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The Ice Age imperative requires humanity to build

For example, the Ice Age imperative requires humanity to build itself 6,000 completely new cities for a million people each. They would need to be build afloat across the equatorial seas. This huge infrastructure could be manufactured with such ease in automated industrial processes that all the houses as infrastructures for living would be provided by society to one-another for free as an investment by society into the greatest asset that a society has, which is itself.

The resulting world would be debt free, poverty free, rent free, spacious, and be of the highest quality. It would include whatever is required to maximize the development of the human potential. It would be a feast for the heart indeed. This feast would revolutionize finance, economics, politics, cooperation, and human living. All the farming associated with the new floating cities, would be done in scientifically optimized indoor facilities, operating with enhanced sunlight, enhanced atmospheres, and freshwater flowing directly out of the oceans by means of deep-ocean reverse-osmosis, desalination. And this would be just the beginning. It would revolutionize construction, industrialization, and even energy systems.

Once humanity pulls itself out of the small-minded world, into the real world, all limits simply fall away. Imagine free healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free transportation - in short, debt-free living.

This is the potential that we need to awaken ourselves up to. It is a potential that is powered by our love for one-another as human beings.

There are many ways to be small-minded. And there are many ways to awake from the small-minded dream and come to life again. This happens to people when they are inspired by scientific facts and scientific recognitions, by which they come to life again. The Ice Age challenge that lifts us out of our dreaming can have this effect. Ironically, very few people have any idea of what got us into the current Ice Age trap to begin with.


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