Text-only transcript of the video Mutually Assured Suicide - Kepler Today part 3 by Rolf Witzsche 

Mutually Assured Suicide - Kepler Today part 3

(01 War has become mutually assured suicide )

War has become mutually assured suicide. The weapons of war have become too powerful not to have a suicidal effect.

(02 The engines of war useless junk )

The engines of war have all become useless junk. Their destructive force has become too great for humanity to endure. They cannot be seriously used except to commit suicide. As the last F14 Tomcat leaves the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, the game of war should have been stopped right then.

(03 We wield weapons out of impotence )

We wield weapons out of impotence, not strength. We build weapons, because we cannot build peace. And we cannot build peace, because we all live like slaves, slaves to the cesspool of empire. Wars are demanded by masters of the cesspool of empire, in the service of empire. Wars are instigated by empire to prevent human development, which dooms the system of empire to its very core.

We build weapons, because of our inability to stand up against empire that renders the whole of humanity as slaves. Empire is the only real enemy that humanity has.

(04 We wield the weapons to defeat one another )

We wield the weapons to defeat one another, not to defeat our enemy. And the greater the power is that we vest into the weaponry, the more we stand defeated by it.

War has never produced one iota of good, or strengthened civilization.

(05 In the age of nuclear weapons )

In the age of nuclear weapons we stand absolutely defeated. Nuclear weapons are indefensible weapons. It is pure delusion to even imagine that any kind of defense is possible against nuclear weapons once the trigger is pulled. They are designed and built as extinction weapons. They serve no one except the plans of empire, and those plans call for depopulation. That’s the policy of empire.

(06 The weapon now is thermonuclear war )

Nothing has basically changed in the relationship between empire and humanity. The scale has changed slightly. The weapon now is thermonuclear war. It has been maintained as an indefensible weapon. The weapon is still wielded by empire, by fascism. It is still targeting humanity. Why do we maintain those weapons aimed at us?

(07 Why have we joined hands with empire? )

Why have we joined hands with empire? We are already pulling the trigger to some degree. We are burning the food that humanity is producing while production is increasingly curtailed. We are burning food massively in the form of bio-fuels. In our world of a billion people living in chronic starvation, we are burning food that would normally feed 100 million people. We are murdering those whose food we burn. The process is called suicide. Suicide is the mark of a defeated society.

The holocaust has already begun. The larger holocaust to murder 6,000 million is just another step forward on the path that we are already on. The weapons are actively deployed. They are already targeting us. The process has begun.

(08 A defeated society, defeated by empire )

Yes, the western society has become a defeated society, defeated by empire. Its hard-won founding renaissance ideals of sovereignty, liberty, and humanity, appear to mean nothing anymore. Humanity has become slaves, imprisoned by empire. Humanity is holding a gun to its head, saluting the weapon. While we still have time to choose our future, to build on our heritage to uplift civilization, the time for choosing is running short.

(09 Platform of our humanity, sovereignty, and liberty )

The critical reversal on this path to hell begins with the process of retrospection and introspection. It can raise the platform of our humanity, sovereignty, and liberty, and enable us to pull up our politics to higher ground.

If we fail to dramatically uplift ourselves, our extinction may result.

(10 A Rolf A. F. Witzsche Exploration Production )

A Rolf A. F. Witzsche Exploration Production: A free video designed to abolish war.

(11 The annihilation of Eurasia can be accomplished )

The engines of war have become immensely powerful over the years. The annihilation of Eurasia can be accomplished from a single one of America’s Ohio-class nuclear missile submarines. This single Submarine can dispense a maximum of 240 warheads, each with a 30-times greater destructive force than the Hiroshima bomb.

The USA operates 14 of these; 6 in the Atlantic and 8 in the Pacific. The missiles have a range of more than 11,000 Km.

(12 Super-concentrated radioactive fallout )

More than half the population of the world lives in Asia. While there may not be enough high value targets for the warheads of 14 submarines and 440 silo-based Minuteman missiles, since most of the population lives in widely dispersed rural communities, the super-concentrated radioactive fallout will likely kill them all nevertheless.

(13 Russia has the most widely dispersed population )

Russia has the most widely dispersed population. The giant land of nearly 17 million square kilometers, stretched across nine time zones and 8000 Km distance, has a minute population of only 144 million. This compares to less than half of that of the USA. After the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia was so intensively looted by the forces of empire that it suffered a population collapse by starvation of one to two million people per year. Russia recovered itself and will not bow to the cesspool again.

(14 China suffering under the old British Empire )

China has had a long history of suffering under the old British Empire, defeated by the Opium Wars, which severely devastated the nation. It recovered and will not bend to the will of the cesspool again. Its fast growing economy is a threat to empire, which is itself in the last stages of collapsing. In the war of empire versus humanity, China is a prime target.

(15 India has suffered tremendously )

India has suffered tremendously under the rule of the British Empire, and did not gain its freedom until it was split apart and divided as a final act before it was allowed to have its sovereignty back, which is still developing. India does not stand with empire anymore, and, as it has been said in many ways, who does not stand with empire is deemed to stand against it and finds itself on the strategic target list.

(16 Nuclear weapons in the Ohio-class submarines )

The nuclear weapons in the Ohio-class submarines have potentially all of these countries names written on the target lists.

(17 The most efficient killer in the world )

The Ohio-class is not the largest submarine in the world, but it is the most efficient killer in the world. It carries the most missiles with the most warheads.

This weapon is the best weapon yet created for the intention for which thermonuclear weapons are wielded on mass, namely the destruction of civilization and the mass-killing of humanity.

We should never forget that we carry weapons not as the result of strength, but as an acknowledgement of our impotence to live as sovereign human beings in a world free of empire. The terror of the nuclear weapon threatens our extinction. This threat is intended to force humanity as a whole to become compliant to the demands of empire. However, history has also shown that such compliance means mass-depopulation and the destruction of civilization by policy.

Therefore, until humanity gains its freedom from empire, the weapons will remain on the human scene.

(18 America is no longer sovereign )

America is no longer sovereign. It stands mired in the cesspool and has become a slave to it. It provides the weapons for mass destruction that the cesspool demands. Imprisoned into empire, it once stood ready to nuke the Soviet Union off the map. That’s what started the Cold War. The nukes became an anti-sovereignty weapon, a weapon to force all the nations of the world to bow to the dictates of Empire, and to march through this door to their grave, as the EU nations are presently doing. For as long as society finds itself impotent to live free from empire as human beings, the weapons will remain.

Empire has so far been successful in assuring the impotence of all the nations under its thumb, and to exploit them, to blackmail them. The danger is that with empire fast collapsing itself, its masters will order its stooges to pull the trigger.

(19 When we built the nuclear bombs )

When we built the nuclear bombs we said to ourselves that nobody would be as crazy as to push the button to launch them. Now this threshold has been crossed. An American President, mentally impaired with a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, holds the button to ignite thermonuclear war. And he is preaching war, and threatening Syria, Iran, Russia and China.

No one can survive the outcome of that, not to mention the inevitable retaliation. The extinction of humanity is almost guaranteed thereby. Humanity has app. 27,000 strategic warheads deployed against itself, and an additional 30,000 tactical nuclear warheads. The launching of the strategic firestorm may be completely automated, once the command is given. And the game has been set up un such a hair-trigger basis that the command to start a counter strike must be given in minutes, since the modern submarines bring the missiles practically to the doorstep of their target.

(20 The targeting of the missiles )

The targeting of the missiles is applied on board of the sub by computer control, probably from the ship’s control room. The ship remains in communications with central command where the target patterns are generated. The communication with the central command remains active even in the submerged state. Most likely no one in the control room knows which targets are selected for any specific launch. The officers will enter the numbers and press the buttons as directed by protocol.

(21 War has become automated murdering )

It could also be that the entire launch process is automated, and is controlled from afar. This might be done in order to enable precisely timed global-strike synchronization. It is extremely unlikely that any human-decision element is involved at the local level onboard the submarine from where the mass-annihilating deed is done.

Nothing is likely left to be controlled at the local level, in order to assure that no human element will ever be involved that can block the implementation of the war in the final stages of its unfolding. War, by design, to be more effective, has become a form of automated murdering.

(22 The intended Armageddon cannot be stopped )

The missiles, once they are launched, will rise out of the oceans. At this stage the intended Armageddon cannot be stopped, not in practice.

Within two and a half minutes the Trident missile will climb to 300,000 feet and reach a speed of over 16,000 Km/hr.

Interception is theoretically still possible at this stage, right to the end of the bussing phase. In practice, this is the easiest possible defense, but even here, success is extremely precarious.

The boost phase of the missile is typically short, in the range of three to four minutes. After the burnout of the third stage of the booster, the warheads can be dispersed. The earlier they are dispersed, the more difficult will be the interception of the incoming fury.

The released warheads are inside tiny projectiles, slightly larger than artillery shells, flying at 25,000 Km/hr. At this speed they are nearly impossible to intercept. Still efforts are made in the hope that this can be done one day.

(23 The Distant Early Warning radar line )

An attempt is being made to build some sort of mid-point interception system in Alaska against the silo-based Russian missiles. The defense is linked to the DEW line, though it is presently nothing more than just an attempt with a totally uncertain effectiveness and durability. It might perhaps have a chance to block an accidentally launched single missile, but not a whole fleet coming at once.

The Distant Early Warning radar line in the North has not been designed as a barrier, but as a warning system to enable an instant counter strike.

(24 Chances for a mid-point detection )

Of course, against submarine-based launches from undetermined locations, the chances for a mid-point detection, not to mention interception, are near zero. The only reliable defense that is possible in this entire theatre of nuclear war is to eliminate the underlying intention that drives the world into this war.

(25 Nuclear war is an intention from the cultural disease )

Nuclear war is essentially an intention that flows from the cultural disease, called empire. For as long as the disease remains, and the intention thereby remains, no one is safe. A reliable ground-based defense is presently not possible, nor would a reliable defense system ever be implemented for as long as empire rules, even if this was possible.

A potentially effective defense system was proposed in the 1980s. As soon as it was proposed, it was vehemently opposed by both the Eastern and Western powers. The blocking force was empire. Empire had controlled both the East and the West from behind the scene.

(26 Laser driven, space based interception systems )

A wide-ranging international cooperative development effort had been proposed in the 1980s that would create a fast-acting, laser driven, space based interception systems, based on new physical principles that promised to be several orders of magnitude more efficient than the offensive systems.

(27 Developed by Lyndon LaRouche America’s SDI )

The proposal had been developed by Lyndon LaRouche and had been adopted by President Ronald Regan as America’s SDI project. The idea was to create a jointly developed world-wide project to protect all the people of the world against the folly of war. The project would become a science driver that would uplift the economies of all the nations contributing to it.

The idea had initially been welcomed in the relevant Soviets and American circles, but under political pressure from the empire of oligarchy, the proposal was powerfully opposed with both the East and the West joining hands against it, shutting it down.

(28 The Soviet Union would have survived )

The Soviet Union would have survived, had it agreed to building a global security system against nuclear missiles. Instead, its refusing to defend itself and humanity with it, led to its doom by the same forces that demanded the refusal.

Millions of people paid for the consequences with their life when the vultures of empire looted the entire Soviet sphere to the bone, after it had collapsed. All this could have been avoided by building an effective defensive system for the whole of humanity, against empire, but it wasn’t avoided.

(29 The American author of the SDI proposal, Lyndon LaRouche )

The political pressure to block humanity joining hands fir its global defense against nuclear war was so immense at the time that the proposal was mocked as a joke in the western media, and the Soviets were coerced to demanded that the American author of the SDI proposal, Lyndon LaRouche, be eliminated as an effective way to kill the proposal.

While the attempted assassination of LaRouche failed, he was nevertheless railroaded into prison on a 15-year drummed-up sentence. In the shadow of this grotesque intervention, which had sent shockwaves through the world at the time, the SDI was quietly terminated. With it the global suicide potential was allowed to continue.

The hasty termination of the very idea of a global defense of humanity against nuclear war, illustrates the intention behind the unrelenting push for nuclear war flowing from the cultural disease called empire. The intention clearly was, and still is, that the major nations of the world commit mutually assured suicide. That’s all what nuclear weapons can assure. They fulfill not a single constructive purpose.

To date, no space-based defense system exists against nuclear weapons. Nor does a reliable defense exist against the nuclear warheads in their terminal phase as they approach the target areas.

(30 A reliable target zone defense is not possible )

A reliable target zone defense is not possible in practice. Near the target zone the well protected warheads enter the atmosphere from space at a speed exceeding 25,000 Km/hr. Any attempt to target the tiny warheads at this point makes shooting a bullet out the sky seem easy in comparison. While this feat has supposedly been accomplished in some rare individual cases, no operational system exists to do this reliably and universally across an entire country or continent.

Thus, to the present day, nuclear weapons remain for all practical considerations what they have been from the beginning, indefensible weapons. And they are protected to remain that.

Kepler would say that the imperial doctrine of nuclear war is to assure that the vulnerability of society remains assured, in order to assure the mutually inflicted suicide potential of the nations, rather than to protect the nations and society itself.

(31 The now evermore increasing focus on depopulation )

With the now evermore increasing focus on depopulation as a policy, the age of deterrence has ended.

In the past the policy of Mutually Assured Destructions had kept the genie of nuclear war in the bottle, while the ground was slowly being prepared for the global suicide plan to succeed.

The fear of an assured retaliation has prevented the first strike option for more than 50 years. But now with the increasing cries for depopulation being uttered from the camps of empire, the assured destruction that has been carefully prepared for, has become the desired goal by the master policy makers. The nuclear strategic game has changed thereby.

The game has changed, because the end game of empire has begun. With the depopulation ideology now on the table, the long-relied-on defense strategy has become a mutual suicide assurance instead.

(32 The deterrence that had prevented nuclear war )

The deterrence that had prevented nuclear war by creating evermore devastating weapons, has become a death trap for the whole of humanity. The only hope for humanity now, lies with its success in physically preventing the death-weapons it has created, from becoming launched.

This means that the weapon’s launch platforms must be destroyed by all means and in the fastest and most efficient manner at the first sign of trouble, in order to prevent them from unloading their deadly fury that the masters of empire clearly wish to bring upon humanity.

(33 Russia has responded to protect Syria )

Russia has responded in this context to protect Syria when the war threat’s against Syria and Iran exploded, and this explosion was orchestrated in the shadow of the Polish ABM crisis, and also in the shadow of the murder of Gaddafi, the head of Libya, and the orchestrated regime change. Russia needs close ties with Syria for strategic defense purposes against ballistic missiles launched from the Mediterranean. Russia may have seen the orchestrated uprising in Syria and the escalated call for regime change by force as a veiled strategic attack against Russia.

The so-called Arab Spring started in response to the widening economic crisis that resulted from the ever greater looting of the nations by the forces of empire, which many people blamed on their local governments. The resulting unrest enabled Al-Qaeda type operations to be infiltrated and be run against the Arab world. The externally supported forces toppled Egypt, destroyed Libya, then created havoc on demand in Syria, and all this while the masters of empire, via Israel, were targeting Iran evermore boisterously.

Naturally it didn’t escape Russia’s attention that the deeper target behind the war drive is Russia. The underlying strategic objective is probably obvious to everyone who has his eyes open, as it is only thinly concealed.

(34 Four of America’s Super Class aircraft carrier groups )

Against this background, in order to expand the escalating threat against Russia still further, four of America’s Super Class aircraft carrier groups were added to the orchestrated crisis scene in the middle East, all four of them at the same time. And this was done while the President of Israel, returning from a visit to London, stated his intention to start the bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

(35 Russia blocked the rush to war )

Russia stepped up to the plate of threats and immediately blocked the rush to war. Its government intervened with naval forces to prevent the western war against Syria taking off. The Russian President also ordered Russia’s only aircraft carrier into the region. The carrier came with the military capacity to prevent any offensive force being used in the Mediterranean against both Syria and Russia. The American strike group in the Indian Ocean may have encountered a similar response. It might be for this reason that still one more American aircraft carrier group is being readied to join the groups already in the Indian Ocean.

(36 Russia depends on Syria for early-warning detection )

Russia evidently depends on Syria as a technology base for early-warning detection of missiles being launched from the Mediterranean against the Russian heart land.

(37 Iran is valuable to Russia for missile-launch detection )

Iran is evidently valuable to Russia as a technology base for missile-launch detection in the northern Arabian Sea.

(38 Israel and the USA to start the bombing of Iran )

How the currently escalating war game will play itself out, with Israel and the USA being pushed to start the bombing of Iran, is impossible to predict.

The controlling agency in this game is not the U.S. President. The line that controls the President is deeply anchored in the sewers of empire where the man for the presidency had been selected for his Nero-like qualities, and has been richly financed into power and placed onto the throne on the typical highway of electoral abuses, and so on.

This means that the war drive that we now see today is not of American origin, but is imposed on America through the purchased President who owns the button that starts the war. But will he be obeyed?

(39 Russia to prevent American nuclear missile submarines )

One thing seems to be fairly certain, if one observes Russia’s reaction, especially after its election victory, which empire lost this time, that Russia will spare no effort to prevent American nuclear missile submarines from dispensing their deadly load from the Mediterranean, regardless of who controls the button in America.

(40 For how long Russia will block the American war plans in the Middle East )

However, for how long Russia will remain successful in its effort to block the American war plans in the Middle East remains to be seen, which Russia regards as being directed against it, and rightfully so.

The war game is evidently on, and is moving ahead. The implementation is escalating. All options, and this includes all nuclear options, have been placed on the table. This has been openly stated and repeated like a broken record.

(41 Dethrone the American towel boys of the masters of the empire )

The surest way, therefore, to prevent the war from the American side, would be to dethrone the American towel boys of the masters of the empire who out of the deep of their cultural cesspool hate humanity, who demand the decreed long-standing depopulation policy to be carried out.

In real terms the people who are committed to the masters’ plan are few, but those few who sold their soul to serve the plan have all been elevated to the highest posts with rich financial backing from the sewer.

There appears to be a consensus among them to go to war. But this consensus is fake. It has been imposed. The plan is not their own. The plan needs to be scrapped before it takes on a life of its own and sequences on to its bitter end, which may be near, just as the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq had become a force that no one had been able to halt. Humanity cannot let this happen this time around, which may require a major house cleaning in the halls of power, of a type that is innovative, asymmetric, and has never been attempted before.

(42 With our hands folded behind our back )

Almost all of us, in western society live as it were with our hands folded behind our back in the critical respect, except to solute the weapon. Society has been well taught to salute its weapons. It does so while a plan to use them is imposed on it. Instead of society taking control of its destiny, it allows a plan imposed on it to take control of its destiny with a fate that all people would hate if the plan would be in the open, which they find themselves instead supporting.

Against the background of this kind of sad tendency in respect to nuclear war, that was evident already in the 1980s, I started writing a novel to explore the phenomenon. I did this right at the height of the Cold War when the world lived precisely in such a state of self-denial.

(43 We had 65,000 nuclear bombs )

We had 65,000 nuclear bombs hanging over our head in those days, with a plan in progress to use the weapons at a moment’s notice. Fear was the deterrence then, not the power of our humanity. We said to ourselves we can move in the direction of Mutually Assured Destruction with complete impunity, because the assurance of the nuclear horror would prevent the outbreak of war. We dreamed then, that when the moment would come when the bluff would be called, we would be able to back down and call the game off.

(44 My novel for countering the nuclear war threat )

I started my novel for countering the nuclear war threat with precisely this kind of setup, which sadly, still describes us today, perhaps even more closely so today than it did then.

(45 The novel begins with a plan being imposed )

The novel begins with a plan being imposed onto a low ranking officer of a Russian missile base, a patriot at heart. He is cleverly inspired to a accept a plan that he despises from his very soul. He makes it his own, even while he hates it, and dreams that he can escape it at any time he wants to. He sees himself placed under implied orders by high-level officials of his government to carry this plan out. All the means for the plan are placed into his lap.

The plan is for a missile to be launched during an alertness exercise. He is assured that it would be safe to do this, even for the Americans as no actual targeting would be applied to a falsely launched missile. He understands the concept. He is assured that not a single person would be harmed by him taking this little risk. He is assured that without targeting applied, the missile would not disperse its warheads, and simply fall with them into the sea or into a dessert without anything exploding. He is further assured that the resulting close call with Armageddon would powerfully shake the world to its senses. If an ‘honest’ accident was staged, he is assured, there would be no retaliation.

In as much as the man hates the plan and fears it, he also sees it as a potential savior of the world. He sees ‘his’ plan as being able to pull a precarious world teetering at the edge of a crisis away from the abyss.

Thus, in obedience to what he sees to be the wish of high ranking people in high places in government he moves ahead and lets the plan unfold, all the while saying to himself that he is in control and able to call the plan off at any time, right to the last moment. He says to himself that in this manner he keeps his options open.

In the final moment, however, in the flood of emotions, he finds himself no longer in control of his actions. The plan that has been patiently prepared and rehearsed to the finest detail is in control of him by then. And so, in the final critical moment he simply lets his fingers push the lever down.

At this point the deed is done. He stands in awe before the flames, bewildered, as ‘his’ missile shakes the ground and rises into the sky.

(46 Similar to a maximum configured SS-18 )

Unknown to him, targeting had been applied. The missile, similar to a maximum configured SS-18, is on the way to the American Northwest, targeting Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, Aberdeen, Montesano, Bellingham, the Oak Harbor Naval Air Base, the Trident Base at Bangor, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation at Pasco.

At this point no one can stop what is about to happen, though attempts are made right to the final moment before the tragedy. In the novel no retaliation by the USA is launched, which is possible only in the world of fiction, and even there just barely.

(47 In the novel, the fallout is carried by the jet streams )

In the novel, the fallout, like the ash fall from the last volcanic eruption of Mt. St. Helens, is carried by the jet streams to the East where the bulk of the American population lives, which becomes hastily evacuated as much as this can be arranged. All of Canada and much of the USA suffer the same fate, and since the novel is pure fiction in which only a single missile is launched, Europe and Asia remain intact as an oasis for the refugees to flee to. The nations there struggle to accommodate the 100 million refugees that were able to be transported to safety, out of the over 300 million affected by the fallout.

(48 An oasis is possible only in fiction )

Such an oasis is possible only in fiction. The portion of the fallout that wouldn’t settle across the continent would be looped up into the Arctic according to the general pattern of the Jet Streams.

In real terms no oasis would result. Russia has 57 of the type of missiles that the novel describes, and many times more on submarines. They would all be devoted to disable the USA. It would be fictional to the extreme to assume that all of these missiles are presently not in high-alert status, given the political situation as it is, and that they would not be all launched in response to an aggression, or even just a perceived aggression.

(49 Americas 440 Minuteman missiles )

It would likewise be extremely fictional to assume that Americas 440 Minuteman missiles would not be instantly launched at the moment of an aggression. They would all be launched before they would be vulnerable to be destroyed in their silo. Each of these carries a warhead that is 30-times more-destructive than the Hiroshima bomb had been. For as long as the plan remains in control for which these missiles and warheads were built and nurtured for decades, the lever, of whatever type it may be, will be pushed down when the circumstances converge that demand such an action. This would happen both in America and in Russia.

(50 The fallout from the 450 nuclear explosions )

It would likewise be fictional then to assume that the fallout from the 450 nuclear explosions, each 30-times bigger than Hiroshima, which are planned for the destruction of Eurasia, together with the 2,500 warheads residing in American submarines, would not thickly blanket North America with highly radioactive fallout within a few days, spreading long-enduring deadly effects.

The jet streams would assure the rapid hemispheric distribution of the fallout muck. The action of the launching of America’s nearly 3,000 strategic warheads would become a blowback-forced act of suicide.

Kepler would say that we are insane playing those games when the resulting certainty of our doom stares us into the face. Nuclear war is a game of suicide in the greatest of all fires in the history of humanity. It is to be carried out by a plan that has been in preparation for decades and is being evermore readily put onto the table.

(51 Nuclear war is a suicide project )

Kepler would point out that nuclear war is a suicide project, a global depopulation project according to the thinly hidden plan. He would point out to us that depopulation has been on the ideological agenda for over 200 years already, though the means to carry it out hadn’t existed then, but exist today aplenty.

He would call us liars when we speak of deterrence. And we do indeed lie. When the world goes up in smoke, the survivors trained in the art of modern lying, would call the tragedy “a failure of deterrence.” That’s a lie.

In real terms, as Kepler would point out, the tragedy would be the result of the failure of society to honor its humanity. He would say that if this honoring of our humanity had been in the foreground, it would have caused us to stop the plan in its tracks, or we would have never allowed it to exist.

When a single one of America’s 14 Ohio-Class submarines with its 24 missiles and 240 warheads, each 30-times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb had been, can all by itself end the existence of civilization across Eurasia and ultimately across the world, then we are dealing with a plan in progress that is absolutely antihuman.

When a tiny fraction of the 27,000 nuclear warheads that are presently still deployed by the world’s nuclear weapons nation, most of which are destined for the USA, Europe, Russia, and China, then we are dealing with a committed plan to carry out the murder of those six billion people, the very number by which the masters of empire say the world is over populated. Don’t you think there is a connection between the two?

Any spark of nuclear war, which instantly becomes a full-scale nuclear war, as the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction assures, would likely cause the extinction of humanity. Kepler would say, “Can’t you see that the plan that you actively serve is designed to assure your collective annihilation?”

(52 Kepler might also warn us about the delusion )

And Kepler might also warn us about the delusion that the leaders will not press the button for the nations to commit suicide. Kepler would alert us that forcing mass genocide has already become a way of life in the western empire that is committed to burning evermore of humanity’s food in the form of biofuels. The agricultural resources that are being burned in this manner would normally feed 100 million people. In a world in which a billion people are forced to live in chronic starvation, the mass-burning of food on the present scale is already unleashing a silent holocaust in which a 100 million people are put to death every single year. This isn’t theoretical, something that might be. It is here now. The holocaust is happening.

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