the Ice Age Challenge requires nothing more than going the same course.

On this principle the Pine Tree Shilling was coined in 1652 that made the Bay Colony of Massachusetts independent from the money bags of empire. While all of this was soon outlawed by the King of England, the success of this principle, of society's self-sufficiency in credit, led a half a century later to the formal declaration of the independence of the American colonies from empire, breaking their status as prey to oligarchic predation. The resulting American independence movement that quickly spread through the colonies was partly inspired by the credit society principle, with which the Massachusetts Colony had prospered when the principle was applied.

Our continued survival on this planet, both right now and in the coming Ice Age, depends totally on our willingness to do the historic act again, and break away from the imperial stranglehold that renders us a prey.

If we continue to fail ourselves along this line in the modern world, the looting, and the looting related wars of empire, with their traditional commitment to universal genocide, will likely end human existence on this planet. Our continued failure at the current critical stage might even end civilization before the Ice Age transition physically begins. We need the decisive breakout on this front now.

All this means that we need to pursue the breakout from the prison of empire now and with all the imperative of the Ice Age Challenge driving it, because it really is the key issue for everything. We need this big reason to take the big steps that may be needed for casting empire into the trash bin that has never succeeded before for reasons of a too feeble commitment to the freedom that is rooted in our humanity.

Thus the Ice Age Renaissance question needs to become the universal individual focus of concern. We need it developed in order to develop the leadership in society that redirects governments onto the platform of reality on which the human future is assured, and the door to war, genocide, poverty, and starvation will be closed and remains forever closed.

On this platform of reality, the empire's Optimum Population Trust condemns itself, which presently demands that 4.2 billion people be eliminated by the year 2050. It condemns itself, because by its dogma, when the Ice Age glaciation begins and claims huge chunks of our agriculture, what remains of the world unaffected, would be too minuscule for anyone to exist, except perhaps a small group of a few millions, like those that had made it through the last Ice Age, provided that empire hasn't poisoned those remaining lands by then, with radioactive uranium dust.

The needed breakout from this type of fate under empire rests in the courts of society itself as individuals. Society needs to break out of its entrapment by empire, by the media of empire and its news services, and by its entertainment monopoly, and also by its dictatorship over science, and so on.

We need a breakout from monetarism, globalism, and from the global warming dogma that contains not a kernel of truth. It is well known in scientific circles that up to 97% of the greenhouse effect is caused by water vapor, and only 3% by CO2, and that the manmade contribution is 3% of that at the very most. What society is fed contrary to that, is a pabulum of lies that is served up continuously with the gospels of the day that fill the airwaves and newspapers.

When society attempted to break out from the stranglehold of empire in the 1970s as it saw the return of the Ice Age emerging on the horizon, the masters were in a quandary. They had to think up a lie to change the focus, and they had to think it up quick. This problem was solved in 1974 by inventing the Global Warming Dogma, and by misinterpreting the ice core data for humanity that was paraded as proof that global warming was on the horizon and not the next glaciation cycle of the Pleistocene Ice Age that we are presently in.

The hockey-stick curve was deployed to show a massive increase in atmospheric CO2 by human action since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 1800s.

The hockey-stick curve presents the CO2 concentrations contained in glacial records. The deception lies not in the measurements, which are evidently accurate, but in the interpretation thereof that totally ignores the physical dynamics of ice accumulation. Of course, once the deception is recognized for what it is, it looses its terror effect so that society can step away from it with total freedom. Actually the deception isn't difficult to recognize, whereby we gain our freedom.

It is a known fact that when snow accumulates, the air becomes compressed, and that some of the compressed cold CO2 becomes dissolved in water vapor that escapes through cracks, or becomes concentrated in liquid water that forms pools or drains away. It is also known that this loss-process increases with increasing pressure when the snow builds up above it, which compresses the lower snowflakes into firn and then hoar, and so on, until a stage is reached when the firn and hoar become compacted into solid ice. This occurs at the 140 meter level, which just so happen to coincide with ice compacted from the beginning of the 1800s.

It takes roughly 200 years of this loss-volatile compacting process for snow to become solid ice. When ice core samples are drilled from this region in ice they contain the progressively lower CO2 concentrations that resulted from the loss. What is indicated in the hockey-stick curve is representative of a loss process, not a historic trend.

Below the transition zone all gases remain trapped in the ice. Which means that no more losses occur, so that the curve remains flat from this point on.

At the extremely deep level, past the 80,000-year mark, the ice becomes completely bubble free, under immense pressure. All gases are diffused in liquids and ice crystals. But when the ice is drilled out, by which the pressure is removed, the gases expand and cause micro fissures, which result in still lower the readings from ice in the deeper bubble-free zone.

While all of this was known, and was extensively published, the inconvenient truth was simply disregarded.

The Polish Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, who worked in the field of ice exploration for 50 years, called the CO2-distortion fraud the greatest scientific scandal of our time, especially considering that CO2 isn't a determining factor at all for our climate, as it accounts for only 3% of the global greenhouse effect, with the manmade portion being too minuscule to matter in any form or shape.

The global CO2 concentration is not the violent greenhouse factor that it is made out to be. It is effective in absorbing and reflecting solar radiation in only 3 narrow bands at the low-intensity end of the solar radiation spectrum, which even there, is masked by water vapor that provides the same effect. If one was to increase the CO2 concentration 20-fold, the increase would be too small to be noticeable. The entire CO2 hoopla has nothing to do with anything real. It is totally impossible for the Earth to be overheating as the result of any CO2 concentration, nor would it be possible for humanity at the present time to increase the atmospheric CO2 concentration, as much as this would be desirable.

We would increase the CO2 if we could. Our biosphere is running at the near-starvation level. The current 360 parts per million concentration is barely above the cut-off point of 200.

Since we are running barely above cut-off point greenhouse operators have found that if they double the CO2 concentration in their facilities, a 50% increase in plant-growth results.

Most greenhouse operators simply ventilate the outside air through their facility, because they know that if the C02 diminishes, plant growths diminishes with it, and plants die.

C02 enriched operations are presently quite rare. Also nobody really knows to what extent the productive power of the biosphere can be increased by simply increasing the CO2 concentration.

During the age of the dinosaurs the atmospheric CO2 concentration is known to have been 6 or 7 times higher than it is today. It evidently created that kind of lush vegetation that enabled the colossal creatures to exist.

Some of the dinosaurs were truly colossal, up to 190 feet in length, weighing 360,000 pounds. It evidently takes a highly productive biosphere to feed these giant creatures that dwarf a man in comparison.

It wasn't just the warm climate that produced their food for them. The critical factor was in the air. The critical factor was CO2.

In the very early times when land-based plants began to develop around 500 million years ago, the atmospheric CO2 was 15 to 20 times stronger than it is today.

For all we know, land plants might not have developed without this high C02 concentration. It might be possible in future times to operate large-scale greenhouse facilities at this high concentration. In fact, it might become necessary to do this. Our dangerously low CO2 level will likely diminish past the cut-off point where many plants cease to be productive.

All 4 major models that are presented on this chart, in spite of the variations between them, all converge at the present starvation level.

It is known that in cold climates, under Ice Age conditions our currently low level becomes further reduced. It is believed that it dropped below the 150 mark during the last glacial period. The resulting biological cut-off might have resulted in the minuscule world-population of 1 to 10 million coming out of the last Ice Age glaciation period. Our biosphere desperately needs more CO2 for its real potential to be realized. Unfortunately this need is presently only fullfillable in artificial environments.

The atmospheric CO2 has shrunk to a mere 2% portion of the global stores. The remaining 98% is located diffused in the deep oceans from where it gets slowly cycled back through the atmosphere. And a small portion is located in vegetation. A third of the atmospheric CO2 is recycled every year.

The atmosphere holds 750 billion tones of CO2, and the oceans 38,000 billion tons. Of these, slightly less than 100 billion tons are recycled between the atmosphere and the oceans per year.

CO2 becomes absorbed in the cold arctic regions, and is released in the tropics in a never ending-interchange. The high-release factor in the tropics makes the surface water of the tropical oceans CO2 deficient.

Another 100 to 125 billion tons of CO2 is also cycled between the air and vegetation, according to the botanic requirement. Since the recycling process is highly temperature sensitive in both areas, the equilibrium between the air, soil, and the ocean is always changing. The manmade contribution is too minuscule to have any effect on the large dynamics of this recycling pattern. It would be wonderful if we could affect this enormously large recycling system.

Our atmospheric CO2 is presently at the lowest level in 250 million years, if not in all of the history of life on this planet. Of course, all of this is known in the science communities. Nevertheless the CO2 hoopla is created to scare humanity with tales about too much CO2 while the opposite is the case.

The evident goal is to drive the unwary humanity into self-submission to the ideological dictates of the masters of empire that are aimed at decimating society with increased starvation, and so forth.

The global warming doctrine is build on layers upon layers of lies, all centered on lies about CO2, which is not a climate factor at all.

The world doesn't have too much CO2. It suffers a lack of it. The grand lies about CO2 are evidently intentional. They are upheld even while the 'inconvenient' truth about the climate dynamics can no longer be hidden. Thus they are being propped up by more and more lies, decades of lies.

This concert of lies takes us back to the 1990s when the global warming hoopla exploded into a celebration of universal fraud.

One of the statements that were heard at the time was that it is really a matter of personal choice to determine where the right balance lies between being honest and being effective in fulfilling the empire's goals. This is like saying that if one must lye to achieve an end, one is free to do so as a matter of personal choice. Thus lies flooded the world scene in ever greater streams. This went on for more than a dozen years already. When the stench oozed through from the background, by leaked emails and reports, the fraud became so obvious that it blew up the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, so that none of the chosen objectives were achieved. And those were planned to be the most horrid yet. They called for an international tax to be levied, to finance a military force for the U.N. that would have the mandate the beat all nations into submission who refused to meet depopulation targets, deindustrialization targets, and other grisly targets for murderous curbs on energy use, and livestock elimination. Once the lie is set up as king, any murderous program can be built on its platform.

Since the global warming dogma is a lie from the ground up, imposed by empire, the breakout from it can only be achieved in the form of a breakout from empire itself, which is a citadel of lies.

The banner of empire reads, In Lies We Trust.

Its lies are:

That CO2 is the Number One greenhouse gas

That mankind is increasing the CO2 and overheating the Earth

That global warming is killing us

That the next glaciation cycle is not potentially before us

That uranium wars are harmless and infinitely expandable

That mankind has outgrown its resources for living

That there is no electric energy in space

That our sun is a fusion furnace

That wars and diseases are desirable to reduce population to conserve resources

That looting is the way to riches

That terror, war, poverty, starvation, genocide are not the product of empire

and the list goes on and on.

The breakout from this vast field of lies is possible. It begins with noting the banner under which humanity presently lives, the banner of empire, in lies we trust.

The banner tells us that all the great tragedies that are tearing humanity to the ground, are intentional and imposed for one single reason, to enable empires to exist that have no fundamental principle to stand on.

All of the huge imperial projects that are presently tearing the world apart, are strung out under this banner. They are built on lies by intention, which are all designed to uphold and protect an imperial structure that cannot exist in the sunshine of a normally developing humanity. Neither can humanity exist under the resulting stranglehold by empire. It is becoming increasingly plain that the whole of humanity is doomed under this yoke. However, it is not possible to break away from this yoke on the ground of addressing the tragedy as a collection of single issues - issues of economics, philosophy, ideology, and sheer insanity. One gets lost in their convoluted jungles so that nothing ever gets resolved. That's why nothing has been resolved for hundreds of years. The resolution has to begin with tearing the banner down, In Lies We Trust.

In order to tare the banner down, we need a bigger impetus to mobilize our human capacities that have been kept intentionally dormant under the banner of senseless babbling. The Ice Age Challenge that is dawning on the horizon before us has the kind of quality as an imperative that can get us all out of the easy chair of small-minded thinking and awaken the dormant humanity in the world.

Once this awakening begins it will not only tear down the banner of empire, but it will replace it with the banner of an awakening humanity, In Truth We Trust. Once this banner is hoisted all the links are broken to the structures of lies that become irrelevant on their own, as truth is a quality that is knowable, as the term TRUTH implies.

This does not mean that we must let go of economics, philosophy, ideology, and scientific reason. The new banner implies that we give all of these a truthful dimension.

We find our wealth in what we produce for human living. That's real economics. We become committed to this reality principle, as nothing else qualifies.

We also establish truth in philosophy. Instead of seeing ourselves as a cancer on the Earth that eats up its resources, we recognize ourselves as discoverers and creators and producers of evermore resources for living that don't exist naturally.

Under the new banner we replace the imperial ideology of war and destruction, with the humanist ideology of cooperative unity and industrial automation that enables us to transform and uplift our world from poverty to the quality of a renaissance with free housing, education, health care, and so on, both because this is easy to do, and because it is a pleasure to do, the human thing that enriches our living.

Likewise, under the banner of truth we will overturn the global warming fraud for poverty and starvation and replace it with a humanist renaissance of such power that the return of the Ice Age cannot touch us, whenever it comes.

Under the Truth Banner we will build bridges spanning the oceans to develop Africa and the world, because the truth is that we have this capability already, with the materials and energy resources that we have on hand.

Under the Truth Banner we will green the deserts with freshwater resources that presently flow unused into the sea, because the truth is that the principles do exist to easily channel the outflow of the Amazon River through arteries submerged in the oceans, to Africa as a resource to turn the Sahara into a garden of life for human living and into an oasis that the coming Ice Age cannot touch.

Under the Truth Banner floating agriculture will be laid down as naturally on the oceans as we have laid highways across the lands, because the truth is that automated industrial production can produce the floating modules for agriculture almost hands free, for a boundless food resource for humanity and for the preservation and advancement of the natural world in places that the ice age cannot reach.

Under the Truth Banner inspired by the Ice Age Challenge a comprehensive industrial, economic, and cultural revolution will unfold, with advanced new materials that enable a freedom in design and in power in productivity that presently challenge the imagination. And the revolution will begin in the vast empty waste places where large-scale development with new industries is easily possible.

We will even see the rapid development of floating cities to service the new floating agriculture, because under the Truth Banner nothing less would be logical as the capability for it exists already as a truth.

The resulting food abundance will then also become reflected in abundance in quality, because the truth is that the two are linked, and are a part of the true dynamics of our humanity that has itself no limit.

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