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He grumbles his displeasure before God

He leaves the city and builds himself a shelter outside of it, from which to observe what might yet happen to the city. Might it yet be destroyed? He grumbles his displeasure before God, saying that he would rather die than to see an evil city escape its vengeance due.

In order to console him, God creates a gourd that gives him shadow from the Sun while he sits and waits. Jonah is pleased with it. But on the next day God creates a worm that kills the gourd, and stirs a dry east wind that causes the gourd to whither away. Jonah responds angrily. He responds with sadness for the gourd. God asks him how it is that he grieves for a gourd but has no concern about the fate of an entire city of people. There may have been 100,000 to 150,000 living in the city of Nineveh at the time.

God may have urged him to go back into the city, because a great feast would await him there if he did, a feast for the heart - a city of once small-minded people waking up to what it means to be a human being.

The Jonah story in the Bible doesn't have this ending included, though it appears to be implied. God also may have said to Jonah in the beginning that he had a great feast in store for him in Nineveh. Perhaps, if Jonah had realized how great a feast for the hart he had been invited to be apart of, he might not have tried to run away from the task to bring it about.


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