Transcript for scene 11 of the video " Ice Age Wisdom Dunamics - part 1" by Rolf Witzsche - Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming  

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Reality becomes fiction, and fiction reality

Humanity is presently asleep. It is dreaming of global warming, endless summers, the glory of war, profits from slavery, power by terror and corruption - the dreams that the system of empire has prescribed for society like a drug.

This dreaming is what society imagines determines its future. In this dreamland the boundary blurs between fiction and reality. Reality becomes fiction, and fiction reality. We even educate our children with fairy tales. We tell them that the coach becoming a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight will never happen in reality.

The opposite is true, isn't it? When markets crash, lies are exposed, governments fall, bubbles burst, illusions evaporate, the sky-castles of dreams end up to be but a 'pumpkin'. The 'glory' of the endless interglacial holiday, is one of those dreams.

When children grow up, we teach them in the universities how to build investment portfolios that never collapse, but in the real world they soon discover that their 'investment' becomes somebody else's profit in a rigged game in which they, as all but a few, end up with empty bags. We teach the children that financial speculation builds economic stability, war creates security, democracy assures prosperity, and that the Apollo moon landings have been just Hollywood productions. We even say that Osama Bin Laden had orchestrated the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, successfully, right in the midst of the most defended air space in the world, all single handed from a cave in Afghanistan. We teach our children, and one another too, the dreams we like them to have, day dreams of golden coaches, including that the Sun isn't what it really is.

Modern society loves to be entertained with fairy tales. In this context the Ice Age is a forbidden subject. Reality is forbidden. Evidence is forbidden. Most people are carefully taught not to believe in evidence anyway, but to believe in their dreams with "strong confidence" and unshakable convictions. That's the modern landscape.


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