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Ice Age is Digital: Awake - part 3

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Humanity is in urgent need to wake up to the discovered reality that determines its future on the Earth as an Ice Planet, because its very existence depends on this awakening.

If humanity awakes in time, it will build itself a new world with technological infrastructures for living on an Ice Planet. In the process it will create itself the greatest renaissance of all times.

If humanity remains asleep, it dies, except for a very few, even why it would live

I have chosen the Adam and Eve allegory as a means to invite you to open your eyes, and discover by yourself what is real, because you will act on what you choose.

Is the electrodynamics plasma universe real? It offers you a view into the future with massive evidence supporting it, and with an opportunity attached to create yourself a new world to live in before the old world becomes an ice planet.

Or is the mechanistic universe real that invites everyone to remain comfortably asleep? People are contend in their dreaming with the song in their mind "we don't do evidence, we have our comfortable feeling and strong confidence in it," which they have been taught by the would-be masters of the world. Each person has the option, of course, to sing the lords' deadly song. The human being is sovereign by design. But while being free in choosing, one is still bound to the consequences of the choice made. Freedom is not absolute. The stakes are high. The greatest freedom is only found in choosing correctly, because then the consequence will be life, instead of doom. Maybe this is what the writer of the allegory tried to convey.

There are many other interpretations possible, of course, of the allegory of the tree of life in the midst of the garden of paradise that the 'god' that speaks for the lords of the world has decreed, must never be touched. I have applied the allegory to an aspect that the writer of the story could have never imagined since the real nature of the Ice Age dynamics had only been discovered a little more than a decade ago. Nor would the writer in ancient time have imagined that a tiny group, sick with greed, would amass the controlling power to choke the entire world to death, and that humanity would sink so low in its own sight to let this happen. Or maybe the writer did see similar tragedies occurring in ancient time, and had tried to derail the train to hell.

It may even be that the anciently attempted derailment of the oligarchic system is already moving again, quietly in the background, and is asserting itself. In real terms the oligarchic system is already functionally dead. It exists as but an empty shell that is so dead within that nothing works anymore, that is precariously upheld with bailout funds stolen from society.

In the shadow of its fading, we see powerful alternatives developing in some parts of the world, such as China's Belt and Road initiative for win-win international cooperation on infrastructure development, which is hugely gaining ground.

Of similar significance is the already unfolding new world-financial architecture for the betterment of life on the earth, the BRICS system that combines the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa on a common economic development platform that is fast gaining ground, while the lord's dollar system is fading like a dying dream.

With these already large movements, we may see a foundation developing for the grand explosion in industrial development that the recognition of the Ice Age Challenge will inevitably spark when the need for building a whole new world for 7 billion people is taken out of the grave, smothered with dogmas, and is placed onto the table to be acted on. When this happens, we haven't seen anything yet in terms of what can be accomplished by humanity as the most powerful species of life on the Earth. Everyone's future will then be secure, and their life will no longer be at risk.

It is high time that the oligarchic system is eclipsed by progress on all fronts and be swept off the stage by the dynamics of history. The Depopulation Doctrine has a long history that goes back to the 1790s, when a Venetian Monk gave a gift to the oligarchy that owned him, which justified radical genocide. The Earth is too full of people, was the message of his book on population. The book was published in the years when the American Constitution was developed, perhaps as a counter weapon. The book was picked up by many in the oligarchic system. Malthus picked it up in Britain. Out of it came the work houses that worked the poor to death. It became the Eugenics theory that justified the persecution of 'inferior' people. Hitler loved this notion. It became the holocaust and war without mercy. Bertrand Russell promoted it big time. It became the guiding star up to the highest levels the British and related oligarchies.

Out of it came the doctrine of the controlled disintegration of the world economy. Its first expression became the take-down of the protection of the world's currencies, that President Franklin Roosevelt had pioneered for the recovery of the nations. With the protection removed, the currencies became gambling chips and the nations became hopeless debtors. The interest rate shock had a similar intention and caused enormous economic devastation. When the shock led to a crisis, Alan Greenspan created the financial derivatives gambling orgy, which he referred to as a financial atomic bomb. He did this as chairman of the Federal Reserve, a private oligarchic institution that owns the U.S. dollar. While the bomb was going off, Wall Street quietly bribed the U.S. Congress to scrap the protection of the U.S. banking system by rescinding the Glass Steagall law from the Franklin Roosevelt Years. With this accomplished, nothing remains safe. The nation's bank deposits can now be used as gambling chips, to bankrupt the banking system, which was evidently intentional, because in 2008, when the gambling system did implode, the bail-out orgy began. Fifty trillion dollars in bailout funds had been donated by the American nation, officially to stave off the banking collapse, but with the real intention to destroy the nation more deeply, which it did over the following years. The fifty trillion were wasted. It didn't make the dead horse come alive again, that the financial system had become, by dousing it with evermore fresh blood. Nor was this the objective. But it did prolong the appearance that it still lives, which served the further destruction of the physical economy that society's living depends on.

In the modern world, Fact and Fiction are reversed

Fiction is paraded as Fact

the most insane fantasies are paraded as real

and reality is paraded as fiction

The end-product is unprecedented economic collapse, unemployment, genocide, poverty, homelessness, refugee chaos, evermore wars, and terror. And the chaos is intentional, under the depopulation doctrine1 that drives the economic destruction of the world for the security of the oligarchic system that breeds empire like a disease. The intention is evident in the vehement opposition to America wanting to re-instate its Glass Steagall bank protection law. It has been declared from the highest level of the British oligarchy, that the reinstatement would be considered an "act of war." Indeed, it would be an act of war - a war against the forces that destroy humanity.

Even the global warming hoax, as is now admitted, drives the economic destruction, and with it the depopulation agenda. The official U.N. objective is to roll back the historic Industrial Revolution that had enabled too many people to live, as the lords see it. And this is not an overstatement. The Russian Academy of Science is said to have commented in the days of the Kyoto Accord, that the accord is in effect an economic suicide pact.

Oligarchic System ( empire )

Since the dead horse, that the world-financial system is, is still dead, laws have been created, and are already on the books in many nations, that allow the collapsing banks to essentially confiscate their depositors' assets, by a process of bail-in. In the evidently intended chaos, should the bail-in happen, the physical economy invariably disintegrates and the world dies. This is the intention behind the doctrine of depopulation, which will play itself out if it is not stopped, and it will not be stopped until the oligarchic system of empire is understood for what it is by what it does.

Economic Development versus The Depopulation Doctrine.

China/Russia versus The West

By this line of understanding the world is divided, and has been divided for a long time. All other divisions in the world are secondary, and are subsumed by that prime division between economic development and depopulation.

Economic Miracle?

China's Hamiltonian Economics versus The West's committing self-destruction

With China having developed itself the most powerful economy in the world, its achievement is seen with envy as an '"miracle."

This perception is a trap. China's economic achievement is not a miracle. It is merely the lawful outcome of a modernized version of Hamiltonian economics that reflects the principles the USA was founded on, which remain the most efficient principles to date. China's economic achievement only appears like a miracle, when it is seen in comparison with the West that is committed to its self-destruction, as it must by its fundamental doctrine, depopulation.

Economic warfare, you say?

China versus USA

this isn't warfare

it is

economic world-development vs world-collapse, depopulation

There is no such thing as economic warfare between East and West happening. We see two separate phenomena happening. China develops the most precious asset that humanity has, its people. In comparison, the West destroys its most precious with the axe of depopulation. It idealizes world collapse. Cooperation with China becomes natural, when the depopulation mantra fades into the trash bin of history. Until that day, the world remains in peril - it remains in peril, by not responding to the Ice Age Challenge.

Without Ice Age infrastructures 7 billon become 0.001 billion

With Ice Age infrastructures in place, 7 billion become infinity

The only real danger that humanity is facing, which it is facing collectively, is that it is unprepared when the Earth becomes largely an Ice Planet in 30years, which then becomes 99.9% uninhabitable by today's standard. Without a large-scale technological response, building infrastructures for Ice Age living, humanity is doomed. With it, life is protected and enabled to flourish..

We can create for ourselves a perfectly liveable world with large-scale technological infrastructures fit for the Ice Planet, but it won't happen with the depopulation policy breaking our wings, so that all is designed to crash.

Here the ancient Adam and Eve allegory becomes highly significant, with its message that we wake ourselves up, out of the dream state, by 'eating' of the 'tree of life.'

China is life-oriented, with cultural optimism based on achievements. Will we, in the West, take the steps necessary to become so likewise?

Will we become life and development oriented, in the West, like China?

Will we develop ourselves in order to be able to join hands across the world on a platform of common interest in a community of principle?

This is the key question. This is the single most critical question of our time.

We cannot face the Ice Age Challenge with the world divided; one part focused on developing life, and the other focused on destroying it.

The F35 - 1st-strike-capable

nuclear bomb delivery platform,

a nail for the

national coffin,

Military platforms divert the focus away from the supreme danger to the whole of humanity: which is the impending Ice Age phase shift in the 2050s. Weapons don't build structures for living. They divide and isolate, instead of embrace and uplift one another.

To be or not to be? is the critical question before us. It is the supreme question while the Earth is rigidly on track to becoming an uninhabitable Ice Planet. A mere 30 years remain for humanity to build itself a new technological world that is fit for living under Ice Age conditions. This critical question pertains also to science.

Science is our pathway to life. Science, Life, and Humanity is One.

The path to truthful science is presently blocked with convoluted dreams that flow from the ongoing policy for the controlled disintegration of science that universal science has been subjected to, worldwide. But since the dreaming, by policy, is artificial, it is possible for humanity to awake itself from the dreaming by simply opening its eyes.

Nobody can be as densely stupid as not to notice what is happening before one's very eyes. The evidence is overwhelming. The fringe effects are hard to ignore.

So, how can we get to open our eyes?

Evidence of the Weakening Sun:

Collapsing solar-wind pressure

Diminishing solar magnetic field

Diminishing sunspot numbers

Increasing solar coronal holes

Increasing cosmic-ray flux

Decreasing magnetic pole deflection

Diminishing Earth magnetic field

Increasing Fringe Effects:


Global climate cooling



Hurricanes and tornadoes



Ice Age Population Collapse

from 7 billion to 0.001 billion

As I said earlier, the controlled disintegration doctrine is not only applied to economics, but is also applied to science. We must awake on this front more urgently. We must awake to the recognition that the Big Bang doctrine, by policy, blocks the recognition of the Ice Age dynamics. And we must recognize why the Big Bang policy exists, why it blocks our responding to real science, and that by blocking it, it advances the intended genocidal effects with the goal to depopulate the planet.

It may seem sacrilegious to refer to the Big Bang concept of the universe as a doctrine by policy, but apart from the fact that no exclusive evidence supports the doctrine, the timing suggests that it reflects the Wellsian anti-science policy that culminated in the great debate in the 1920s of how to stop science in its tracks. It serves this policy and has the intended effect.

The biofuels doctrine, too, has the intended effect of the "Controlled Disintegration of Science" policy. Both, the Big Bang and Biofuels doctrines, under this policy, aim to assure the collapse of the world-population.

But the train doesn't stop at the intended station. It rolls on to the bitter end by preventing humanity from meeting the Ice Age Challenge. If it comes to this bitter end, then we are are back to where we started from, when only a million people, worldwide, had survived the last Ice Age.

The biofuels doctrine of food-burning, officially to stave off global warming, sets up a problem in the mind for which no solution is deemed possible, except the self-murdering of society by burning its own food to save the planet.

This trap tends to induce an increasingly infantile type of thinking. It produces a lower level of thinking that is harder to wake up from.

In the allegory, Adam and Eve had been comparatively easy to wake up. In modern time, this is harder and harder to accomplish. Someone who shrugs and closes his eyes in the sight of the ongoing biofuels holocaust of upwards to 100 million people per year, is already mentally far past the stage of being merely asleep. How does one wake up the dead.

Maybe such persons would be jolted back to life if they came upon a gas station that advertises clean gas, with big signs: "Just imagine! - We sell Undiluted gasoline - 100% genocide-free."

The encounter might raise some eyebrows. It might even wake somebody up. As it is, such gas stations don't exist. Instead, the fuel delusion ratio, E-10, or E-15, is almost hidden, written in small letters on a small sticker.

In the 'native air of man,'

'the mind and science is one.'

Real science is not fake and perverted.

It is truthful to what is true.

Nor do we exist apart from it.

We can run with that. It is the greatest

power we can have to wake us up and move.

In real terms the wake-up call is rooted in the heart. It is rooted in the nature of humanity. In the 'native air of man,' 'the mind and science is one.' This science is not fake and perverted, but is truthful to what is true. Nor do we exist apart from it. We can run with that. It is the greatest power we can have, to wake us up.

The bottom line is, we are living in pioneering territory. No one has succeeded yet to usher the Depopulation Doctrine and the system that drives it off the stage of civilization, together with the doctrine of the Controlled Disintegration of the Economy, and the doctrine of the Controlled Disintegration of Science, worldwide. This victory to freedom needs yet to be achieved.

Happy Death-Day everyone!


The victory to freedom needs to be achieved, no matter what it takes; no matter the effort required and the difficulties involved. We must succeed to win, because unless we do succeed, our children are at risk. They have no chance, otherwise, for survival, much less to have a future. This type of default fate is not acceptable.

But why should we fail to win? As human beings, we have the power to become a new wind in the world that sweeps clean the pages of history and writes a new page, a page of life as has not been written for a long time.

There is vitality in the movement of the wind, and more so in 'being' the wind, in setting its direction towards the freedom of humanity from dead axioms, false beliefs, imprisoning doctrines, The age of the coffin is drawing to a close. The age of livening abundantly is at hand.

The opportunity lays before us to create a new world. Just imagine, building 6,000 new cities in the next 30 years, for living where no one has lived before! Imagine, unlimited agriculture! Imagine, freedom from hunger, freedom from want, freedom from war, freedom from fear! Imagine, freedom to love! There is vitality in being in the wind.

Happy Birth-Day humanity!

Who would want to be asleep in times like these? Happy Birthday, humanity!

The winds to freedom flow in the 'native air of man' where, 'mind and science is one,' where nothing is impossible. On this path we are staged to succeed, and to celebrate each step along the way.

Celebrating the Future with open hearts and eyes and minds

and with the song of peace, joy, and creative power - our great song

This may have been the reason behind the Russian celebration of a breakthrough in casting ISIS off the stage in Palmyra in Syria, displacing the horrors of war and massacres, and executions, and destruction. with a spark of the beauty of the culture of humanity.

The director of the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra of St. Petersburg, Valery Gergeiv brought the Mariinsky symphony orchestra into this desert war zone on May the 5th in 2016, for a celebration of life with a prayer for Palmyra, obviously in an act of defiance of the inhumanity of war, and as a beginning to wake a few people up.

Let's do this on the world stage and on the universal scale.

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