Text-only transcript of the video Kepler Today part 2-1 Sovereignty versus Nuclear War by Rolf Witzsche 

Kepler Today part 2-1 Sovereignty versus Nuclear War

(01 Kepler Today )

Kepler Today: Part 2 - Sovereignty versus Nuclear War

(02 At the end of the last Ice Age )

More than 5000 years before this figurine was created, at the end of the last Ice Age, agriculture and cattle breeding appeared for the first time in the world. From this beginning everything that we are was developed.

(03 The face of nuclear war )

Today, 12,500 years past this beginning we stand at another threshold, at another turning point. We stand boldly with the capability in hand to destroy everything that we have achieved and ourselves with it, and to do this in the space of 15 minutes.

This is the face of nuclear war.

(04 Nuclear war in retrospect )

Nuclear war has become an aspect of our civilization that can never be explored in retrospect to be understood, as there will be no one remaining to do so afterwards. Nuclear war is an aspect of what became of our culture that can only be explored before it happens, to prevent it. The introspection is critical, as the dimensions discovered there may furnish us the needed means to bury nuclear war before it buries us.

With this in mind, what will decide which will be the victor in the end? Will it be the fire of nuclear war, or the light of our humanity in the heart, to stage an era of freedom with the kind of brilliant that is due to the most precious gem of life on our planet, which is the human being?

(05 Demonstrated with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki )

One potential of this turning point before us was demonstrated on August 6 and 9 in 1945 with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From time on no other imperative has consumed more resources and more efforts, by the most skilled and dedicated of society, than the preparation for nuclear war with the intention to prevent it. But how much did we win by this effort? Did we win anything at all?

(06 A Rolf A. F. Witzsche exploration production )

A Rolf A. F. Witzsche exploration production

(07 Terror out of the ashes of war )

The end of the big war, which we call World War II, did not become the beginning of peace. It became instead the beginning of terror - terror that was intended to define the postwar period, not the quest for peace.

Terror rose out of the ashes of war. The city of Dresden in Germany, one of the cultural gems of Europe that had survived the war unscathed, was utterly demolished in the final days of the war, not as a military necessity, but as a terror demonstration.

In a 14-hour bombing campaign by 1,300 heavy bombers half a million people were burned to death. In this orgy of terror more than 7,000 tons of fire bombs and high explosives had been poured onto this city. The city had been overflowing with 600,000 refugees who had fled the front line that was barely a hundred kilometers away from the city. There had been hope in the air. The end of the war had been in sight.

(08 Churchill apparently had not been happy )

Churchill apparently had not been happy about that. It is reported that he had asked for suggestions of how best the city could be set ablaze.

This wasn’t planed for a strategic purpose as the man sat in his chair in Yalta with a smug satisfaction. The planned purpose was terror, an orgy of terror that was not designed to end a war but usher in a new age, the age of the modern empire.

The terror bombing was unleashed three days after the photograph was taken. Churchill knew that Roosevelt, a dying man at the time, would be in Egypt on a diplomatic mission when Dresden would burn. The horror itself was evidently directed at Stalin, to demonstrate to him the power and the resolve of the empire that would become the new platform for the postwar period.

The orgy of terror might also have been directed at President Roosevelt to quench his spirit to live.

(09 The firebombing of Tokyo began )

The firebombing of Tokyo began four days after the Dresden holocaust had ended. Tokyo was bombed 14 times from this day on, until just weeks before the atom bombs were ready to be used.

In the largest of the attacks on Tokyo more than 260,000 buildings were destroyed. Fierce winds feeding the fires had whipped the flames into walls of fire that blocked the path of those fleeing for their lives. An estimated 1.5 million people had lived in the burned out areas. Nobody knows how many or few survived. Roosevelt died less than a month later, in the shadow of the attack that became the largest holocaust in history, including the atomic bombing.

(10 Hiroshima was destroyed much more easily )

Hiroshima was destroyed much more easily, in a single campaign of horror that was carried out in just minutes by a single aircraft, dropping only a single bomb. With this the reign of terror had been raised onto a higher level, and for this to be possible the war had been prolonged until the bombs were ready for the demonstration exercise.

Japan’s surrender, which is said to have been offered in June through the Vatican, was not accepted until the atomic bombing was done, at which point it was accepted under essentially the same terms as originally offered. Until then the total unconditional surrender of Japan had been demanded, which was laid out in July at the Potsdam Conference.

Here too, the objective had been terror.

(11 Nuclear-war terror a weapon of empire )

An enormous thrust of terror was planned for the postwar period.

The nuclear-war terror, as a weapon of empire, was intended to be expanded onto such a vast scale that it would to force all the nations of the world to lay down their sovereignty at the feet of a global empire world government that would rule all nations from behind the wall of terror of the atomic bomb, to enslave them.

Well, it didn’t quite happen as it had been planned. A plan had been concocted and well advanced to wipe Soviet Russia off the map. The resulting terror orgy on this scale would have demonstrated to the word that resistance to the demands of empire is futile. The empire would have won. But it didn’t win. Instead, by its terror, it won for itself the identity of a political cesspool in which every trace of humanity has been totally erased.

(12 The Soviet Union developed its own nuclear bomb )

The Soviet Union spoiled the cesspool’s plot. It defended its sovereignty, and with it its existence. It developed its own nuclear bomb in which the cesspool got a taste of its own nature, and it didn’t like it. This happened back in 1951. With this intervention, on the basis of the sovereignty of the human being, the Soviet Union not only countered the empire and saved itself, it also gave humanity a new chance to survive. Living in the shadow of empire, with no sovereignty of its own to resist it, humanity would have been doomed.

(13 The Soviet Union pushed back against the cesspool )

With its own bomb the Soviet Union pushed back against the cesspool and effectively closed the door on the masters of empire before their coveted world empire could be established. This is something that no other nation on the planet had dared at the time. And in addition, the Soviet Union did this decisively. It had built a bigger bomb.

With the Soviets’ intervention the terror train became derailed that was designed to force the nations of the world into compliance with the dictates of empire, for which many millions had already been murdered by then.

Empire could no longer force itself upon the world in the shadow of this encounter. A new age had began to dawn from which on the present world-stage developed.

With their devilish horns clipped, though their cesspool mentality not defeated, the masters of empire created from their ‘sewer’ a new game of terror that they, in a rare statement of honesty, called, Mutually Assured Destruction.

They had recognized that they could no longer win on their original platform. But they also recognized that they could still destroy the world, thus they made sure that this option would never go away. Now, with the empire itself fast collapsing, in a self-made extinction collapse, evidence is coming to the surface that the masters are prepared to exercise the option they had assured themselves they would retain: to destroy the world alongside of them while they are going down.

(14 Freedom rests on sovereignty )

The only option that humanity has to counter the modern terror threat of extinction by nuclear war is to vacate empire from the landscape of civilization. Freedom rests on sovereignty. Empire rests on eradicating sovereignty, and ultimately mankind itself with nuclear war.

No technological option exists to prevent this outcome. Effective counter measures against nuclear war do not exist. The survival of humanity therefore depends entirely on its commitment to develop its inner resources, its sovereignty, its humanity, which are the greatest real power on our planet. Empire can be defeated by humanity discovering, developing, and extending its inherent potential, the potential of a human being. On this path, on which the defeat of empire is assured, the nuclear war threat ends.

(15 Empire, the white spider, the enemy of humanity )

Until it becomes recognized that empire, the not-so-mythical white spider, is the enemy of humanity, which is in fact the only real enemy that humanity has on this planet by which it becomes trapped and poisoned, humanity remains in grave danger.

Russia had been alert to the white spider. It had learned from bitter experience to be aware of empire that sucks the lifeblood out of everyone it can catch. And being alert of this grave danger it created an intervention that caused the spider to back off, which a human being is uniquely capable of, whereby it saved itself. By understanding the nature of the threat, Russia gave itself the edge to save its existence. Russia saw the cesspool of empire the way it is. It saw it as an oligarchic system that is empty and devoid of humanity and any real power. However, it has learned to steal whatever power it desired whenever nations carelessly let go of their sovereignty. The Soviets became aware of the system of empire by the advantage of their unique vantage point, since the fundamental architecture of communist system had been created in the workshops of empire in the first place. Thus the Soviets experienced the white spider intensively and developed a defense against it by building up a strong unyielding sovereignty. They created the iron curtain, the strongest sovereign defense against empire ever built to date.

The USA too, had learned to be aware of the white spider and built a defense against it by establishing its own sovereignty as a nation. Its unique vantage point was the scientific awareness of its founders and their keen awareness of the oligarchic system. Unfortunately, the nation let its guard down far too often and fell prey to the white spider on too many occasions. It was killed by it again and again and dragged into the cesspool by it. This is where it stands today. It serves the cesspool of empire, and in this service it threatens the whole of mankind with nuclear war extinction. In order for mankind to have a future its highest priority must be to aid America to climb out of the cesspool and claim its humanity and its sovereignty back. Failing that, the epoch of mankind will end in its extinction in the nuclear fire. The challenge to aid America to rescue itself may be the tallest challenge that mankind has ever faced, and ever will face, which it must master in order to meet the Ice Age Challenge that also looms before it and may be near.

The Soviets and Chinese has pioneered themselves a path to freedom under difficult circumstances, tried by fire many a time, and had their freedom also badly abused at times. Nevertheless they stand as pioneering examples in the world with a revolutionary breakthrough that needs to be further developed for the freedom of all mankind from the tentacles of empire to be realized. It took the cesspool of empire decades of subversion and the most horrible war of all times, to break Russia’s sovereign defenses down for a season with the help of traitors from within. This tragedy appears to have been reversed, while America’s reversal to its once cherished humanity and sovereignty remains still lagging.

The danger of nuclear war in our time, and the path to eliminate it from the world, can only be seen correctly in mankind’s sovereign defense against the white spider. Every other perception colors the scene erroneously. The bombing of Hiroshima must never be seen as an American operation or the bombing of Dresden as a British operation. Instead the finger must point to the cesspool and humanity must acknowledge to itself that ‘they’ did this, the sewer creatures, the creatures of the disease called empire that has festered for millennia in an environment of increasing decadence.

(16 Empire is a cultural disease )

Empire is a cultural disease that rose out of the deep cesspool of ancient oligarchic decadence, beginning in the early stages of the dawn of civilization. That empire is a disease and not a natural or national expression is evident by its lack of a principle to support itself, and its thereby inevitable extinction collapse. No historic empire has ever existed that has not collapsed and extinct itself though many nations throughout history have claimed to be empire and to be immune from this fate. But not one ever has, neither will the current one be an exception. However, like the Roman Empire had nearly destroyed civilization, the current one has been given the potential, foolishly, to take the world down with it as it dies in its self-extinction collapse.

(17 Empire bears the smile of a liar )

Right to the present day the nature of empire has remained true to its character as a cultural disease that has been left unhealed, that has festered for millennia and grown worse thereby.

Empire bears the smile of a bold faced liar, speaking of human rights while financing and organizing mass atrocities all over the world to destabilize nations. Haven’t we seen this all before? Empire stands before the world as a gilded shell without a heart that stabs even its admirers into the back. It stands as a policy without humanity; a sewer in which not even the rats feel secure and at home; a glittering sword that entices the world to bow to the ground and sacrifice its living for those whom it calls, master, while it bleeds to death.

Empire can only steal. For this it hides behind its weapons. It has never created a single element that uplifts civilization. Empire is devoid of humanity. It is for these reasons, and many more, unfit to exist in a world of civilization. Empire is only able to create terror by its heartless nature, unleash war, and inflict fascist destruction. And from the deepest depth of its cesspool, it now demands the world to inflict depopulation on itself to reduce humanity to less than a billion people in the vain hope that inflicting the most horrendous global holocaust ever, will avoid its own inevitable collapse extinction.

(18 The counter-pole to empire is a new human renaissance )

The counter-pole to empire is that which represents the power of our humanity; our honesty, creativity, productivity, recognition, understanding, technologies, and so on. Humanity is the power behind the functioning of everything in the physical world, which is the platform of its wealth and its power to even challenge the sky.

Our humanity as human beings is not a personal and ethnic quality, but is represented in all of the numerous cultures in the world that take a stand resisting empire by means of a new human renaissance.

On the platform of this human renaissance we can get civilizations to fly. We are not there yet. Empire still exists and is holding humanity down, forcing its own cultural decadence on us all in order to prevent us from launching our new renaissance. This means that the fight for society’s self-development has not yet been taken up with sufficient intensity to get us off the ground. We are still vulnerable until this ground-level fight is won, because empire is and remains an earth-hugging terrorist, the original terrorist, the hard core terrorist, and the only terrorist in the world. But as we rise above all that, where empire cannot reach to, we are free.

(19 Kepler would urge us )

Kepler would urge us to look at the doctrines that are staged in the quest of empire to rule the world and keep it tied to the Earth. And then he would also urge us to look at the evidence of what is really happening all around us. He would further urge us to look at the epicycles of lies that are spun to justify the doctrines of empire, which cannot stand up in the light of real evidence. Kepler would promise that we’d be shocked by what we would discover if we followed his advice. Oh, yes we are shocked.

(20 All options are on the table )

"All options are on the table."

What does this mean?

Does anybody know?

(21 The Maximum Option; the Final Solution? )

Are we facing once again the Maximum Option; the Final Solution?

Are we facing a plan in progress that has been in the works for decades already, promoted from the highest thrones of empire, to depopulate the world to Less than a billion? Oh yes, that’s what we see.

(22 What combines the present foremost hotspots in the world? )

Kepler would say:

Look at the doctrines!

Look at the evidence!

What combines the present foremost hotspots in the world?

(23 Why would we listen to Kepler )

But why would we listen to Kepler in these regards? Kepler was an astronomer. He lived in the 1600s. We live in a different world now. Our politics are different.

Oh, is this really so? We live in a world where people have closed their eyes to what they do not wish to see. That’s what the astronomers had done for nearly 2000 years prior to his time. Kepler did the opposite. He looked at things that didn’t make sense when seen with only the eyes. With this kind of commitment he started a new era in science that changed the world.

(24 Kepler would say, open your mind people )

Now let’s apply Kepler’s method to the modern world where we see trends unfolding that make absolutely no sense at all, like trends towards nuclear war, but which have wide support.

Oh yes, many may disagree on this point. Kepler would say, open your mind people, the modern trends towards nuclear war have wide support.

(25 Iran is targeted by empire )

Iran is targeted by empire for its strategic location and its long historic ties with much of Eurasia, including Russia, India, and China, the historic targets of empire. It has been chosen to serve as the detonator for blowing up Eurasia as a whole, especially Russia that stood in the way of the world-empire domination since 1951.

Iran is being vilified as the devil who wants to build a nuclear bomb. That’s the kind of game by which Iraq had been vilified as the devil that had been said to be building ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ No evidence has been found to date for either accusation.

(26 Iraq didn’t have weapons for mass destructions )

Iraq didn’t have plans to build weapons for mass destructions. This had been amply verified before the war began. Iraq was destroyed on the basis of lies as a step towards the next step. Iran now gets the same treatment on the same basis of lies. Teams of international inspectors with full access to the entire country had found no evidence for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, nor has any evidence been discovered for atom-bomb building projects being pursued in Iran that the war-criers accuse Iran of. Civilian nuclear power development is being pursued in Iran, which isn’t a crime and is pursued by many countries throughout the world, because the future of humanity depends totally on advanced energy development. Of course, these are all but smoke screen issues dished up for public enragement to get the strategic war started towards the empire’s long-standing cesspool goal of forced world domination.

(27 Iran has never attacked another country )

The bottom line is that there exists no rational basis for anyone waging a war against Iran. Iran is a modern stable nation. It has never attacked another country in modern history. Nevertheless the Cold War against Iran is being sharply intensified. The evidence that one can gleam from this background is that the masters of empire aim to use Iran as a stepping stone to stir up a nuclear war against Russia, which invariably becomes a globally nuclear war that fundamentally alters what remains of the world.

The vast size of the country, its mountainous terrain, and the strong nationalistic character of the population, make it impossible to militarily defeat Iran at the present stage without the war becoming a nuclear war. This may be the real criterion for which it has been selected as a target at the present stage. The recognition of this obvious fact has been openly admitted by the American President Obama, who has stated repeatedly that if Iran cannot be defeated in the conventional sense, ‘All options are on the table.’

(28 Cultural disease has not been healed )

This bold stand for insanity is a desperate move against Russia that has blocked the empire’s reach for world domination since 1951. The balance that Russia established against the plans of empire is being attacked.

The goal is to start and win the war that no one can survive. This deeply irrational and desperate commitment to stage a war that ends in global suicide doesn’t reflect America’s historic culture, but it reflects the long-standing sick culture of empire that historically has depended on creating chaos and war to save the empire. This cultural disease has not been healed. What comes out of the cesspool of millennia of increasing cultural decadence should not be regarded as a rational response towards building a secure future for humanity. The cesspool should be drained before it draws the whole of humanity into its muck. Right now the world is rushing into this muck, driven by an intention that is not its own, that is imposed on it, thinly veiled, as the need for a big war is seen as becoming critical for the existence of empire as its game of looting the world is collapsing and the populations are rising up against the rule of empire where it is already established.

(29 Empire has collapsed into an end-game )

The entire system of empire has collapsed itself into an end-game that the masters are putting everything they’ve got onto the line to prevent their dying system from being wiped off the map. They, the masters of the game, are fully aware of their volatility, far more so than the rest of the world is. That is why they are still able to push their big war against the very existence of humanity. They had feared this outcome from 1951 onward, at which time the depopulation ideology was put into high gear.

(30 The war against Iran isn’t about Iran )

There is a good reason why the cold war against Iran doesn’t make any sense, because the war-drive cannot be understood by looking at Iran itself. The reason is that the war against Iran isn’t about Iran. The evidence tells us that the war has a far wider dimension that cannot be recognized by focusing on the nation of Iran and its aspirations. Kepler would say, open your eyes. Look at the wider dimension. Look at the big game. Look at the game of empire and its core doctrine. Then locate Iran into this context and Syria likewise. Attacking Iran and Syria serve a single purpose, and this purpose is so big that it defies the imagination.

(31 Early-warning radar )

If one looks at Iran from a strategic perspective it becomes self-evident why a close relationship with Iran would be extremely valuable for Russia that would enable early-warning radar installations to be located there, for the earliest possible missile-launch detection of submarine-based missiles. It would be surprising if Russia would not have such radar installations set up.

(32 Syria for early-warning missile-launch detection )

Syria is of similar importance for Russia in the Mediterranean region for early-warning missile-launch detection. When the entire attack time is as short as a coffee break, the earliest possible detection is critical in order that a counter strike can be launched before it becomes impossible to do so. For as long as the early-warning radars remain in place and operational, both in Syria and Iran, a surprise nuclear first-strike against Russia cannot be pulled off. This is the evident reason for the war cries against Syria and Iran, and why two American aircraft carrier groups are positioned off the coast of Syria and two more off the coast of Iran; to attack the radars and thereby enable the first-strike nuclear surprise attack on Russia to proceed.

This long-planned nuclear surprise attack against Russia will proceed unless it is stopped on the American side by removing America’s President, the ‘War-President,’ an agent of the cesspool, from office. Apart from this, nothing will likely be sufficient to prevent the war from erupting. The preparations for the nuclear surprise attack are already in progress.

(33 The AIPAC Conference )

Israel stands ready to sacrifice itself by delivering the opening shot in the coming attack on Iran. The annual conference of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the AIPAC Conference, has been brought forward in 2012, to convene in early March, in order to get the war hysteria heated up fast, before the cesspool of empire evaporates under the current collapse crisis. The AIPAC rally is a war rally. War is the primary topic on the agenda. But war doesn’t bring security. Peace alone brings security. The 1648 Peace of Westphalia brought security to Europe after nearly 100 years of war in which many a village and small city had simply vanished as if they never existed.

(34 Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies in the 1930s )

War cries are cries for suicide, no matter what the official theme may be. War had been the prime agenda at Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies in the 1930s. Few of those who stood tall and proud in those rallies were still alive when the cacophony of war ended. Nor did Germany itself survive the war. It never recovered to become the beautiful cultural gem again that it had been before the wars started.

Russia is again the target for destruction demanded by the cesspool of empire, with China and India added to the list. America stands coerced to facilitate the destruction this time, and thereby to commit suicide, just as Germany had done in the 1930s. Of course, this suicide too, is intentional, just as Germany’s suicide had been, and is again demanded by the same masters of the cesspool.

On this path of demanding universal suicide by war, the cesspool aims this time around to clear the slate of all its adversaries in one fell swoop before it itself collapses.

(35 Sovereignty remaining in America )

Except the plot won’t work, will it? There appears to be still more than enough residual sense of sovereignty remaining in America for the cesspool’s plan to have a chance to succeed.

(36 Narcissistic Personality Disorder )

Sure, the cesspool has succeeded in selecting a mentally impaired person to become the U.S. President, a man with a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a man who can be easily bought. They bought for their selected puppet his election victory with the most-lavishly financed election campaign of all times, supported by a long string of electoral abuses. And even then he barely made it through the gate, even with death threats against the opposition, etc..

They own the little man. They tell him how to dance, how to read the teleprompter, how to succeed with bullying tactics, how to give the treasury away for bailout money, and how to remain President with a forged birth certificate that got him onto the throne illegally, which some say is still being challenged by law-enforcement agencies.

However all the cesspool stuff that the masters have dished up through his mental disease has not yet fully eroded the historic sense of sovereignty in the population.

(37 Their little man in the White House )

THEY, the cesspool creatures, may own their little man in the White House, and they may even own the Congress and the Senate by his bullying tactics, but there remains nevertheless a sense of sovereignty in the people that will block the entire war circus of the cesspool from setting the world on fire and destroying America with it.

(38 America a symbol of its sovereignty )

The little man’s hands have been blocked by the sense of sovereignty of some patriots, and they will be blocked again and again as they must be blocked for America and humanity to survive. Thus they will be blocked evermore by the principle of sovereignty asserting its claim and power in America, because the people’s sense of sovereignty is the one element of power that really counts in the end, which the masters of the cesspool do not own, or have themselves, or have any knowledge of. The key factor for protecting humanity and civilization is the factor of universal sovereignty. America has even built a giant monument as a symbol of its sovereignty.

(39 The traditional enemy of empire )

The traditional enemy of empire has always been Russia, China, India, and the USA, the big nations of the world that the masters of empire have aimed to capture, loot, and control, but have ultimately failed at and not for the lack of trying.

The modern game of the Western empire, the cesspool empire, the only empire that remains standing in the world, has been focused on subduing Russia, China, and India for years, to conquer them and rule them as it has already conquered the USA and Europe, and keeps them firmly under its thumb. However, Russia, China, and India to some degree, have become ever more resistant to be so ruled and looted. They aim to develop themselves instead, which is deemed a crime against empire.

Now, with empire itself fast collapsing, and all the nations under its thumb likewise collapsing, economically and culturally, the entire scene is shifting so that the insane end game of war has been put on the table to destroy them all collectively, both those who have resisted empire and those who might do so in the future. The apparent plan is to kill them all. The plan is on the table. And this means global nuclear war. The goal is to depopulate the planet to less than a billion people, whereby the remaining would be mired in the poverty of a new dark age and be pliable to be ruled forever.

(40 If society removes its ‘War President’ )

This type of insane plan appears to be in control. It is in the process of being implemented according to all evidence. Still it won’t succeed if the American society removes its ‘War President’ from the throne so that the nation and the world can have a future.

The cesspool of empire and its stooges are not an omnipotent adversary, because the cesspool is inherently unintelligent. It is the center of insanity. The creatures in the cesspool spit on humanity, on sovereignty, on creativity, science, and the principle of the general welfare. This is the reason why the cesspool is presently collapsing, and its masters’ insane end game, their plan, to deprive humanity of its living, will be collapsing in the same manner. The chief cornerstone around which this collapse will happen will be society’s growing sense of humanity, its intelligence, and the inherent sovereignty of the human being.

(41 A mentally impaired President who threatens America )

With intelligence raising the principle of sovereignty to new heights, the liberty of the nation can be assured. The task to express sovereignty isn’t really so difficult that a mentally impaired President who threatens America and the world cannot be removed from office. There never was a nation that stood on the crest of sovereignty that had allowed itself to be defeated from within or without, or both.

(42 The ongoing cold war with Iran )

The ongoing cold war with Iran has enabled the physical staging of the war machine for a swift nuclear first-strike against the Eurasian continent. Syria has been set up in the same manner to serve the same purpose in the Mediterranean. Off shore from both locations, two American aircraft-carrier battle groups have been stationed, four in total, all set up at once. At this same time also the tensions over the American anti-missile installation in Poland heated up. But once it becomes known for which reasons the war-cries and the prepared attacks are fielded, society’s sense of sovereignty will tend to turn the tide against the cesspool. America has had a long history of defending its home-ground against the cesspool of empire from its very founding on. By the force of its own history the American society will ultimately be more inclined in aiding Russia in its self-defence against the cesspool, rather than standing against Russia on behalf of the cesspool. The principle of sovereign self-defence is in America’s blood, so to speak. For this reason America will remove the nuclear war threats against Russia, including its AMB system in Poland, as soon as its ‘war-president’ has been removed from the seat of power.

(43 Russia sees itself surrounded with nuclear weapons launch-platforms )

A far-flung mobile antimissile capability that is routinely upgraded and modernized could easily conceal hardware with an offensive capability. With Russia being denied inspection rights, it sees itself becoming surrounded with potential nuclear weapons launch-platforms staged in close proximity to the very heart of Russia. It sees itself severely threatened with four of America’s super-class aircraft carriers stationed at its southern flank.

(44 Only the giant bunker buster bombs can damage them )

Ironically, not a single aircraft carrier is of any use against what America is officially targeting in Iran, which officially are the deeply buried nuclear materials processing facilities. The targets in Iran that all the fuzz is about are so well protected in secure locations that only the giant bunker buster bombs can damage them. These giant bombs however are far too large to be transported by any aircraft-carrier-based aircraft.

(45 The 30,000 pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator bomb )

The 30,000 pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator bomb is so large that America’s frontline bomber, the B-2 can carry only a single one of them, and a B-52 no more than two.

Considering that none of carrier-based aircraft can carry those bombs, why are four aircraft carrier groups standing by? Why are they there, when they are of no use for the stated main objective?

(46 The aircraft carrier groups to serve a bigger purpose )

Evidently the aircraft carrier groups are required to serve a bigger and wider purpose. This purpose is nuclear war. The carrier groups do have nuclear armed guided missile capabilities for ‘local’ purposes and could also have nuclear-missile submarines attached to them as required and provide cover for their deployment.

(47 The American Navy’s 14 Ohio-class submarines )

Considering that America’s major nuclear weapons platform is sea-based, primarily on submarines, the placement of aircraft carrier groups near the shores of Russia, as a protection for the offensive submarines, brings to light a dangerous plan in the process of unfolding.

The American Navy’s 14 Ohio-class nuclear missile submarines carry half of the entire American nuclear weapons inventory. Each submarine carries 24 missiles with 6 to 10 warheads per missile, enough to destroy Russia in the space of a coffee break, and beyond that the entire Eurasian continent in less than half an hour, and three days later the USA also with the effects of the fallout.

The advantage of sea-based launch-platforms is that they can be brought close to a target area for an almost instant effect that would most surely trigger automated retaliation for the lack of time to weigh the options.

(48 A high-stakes game of winner takes all )

Nuclear war has become a high-stakes game of winner takes all, which in practice is an illusion. The theory is that if an enemy can be knocked out before it is able to respond, then nuclear war is ‘winnable.’

This doctrine is as much a deception as are all the other nuclear war doctrines, such as peace by Mutually Assured Destruction. In reality, a full scale American attack, even if Russia wouldn’t respond, would destroy America together with everybody else with the resulting fallout.

Of course Russia would counter-attack. The resulting ejaculation of horror would ironically be consistent with the long-established goal of world-depopulation that is cherished in the sewers of empire from which the last vestiges of humanity have been purged.

In order to get a nuclear war plan implemented, the illusion is being maintained in the strategic planning offices that nuclear war is winnable, even while it is not.

The evident intention behind nuclear war is that the war will NOT be won. This goal will be achieved with near-absolute certainty when the prepared-for war is launched. Towards this end-goal the game is forced ahead.

(49 Moscow can be eradicated in 11 minutes )

From a submarine-based platform positioned in the Mediterranean, Moscow can be eradicated in 11 minutes. With its capital erased, Russia would be strategically crippled. The timing suggests that Syria has been stirred up into a crisis state specifically for this purpose as a cover to enable America’s sea-based missile platform to be brought close to Russia and be protected there by the aircraft carrier forces.

Syria hadn’t been in a crisis state until the strategic requirement for it existed. At this point the crisis was unleashed by external intervention. This kind of destabilization is all too easily done with mercenary rebels financed and supplied from the sewers of empire, such as the Al-Qaeda forces created from the heart of empire against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan, and wherever else terror operations are desired to serve the goals of empire.

(50 Al-Qaeda recruited and trained by the CIA )

The term, Al-Qaeda, became the database name for the mujahedeen militants who had been recruited and trained by the CIA to harass the new socialist government in Afghanistan, to thereby draw the Soviets into Afghanistan and bog them down there in a Vietnam style quagmire in order to weaken the Soviets and deliver a humiliating blow to communism in the end. This was the stated American plan for which Al-Qaeda was created. And the plan was carried out.

The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan had been formed after the Saur Revolution in 1978. Its government supported the poor and the farmers with a socialistic agenda. It had had formed close relations with the Soviet Union. Its support of the common people had promptly inspired the Islamic Revolution in its neighboring country, Iran, which roused itself and ousted the American-backed Shah.

In response to the loss of Iran the empire turned its weight against Afghanistan, which couldn’t defend itself against the CIA’s mujahedeen militants. By this trick the empire managed to drag the Soviet Union into the ‘Afghan trap’ as the project was initially referred to.

After the Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan, the mujahedeen operation was carried on under the Al-Qaeda summary name, which simply means ‘data base.’

(51 The mujahedeen movement )

Afghanistan had a long Islamic history, which the communist revolution had violated. Al-Qaeda was organized from the cesspool of empire as the counter-revolution. With rich international support from numerous offices of empire the mujahedeen movement was forged that fought a 9-year long terror war in which up to 2 million Afghani civilians were killed, 3 million wounded, 5 million became refugees, 2 million became internally displaced, and 90,000 mujahedeen were killed also, together with 14,000 Soviet troops and 18,000 Afghan soldiers. A functional government didn’t arise from these ashes. This was evidently the intention.

(52 Al-Qaeda were not dismantled after the Soviets had left )

The well-developed pro-Islamic terror-organization and its ideological infrastructure, now named directly the Al-Qaeda, which had achieved the gory feat that forced the Soviets into retreat, were not dismantled after the Soviets had left. They simply continued on to serve the goals of empire to the present day. Syria became one of its latest victims, for obvious reasons.

(53 Syria is a small, largely rural nation )

Syria is a small, largely rural nation abundant with olive trees and numerous religious backgrounds, and a root in ancient civilizations going back more than 7,000 years. It, like all the nations in the middle east, became caught up in the modern terror storm that the masters of empire have unleashed with the injection of the State of Israel, which itself was built on a platform of terror from its very beginning on, such as the Deir Yassin massacre in 1948. The massacre was unleashed with such extreme terror that it triggered the huge Palestinian exodus of over 700,000 people who have never been allowed to return. Many of their houses were subsequently demolished in an operation, called, ‘Cleansing the Landscape.’

(54 Syria became dragged into the terror storm )

Syria became dragged into the terror storm mandated from the cesspool of empire that ravished the entire Middle East region, and also Africa, for more than half a century already, still aiming for world domination.

Syria is now being set up to play a much expanded role in the spreading of the cesspool of empire, with Russia being committed to block the invasion of Syria as an act of self-defence, and to block the larger war-drive that stands behind it all.

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