Text-only transcript of the video Arresting the Infinite Crime: Kepler Today part 4.1 by Rolf Witzsche 

Arresting the Infinite Crime: Kepler Today part 4.1

(01 Arresting the ‘Most’ Supreme Crime )

Arresting the ‘Most’ Supreme Crime

A video presentation of the series, Kepler Today - part 4.1

(02 Empire and Peace )

Empire and Peace, are mutually exclusive’

(03 Johannes Kepler )

Johannes Kepler, who made his mark in the early 1600s would still say to us, especially today, look at the physical evidence, not at the doctrine.

(04 The concept of ‘Empire and War’ being One )

The concept of ‘Empire and War’ being One, and this One being the crime that has tarnished the ages, we face in it the most dehumanizing crime, the infinite crime.

(05 Kepler would say to us )

Kepler would say to us, ‘open your eyes and your mind,’ for then the plain reality that you would thereby see, which has stared mankind into the face for millennia unrecognized, is that ‘Empire and War’ is undeniably a single conception and expression: A singularity of one that is the ‘Most Horrendous Crime’ against humanity and life that threads through all time as the infinite crime.

And Kepler might add, ‘don’t you dare being indifferent to this.’

(06 It is by indifference )

It is by indifference that a society looses its civilization, and subsequent to this loss, it looses its life.

And so it will always be. Long before society commits the crime of war; it has committed the folly of indifference whereby it has lost its humanity and opened the gate to empire. The dying and destruction that result from the process are always subsequent. Nor is anyone exempt from prosecution for the infinite crime.

(07 Under the U.S. Constitution )

Under the U.S. Constitution it is illegal for the USA, its government, and its institutions, to attack another nation. Every form of military force is illegal on Constitutional grounds unless the force is used to fend off aggression against the USA on its own territory.

The recent Concurrent House Resolution 107 reiterates this long-standing constitutional principle. Under this highest law of the land therefore, all the wars since the end of World War Two that the USA has started and became involved in, were perpetrated illegally as crimes against the nation.

(08 Starting the illegal wars )

Likewise, all those who have voted in Congress in support of starting the illegal wars, have voted illegally and are thereby liable for prosecution for their crime. This includes all the Presidents who have championed those illegal wars, including all persons of lesser rank below the President or Congress who have obeyed the President’s orders for war, who have by their obedience committed the crimes of war, are thereby liable for prosecution. And this goes many ranks deep. No authority, no matter how great, has the legal right to order a person or institution to commit a crime against the nation, against humanity, and against life itself.

(09 The great powers in high office )

The great powers that are given to leaders in high office do not come with a free license attached to commit crimes against the nation and humanity and life itself, with impunity. Those who commit those crimes, whether they are Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, or Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, and so one, render themselves as common criminals by their committing those crimes.

(10 The numerous illegal wars )

On this basis the enormous damage that has been done to the nations and to individuals in the course of the numerous illegal wars, becomes a liability for which compensation can technically be demanded from the individuals involved, including from the person of the President, and from the USA as a nation in which name the crimes of war were perpetrated, and in addition from the entire worldwide empire apparatus that stood behind all the great mass of crimes of war in history as the instigator of them in every case.

(11 Empire and war combine )

Empire and war combine as a single fantasy of insanity.

(12 Shadows of a fading folly )

‘Shadows of a fading folly.’ An exploration video production by Rolf A. F Witzsche of the new age in which war and empire begin to show their true color as the infinite crime, with a focus on the so-called Depleted Uranium Wars, of the past and prepared for the future so that humanity won’t have a future.

(13 Empire and War, the extreme crime )

Crime is not an element of civilization. Empire and War, the extreme crime, never was an element of civilization. It is a mythological concept – an error.

(14 Compensation claims )

While the global compensation claims for damages done to people and nations by the infinite crime can never be paid out in money as a recompense, because the damage cuts too deep to be simply plastered over with money, nor is there enough money in the world to do so as the claims for the crime damage would be infinite in size corresponding to the ‘infinite’ damage that was done, the USA should instead commit itself to a more meaningful recompense by powerfully aiding economic development around the world, thus to aid the world by all means possible to have a future once again, a future with advanced food development, transportation development, energy development, and scientific and technological development.

On this platform all future wars can be avoided when a commitment to universal humanity is re-established, including the wars that are presently planned against Syria and Iraq, which Russia and China intended to be the next targets. Unfortunately the world is moving in the opposite direction.

(15 The Thirty Years War )

We are moving back to the stage of the Thirty Years War where roving armed gangs, named armies, were ravishing the European lands for thirty years in defense of the system of empire of various types against the common aims of humanity for sovereignty, dignity, and freedom. The Peace of Westphalia that stopped the madness effectively ended the policy of empire that might equals right. We see a regression again to the pre-Westphalia madness of roaming armed gangs, and this is happening now on the global scale in a nuclear armed world, and in radioactive uranium gas warfare.

(16 The Coalition of the Willing )

The highest laws of the land, hard won over centuries, are now routinely thrown out of the window in a regression to the old inhumanity of gang warfare under the modern term of ‘The Coalition of the Willing,’ a coalition of willing criminals where once again might equals right.

On this platform many small nations have been destroyed with overwhelming force, that were unable to defend themselves, such as Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on, with Syria, Iran, Russia, and China to be next in line. The scourge of the street gang tactics has become the strategic platform of the western world.

(17 The street gangs )

The difference is that the street gangs have not yet achieved the sophistication of the imperial process for legitimizing their crime. The street gangs do not yet call themselves the ‘Coalitions of the Willing’ when they commit their criminal acts, but they do know that a lone old woman is easily overcome and robbed by the superior force of ganged thugs. The ganging-up process is now applied against entire nations, militarily. Whoever wants to join the gang is welcome. That’s what the advertisements say.

(18 Drawn into the gang trap )

Entire nations are now drawn into the gang trap, where coordinated command structures and strategies add to the overwhelming might. The modern coordinated wars are all offensive wars. The targeted nations are attacked because they refuse to play the dictated imperial games. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, had never attacked the USA or threatened it, yet they were brutally attacked and destroyed, or are so threatened to be destroyed, by the ‘Coalition of the Willing,’ the partners in crime. This has nothing to do with upholding civilization. It is plain and simple gang-force methodology. The gangsters snub the principles of civilization and thereby trap themselves into a war against their own humanity.

(19 The Mujahideen emerged )

Afghanistan stands as a tragic example. In 1978 the monarchial government was overthrown with a coup d'etate that created an incompetent anti-Islam socialist government. The Mujahideen emerged as the pro-Islam counter force. The USA saw this as an opportunity to draws the Soviet Union into the quagmire and there to humiliate it with street-gang terror tactics. For this the Mujahideen became used, trained, motivated, and financed to the tune if 40 billion dollars over ten year to become the largest and most effective street-terror gang in history that defeated the Soviet military machine and soon thereafter the Soviet-backed government in Afghanistan.

However, when the deed was done the vast crime gang was left to fend for itself.

The Al-Qaeda networks of fundamental Islamic orientation became the abundant gang’s logistical base, primarily financed through Saudi Arabia. The term Al-Qaeda simply means ‘the base.’

The Taliban also from a similar kind of background, primarily from the refugee camps in Pakistan. It was financed by whoever had an interest in keeping the new Islamic State of Afghanistan destabilized. It chose the ultra-fundamentalist Shia Hazaras as their apostates, which they later massacred when they were deemed to be not radical enough.

(20 Gang-terror turned cities into killing fields )

The gang-terror crimes once they had been unleashed had turned cities into killing fields in which many thousands were massacred in ethnic and political ‘cleansing’ orgies, including the Taliban when captured, especially after the Taliban had successfully occupied Mazar-Sharif.

(21 The Taliban continues to be financed )

Reconciliation has so far not been achieved. The Taliban became ‘nurtured’ by the horror stories of the Soviet and government crimes in response to the gang crimes aimed to topple them. The Taliban had learned their lesson, and in their own orgy of utter criminality and inhumanity captured Kabul and other cities, and declared themselves the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. They were displaced, of course, by the U.S. invasion. To date, no reconciliation has been achieved, or intended as the Taliban continues to be financed. Even before the U.S. invasion happened, a mere third of the 45,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda that stood against the government of the Islamic State of Afghanistan, were Afghans themselves. The rest were imported.

(22 Forty five countries joined the war )

With the American invasion the tragedy expanded. Forty five countries have now joined the war. The gang-force method has now become legitimized as if the crimes committed by overwhelming force become softened under the umbrella of organized plurality with much of the western world becoming participants. On this pluralistic platform of the World Street Gang the Iraq war later unleashed, in spite the fact that the U.S. Constitution prohibits any attacks of other nations, which should have prevented the financing of the Mujahideen at the very beginning. The financing of the Mujahideen was a crime against the nation. The plurality of the gang participation was used to bypass the Constitution, and this evermore so.

(23 The infinite crime )

Empire and war is one, and this one is the infinite crime.

(24 War for 34 years )

The people in the war zone unfortunately suffer the consequences of the endless streams of crime that have now gone on for 34 years. Now, with the most horrendous crimes having been unleashed with the uranium gas warfare a normal future for the nation and its children drifts ever farther out of sight. How many of them will have the privilege of having a normal life is hard to determine. A normal world is no longer on the agenda.

(25 The objective is not to win wars )

The objective of empire is not to win wars, but to extend them, perpetuate them, and expand them. The objective is not to heal humanity, but to injure and destroy it, to keep it impotent. The objective is the same financially. Empire and War is One.

(26 Empire is the real enemy in Afghanistan )

Empire is the real enemy in Afghanistan. Empire finances the Taliban, some with proceeds from dope operations that the World Street gang protects in Afghanistan. And so, after 10 years of war, the Taliban is bigger than ever, expanding and extending the war further and further without an end in sight, exactly as the policies of empire demand.

(27 As the war expands, the casualties increase )

Of course, as the war expands, the casualties increase, and the dying increases with it on all fronts, while the nation looses its strength.

(28 International assistance into Afghanistan )

The international assistance that pored into Afghanistan in the form of the World Street gang, has brought the most deep-reaching debilitations into the life of the people of Afghanistan, the kind of debilitations that result from the modern uranium warfare. The assistance did no come in the form of economic development.

(29 Liberation by Poison )

Liberation by Poison, the New form of Warfare, Vaporized Uranium-Gas Warfare.

(30 Uranium is radioactive )

The active agent in this war is uranium. Uranium is radioactive. It remains so even when it is vaporized into a fine dust, too fine to be visible - so fine that it mingles with the air and becomes a deadly gas.

The weapons that produce the dust are potent killers, and never-ending latent killers.

(31 Uranium bombs and munitions )

Uranium bombs and munitions are ideal for the infinite crime. They are inexpensive to produce in large quantities and cause unavoidable consequences for all of humanity. They match both parameters of the infinite crime. They are cheap and lethal. They match perfectly the cesspool’s requirement for the effective mass annihilation of humanity for an endless span of time.

(32 The uranium gas war )

The uranium gas war is activated by placing large quantities of uranium into bombs and munitions. Uranium is an extremely heavy and brittle metal that becomes flammable on impact. On impact uranium burns with an extremely high temperature, exceeding 5,000 degrees Celsius, equal or hotter than the surface of the Sun. Uranium is thereby ideal for making bombs with.

(33 The Desert Storm War in Iraq )

The Desert Storm War in Iraq, in 1991, was the first big proving ground of the uranium munitions. The Iraqi military had been coerced to surrender its position in Kuwait, and as it did, on its return, a storm of uranium munitions was poured unto the returning forces that annihilated them all. It came to light as a totally different form of warfare, as some soldiers reported in the newspapers.

“It’s the biggest Fourth of July show you’ve ever seen,” they said, “and to see those tanks just ‘boom’, and more stuff just keeps spewing out of them… they just become white hot. It’s wonderful. We toasted him…. We hit the jackpot…. A turkey shoot…. Shooting fish in a barrel…. Basically just sitting ducks…. There’s just nothing like it.”

In the intensely high-temperature explosion the uranium becomes vaporized into an infinitesimally fine dust with dust flakes smaller than the wavelength of light, whereby the dust becomes invisible and becomes a part of the air. The radioactive presence in the air was so thick that it could be measured with instrumentation as far away as England. The invisible dust from the explosion that was thick in the theatre of operation probably killed many of the pilots with cancers of all sorts many years after the missions had been flown.

(34 An Iraqi tank was hit )

A case was reported in which an Iraqi tank was hit. The resulting heat wave of the uranium explosion was so intense that children playing nearby had their clothing and their skin instantly burned off.

Uranium is loved by the military, because it penetrates the steel of armor like a hot knife cutting through butter. The soldiers inside the tanks, of course suffer terribly. Those who saw the remains called them ‘crispy critters.’

(35 The vaporized uranium dust )

The vaporized uranium dust mixes with the air and behaves like a gas in the air that spreads across the world. But even widely dispersed as an invisible dust that hangs over the world, the uranium it contains loses none of its radioactive properties. This means that even now, the air that people breathe has become a radiation-emitting poison. The poison flows with the air currents and the jet streams, and gets dispersed across the hemisphere, in some cases within just days, and eventually becomes spread globally.

All of this has already happened. The air of the world has been effectively poisoned. The poison is now affecting hundreds of millions of people, and severely so in many cases.

(36 Five million kilograms of uranium )

In the Yugoslav, Afghanistan and Iraqi wars, approximately five million kilograms of uranium have been dispensed with various types of bombs and munitions.

In the shadow of this type of warfare, worldwide diabetes II has increased from 30 million cases to 230 million cases, a more than 7-fold increase.

In the war areas the effects were evidently much worse, and much more grotesque, like cases of stomach and breast cancers in teenagers, and birth defects increasing 50-fold in some areas. The severity of the defects is beyond description. Of the returning soldiers from the Iraq and Afghan wars, half a million were classified as permanently disabled. They were suffering from over 90 different types of diseases, which became simply called the Gulf War Syndromes.

And this is the result of what may be termed as, ‘just the beginning,’ as all efforts have failed so far to achieve a worldwide ban of uranium use in weapons with stockpiles laid up for a potential 100-fold increase.

(37 Alpha radiation is low-level radiation )

Uranium radiation occurs in the form of alpha particles being emitted by an atomic decay process. An alpha particle is a tiny nucleonic cluster made up of two protons and two electrons. The cluster is emitted with great speed like a flying bullet. The bullet is relatively large. It encounters many barriers in its path, so that it doesn’t penetrate far. A heavy sheet of paper can block it, or clothing, or a person’s skin. For this reason alpha radiation is considered low-level radiation.

However, when the uranium that produces the radiation is vaporized into dust smaller than the wavelength of light, the tiny invisible uranium dust-flakes can be likened to airborne cannons that are inhaled with the air, that become transported in a person’s blood stream to every place in the body where blood flows.

(38 The DU dust particles )

In comparison with a red blood cell, the DU dust particles may be likened in size to a cat when compared with a ten story house. They radioactive DU dust flakes become a part of the nourishment intake that is transported in the blood stream.

The vaporized DU flakes are so small that they can get carried deep into the body’s cells. There, the danger begins when the uranium dust emits its alpha radiation. The radiation ‘bullets’ are now close enough to damage the DNA chains and upset the delicate chemical balance in a cell.

When later, a damaged cell begins to replicate, with its DNA now modified, the replicated cell no longer acts as a team player in the biological system, but does its own thing and becomes a growing cancer, or causes other forms of organic dysfunctions.

(39 We can’t afford a 100-fold increase )

The half a million Gulf War veterans who were permanently disabled in this manner, with a range of over 90 different diseases, are examples of this type of dysfunction that we can’t afford to see a 100-fold increase of. What we see already, without this increase, is far too scary to remain indifferent. The 6-fold increase in lung cancers that CNN reported in 2006 is unimaginable with a 100-fold increased magnitude, and more so are the birth defects that are already horrifically grotesque.

(40 Uranium war casualties )

Since the start of the worldwide uranium pollution of the air, up to half a billion people may have been affected. In our now poisoned world, whenever a person dies of cancer, the probability is high that the death is a latent casualty of war. The probability may be as high as 85% for some cancers. The long-term durability of the poison renders the uranium war casualties, primarily of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as the largest casualties of war in the entire history of warfare on the planet, and this while the dying and disabling effects will most likely continue for many thousands years yet to come. Even today, more than a third of all babies born in our time are expected to be diabetic in 2050. That’s hard to imagine. India is especially hard hit in this respect.

(41 End Stage Kidney Disease )

India is located downwind in the jet stream from where the enormous uranium pollution originated, and China is located right behind it. China was probably just as badly affected by the close proximity to the source of the poisoning. In India, the End Stage Kidney Disease (ESRD), where dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant is required, already occurs tens of years earlier in people there than anywhere else. It occurs in India on average, at the age of 32-42, compared with 60-63 years of age worldwide. And this too is getting worse worldwide. This single effect, all by itself, threatens to overwhelm the healthcare capability in future years, provided humanity survives this long.

(42 Obesity of the DU wars )

Even the sharp increase in obesity that has been observed from the 1990s on may have been caused in part by the massive uranium poisoning of the air that like an invisible cloud hangs over the world. Ironically, obesity is a state of gross malnutrition that is caused when the body becomes unable to metabolize food correctly. The ‘starvation’ increases the need for food intake to compensate for the imbalance, whereby a lot of excess fat gets simply stored away in fatty tissue. Obesity is said to have quadrupled in Britain in the last two decades, in the timeframe of the DU wars.

While we know far too little about the impact of the uranium poisoning of the world that has already occurred, and while the little that is known is immensely frightening, the masters of the infinite crime are nevertheless prepared to increase the poisoning of the world 100-fold. The nations that oppose any restrictions on uranium use in weapons, or even the reporting of the logistics of them, are the USA, the UK, Israel, and France.

(43 International Court of Justice )

In 1996 the International Court of Justice gave an advisory opinion on the ‘legality of the threat, or use, of nuclear weapons.’

(44 International law on poisonous weapons )

The court made it clear that international law on poisonous weapons — the Second Hague Declaration of 1899, the Hague Convention IV of 1907, and the Geneva Protocol of 1925 -- did not cover nuclear weapons for reason that their prime or exclusive use is not to poison or asphyxiate.

(45 The court indicts itself )

Thus, by legalizing these weapons the court indicts itself as a defender of the crimes of empire, rather than as one that would arrest the crimes.

(46 United Nations Human Rights Commission )

In 1996 and 1997 a Sub-Commission of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, passed two motions that listed weapons of mass destruction, which included in the list all weaponry containing depleted uranium.

(47 UN working paper in 2002 )

The UN working paper was delivered in 2002 by the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights resolution where it was argued that the use of depleted uranium in weapons, along with the other weapons listed by the Sub-Commission, may breach any one of seven or more of the following treaties:

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Charter of the United Nations, the Genocide Convention, the United Nations Convention Against Torture, the Geneva Conventions including Protocol I, the Convention on Conventional Weapons of 1980, and the Chemical Weapons Convention.

(48 Nation’s own supreme law )

These numerous United Nations resolutions, charters, and conventions that condemn uranium use in weapons, have evidently no meaning for the ‘dictators’ of the USA anymore to whom the Nation’s own supreme law, its Federal Constitution, means nothing anymore either, unless it is convenient to do so.

(49 The President of the United States )

By his own actions the President of the United States has reduced himself to below the rank of a common criminal. A criminal typically robs his neighbor and may kill a person in the process, but he doesn’t violate the supreme law of land and threatens to wage war on mankind. The modern President, however, carries his criminal actions to such extremes for which the preparations are already in progress.

So, with the highest officer of the land spitting on the law on which the power of his office rests, who stands up to protect your future? Who stands up to protect your life? Do you stand up?

(50 Uranium-war increased 100 fold )

Can you imagine what your future would be like if the uranium-war horrors would be increased 100 fold? How few can even imagine the depth of the tragedy that is already happening? If your imagination doesn’t reach that far, then listen to the story of a single person living in Afghanistan. He tells us:

"After the Americans destroyed our village and killed many of us, we also lost our houses and have nothing to eat. However, we would have endured these miseries and even accepted them, if the Americans had not sentenced us all to death. When I saw my deformed grandson, I realized that my hopes of the future have vanished for good, different from the hopelessness of the Russian barbarism, even though at that time I lost my older son Shafiqullah. This time, however, I know we are part of the invisible genocide brought on us by America, a silent death from which I know we will not escape."

(51 Bee colonies disabled )

Of course, what affects us human beings, also affects every other form of life, from insects to birds that make their living in the air.

In the years following the Afghan and Gulf Wars, 30% - 50% of the bee colonies in the northern hemisphere have become disabled, in some areas up to 90%. All sorts of speculations are heard about the cause for it, only the most likely cause, the DU cause, is never mentioned.

(52 Towards a silent spring )

We may have all also noticed the general reduction of insect and bird populations occurring in the same timeframe. Can anyone still remember the constant chirping of the birds in the spring? It has become rare now. We are moving towards a silent spring, and far more so when the poisoning of the air is increased 100-fold.

(53 Three million uranium bombs in South Korea )

Reports indicate that during the Yugoslav, Gulf, and the Afghanistan War, roughly 5,000 tons of uranium was dispensed in DU weapons of all kinds. It was revealed in later years that the USA had a stockpile of three million uranium bombs and munitions pre-positioned in South Korea all by itself, evidently destined to be used against North Korea. Estimates have it that the three million pieces of DU ordnance contain an estimated 67 million kilograms of uranium. This adds up to a near 14-fold increase over the entire amount used in the Yugoslav, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars.

(54 North Korea is a tiny target )

If one considers that North Korea is a tiny target in comparison with Iran, it is reasonable to assume that a vastly larger portion, possibly seven to eight times the Korean amount, is likely kept in store against Iran and Syria and so forth. The resulting bottom line would easily add up to a 100-fold increase in the amount of uranium that would in the now prepared-for wars be pored into the environment over Syria and Iran, and a lot of other places once the new round of wars starts.

Can we afford the resulting 100-fold increase in the poisoning of the world in comparison with all the previous wars? The answer is NO. But can this high rate of poisoning be physically accomplished? Here, the answer is YES. There is plenty enough depleted uranium available in the world for this 100-fold increase. Depleted uranium is essentially a waste product that is of little value. It becomes valuable, however, when it is put into bombs and sold to the military.

(55 Uranium is gold for the military )

Uranium is gold for the military. It cuts through armor and concrete like a hot knife through butter. No other type of weapon comes even close to this amazing effectiveness. It flows through the steel hulls of ships as if they were made of paper. It flows through concrete in much the same manner.

(56 Massive Ordnance Penetrator )

The big 30,000 pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator can cut through a concrete slab 60 feet thick. With these monster bombs and a lot of lesser big bombs the 100-fold increase in the uranium poisoning of the world won’t be far off once the big wars get going.

But considering the immense global damage that the 5,000 tons of vaporized uranium have already caused, affecting hundreds of millions of people across the world to the present day, one wonders how a 100-fold increase of the non-military damage can be survived at all, and by anyone.

(57 The final mass-kill of humanity )

This means that now, with the weapons laid up in vast quantities, as this appears to be the case according to the available evidence, no option remains open to mankind, except to arrest the infinite crime in all its aspects before the final mass-kill of humanity begins. This means arresting empire and war together, which is one, so that there will never be any type of war, not even ‘conventional’ war.

There is no longer any such thing possible as a ‘conventional’ war. The door to war of any kind is now closed. Every war of every type becomes infinitely suicidal from now on. We don’t even know what the long-term consequences will be of the poisoning of the air and the environment that has already been perpetrated so far, without adding 100-times more. Thus, we find ourselves forced for the second time in history to live without war, and this time forever.

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