Transcript for scene 20 of the video " Ice Age Wisdom Dunamics - part 1" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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Jonah decides to solve his problem by escaping


Capital of the Assyrian Empire

705 BC to 612 BC (destroyed)

Neo-Assyrian Empire

911 BC–609 BC

Jonah decides to solve his problem by escaping to a far away place. He buys passage on a ship bound for Tarsus, a long distance away from Nineveh. But God doesn't let him off the hook. He casts a great storm upon the sea, so much so that the ship is about to break. When Jonah realizes for whose fault those many people in the ship were about to perish, he requests the shipmates to throw him overboard in order that the ship would be saved and their life with it.

As they shipmates comply, reluctantly as we are told, the storm does indeed cease.


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