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The Ice Age challenge a foreboding of doom

The story, as any well-written allegory, sets a mirror before us. Most people regard the Ice Age challenge, which they do not understand, if they regard it at all, as a foreboding of doom that they would rather run away from, instead of seeing it in terms of a great feast of good, which it offers to humanity.

Society today, is like Nineveh was. It is awash with systems of empire and the corresponding evil of small-minded thinking in which society is barely alive. Ah, but there is this potential in the air for a great feast of good unfolding, should humanity wake up from its slumber and morbid dreaming.

The Ice Age challenge should be seen as a bugle call to humanity, to wake up to its inherent potential, by which it really lives. This feast for the heart, which is called-for in this Ice Age case, involves the the building of a completely new world with a highly elevated platform for living.


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