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We live in an Ice Age World

We live in an Ice Age World, and have been so for several million years. We have measured evidence that for 85% of the last half a million years the Earth has been a virtual Ice Planet, with a climate so cold that the lands outside the tropics become essentially uninhabitable for human populations, and the lands within the tropics become uninhabitable for the lack of water.

This means that what we regard as our normal climate, is actually an anomaly that makes up only 15% of the overall timeframe. The climate anomalies interrupt the 'normal' glaciation climate in roughly 100,000-year intervals with nicely warm interglacial holidays, like the one that we presently enjoy - a period of easy living with a strong Sun and plenty of rain for agriculture.

This means that for the long times in-between the interglacial holidays, the entire Earth is largely uninhabitable by today's standard. Numerous measurable forms of evidence tell us that we are about to get back to that. It tells us that our current warm interglacial holiday is fast drawing to a close, and with it our living on Earth is drawing to a close, unless we build the infrastructures for continued human living on Ice Planet Earth.


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