Text-only transcript of the video Free Electric Energy Forever by Rolf Witzsche 

Free Electric Energy Forever

(01 NASA has photographed vast electric energy streams )

The same electric energy that powers the Sun electrically is also available to us on earth, by the same process, though with lesser intensity. NASA has photographed vast electric energy streams encircling the earth in the ionosphere, which we can tap into.

(02 Two energy bands on the Sun )

We have observed the same two energy bands on the Sun for decades. We see the two bands of electric concentration overlaying the high-intensity background in spite of the Sun’s intense luminosity.

(03 The Earth is rich with electric energy )

We see the same process on the Earth that we see on the Sun. The Earth is rich with electric energy.

(04 Cosmic energy )

Right now cosmic energy powers only the hurricanes and tornados, all the world’s lightning, and sundry planetary services such as the rotation of the earth and its magnetic field.

(05 For an infinite future )

There is enough energy in this system to power all of humanity’s puny needs for an infinite future for all times to come. An anti-entropic energy resource can never be depleted. It is a part of a system that becomes more energetic the more it is used. We will begin to experience this deeply inherent power at the moment we lay decapitated science aside and develop truthful science. For this humanity needs to cancel the existence of empire, the greatest crime against the future that has ever been perpetrated, which imposed the decapitation through the channels of its numerous ‘royal’ societies.

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