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Ice Age is Digital: Awake - part 1

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Ice Ages are real. The next one is close, but it remains an enigma for the lack of prior experiences. All that we have ever known - the entire history of civilization, occurred in the brief span of the warm climate encircled in blue. We have no experiences of the time prior to that, as if the time prior pertained to a different world.

This is not surprising, because the Ice Age world is so dramatically different than the historically experienced world, that it is essentially a different world that is dramatically incomparable with what we experience today.

We need to wake up to the incomparable, because the present world is fast fading. It has been fading for more than 3000 years already.

The world is close to flipping back to being an ice world, which will likely happen in the 2050s. It will collapse back into glaciation as it did when the previous interglacial ended. The consequences for humanity are enormous.

All areas outside the tropics and sub-tropics, the pink zone, become reclaimed by the cold and become uninhabitable, and the rest of the world becomes uninhabitable for the lack of rain.

The ice core records tell us how big the consequences will be that we have never experienced. The Little Ice Age of the 1600s, for example, is recorded as a half-a-degree of average cooling, while the Ice Age is recorded as 20 degrees colder in comparison - a 40-times deeper cooling. And the precipitation is recorded as reduced by 80%.

This is a scene from the Little Ice Age. It was cold then. No one can live in a world 40-times colder. All of Europe becomes uninhabitable thereby, and likewise Russia and Canada. And the rest of the world becomes uninhabitable for the lack of rain. We can make the future Ice and Dust Planet habitable by us creating ourselves a new world deep in the tropics, operating securely and richly with technological infrastructures. But will we do it? We have 30 years left to get the infrastructures completed, such as building 6,000 new cities in the tropics, and new infrastructures and industries, which haven't even been considered to date.

The present choice is, to let 99.9% of humanity die. To do nothing, means committing universal suicide. That's the dimension of failing to meet the Ice Age Challenge.

Numerous modern measurements tell us that our present world has run its course and will be flipped back in the 2050s, to being an Ice Planet as it had been for 85% of the last half a million years.

The Earth gets flipped into warm climates in 100,000 years intervals, and back to glaciation in every case without fail. These are not fade-in, fade-out, transitions. They are digital transitions. They are caused by the Sun flipping between two activity states, a high-activity state, and a low activity state. The solar transition may be as short as a single day.

The flipping of the Sun is a natural process that results when the plasma density in interstellar plasma streams, which power the Sun, cross below the minimal density level that enables electromagnetic primer fields to form that focus the interstellar plasma streams intensely onto our Sun.

When there is enough density in the streams, the Sun is intensely powered by this process, as it presently is, which pulls the Earth out of its otherwise normal glaciation state.

High-density plasma streams

with active primer fields operating

generate a solar surface temperature

of (presently) 5,800 degrees Kelvin

With plasma streams of insufficient

density for active primer fields to form,

a lower solar surface temperature

results, at app. 4,000 degrees Kelvin

With high-density plasma streams and active primer fields operating, the Sun achieves its present surface temperature of 5,800 degrees Kelvin.

If the plasma density drops below the level needed for the primer fields to form, the plasma streams simply flow by the Sun. In this case no plasma concentration around the Sun happens. The reduced solar activity, at a type of default level, generates a correspondingly lower surface temperature, potentially in the range of 4,000 degrees.

The Sun flips between these two states every 100,000 years. It remains in the active state for roughly 12,500 years, and in the inactive state for the rest of the time. There is nothing in between the two states.

The Sun either has, or doesn't have active primer fields operating. One state gives the Sun its interstellar high-intensity boost. The other state doesn't. The flip-point between the two states is determined by the physical principles that govern the forming of the primer fields.

That's why the interglacial climate doesn't fade gradually into the glacial climate, but flips sharply and globally. The consequences are brutal for those who are not prepared for them.

Ice Age transitions are inherently digital transitions. They cannot be anything else. To ignore this fact is akin to committing suicide. That's a hard one to come to terms with. We had no historic experiences of this sort. Never, throughout the entire history of civilization did we experience a time when the entire global agriculture becomes disabled simultaneously, and a large portion of the world's people tried to flee their territory for the cold, with no transportation infrastructure available on the needed scale, and with no place to go to. We have never experienced a time when the Sun flipped to its default state.

We have only experienced fringe effects. We have measured the Sun getting weaker on its path to the flip point, the phase shift point. We have seen the increasing fringe effects in terms of increasing drought, flooding, cooling, and tornado events, and also earthquakes.

While the growing magnitude of these fringe events should raise some eyebrows, they are incomparable with what we are heading into, and are heading into unprepared, and fast asleep as it were. The call to awake is far overdue.

Awake to what is real.

for a chance to live,

to live as never before.

Waking up is a type of digital event too. One flips from being asleep and dreaming, to being awake, facing the real world. And that's hard to do, especially in science where intentionally twisted dogmas have kept society asleep and locked into dreaming convoluted dreams where nothing is real; where the path to reality is blocked. This has been the case for centuries already, and more so in modern time. And the most twisted domain in science, has become cosmology. The wake-up call is most imperative here, because, facing reality on the most crucial front where the future of civilization is determined, enables society to face the issue head on and build itself a new technological world that the Ice Age dynamics cannot touch, and to use the resulting momentum as an opportunity to build a grander world than anything that has yet been built.

This cannot be done being asleep. But it can be done being awake. Being awake opens the gate to new paradigms, new potentials, and achievements that border on the miraculous.

Awake to the digital Ice Age.

The universe is electro-dynamic,

the Ice Ages are digital - mechanistics are too feeble.


What is blocking truthful perception?

What keeps us asleep?

Exploring the blocking factors with two allegories:

#1 - A modern allegory of a time traveller

#2 - An ancient allegory of awaking from a dream

Because of the unique nature of the blocking factors, I will focus on two diverse allegories to illustrate the types of challenges that we face, which otherwise may not be easily apparent, and thereby won't be addressed.

The first allegory is the story of a time traveler who ventures centuries forward in time and encounters an elegant but docile people, who live in a world abundant with food, but who lost their ability to know themselves and to communicate.

One day the time traveler finds that his time-travel machine has been stolen. While searching for it, he discovers another type of people living in the same area, a dirty, industrious, machine loving people, who labor underground and keep the physical operation functioning that makes the above-ground paradise possible.

The traveler soon discovers that there exists a special relationship between the machine-loving people and the docile elegant people. He discovers that the machine people maintain the elegant people as livestock and eat them.

The story is a part of H. G. Wells' 1895 novel, "The Time Machine." It appears to have been designed to serve as a wake-up call to the oligarchy of empire, that they should keep the advance of science and technology in check, or else the science and technology people would eat them for breakfast.

The wake-up call apparently lead to a debate in high society, in the 1920s, if my memory serves me well, of relevant research done on the issue, abut what to do with science. Should science be blocked or be scrapped altogether? Or should it be made accessible only onto a select elite of high society for its advantage? It appears that it was recognized that science cannot be blocked, but that it can be controlled and so twisted into knots with irrationality, that it becomes essentially ineffective. It appears that this path was chosen and applied foremost to cosmology, especially to plasma cosmology, to tie them into knots.

As far back as 1913, Kristian Olaf Birkeland, a Norwegian scientist, explored the plasma cosmology. He has been called 'the first space scientist and the father of plasma experiments in the laboratory and space.'

He predicted that plasma is ubiquitous in space - meaning simply everywhere - that the whole of space is filled with electrons and flying electric ions of all kinds, so that it does not seem unreasonable therefore to think that the greater part of the material masses in the universe is found, not in the solar systems or nebulae, but in 'empty' space.

He wrote a huge 2-volume book on aurora research and the electric interaction of the Sun with the Earth. The book covers "The Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition 1902-1903" with a preface of earlier expedition results going back into the 1890s. The recognition of a potential plasma universe was developed from this background and flourished in those days. It set up a stage for a completely new field of study.

Later in time, the Swedish plasma physics pioneer Hannes Olof Gösta Alfvén expanded the field of study, and in later years was honoured with the 1970 Nobel Prize in Physics.

He made many contributions to plasma physics, including with pioneering a model of electrodynamics in plasma in the Milky Way galaxy - the famous Alfven Model.

But in between all this, erupted the Big Bang, designed as a counter theory.

In the late 1920s, as if it was in response to the high-level debate over science, and how to tie it into knots, the famous Big Bang Theory was invented and was quietly spread across the world. It became so heavily debated and promoted that it became the mainstream concept of the universe.

Nicolas of Cusa,

one of the founders of the Golden Renaissance

would have termed the Big Bang acceptance

Learned Ignorance

The Big Bang is the king of the mechanistic concepts of the universe. It stands in opposition to cosmic electrodynamics, as a counter-theory in which cosmic plasma is simply ignored and all the previous, momentous discoveries are brushed aside as if they didn't exist.

It is a theory that is devoid of real exclusive evidence, but is richly relying on highly mystic physics, including dark matter and dark energy, and so on.

Its fame is, that it is widely regarded as real, as one would expect by the massive promotion it had. Also, the theory did have the evidently desired effect. The Big Bang theory, which is essentially a doctrine, has effectively squashed cosmic plasma physics as a science. With this 'achievement,' it fulfilled the high-level objective to obscure science and reason itself.

Thus the Big Bang, the king of the cosmic mechanistic theories, still rules and may yet kill you with its elevated potential to hide the Ice Age Challenge, so that the infrastructures will not be build to enable humanity to live through the Ice Planet phase.

Fortunately the king is but a king of a fairy tale.

The throne that upholds the kings illegitimate authority, is a fairy tale too. The foundation that the Big Bang theory of an expanding universe is based on, is the red-shift discovered in light from distant galaxies.

The red-shift is theorized to be the result of distant galaxies racing away from us, whereby its light is said to be stretched out, resulting in red-shift.

It is theorized that like the tone of a train whistle changes pitch when a train approaches an observer and then changes to a lower pitch when it recedes away, so light becomes stretched towards the red.

Since the red-shift has been observed in light from every direction, it has been theorized that the universe is expanding away from us into every direction in the wake of a giant explosion. This marks our galaxy, even the Earth, to be the center of the universe.

Fortunately, the red-shift tells a different story. Light is not an open wave like sound in the air. Let me illustrate the difference.

If a person was to throw apples out of a fast moving train, the apples would still remain apples before they hit the ground, no matter how fast the train is moving. The same is true for the photons of light, emitted from a moving object.

Photons of light are quanta of energy bound together into discrete packets of wavelike structures. Different quanta of energy produce different size packets, that we recognize as different colors. As these quantum packets are propagated through space for millions or even billions of years, the energy contained in the packets tends to become dissipated, whereby the packets expand, as they are no longer as energetically held together. In the process of energy dissipation, the purple light becomes blue light, it becomes a larger package, and the blue light becomes green light, and the green light becomes yellow light, and so on. The entire spectrum of the light becomes shifted towards the red, and the red, of course, gets shifted off the visible spectrum. 

In short, the red-shift has nothing to do with objects speeding away from us. It is essentially a proxy for distance and conditions in intergalactic space that affect energy loss in propagation. With this simple recognition, the keystone of the foundation that the Big Bang theory is built on, falls apart.

That's the fine thread of deception that wholes the entire fabric of the Big Bang fairy tale together. If the tread is pulled, the entire fabric of related fairy tales unravels. Fairy tales are stories that pretend to be real, but are fundamentally impossible, though they make the world seem simpler. Maybe that's why they are often deployed to put little children to sleep. The trick works on adults too. Almost nobody talks about an impending Ice Age anymore, dreaming about global warming.

The Greatest Science Challenge in the History of Civilization

like a mill stone around the neck weigh society down into impotence

The Big Bang doctrine isn't the only mill stone that qualifies.

The Global Warming doctrine also qualifies, as an even a bigger mill stone. However, this doctrine is already waning, for reasons that the climate doesn't comply with the doctrine and is getting progressively colder instead, so that nothing more needs to be said on the subject.

One of the big doctrines that still rules strong, quietly in the background, is the World-Depopulation doctrine. It is a giant, deadly millstone. The doctrine was put into high gear by one of the historic lobbyists for the atomic bomb, Bertrand Russell, the renowned pacifist of the peace of the grave. He advocated in 1953 that wars are disappointing, even the big wars, in that they don't kill enough people.

He advocated for biological war, probably like AIDS and so on, which in retrospect wouldn't likely have satisfied him either. He might have been happy, however, with modern achievements in biological holocaust.

The modern expression of the depopulation doctrine is perpetrated in the form of the mass-burning of food in a world that has a billion people living in chronic starvation. The food burning is carried out through the biofuels process.

The current volume of food burning consumes agricultural resources that would normally nourish an estimated 400 million people. The resulting holocaust in a world of close to a billion people living in chronic starvation kills most likely 100 million people each year (10 million by official estimates). The victims of starvation die silently, agonizingly. In contrast, the biofuels process produces no energy gain and no beneficial effects, other than to inflict genocide - beneficial as Bertrand Russell has termed it, and others in high-society as he had pointed out.

The depopulation doctrine has high-level support. In 1986, a prince of the oligarchic system voiced his support of the doctrine with his wish to become incarnated as a "particularly deadly virus" to advance the cause of depopulation. The often stated target is to reduce the human presence on the Earth from the current 7 billion people to one billion people or less. The doctrine has become a silent genocidal war against humanity.

With these mill stones on its neck, humanity is terribly handicapped for the task to build itself a new world in 30 years with technological infrastructures that enable it to exist and flourish with a seven billion population on an Ice Planet Earth.

China may be inclined to move in the direction of creating a new world to meet the Ice Age Challenge, so that all may live, but the West that lectures China on human rights remains committed to depopulation genocide, which the blocking of the Ice Age Challenge would achieve, and would so dramatically over achieve, that human life might cease.

Thus the depopulation mill stone remains one of the great National Security dangers to every nation on the planet. No one is secure in the face of this doctrine.

The mill stones need to be shed 1before it is possible for humanity to move forward with building itself a new world for living on an ice planet in 30 years.And this needs to be done now, because the transition is already in progress, towards the Earth becoming an ice planet that is uninhabitable by today's standard.

Still, a faint awakening towards this awakening may have already begun.

Our Sun - which mechanistic astrophysics define to be essentially an invariable constant - is rapidly weakening, which some people, reluctantly perhaps, have begun to recognize. The fringe effects that are associated with a weakening Sun are becoming more numerous and bigger ins scale, and harder to ignore, such as increasing flooding, droughts, hurricanes, even earthquakes. It is time to awake.

Just imagine! The Sun is weakening in violation of the doctrine decreed by the king of the mechanistic universe, the Big Bang doctrine.

The Sun is getting rapidly weaker and is progressing towards its inevitable phase shift to the next glaciation cycle that is a natural phenomenon in plasma electro-dynamics. The doctrine of the King is thereby defeated by reality, isn't it? But who owns the King? Who stands behind the King?

Whatever isn't politically correct is swept under the rug.

It is called the Freedom of the Press.

It may also be called the Freedom in Science

With this considered, a second allegory comes to mind from far back from very ancient time, when the world was just as tied up into doctrines as it is today, with the same conflict between doctrines and the truth, as if the Big Bang mysticism of today was not a new phenomenon.

The writer of the allegory, in his case distorts the image of man directly to make a point.

The writer of the story lays before us an image of humanity, as being made of dust.

Ah, but who is the creator of it? The creator of the dust-creatures is termed in the allegory, the 'Lord God,' a god conjured up by the ruling lords.

Indeed, this is how the lords of the world throughout the ages have regarded humanity, as but dust. The allegory then goes on to explore the Lord-rulers' fantasy. He explores it as a satire.

In the satire, the Lord's god places his dust creatures into a setting of a paradise, filled with all the food they would ever want. The paradise, however, has one condition attached. The condition is that they must never eat of the tree at the center of the paradise, lest they would die.

Here, the writer of the allegory introduces a snake who suggests to the woman of the humanity made of dust, that it is quite all right to eat of the tree that the Lord's god has forbidden, suggesting to her that to eat thereof wouldn't kill her, but be an eye opener. It would be an eye opener, like as touching one's own soul. It would enable her to discern the difference between the truth, and doctrines.

We are told that the woman complies with the suggestion and gives to her husband of it, who complies likewise. We are also told that as they eat of the fruit and their eyes become opened, they find themselves naked.

Many people may have reached that stage at one point or another, when they open their eyes after years of university training, and suddenly recognize that they haven't learned anything real. They find themselves 'naked.'

In the allegory, the writer brings the Lord's god back onto the scene, at this point, who scolds the offenders fiercely and then expels them from the garden of easy living.

The Lord's god had no choice in this case. He must expel everyone who glimpses the truth that renders the dream-doctrines as a deception and as fundamentally fake. He must expel them, because there is no room for people waking up in his circus of dreams. "Get out of my universities!" he might have shouted. "We don't tolerate people who are awake. When people awake they become disturbers of the peace. Get out of our world, we operate a world of peace - a nicely silent peace."

Of course, the expelled victims who are now free, must take on the necessary task to discover for themselves what the dimension of the truth really is that they had merely glimpsed, which they were taught in the universities to avoid like the plague. They soon recognize that it takes a lot of work - spate in the ground - to discover what is actually real. And this requires a lot of honesty with themselves.

Those who make the grade on this score, are actually quite few.

Most people simply remain asleep, obediently, and accept the doctrine that the gods of the lords dish out in the universities and accept their diplomas that certify them as accomplished dreamers. Except in doing so they waste their life and accomplish nothing productive as if they had never lived.

In the allegory, the heroes who defy the dream world of the Lord's god's universities, are named Adam and Eve. Somebody had found their story significant enough, for it to be placed into the opening pages of the Christian Bible, though the allegory is rarely ever seen in the manner as I have conveyed it here. An allegory is a story that conveys a message that one must discover for oneself.

In retrospect, I would have written the ending differently, which would make more sense in our time. It doesn't make any sense that a people who had dared to open their eyes significantly, would allow themselves to be expelled from civilization. They would cause a rebellion in heaven, in league with the angels, and expel the god of the Lords instead, from the landscape of civilization , "get out of our hair, out of our land, and out of our universities and governments and institutions, and take your corruption, your corrupted slaves, 'whores', 'whore houses,' gallows, and crosses, and executioners with you - be gone and never come back. "

That's how an awakened Adam and Eve would have gained a measure of freedom for the world.

But those who actually do this in the real world are so extremely few that they seem not to exist. Those who speak for humanity, in defence of it, don't seem to exist even while the collapse of the world is already in progress that ends in 30 years with the Earth becoming an uninhabitable ice planet.

The reason why those who awake to reality are so extremely few, had been 'quietly' written into the allegory, almost hidden. The writer portrays the voice from within, the voice of reason, of common sense, the voice of the human intellect, the voice of the human soul, as a snake talking deception.That's how the gods of the lords wish humanity to regard its innermost self, as a snake talking.

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