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From Global Warming Delusion to Ice Age Climate Change Reality - Part 3 - Dynamics for War

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A great danger looms ahead that the masters of empire will now force war upon the world in an effort to create such chaos, that as a last resort for them, they might restage the world once more to their advantage, in the shadow of this chaos, to save their dying system one more time. Yes, we are entering dangerous times indeed.

We are at a stage that is without precedent in history. The entire monetarist system of empire has become so extremely volatile by its built-in utter bankruptcy, that, as LaRouche had put it in 2007 in a webcast, a non-collapse is not possible under any circumstances, any leadership, or any government.

That this is so, that the bankruptcy of empire and its monetarism is utterly extreme and is total, is evident by the ever-louder cries for bailout money with which it had aimed to prevent the total collapse of its system that has become the world system. The demands for taxpayer bailouts are an admission by the masters of empire that their system has collapsed in a systemic bankruptcy. It is an admission that nothing can really save it anymore.

The critical intervention that took Dominic Straus Kahn off the world scene was evidently a high-level run operation that was set up to block further bailouts on the recognition that the bailouts hadn't worked, but had the opposite effect. The intervention was also at the same time a high-level admission that the present system is so hopelessly dead that nothing can save it by systemic means. That's like an admission that the bailouts process caused the dead corpse to disintegrate faster instead of slower, whereby the games have essentially come upon its end.

Another admission that the monetarist system is hopelessly dead was issued by high-level European officials.

With the Greek national debt having risen to such gigantic proportions that no hope exists for it ever to be repaid, rational voices called for a "restructuring" of the Greek debt, which typically includes massive write-offs. The official answer was, no, no, no! This means that any write-down of any debt is no longer possible, because the derivatives gambling contracts that are riding on the debt instruments are many times larger than the debt itself.

The system is now in a deeply hopeless crisis, since the collapsing physical economy in the monetarist world, which presently produces only millionaires and billionaires and not much else, is no longer able to pay the mushrooming interest on the debt that resulted. Nearly every nation is now in this kind of situation, in spite of the evermore brutal austerity measures and tax increases that are being imposed on the population to bleed more blood out of them.

Thus, with the populations becoming increasingly 'choked to death', many a government is about to tumble in the near term, by which the masters of empire are increasingly loosing their grip onto the nations and the world, and are becoming evermore desperate.

Historically, in such situations when empire is in deep trouble, the reaction has been to resort to war. War causes huge chaos in the world. In the shadow of near global chaos the masters have historically been able to quietly re-organize the world in ways that enabled them to gain a tighter grip on it. We are at such a stage again. The troops are already being trained. The infrastructures for war are being readied. The public has already been mentally prepared for many years.

The chosen target this time, is Iran, a modern nation of 78 million people, and possibly also North Korea. The official excuse for attacking them both, especially Iran, is to shut down their developing nuclear power industry, because, as the saying goes, whoever has nuclear power also has the means to make an atom bomb. Consequently, as the world has been told, these nations' bomb-making capability needs to be prevented at any cost. Towards this end, the war-option has been on the table for decades.

This is the official story for the plan to bomb Iran. Evidently this story does not reflect the real reason. The real reason becomes evident when one considers the effect that modern warfare has on the world.

Modern warfare has moved beyond the use of atom bombs to destroy a nation. The modern war has become increasingly a radioactive gas war that massively disables the targeted societies with a type of radioactive 'poison' that spreads with the air currents over wide areas.

The active agent for this modern gas war is uranium, a radioactive type of poison that is created by the use of uranium weapons. When uranium bombs or munitions impact on a hard target at high speeds, the uranium, which is naturally brittle, fractures into a dust of minuscule particles in a violent fiery explosion. More than half of the resulting dust particles are significantly smaller than the wavelength of light. Like a gas, they become a part of the air and become dispersed by it globally. They remain in the air and in the environment in which all live, for long periods, if not forever. People inhale this air, and the radioactive dust particles with it, or ingest them with their food.

Uranium has been a part of the landscape of the earth for as long as the earth existed. We grew up with it. Its natural radiation is considered low-level radiation, as it doesn't harm us.

However, for all those times that we lived in the shadow of uranium, the radioactive metal has never occurred in pulverized form with particle sizes smaller than the wavelength of light. Nothing in the world, including nuclear power reactors, produces these infinitely fine particles that become a part of the air that people breathe, which the bees and birds live in, and our food is grown in.

Only high-impact uranium bombs and munitions produce such particles. And being made of uranium, which is radioactive and has a half-life of 4.7 billion years, the resulting radioactive poison in the air, and in the global environment, remains radioactive forever. Since the bombing of Iran is once again on the horizon with a potential 100-fold increase of the radioactive poisoning of the world it becomes necessary to explore the nature of the new uranium war, which has been intentionally obscured for obvious reasons by numerous disinformation campaigns. Contrary to the created general perception that depleted uranium is harmless, the experience since the DU wars began has been that the depleted uranium poisoning of the world has been immensely damaging as one would expect by considering the nature of the radioactive poison that the DU weapons produce.

The prepared-for major increase of this poisoning, in the range of 50-fold to 100-fold, would likely be so immensely damaging that the necessary preparation of our world for the next Ice Age cycle would no longer be possible. For this reason it has become critical for humanity to rapidly break out of the games of madness, like the DU wars, that have become increasingly suicidal. The clock it ticking on the war front. The preparation for the bombing of Iran is done. The political preparations are far advanced. In the USA the transition to rule by Presidential degree has already begun.

This means that Ice Age Challenge may be the only impetus that is big enough to get us into a breakout mode on this critical front where nothing has caused the slightest movement for the last half a century, except to slide backwards, such as in the case of the DU wars that are already suicidal in nature. So, let's look at what is killing us on this front where indifference is equal to committing suicide. Our survival may truly depend on our discoveries on this front were lies increasingly rule.

What is called depleted uranium, is natural uranium that has been depleted of the rare isotope U235. Natural uranium typically contains U235 at a concentration of 0.72%, of which 0.5% can be separated out. The rest of the uranium is considered a waste product, which however is ideal for bombs and munitions, as its great weight and density enables it to flow through steel armor and concrete like a hot knife cuts through butter. Thus the waste that was once deemed expensive to dispose, is recycled into bombs and munitions of all sizes.

The extracted U235 isotope is the valuable part. U235 is the only element in existence that is naturally fissionable. It is separated by weight from the slightly heavier uranium U238, which is 130-times more abundant in the world, but is deemed useless for nuclear power reactors and nuclear bombs. It is considered a waste product for this reason. It is classified as a waste, because it has been depleted of all the useful stuff. However, the term 'depleted' is a deception. U238 does not need to be a waste product. It can be activated in a breeder reactor to become useful fuel for nuclear power facilities. A breeder reactor produces power and in the process produces more nuclear fuel than it uses up. By this process the nuclear power fuel supply would be expanded 100-fold. What is deemed a depleted waste product is really a valuable fuel resource for an energy rich future for humanity. Except this is not allowed to become a reality. With a powerful intervention, the masters of empire have stopped the entire process. All existing breeder facilities, such as the Phoenix facility in France, were shut down and probably demolished, just as the American Fast Flux Test Facility in Washington State, that was designed for researching the process, was shut down and demolished in a manner that prevents it from ever being reactivated. That is how U238, a potentially valuable fuel, became a waste product that thereby became massively available for the use in bombs and munitions.

When the U238, which is now called depleted uranium, is used in bombs and munitions, it becomes vaporized into a fine dust on impact. The impact explosion, in which the uranium itself becomes the explosive, creates temperatures hotter than the surface of the Sun in which the uranium becomes fractured into particles that are smaller in size than the wavelength of light. In this vaporized form as an invisible dust, the uranium becomes extremely dangerous.

Uranium, in any form or shape, emits nuclear radiation that consists of highly energetic nucleonic particles, called alpha particles. Alpha particles are made up of two protons and two neutrons. They are relatively large. Consequently, being large and bulky, they don't penetrate far. Thus, they pose no danger to the natural environment. Their radiation is considered weak. However, in vaporized form, when the vaporized uranium dust becomes a part of the air that people breathe, and the radioactive particles become inhaled and transported through the blood stream to the most intimate places in the body, even inside the biological cells, their nucleonic bullets made up of the alpha radiation cause enormous internal damage.

The vaporized uranium from DU bombs produces a type of radiation that is vastly different than radioactive fallout from nuclear reactors or atom bombs or nuclear medicine. The inhaled uranium dust emits a type of radiation that consists of real physical bullets. Uranium shoots off alpha particles that are chunks of an atomic nucleus, made up of two protons and two neutrons, and the guns that shoot these bullets are right inside your biology, like a gun held to your head. There is nothing comparable in ordinary nuclear radiation. The depleted uranium bombs produce vast showers of airborne cannons that are inhaled by people with the air.

Since vaporized uranium didn't exist in the natural world before the DU wars, the human body hasn't developed defenses against it, nor will such defenses be possible. Once the uranium dust gets inside of you, it can get potentially into everything, and stay there. The uranium dust particles that are generated with the use of uranium weapons are more than 50-times smaller than your red blood cells are, or a ten-thousandth of it in volume. It is comparable to a red blood cell like a cat compares to a ten story house. It acts in our biology like the fine sand that gets into your hair on a beach. Its minuscule radioactive cannons, when inhaled with the air, can become lodged in any place inside the body and keep on killing things there forever as they shoot off their cannonballs, called alpha particles.

An uranium atom decays by ejecting a part of its nucleus, called an alpha particle, made up two protons and two electrons. In atomic terms, that's a huge mass.

The mass is ejected with a typical kinetic energy in the range of 3 to 7 million electron Volts. Because of their high mass, alpha particles travel slowly, at only 15,000 km per second, which is 5% of the speed of light. Being large in size, they are easily absorbed, which makes them in general not dangerous to life unless the emitting source is ingested or inhaled. In such a case the alpha particles become extremely dangerous. In close contact with the biological system alpha radiation is the most destructive form of ionizing radiation there is. The Russian dissident Alexander V. Litvinenko was assassinated in 2006 with the highly powerful alpha emitter. A few milligrams of polonium-210 caused the death of this man by alpha radiation.

Also the alpha particles themselves are not the only cause for major damage to the biological system. An equal amount of damage is caused by the recoiling nucleus after the alpha emission, its energy is especially damaging to genetic material, since the positive electric charge of the resulting transuranic elements causes them become attracted to the net negative charge of D.N.A., and is thus brought into close approximation to the D.N.A.. No other form of radiation has this effect. It is estimated that chromosome damage from alpha particles is anywhere from 10 to 1000 times greater than that caused by an equivalent amount of gamma or beta radiation, with the average being approximately 20 times.

The beta-radiation particle is essentially an energetic electron particle that is 8000 times smaller and faster moving. It typically penetrates the human body without causing harm, except in high doses. If may in fact be beneficial to some degree in low doses, as are some types of cosmic-ray particles. Beta radiation is the major part of the background radiation of the Earth. That transuranic nuclear waste is included in depleted uranium for weapons is evident by the fact that the uranium component of such weapons is encapsulated in aluminum, which blocks beta radiation.

Gamma radiation is the most exotic of them all. Its active agent is an energetic photon. Gamma radiation is an electromagnetic phenomenon, similar than x-rays, but of a shorter wavelength and with vastly greater penetrating power. It too, is a part of the natural background radiation, though dangerous only at high dosages. That depleted uranium munitions contain gamma emitters at dangerous concentrations is evident by the fact that some soldiers sitting on boxes of such munitions in their fighting vehicles have contracted colon cancers. No practical means exist to block the gamma radiation, except lead shielding four meters thick, which is not practical to implement.

Both beta and gamma radiation become dangerous at high doses, such as are generated with nuclear bombs. However, short of nuclear war, alpha radiation is the most damaging by far, and this is what has been vaporized into the air in quantities of millions of kilograms with the so-called depleted uranium munitions and bombs, and with no end in sight for their use against humanity.

An additional type of radiation that is distributed worldwide with depleted uranium dust is neutron radiation. The isotope U235 of uranium emits atomic neutrons at high speeds and high energy levels. U235 is present in depleted uranium munitions and bombs. The neutron emission of U235 presently powers the nuclear power reactors in the world. The radiation is contained there and kept safe, but when it is spread around the world in vaporized form and in large quantities, it is anything but safe.

A nuclear reactor operates at low radiation levels. Contrary to what people are incited to believe, nuclear power is currently the safest platform for large-scale electric power production. It is many times safer than coal powered plants that have an enormous impact in the form of respiratory diseases. In comparison, well designed nuclear plants cause zero inherent pollution. There are presently 500 nuclear reactors operating in the world. A few accidents has caused some deaths and some damage, but those have all been relatively minor in comparison with the health damage caused by coal-fired power plants.

A nuclear reactor of the type shown here typically contains 100 tons of uranium. In all the nuclear accidents combined, probably only a fraction of a single ton was released, while 5000 tons of uranium has been spread across the world with the use of depleted uranium weapons and in a form that becomes inhaled by people. The masters of empire are presently mobilizing public perception into an antinuclear frenzy, with the goal to shut down all nuclear power plants in the world, while the stockpile of uranium weapons is being quietly enlarged. This adds up to a suicidal track on two fronts simultaneously.

Nuclear power plants utilize the isotope U235 of uranium that emits atomic neutrons. Natural uranium contains 0.72% of U235. This natural concentration as it is, is sufficient to operate a nuclear power reactor, such as the Canadian designed heavy water reactor shown here. By the burn-up in the reactor of the U235, the U235 concentration becomes reduced. With this the reactive efficiency becomes reduced also. The uranium fuel is typically burned down to 0.4% in a heavy water reactor, after that it becomes depleted waste or is enriched again. Weapons-grade depleted uranium typically has its U235 drawn down to 0.2%, about half the concentration that a nuclear power reactor can operate on efficiently. While the weapons-grade DU concentration is too low to power a nuclear reactor, it still emits the same powerful neutron radiation, only less in quantity. This radiation is, and remains, as damaging to the human biology as alpha radiation when it is brought into close contact with it.

A neutron is typically slowed down in the human body, just as it is in a nuclear reactor, until it becomes absorbed by another atom. In this process it ionizes the surrounding tissue, stripping electrons away from them. When the neutron is finally absorbed it decays into a proton and emits beta and gamma radiation, which in close approximation, where the effective energy is high, is highly damaging to cells. In fact, neutron radiation damage is so extensive that a form of cancer treatment has been developed that uses shaped neutron radiation focused from several directions onto the cancer cells to kill the wildly replicating cells that had their D.N.A. previously damaged.

That neutron radiation kills is also evident by the development of the neutron bomb, a kind of atom bomb that kills only people and leaves the cities and infrastructures intact. The depleted uranium that is vaporized with weapons, though being depleted to some extend remains a powerful neutron emitter. No natural process exists that places a powerful alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron emitter right inside the human body. Only the atom bomb and the depleted uranium weapons do this, and they do this effectively with worldwide distribution, considering the enormous amount of radioactive material that has been vaporized, and the vastly greater amount that is presently prepared to be vaporized with a possible 100-fold increase.

Consider the following, to judge the damage that is being done.

The first atomic bomb contained 64 kg of uranium, of which less than a kilogram underwent nuclear fission, and of this mass only 0.6 gram was transformed into energy. The radiation effect of the 64 kilograms of uranium exploding caused 200,000 deaths in the aftermath, or three times as many as the direct casualties. Compare this 64 kilograms with the five million kilograms of uranium that were vaporized in the Afghan and Iraqi wars, and you can get an idea of the extend of the human damage that has been caused.

The DU wars have thus put well over 78,000 times the Hiroshima amount of radioactive pollution into the air, most of it so finely pulverized that it became a part of the air, affecting birds, insects, animals, and humans alike. When CNN reported a 6-fold increase in lung cancer in the USA three years later, the consequences were slowly coming home. It may well be that the decimation of the honey bees throughout the northern hemisphere may be caused by the massive radioactive pollution of the world with the weapons of war. It is hard to imagine what the potential 100-fold increase will cause, according to what appears to be known about the existing DU weapons stockpiles.

That the uranium damage is not imagined is evident by Kuwait's reaction to the fire of an army base were a small number of depleted uranium munitions had burned. The long term effects were such that after 17 years the Kuwaiti government requested to the US to scrape up the sands from the base and around it, ant take it home. This wouldn't have happened if the DU pollution was harmless, as it is officially being said in an effort to keep the war engines going. But this obviously isn't the case, the repatriation of the pollution really happened.

In April 2008, the newly built container ship BBC Alabama, a charter vessel, was on route from Kuwait to the U.S. carrying 6,700 tons of Kuwaiti sand that had become contaminated with depleted uranium munitions when Doha Army base in Kuwait caught fire 17 years earlier, in the 1991 Gulf War. Neither government will discuss just how much the repatriation of the pollution has cost.

160 containers filled with sand were loaded onto railcars and shipped to an Idaho-based waste disposal site owned by a company called American Ecology.

According to the Pentagon's annual "Base Structure Report," which itemizes its foreign and domestic military real estate, the Department of Defense operated at the time more than 800 bases around the world; 5,311 if one counts the ones in American territories and on the U.S. mainland; and probably well over 6,000 if one counts the small ones, like Doha in Kuwait, that for some reason didn't make the list. Similarly omitted were all U.S. bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar and Uzbekistan.

The point is that uranium-weapons pollution retains its deadly effect, so that after 17 years of obvious political pressure and unknown number of lives destroyed or disabled as a consequence of the lingering pollution, the pollution was finally taken back home, with Kuwait probably footing the bill to get it done. And the pollution was likely of a lesser type than that which gets vaporized into the air by impact effects that create far higher temperatures than a mere fire. The impact fire of a uranium anti-tank shell is so intense that in one case, when children were playing near a targeted tank, they had their clothes and skin burned off instantly. The victims inside the tanks were summarily nicknamed, crispy critters. That's the dimension of the modern war and of the now massively stockpiled uranium bombs and munitions.

When the uranium radioactive agent is dispersed with the wind, the entire geometry of warfare begins to change.

With the dawn of the DU wars, it is no longer necessary to physically attack a targeted nation. It is sufficient to carry out the bombing nearby. With Iran being centrally located on the Eurasian continent, it becomes a convenient dumping ground for the real intended targets of empire, its historic targets: Russia, India, and China. The global jet streams typically flow in their direction from Iran.

Also, once such a war gets going, it is hard to stop. Russia will find it nearly impossible to defend itself against such a war when its territory is not directly attacked, likewise China and India. As if it was in response to such a possibility, China has recently deployed a fleet of small mobile ICBMs, the DF31 system that can pepper the U.S. west coast with nuclear blasts that would produce enough fallout to disable the rest of the USA, which would then stop the attack. If the attack happens and won't be stopped, then we should look for a different planet to live on as the Earth would them become largely uninhabitable.

The resulting, highly unpredictable consequences that this type of warfare and the response to it would bring, would then also likely develop against the background of a global energy crisis. As the result of it being attacked Iran would likely shuts down a large chunk of the world's oil supply that flows through the Strait of Hormuz that Iran would be well able to block. Of course, the resulting chaos would be one of the desired outcomes that the masters of empire require the war for in the first place.

Will there be war? Israel will answer this question. Senior U.S. military and intelligence sources have warned in early June 2011 that U.S. military forces have been conducting big contingency planning drills for a U.S. intervention in the wake of an Israeli strike on targets in Iran. The sources estimate that the target date for such a joint Israel-U.S. attack on Iran could be as early as July of this year. Others suggest that the attack may not begin until after the retirement of U.S. Secretary of Defence, Robert Gates, and U.S. Admiral Mullen at the end of September, who have both been powerful factors in holding back such attacks so far.

The root of the danger is that both the U.S. and Israeli governments are committed to follow the dictates of empire, no matter the cost. With the masters of empire now facing an existential crisis on a scale that has never been seen before, a gigantic war may well be on the horizon unless many patriotic elements in both countries will care enough to assure that the potential tragedy does not happen.

When the giant war begins, North Korea will likely be added to the target list, for the more direct targeting of China. It has been reported in 2005 that 2.7 million DU-bombs and munitions have been pre-positioned in South Korea, according to a U.S. document dated August 2003, that became available through the Freedom of Information Act. A stockpile of such a size has been estimated to contain over 60 million kilograms of uranium, or 12 times the amount used during the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, combined. Since the pre-positioned stockpile would likely have been increased, and also considering that Iran is a much larger target, we may expect a fifty-fold increase in the radioactive DU pollution of the world, even potentially a 100-fold increase over and above what we have seen so far, which already had immense global consequences.

What we have seen so far is unimaginably horrid. In the war zones birth defects have increased 20 fold, cancers 50 fold, with horrors too horrible to tell or to present visually.

The worldwide effect is equally tragic as the radioactive uranium dust is transported by the jet streams around the world. The destructive particles become inhaled worldwide. Nobody knows how many are inhaled every day, nor can anyone predict what their effect in individual cases may be. Once inside the body, the particles have the potential to wreck DNA that is so fragile that minuscule disturbances of only 6 to 10 electron volts are sufficient to break the DNA links. In comparison the alpha particles packs an energy of 4.2 million electron volts. But not only DNA is affected by these nucleonic cannons that have become lodged in the most intimate places in the human body. The human biology is a structure of extremely complex molecules that become massively destroyed by the nucleonic bullets. Over 90 different disease symptoms have been linked to this unpredictable cause. Over 500,000 American Gulf War veterans have become physically disabled in numerous ways, summarized as the Gulf War Syndrome, which may have been largely caused by ingested or inhaled radiation.

On the worldwide scene, diabetes, which has been identified as one of the marker diseases, has increased from 30 million cases for diabetes-two, to 230 million cases since the DU bombing began in Yugoslavia and in the first Iraq War. The biggest increase in diabetes occurred in India, which is located down-wind from both the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres of war.

But even the far-off USA was caught up in the disabling maelstrom. CNN reported on March, 8 in 2006, that a 6-fold increase in lung cancer has occurred inside the USA. This has enormous consequences. While no empiric proof will ever be possible to link these increases with the DU Wars, the timing suggests that such a link is highly likely. Other evidence supports this suggestion.

Insect populations and bird populations have declined since the DU wars began. The days are gone when one awakes in the morning to the chirping of birds, and one doesn't dare sit in the garden without being sprayed with insect repellents. The loss of domesticated bees is even more dramatic. Here too, no smoking-gun evidence exists, or will likely ever be possible, to link these trends to the still increasing DU poisoning of the air across the world, except the coincidence in timing.

With this considered it is hard to imagine what a 50-fold increase, or potentially a 100-fold increase may bring. Humanity may not survive such an increased onslaught against itself, if it is unleashed, especially in the light of the Ice Age Challenge that also looms on the horizon.

The Canadian Armed Forces no longer use depleted uranium ordnance. All uranium munitions have been eliminated from the inventories of the Canadian military. The Canadian response to a growing international outcry puts Canada into a leadership position for the world, though the movement towards sanity still faces the near universal opposition from all the big powers of war, which are the chief users of uranium ordnance. The military of the USA clings to the indefensible position that the resulting radioactive gas poison is harmless, and that the international attempts to ban the use of it, are merely intended to blunt its military might. Thus the DU wars continue that are silently killing all across the world, including Americans in their distant land.

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