Text and images transcript of the video From Global Warming Delusion to Ice Age Climate Change Reality - Part 4 - Dynamics for Depopulation by Rolf Witzsche 

From Global Warming Delusion to Ice Age Climate Change Reality - Part 4 - Dynamics for Depopulation

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Protests are often raised when an imposed subject appears illogical, such as when society is confronted with the consequences of America's Depleted Uranium Wars, a kind of radioactive gas war that has global effects and leaves a trail of corpses in the wake on America's own home ground, such as the case of the 6-fold increase in lung cancers that CNN had reported in the logical timeframe after the depleted-uranium bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan. People insist, probably for their own mental self-protection, that no government, such as the USA, would ever knowingly engage in warfare actions that massively endanger its own population, much less the whole world. 

These kinds of protests are expected of course, by the rulers that demand the wars. In order to blunt the protests the truth is entangled with official denials upon denials that create a subliminal platform of doubts in society that enables the wars to go on. The official policy in such cases, when truthful answers cannot be given, is plausible deniability. It is evidently impossible to admit that the Depopulation Doctrine of empire has indeed been elevated to the status of active policy.

Thus, in the subliminal world, the worst atrocities are typically hidden under the blanket of plausible deniability in order to keep the population docile, as it must never be allowed to know the truth. Those are the present dynamics for depopulation. We find them illustrated to some degree in the example of the DU wars. Nor will the obscuring dynamics that cover the entire vast front of the Depopulation Doctrine likely change, until a fundamental change occurs with a stand in society for the truth.

At the present time the mass-devastation of populations is an ideological oligarchic objective that ironically has widespread support in society. Hasn't everyone been taught that the Earth is too full, that there are too many people living in the world? We are using up our resources at an unsustainable rate, we are told, because we are too many people, we need to depopulate. This intentionally created fairytale has become a well-crafted subliminal platform that enables the military, and of course also the financier looters of the world, whom the military serves, to have their free reign. For over 200 years already, humanity has been hammered with this ideological fairytale that the world is too full of people. 

This takes us back in time to the late 1790s and to Venice where the Carrying Capacity Doctrine was brewed up by the masters of empire to shut down the development of humanity that became a threat to the predatory process of empire that required humanity to remain a nicely docile and a subjective prey. In order to force this non-development on humanity the worst atrocities were perpetrated from looting to war, and war of the worst sort, including the modern cry for depopulation under the Carrying Capacity Doctrine. In reality the world is far from being overpopulated.

The Carrying Capacity Doctrine is a hoax when applied to humanity. As a natural balance in the animal world it reflects the interdependent relationship of predator and prey and its effect on animal populations. This balance does not apply to humanity. We are not predators that destroy what they feed on. We create our own resources for living. Our resource for living is agriculture, a created technology, that we've developed and have made evermore powerful in its productive capacity. We live totally by our own created resources in all respects. We live by resources that do not exist naturally.

You can prove this to yourself. Just 'free' yourself of all the material implements that human culture has created to meet the human need. Shed your clothes, take off your shoes, leave your home, and go out into the wilderness and try to survive. You won't live very long. Even in the most ideal places on the planet you would find it hard to survive. You would likely die rather quickly according to the Carrying Capacity Doctrine that denies the factor of human creative development.

There exists one special case however, where the Carrying Capacity Doctrine does apply to humanity. This is the case of oligarchic predatory action and humanity's subjection to it as its willing prey. The dynamic relationship between the two fairly accurately reflects the actual history of civilization. 

Point A reflects the 1400s when the oligarchy looting practice, expressed primarily through the banking institutions of the various monetarist empires, destroyed the physical productive capacity of society and its power to maintain its existence, that thereby collapsed. The European population collapsed 30% to 50% at this time.

The scene changed dramatically at point B, in the 17th and 18th Centuries, when people, escaping the oligarchic system, established a new living in America and gained a certain degree of freedom from oligarchic predation. The freedom that thereby became established became expressed in the scientific and industrial revolution that was quickly reflected throughout the world, with a rapid increase in prosperity and populations. 

Later, towards the early 1900s, the oligarchic system had massively reestablished itself in America, especially in the shadow of the Federal Reserve Act of December 1913 that literally created 'Wall Street.' The ongoing increase in oligarchic predation, though held back in the Roosevelt years, became increasingly massive in the postwar period, leading up to point C where we are now, where everything is collapsing, especially civilization that's on an extremely steep slope of collapse.

The entire world is now on the fast track of total collapse on all fronts, economically, financially, socially, and even scientifically. When point D is reached, what we call civilization will likely no longer exist, and most of humanity with it. That's the reality the world is presently racing towards.

We still have the option to prevent the total collapse by drawing a line across the trend of oligarchic predation with the restoration of the Glass Steagall legislation and applying it in principle across the world, which would stop the predation process as Franklin Roosevelt had once stopped it in the USA for its recovery from the Great Depression. Ironically, this intervention is presently blocked by society, which is itself the prey in the process. Society is told that the collapse of civilization is natural and is needed under the Carrying Capacity Doctrine. Thus, society prevents its own survival, which presently hangs on a very fine thread as the result of oligarchic predation, with one more and a highly critical factor, coming into play, for a total of four. This critical factor is the near return of the Ice Age that will rapidly disable northern agriculture down to the 40 degree latitude. Humanity's very existence depends on its creative and productive power to develop new agriculture in protected environments. If this is prevented by the numerous assaults on science and on Glass Steagall, the game ends for humanity. The Ice Age Challenge cannot be met at point D.

The end game has begun. It really has. Everything now depends on a worldwide Glass Steagall type commitment to stop oligarchic predation finally and fully. Nothing less will suffice as a start on the road where humanity can have a future.

The economic collapse under oligarchic predation is actually the easiest of the four dangers to deal with. An act of Congress in the USA can still stop the collapse.

Total global nuclear war is a slightly greater danger, but it too is relatively easy to deal with. It can be eliminated in a week. Once the decision is made to do so, all the nukes in the world can be disabled with little effort.

The Depleted Uranium War is much harder to stop, mostly because hardly anyone in society recognizes that the danger exists. This recognition has been blocked for decades.

But the biggest challenge of them all for society to deal with, is the Ice Age Challenge that nobody is even allowed to talk about openly in the scientific community, while the science is blocked that is needed for society to understand the danger.

The key to survival, because of the severity of the problem, lies not in addressing the smallest problem first, but lies in unblocking science by which the biggest challenge becomes understood. Once the Ice Age Challenge is recognized and understood, the courage and the power will be found within us all to deal with the lesser problems in the course of solving the greater.

The current state falls far short of what is needed. The approach is backwards. The only political institution that addresses the challenge at all, is the LaRouche institution. Lyndon LaRouche stands alone as a pioneer in speaking of a post-oligarchic world. 

LaRouche understands the economic effect of oligarchic predation keenly, and has been actively fighting for decades to end it, including in recent years the fight for restoring the FDR Glass Steagall legislation. 

LaRouche also understands the political effect of oligarchic predation in the form of terror operations that the oligarchy has used historically to cripple a society psychologically into impotence, in order to thereby cause its willing subjection to oligarchic dictates, the dictates of empire. Terrorism is oligarchic rape. Political terror always has the hands of empire standing in the back of it. 

LaRouche nearly succeeded once in blocking the nuclear terror weapon with his universal defense platform that became known as the SDI program, which was eventually blocked by oligarchic forces.

LaRouche also understands the brute physical force of the oligarchic predation that is rape, in the form of war that has no other purpose than to destroy a nation from within by disabling its humanity and its power to develop. The Vietnam war was this kind of a war. However, he fails to recognize the vastly more-devastating dimension of the depleted-uranium war, the danger of the radioactive gas war for which the scientific recognition is blocked. Outside the body, the radiation from uranium is weak and harmless, but when inhaled, it becomes destructively dangerous. The blocking of the science involved keeps this immense danger obscured and deemed not to exist. Together with most of humanity, LaRouche is a victim of this blocking.

The deepest cutting effect of oligarchic predation is felt in the scientific ideological realm. The scientific recognition of cosmic electrodynamics, which is essential for the recognition of the Ice Age dynamics, is so intensely blocked that it is not deemed to exist. The blocking goes deep, because if the truth was recognized that a new epoch of deep glaciation is on the near horizon, the needed renaissance development for meeting the Ice Age Challenge, would end the rule of oligarchy forever. This is not allowed. It is blocked from scientific awareness. Only the force of gravity is allowed to be recognized in cosmology, but never the 99.999% of the universe that is electric plasma responding to the electric force that is 36 orders of magnitude stronger This recognition is blocked. Reality is artificially deemed not to exist, and is thereby left out from consideration so that the potentially near Ice Age Challenge cannot be recognized. 

LaRouche has fallen prey to the oligarchy's blocking of science to obscure reality. He believes that the return of Ice Age glaciation is still a thousand years away. Thus, by being ignorant of the dynamics that bring the Ice Age transition much closer, potentially within the range of just a few decades, if the transition hasn't already begun, he promotes a giant half-century long construction project that is designed to divert rivers from Alaska, overland, into the south to irrigate the southern U.S. deserts and those of Mexico as a means for getting the economy moving again in the post-oligarchic world.

Ironically, should he succeed in getting the giant project implemented, the effort would prevent humanity's critical response to the Ice Age Challenge. The critically needed new agriculture, to replace the Ice Age disabled agriculture north of the 40 degree latitude, would then not be build. The failure would leave humanity unprepared and inescapably doomed by the collapse of its food supply, which by then, when the transition begins, cannot be avoided. Civilization would end. Humanity might even become extinct in the ensuing wars over food. And all this would come upon humanity for nothing more than the effects of its being intentionally trapped into a crippled form of science.

This sad state is the state of today at the leading edge by the most pioneering political institution on the planet. This sad state requires a lot of effort and honesty by humanity at all levels to snap itself out of the trap that has been set for it by imprisoned science.

The bottom line is, that we cannot stop until we have broken free from the entrapment of science. Nothing less will empower us to solve the most difficult challenge, the Ice Age Challenge, by which all the lesser problems will be solved as well, in the course of it. All of this has become a part of dealing with the Carrying Capacity Doctrine that hovers above the sad scene of impotence like the ghost of Aristotle.

It appears it was recognized back in the late 1700s when the idea of the USA began to be established as the first nation in history formed in defiance of the imperial system, that the human-development potential that is lodged in the very nature of the human being needed to be crushed by the masters of empire if the system of empire was to survive. The required ideology towards this end became the Carrying Capacity Doctrine, which was cooked up by an intellectual servant of the Venetian imperial oligarchy, by the name, Giammaria Ortes. 

Ortes fulfilled his task in typical Venetian style. He created a doctrine that instilled the notion that the earth has a limited carrying capacity, so that populations need to be kept small and their development prevented in order that the human herd would not destroy its pasture. He was evidently aware that the opposite is true, that humanity lives by the products of its scientific and technological development, because this is what he specifically targetted.

Ortes's doctrine was a clever ideological trick, because it is true that without the continuing development of the creative and productive potential of humanity, the Earth does indeed become too small at a point to carry an expanding civilization. Thus, the preventing of human development is a form of murder that has become a political weapon for genocide promoted right to the present in the modern world.

Ortes declared that the absolute upper limit would be 3 billion people. He was wrong of course. There are now 6.9 billion people in the world. But mostly he was wrong by not recognizing that without humanity's creative and productive potential, there wouldn't be more than 100 million people in the world today, because this would be all that the natural earth in its primitive state would have been able to support. 

The truth is, we don't depend on the primitive earth. We create our own resources for living. Only when the chain of our productive and creative development is broken will the earth become too small. And this is precisely what the complex of empire has been aiming at for over 200 years, with evermore pressure being brought to bear to hold back the self-development of humanity, especially in the sciences.

The Ice Age Challenge that now stands before us might be big enough, and urgent enough, to cause humanity put sufficient pressure on itself to break itself out of the death trap that has been set up for it by imperial doctrine. 

To date, though, nothing has been sufficient to break humanity away from the mindset imposed by the imperial dehumanizing doctrine that has ruled for 200 years. 

The author of the carrying capacity doctrine, was a defrocked Camaldolese monk and libertine by the name Giammaria Ortes.

In the last years of his life, in the 1790s, Ortes laid out his world-devastating doctrine, as a gift to his masters, in a book with the deceptively innocent title: Reflections on the Population of Nations in Relation to National Economy. The book was written in the shadow of the U.S. Federal Constitution being created, which established the first form of government on the planet that pulled a people out from under the throne of empire and placed it on its own feet and its own creative and productive potential. 

The American Constitution was created in 1787. The new government based on the Constitution began its operation two years later, in 1789, and two years later again, in 1791, a major amendment was added that gave the nation its own, clearly defined Bill of Rights. This is the background that Ortes had laboured against, evidently on behalf of his masters. His doctrine to counter this developing freedom was published in 1799.

Ortes's doctrine was so greatly welcomed by the masters of empire that it became the center of imperial policy ever since. While the policies built on Ortes's doctrine did not affect the far off USA at its early stage, it could, and it did, enable the devastation of Europe. It forced a new wave of dark-age thinking that cut deep, which has not yet been defeated and has in modern time become reflected in the DU wars against humanity.

In retrospect, the modern dark-age thinking is not surprising when one considers that Ortes's doctrine was cooked up in the sewer of one of the most putrid, decadent, and moribund oligarchic societies the world has ever known, that of the dying empire of the Venetian Republic during the late eighteenth century. 

Ortes's doctrine was designed as an epistemological weapon, and as such, it was immediately carried over into England where the Venetian oligarchy had established itself in the wake of the invasion by William of Orange. Thus the doctrine became the weapon of the largest empire on the planet. It justifies war as a good thing for the effect it has in draining off the 'excess populations' that the doctrine cries about.

In time the Carrying Capacity doctrine became the heart of the global depopulation policy of the modern empire. The doctrine had been carried forward by such notable figures as Malthus, Darvin, Galton, and Huxley, who had paved the way for it right through to the present day.

Many proponents of the modern U.N.-sponsored genocidal objectives would readily identify themselves as followers of Parson Thomas Robert Malthus, the author of the infamous Essay on the Principle of Population, published in 1898. What Malthus had put forward, merely contained in a more explicit form what Ortes had laid out earlier. The resulting continuation of Ortes's doctrine was carried forward through the entire school of British Philosophical Radicalism where the creative and productive power of the human being is not regarded to be the defining factor of humanity, but self-serving liberalism and empiricism are. Virtually everything that had dominated the philosophical scene in Europe from the 19th Century onward had previously been put forth by Ortes who was philosophically plagiarized without anyone giving the sewer of Venice credit for its creation, where it all came from. 

This train takes us all the way forward to the 1994 United Nations' International Conference on Population and Development, held in Cairo, where genocidal bureaucrats of the U.N. were conditioning governments and public opinion to subscribe to Ortes's carrying capacity doctrine for our planet. Going into the Cairo conference the goal was voiced to impose an ultimate world population limit of 7.27 billion to be reached through forced attrition by the year 2050, using compulsory abortion, sterilization, euthanasia and other grisly means. Promoting economic development was not on the agenda, as it would interfere with the looting of the Third World.

While the USA refused to make the Cairo targets compulsory, the genocidal intention behind the conference is notable, which had been stated much earlier by Bertrand Russell, and was reiterated actively by Prince Phillip of the British Monarchy.

Bertrand Russell had stated in an article published in 1951 by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, that war is disappointing as it doesn't kill enough people to curb the world's population. He was arguing that biological warfare would do better, suggesting that if a new Black Plague would erupt in every generation the population growth would then be contained.

Oh yes, he would be delighted by what our modern uranium gas wars, the DU wars, are now prepared to accomplish along the line of his desires.

Prince Phillip expressed the same desire when he wrote that he is tempted to wish to be reincarnated as a particular deadly virus as a step forwards towards the same end. He published his wish in 1986. 

Twenty years later, in 2006, in a 45 minute lecture at St. Edward's University in Austin Texas, professor Eric Pianka, sang the same song again, only more forceful, to his students and guests, stating that the Earth would be better off with 90 percent of the human population dead. He suggested that an airborne version of the Ebola virus could accomplish such a task in short order. His claim was that 6.5 billion human beings is are too many and that sooner or later, humanity, or nature, would exterminate all but a fraction of civilization. The genocide-preaching professor got a standing ovation at the end of his lecture. This is where we stand today. 

We are standing in an ideological rape that we need to break away from. The depopulation train has been running at full steam in the postwar arena for over 35 years already, since 1974, with numerous branch lines having come into service, primarily to prevent economic development by means of genocide. 

The year 1974 was the year that gave us the global warming doctrine, and at the same time America's NSSM200 policy for Third World depopulation, from which HIV emerged. The global warming doctrine in turn, started the biofuels burning of food, coupled with a commitment to prevent economic development wherever possible, and deindustrialize the West. Both policies echo what has been demanded since 1961 by Prince Phillips' World Wildlife Fund, that was later renamed in 1986, the World Wide Fund for Nature. 

Thus, in 1974, worldwide genocide was placed high on the agenda. A few years later, in 1991, the first round of the uranium gas wars began, the DU wars. All of these fronts are still active today and as deadly as ever.

The philosophy of depopulation, and by implication genocide, which underlies many of the climate related policies of empire, was a big factor at the 2009 Copenhagen U.N. Climate Change Conference. The empire's Optimum Population Trust produced a strongly genocide-focused submission that proudly stated that the cheapest solution to the manmade global warming problem would be to eliminate most of the population. It states that there is not enough land in the world to support a natural lifestyle for the current population, much less further increases. It claims that the footprint in population numbers has already become bigger than the available land and resources to sustain it, so that the world population should be reduced to 2.7 billion people by eliminating 4.2 billion people by the year 2050. This is essentially the same song that Giammaria Ortes had sung more than 200 years earlier.

However, the entire conglomeration of genocidal doctrines for depopulation, from A to Z, has one underlying flaw, that none of it is true.

The truth is that Earth's bio-capacity is not fixed. It is not fixed, because it reflects the creative capacity of the human being. Almost none of what we consume in our living exists naturally on the Earth. With few exceptions, it has all been created by us, derived by means of man-created infrastructures, industries, science and technology, and energy use, and so on. Every item of our foods has been planted and cultivated and processed by human beings. Agriculture is not a natural process. It is a technological process. 

Also, in terms of creating ourselves resources for human living, we have barely scratched the surface of our potential. We have the technological capacity and the resources at hand to green the deserts, put agriculture afloat onto the ocean with floating bridges connecting the continents. The resources for this have not even been used yet, and they are available in such a measure that they can never be used up. Nor are we short of energy resources. Cosmic electric energy surrounds our planet, which we haven't even began to develop, while it is as rich and unlimited as the cosmos itself.. 

Of course, if we don't get out of our easy chair and develop the resources that we have the capacity to develop, then, and only then, will we find that our needs will one day be greater than our resources. This is also the heart of the Ice Age Challenge.

We are challenged by the approaching Ice Age to create brand new agricultural resources in places where the Ice Age cannot reach it, such as by placing our agriculture into the tropics, or into indoor facilities with totally controlled and optimized environments, built 50 stories high. In considering the technological capability that we have available to do this right now, it can be safely said that the Earth will never be too small for humanity. Not one person of the 4.2 billion that the oligarchy wants to have eliminated needs to be killed, etc., to protect civilization. Nor is there a need for anyone on this planet to starve. 

Apart from stopping the burning of food as biofuels, the global food supply can be doubled with ease without adding new capacity, by simply utilizing more advanced technologies and creating the infrastructures for them.

Of the one billion people who are presently suffering from chronic hunger in the world, more than half live outside the cities, in the countryside, where they labor ill equipped, and many of them in areas with terrible climates. This leaves us with a dramatic paradox, as the largest number of people dying from hunger in the world, are farmers themselves.

There are slightly under 1,500 million farmers in the world. Of these only 30 million farmers have access to tractors. That's a tragedy, because mechanization not only increases the yields, but also expands the size of land that can be cultivated. Most farmers in this advanced category have access to scientific seed selection, quality seed, fertilizer, chemicals, and irrigation. Scientific input also added to the progress. Where back in the 1900s a farmer in Europe was able to produce 100 quintals per harvest on his land, a modern farmer now produces 20,000 quintals on the same land. This adds up to a 200-fold increase in productivity.

The next major category comprises roughly 800 million farmers. These farmers don't have access to mechanization, but they do have access to selected plant and animal species, fertilizer, and some irrigation . Out of these 800 million, 400 million farmers use oxen and horses to pull the plows, and so on. The farmers in this category farm roughly 5 hectares per farmer. The remaining 400 million farmers in this category use physical human labor exclusively. In other words they pull the plow themselves. They typically farm about half an hectare each. Their typical yield is in the range between 100 and 500 quintals per hectare.

The next lower category, which consist of the largest group of roughly 900 million farmers, spread across the vast regions of Africa, Asia, and parts of South America, are laboring only with their body and have no access to fertilizer, animal or seed selection, nor irrigation. They generally produce a maximum of 10 quintals per harvest, which is roughly a tenth of the standard of farmers of the 1900s in Europe. 

What we see here is the sad outcome of the long-standing doctrine of empire to prevent human development. What the depopulation advocates do never acknowledge is the fact that it is here, in the poorest countries, where human labor is critical for survival, where the population increase is the highest, while in contrast, the developed and industrialized countries are experiencing a population decrease. In other words, the very trends that the masters of empire cry over, and advocate genocide for, is the direct result of their own policy of preventing scientific and technological development in the world by all means at their disposal.

That the Carrying Capacity Doctrine is a vicious hoax is evident in the language that is being promoted. There is talk about the magic 'biodiversity' that humanity is said to 'consume' by its very existing on this planet. The empire's Optimum Population Trust explains that half of the 4.2 billion people it wants to see removed from the Earth, must be eliminated in order to protect the planet's biodiversity from being consumed catastrophically.

In reality the presence of humanity in the world has always had an enriching effect on the multiplicity of life on our planet, enriching the biosphere.

We cherish the natural world for its beauty, colour and symmetry that we incorporate into our art, use its pattern in the fabrics of our clothing and in our architecture. Far from us being consumers of the Earth's biodiversity, we give it a prominent place in our living. And for this we promote it, enrich it, and develop it further.. 

Increased biodiversity is the product of human culture. We are not destroyers. We enable the biosphere to increase its self-development. We enable it to develop new dimensions.

In many places of the world our cities are richer in biodiversity than the surrounding natural landscapes are.

Biodiversity is typically the poorest in areas of untouched pristine wilderness, where the biological world chokes itself and blocks the sunlight from bringing forth new growth.

Modern forestry has addressed this limiting factor and with scientific management increased the diversity of life in the forests with increased growth by designing more openness into the dynamics of the forests, which increases rather than diminishes the forest's biodiversity.

Our cultured botany too, has vastly increased the effective biodiversity. The cultivating of flowers for homes, businesses, and gardens has become a still growing industry.

The human pressure has always been to enrich the diversity of the natural world, qualitatively and quantitatively and bring as close to us as we can. This has not ended by any means. To the contrary, the more we become developed ourselves, the more we become builder of diversity. We are not destroyers of it by any means. Our influence on the natural environment has been to make it more productive. Only primitive living, such as the oligarchy champions and imposes on humanity, has a destructive effect, often out of sheer necessity, forced by prevented development, poverty, and deprivation.

Humanity is not the destructive villain that the political organization of the green movement, for example, accuses it to be. Humanity is slandered and vilified as a disease on the planet. "The world has cancer and this cancer is man," was the tune sung in the 1970s and 1980s for launching the deindustrialization campaign that has shut down many of humanity's productive industries in the guise of saving the Earth.

The green tune was so well sung in the 1980s and onward that the industrialized world destroyed its own industries, willingly and more effectively than any war has ever done.

The call went out across the world to revert to primitive living, with the full knowledge that this insanity creates a world in which ever fewer people have the resources to survive. The resulting effect has always been the goal of the oligarchic system, to keep society impotent. Many people who sang the green song at the oligarchy's bidding quickly found their new primitive life of homeless existence on the streets and in the gutters rather painful to endure, but far too late to reverse the process. Few who entered the twilight to primitivism ever experienced the humanist sunshine again.

Those who fell into the green trap are painfully aware by personal experience that the glory of the primitive back-to-nature life in the shadow of deindustrialization is a mythological fairy tale that doesn't stand up in the real world that by then has nothing to offer but deprivation and an early death, because the carrying capacity in the primitive world where human development is shunned and prevented, is extremely low. 

The deadliest aspect, however, of primitive living with reduced human development, is that it prevents step by step humanity's ability to meet the Ice Age Challenge. A primitive society doesn't have the ability to create the massive infrastructure for shifting most of the world's food production into protected environments.

Outside the deadly trap of green deprivation lies the world of the real humanity, a developing world of scientific and technological progress where the human world rivals the golden gist of the sunshine. This golden stage of development is still being achieved, even while the natural world is enriched in the process, though the pressure is on and growing for this to be shut down too. In today's world nuclear power is on the chopping block to be sacrificed on the altar of the oligarchy's green songs. Tomorrow it will be civilization itself. Civilization is not a gift from heaven. It is a human creation that needs to be nourished and protected.

When civilization is shut down, who then will carry the torch to protect the biodiversity of the northern expanses when the coming Ice Age snows disable the botanical world and everything that depends on it? Who will carry the torch through the next Ice Age when humanity dies? Who will protect life on Earth?

We really don't know how much of the biodiversity of our planet will likely become lost in the 90,000 years of the coming glaciation period, when nothing of it is being preserved with technological infrastructures. The Ice Age glaciation climate is still in a progressive cooling stage. It promises to get colder with every Ice Age cycle for the next 10 million years.

The Earth's climate is presently not anywhere near the lowest point of the current 62 million year cycle that has brought us into the Pleistocene Ice Age only 2 million years ago. How we respond to the Ice Age imperative maybe not only critical for our own existence, but might also be critical for a wide variety of life that we still have the ability to carry through the Ice Age alongside with us, for its and for our own protection.

Far from being a cancer on this planet that consumes its biodiversity, humanity may be the only protector of the biodiversity of the Earth that the Earth has.

Only once before in the history of life on Earth has the kind of deep Ice Age occurred of the type that the Earth is increasingly moving towards, and this happened 450 million years ago when life was primitive and existed only in the oceans, and none at all on land. Our development on this planet enables us to fulfill a vital role in the continuing development of life at the currently unfolding unique period in geologic time. Are we ready to play this role?

Of course, in order to get anything accomplished, such as the immense building that is required in preparation for the coming Ice Age, humanity needs to achieve urgently a complete breakout from the chokehold of empire and oligarchic predation that cripples human living and the power of humanity to develop. Herein lies the key to our freedom, and the continuing freedom of life in the near future.

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