Text and images transcript of the video From Global Warming Delusion to Ice Age Climate Change Reality - Part 2 - Dynamics of Predation (looting) by Rolf Witzsche 

From Global Warming Delusion to Ice Age Climate Change Reality - Part 2 - Dynamics of Predation (looting)

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We presently live in a world where a powerful thief is stealing the living of humanity and is destroying its productive and creative capacity in the process. The name of the thief is empire. It is the most devastating thief of all times. 

It steals from the living of humanity, from its physical economies, and lays up the stolen loot in useless portfolios that it calls wealth, or wastes it in pompous and riotous living. That's the doctrine of empire. It is comparable to the white spider that hides inside flowers and ambushes bees, and feeds on them.

Empire operates with a similar craftiness and thievery by which it ambushes society, feeds on it, and forges evermore millionaires and billionaires among its ranks in the process. It does it by the financier process that is draining the living blood from society, like the fabled vampires do.

In answering a question for the Vatican, as to what process stands behind the conditions that shape the modern world, the American economist, Lyndon H. LaRouche, during his presentation there at the Vatican, presented an illustration of the doctrine of imperial thievery. He laid out with it what blocks human progress at the present stage, and explained that the illustrated process is fast advancing around the world towards the total collapse of the physical economy, and with it the collapse of civilization. 

LaRouche's triple curve illustrates the vampire process as it had been unfolding in 1995. It illustrates a process of top-down stealing from the creative power of the physical economy by means of financial bleeding, into portfolios that are deemed wealth, but which are unproductive and therefore parasitic. Yes, he illustrated truly, that empire is by its operation, a vampire. 

The vampire myth was evidently created to illustrate the nature of empire for all to see. The vampire draws from the living, which thereby collapse. That's precisely the nature of empire. It creates a world of illusion. The technical term for the illusion is "inflation." 

Thus, in order to inflate the illusion faster, the process of empire causes evermore money to be pored into the thievery system, which, since the money doesn't flow into the physical economy, increases the inflation, and thereby puts increasing pressure onto the collapse process itself, of whatever still remains real.

The system of empire actually produces the only type of illusion that has an affect on reality. 

It affects people's reactions. People become addicted to the illusion that money is wealth, instead of recognizing that only what is produced for human living makes society ultimately rich. 

In the vampire story the imagined benefit turns out to be emptiness, and the ultimate outcome, death. Empire has the same effect in the real world. Its system is so empty within, that it is nothing more than the facilitator of parasitic thievery. Its grandest illusion is that when the victim, the productive economy, dies, the parasite miraculously keeps on living. 

Since such an outcome is not possible, the empire demands an intervention that will keep it going. The intervention is called, bailout.

How did we get into this mess? The timing coincides with the dawn of the electronic data processing technology and communications technology. The technology began to explode rapidly into a technological revolution that enabled complex accounting methods and deceptive games to be played in the global arena, which altogether enabled the evermore speedy and more-effective looting of the world. 

It wasn't that the parasitic process of empire had suddenly changed in 1965. The only change that occurred in 1965 is that the masters of empire had discovered a powerful tool that made their looting practice evermore efficient, and with it their corrupting influence.

Near the end of the 1990s the level of sophistication in data manipulation had enabled globalized looting games to be carried out instantly, and with such intensity that the system for creating illusions now needed evermore fresh floods of money flowing into it, to support the fakery, and to keep the illusion alive that there are huge profits to be made in the financial market, and on a scale that far exceeded what was achieved in the physical economy.

As this escalation occurred, LaRouche changed his triple curve to reflect that the flood of newly created money had increased so rapidly that it grew faster than the fictitious values that the new money had been created to support. 

The accelerating influx of newly created money had been the only force that keep the illusion alive that the vampire system is viable, and is not dying.

As one would expect, and LaRouche had long warned about, the system of illusion did blow out. The blowout began in 2007. A small hedge fund went under.

 When a bank tried to collect from the collapsed fund, on its outstanding loans, there was nothing there. When it tried to sell the collateral that had been deposited for the loan, nobody wanted it, as this too had become largely worthless. This attempted sale started a chain reaction that collapsed the value of all related assets across the board so deeply that the sale was quickly stopped. The investment house itself, that had owned the collapsed fund, collapsed too. The result of it all caused major tremors in the system, because the entire system was essentially as bankrupt as the investment company that had collapsed.

In order to hide the global bankruptcy of the system, and to prevent the further collapse of financial values across the entire financial industry, the government was essentially 'ordered' to buy up all the worthless junk of all the banks at face value, just to keep the junk off the market. 

This particular type of bailout process was called the Troubled Assets Recovery Program. But it didn't solve the underlying cause. It didn't solve the systemic failure. Nobody had any intention to change the system that was defective at the core, and was dying. Thus more and more bailout programs were called for, with ever greater haste, in order to create the illusion that the corpse was still alive.

The bailout process started in 2008. 

By 2011, three years down the road, an estimated $35 trillion has been given away in various schemes to bail out the looting system that was collapsing, which by then was run by very big banks and institutions that were said to be too big to be allowed to fail. It was said if the banks were not rescued, civilization would collapse, with unimaginable consequences. So, the bailout began.

The $35 trillion in bailout money that was given away by the government, is in physical terms, a stack of hundred dollars bills piled 20,000 miles high, or laid on its side, it would stretch three quarters of the way around the Earth. 

Not a penny of' this 'bailout money went into the physical economy for economic recovery, for new industries providing jobs, housing, education, health care, and so on. Instead, the bailout money went into the coffers of millionaires and billionaires. 

One of the bailout schemes that was created, was set up to purchase all the worthless junk assets held by the banks, the kind that could never be put onto the markets without collapsing all asset values across the board, and with it the entire system itself. But the loss of value wasn't the only catastrophe the system faced. The monetarist system also carried a vast volume of derivatives gambling contracts based on the fictitious values. The volume, had become measured in quadrillions of dollars. It had become so huge just prior to the bailouts, that the slightest miscalculation could bankrupt the biggest banks, and would have done that had the government not stepped in with gigantic loans in order that the gambling contracts could be honored, whereby, as it was said, the system would be saved from collapsing. 

The volume of the gambling orgy has become so great over the years that it now far exceeds the quadrillion mark. A quadrillion dollars add up to a stack of $100 notes, which, when laid on its side would encircle the Earth 26 times.

Of course, the ever-increasing bailouts didn't solve the crisis. They accelerated it. As a consequence evermore bailouts were demanded, even super bailouts. This went on until somebody put a stop to it near the end of May in 2011. For this purpose, so it appears, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund was set up and subsequently arrested on a sexual misconduct charge that sent him to prison right in the middle of his personal involvement to arrange another super bailout. 

His arrest created a shockwave that ended all new bailouts from this day forward. The consequences of this shockwave may be incalculable.

Without the bailouts flooding evermore money into the dying system, what will keep the system afloat? 

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