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National Security: Children at risk - Part 1

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All the nations of the world, large or small, powerful or poor, admired, or hated or feared, face one single common national security threat that clouds their future. This is the gravest threat of all times, and a threat that very few are aware of.

Ironically, this immense threat that all the nations of the world face, which deeply affect them, especially their children, lies not outside their national borders. It lies within them, with each one individually.

The national security of every nation depends on the mastery of this threat, which is a threat by omission.

Security is not created by force, such as by great nations reaching across the world 'in search of monsters to destroy, as John Quincy Adams, the second U.S. President, had put it to Congress, back in the late 1700's when the USA was still a young republic. Those wise words, of course, have been long forgotten.

President Trump speaking for the American Empire

speaking at the UN General Assembly

September 18, 2017

The world had become in many places a theater of perpetual wars, even monster wars, especially in modern time. We find them all instigated under the banner of National Security or similar banners.  

While U.S. President Trump almost quoted the wise words of John Quincy Adams in his speech to the UN General Assembly in September 2017, speaking for peace, tolerance, and against regime change wars, he delivered in the same speech a substantial list of 'monsters to destroy,' citing North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and Syria, not to mention Russia and China - the long-imagined arch enemy of the West against whom the largest-ever military budget in U.S. history was voted up.

Obviously, the President spoke for his masters, the masters of the would be America Empire, issuing a doctrine of force in defence of yet still another New World Order.

Nevertheless, as I said before, the greatest danger to National Security, for any nation, lies NOT outside its borders, but within it. This is a message that no one likes to hear.

Every dollar that a nation spends for military solutions

contributes another nail to the national coffin by driving it further away from its actual national security.

The greatest danger to every nation's security, even to its very existence, is a passive danger that results from the nation failing to respond to the Ice Age Challenge.

The challenge is, for humanity to create itself a technological new world in which it is able to continue to live on the Earth, when the Earth becomes an Ice Planet in the 2050s.

When the Earth enters the Ice Planet stage it becomes uninhabitable by today's standard, with just a few minute exceptions.

"To be or not to be?" thereby becomes a question of our response to the challenge: "will we respond, and live, or won't we?"

Monumental evidence exist that a phase shift will occur in the dynamics that power our Sun, by which the long suspected new Ice Age will start up in the near future, potentially in the 2050s or sooner.

This much is certain. Humanity's failing to take action on this front spells doom for every nation on Earth.

The scientific evidence tells us that an Ice Age begins rapidly. When it starts, the Sun's radiated energy diminishes by 70%, as I have presented extensively in previous exploration videos.

The Ice Age start-up happens quickly. It happens at the end of a three-phase dynamic sequence, of which the first phase is already nearly half complete.

The first phase is the phase of the diminishing solar wind. When the solar wind pressure drops down to zero, the second phase begins, probably in the 2030s.

At the second phase shift the Sun itself begins to dim, gradually, imperceptibly to the eye.

After the second phase has run its course, the third phase shift happens. At this phase shift the Sun looses 70% of its radiated energy. The Earth becomes an Ice Planet.

The atmosphere of the earth becomes a featureless ice fog..

All the lands outside the tropics, outside the pink zone, become reclaimed by the resulting immense cold under the dimmer Sun, when snow no longer melts, but accumulates as ice for 90,000 years, while the lands inside the tropics become total deserts, with precipitation diminishing by more than 80%,

That's the verdict we can draw from ice core records and from measurements in space. That's what we need to prepare for.

The bottom line is that the entire Earth becomes essentially uninhabitable by today's standard, in a short period of time, probably in less than a year.

Here is where the danger to national security lies.

If a nation responds to the challenge and builds itself a new world with advanced-technology infrastructures that enable human living to continue on an Ice Planet that the Earth essentially becomes, then that nation's future is secure and its people will live. It it fails on this count, its people, especially today's children, are "dead men walking."

In real terms, no nation can meet this challenge alone. It is a common challenge for all nations.

The greatest danger to National Security is thereby, passive in nature, because doom is assured by society doing nothing to prevent it.

That's the common core security issue for all nations on Earth. If the nations join hands to respond to the Ice Age Challenge, all will live; if not, none will live.

No military might, financial power, or political prominence can change the outcome of this choice. To ignore the issue altogether is society's presently universally accepted commitment. It spells doom. With this doom society commits suicide.

Change needs to begin with the recognition that the Ice Age Challenge exists, is real, is enormous in consequences, but is a challenge that can be mastered.

Unfortunately, the doom that results from doing nothing, is presently chosen everywhere in the world. Doom thereby becomes the chosen future for humanity, and for many animal species with it.

Fortunately, for a highly intelligent species as humanity is, an active response to the Ice Age Challenge is possible, with which doom can be avoided, by which the future security of the nations and the world is assured. Without that, everything that is pursued under the rubric of National Security, is totally irrelevant - a childish game in comparison.

Of course, whether National Security is being realized, depends on each citizen of a nation, and nations, and their combined efforts, to secure the needed recognition that gets the process started for building the technological infrastructures for human survival on an Ice Planet Earth that will be our world from the 2050s onward.

The challenge is to build a technological world in which a 7-billion population can live and prosper on the Earth when it becomes largely an ice planet. This makes this issue a worldwide national issue that pertains not only to one or a few nations, because no nation, no matter how great and powerful it may be, can build the Ice Age infrastructures by itself on any scale. The Ice Age Challenge is a universally humanist issue, because of the immense scope of the infrastructures required, and also for the simple reason that no-one anywhere is not affected by the Earth becoming a hostile ice planet. The difficulty lies in recognizing the depth of the effect of the Ice Age consequences.

This begins as an issue of conceptualizing our current position on the historic timescale in which Ice Ages play a role.

As I have pointed out in previous videos, the whole of our civilization developed in the brief period of the current interglacial anomaly. The interglacial anomalies are wedged between long and deeply cold glacial periods of roughly 90,000 years in duration. The two are radically different from each other. The glaciation climate is so radically different than what we have experienced in the epoch of our civilization, that it appears that no prior history existed, even while it is well understood that the human presence on Earth goes back more than 2 million years.

All that we have known and have experienced ccurred in the current interglacial period, including the development of languages, science, great cultural achievements. Also wars, slavery, looting, destruction, and massacres occurred in this single period. In this period we developed ourselves from a 1 million world population into a 7 billion world population. But we have no experiences that we can reference from the glacial times of our world.

This disconnect with our past is not surprising when it becomes recognized that we are dealing with two totally different worlds affecting the living of humanity.

The climate details that we have gleamed from historic ice samples drilled from the Greenland ice sheet, tell us that during the last glaciation period, our Earth had been incomparable with the way we presently find it and have lived in for the past 12,000 years.

We are looking at two radically different worlds. One world gives us a holiday from the cold - bright, lush, warm, with rivers flowing across the lands, fed by rains from the sky, and rich sunshine for easy agriculture across large areas of the lands.

The other world gave us a deep long night of immensely harsh climate that is hard to imagine, with all the lands frozen where most people are living today, and the lands in the tropics existing as deserts with 80% less precipitation worldwide.

Now that the current interglacial is ending, our future world from the 2050s onward will be a climate replica of the harsh ice world that in times past had supported only a sparse human population of roughly 1 million worldwide. Our task, in the 30 years that we have still left in the present warm times, is to create ourselves the technological infrastructures that support our 7 billion world population in an Ice Planet environment in a richly productive and creative manner that is conducive to further human development.

When this is achieved, National Security is achieved. If the needed efforts are not made, so that the goal is not achieved, then all the children of the world are murdered by default, and much of humanity with it.

In this case the term "murder" applies, because their death results from neglect. The technologies, materials, and energy resources all exist to create the technological infrastructures for a seven billion world population to exist on the coming Ice Planet Earth.

The term murder applies in the context of the Nuremberg statute that was established in the trial of Nazi World War criminals, who were convicted as murderers exclusively for the effect of their policies, on the basis that they knew, or should have known, that these policies, or their actions under these policies, would result in the mass murdering of people, as had historically happened.

The Nuremberg statute now applies again to National Security in the context of the Ice Age Challenge, because it is now fully known and scientifically proved in numerous ways, that the intention not to act on this front is synonymous with committing the largest mass-murder of humanity in the entire history of civilization.

The only difference that sets the modern stage apart from the Nuremberg stage, is that in the wake of the failure of responding to the Ice Age Challenge, there won't be anybody left standing to prosecute the crime, including the criminals themselves.

Future victims of mass murder by intention?

Can society awake?

Of course, punitive prosecutions don't prevent crimes anyway. They are as ineffective in their intention as is the application of torture to extract intelligence from military or political prisoners. The effective path for crime prevention is to uplift the cultural environment so that crimes become forgotten history. This path applies most strongly to the Ice Age Challenge before us today. The greatest crime is committed on this front today, almost universally, by almost the whole of humanity against itself, with every nation furiously fighting against itself with all its might by hiding and burying the Ice Age Challenge before it, by which the crime proceeds.

The physical evidence speaks against humanity's survival on this front. The evidence disputes the widely held dream-like beliefs about the Ice Age dynamics, such as: that the Ice Age is a myth, or that is still a thousand years ,or a hundred years, distant, and so on.

Whoever speaks of an Ice Age challenge in the present landscape of global warming politics, is ridiculed as a fool, a dreamer, or an extremist, or whatever the slander-mill comes up with.

Nevertheless, above this vast small-minded veil that society hides behind, stands the structure of measured evidence of a reality that is as different from mainstream perception as is the interglacial world from the glacial world.

The deadly difference in perception

mechanistics versus electrodynamics

of the


Sun, and


The difference is enormous. Allow yourself to discover it, and deadly if left unhealed. The world is flush with mechanistic theories about the universe, the Sun, and the climate on Earth. The theories are deadly in their effect, by them hiding the Ice Age dynamics, and the challenge before us to create ourselves a new technological world that enables us to live and flourish in the coming Ice Planet world, from the 2050s onward.

At the present stage, which is the stage of mechanistic theories, the whole of humanity has set itself up to be murdered by its own small-minded ignorance and its vehement defence of it.

Without the Ice Age Challenge being recognized, and preparations being constructed for it, no one living today will outlive the 2050s, including the children and those yet unborn.

Mechanistic theories have this effect.

The most prominent of the mechanistic theories for the ice ages is the Milankovich Cycles theory.

The mechanistic theories are necessarily imaginary fairy tales. There are too many of them to list here. But they all share some tell-tale common features, so that one example will suffice to illustrate their failing. They all lack exclusive physical evidence, and lack common sense. In many cases they also simply ignore long established physical principles. Most of the theories are inherently archaic fantasies in that they were formed about the Sun, the solar system, and the Earth, before the technological capability existed to physically observe and measure their dynamics.

Milutin Milankovitch had theorized in the 1920s that Ice Ages on Earth are caused by the combined effect of variations in the eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession of the Earth's orbit around the Sun, which he deemed would result in cyclical variations in the solar radiation reaching the Earth.

He conveniently ignored the common-sense fact that the total energy received on Earth is always the same, regardless of the shifting of its spin-axis and changing orientation, which affects only hemispheric distribution.

He also conveniently ignored that Johannes Kepler had already proved way back in the 1600s that the total solar energy received on Earth remains the same even in the case of the shifting eccentricity of its orbit, which affects only seasonal distribution.

Ironically, this deeply and fundamentally flawed theory is still enthroned as the reigning theory of the ice age phenomenon, contrary to all evidence standing against it. This theory is one of the most deadly National Security dangers ever concocted. It is saying to society, 'don't worry about an Ice Age coming up; the Sun is a constant factor, and the only factor in the equation is the mechanics of the cyclical shifting of the Earth's spin axis by 2.4 degrees over the span of 41,000 years, and its celestial orientation over the span of 26,000 years.'

The theory says to society, "don't worry about the next Ice Age. The mechanics develop so imperceptibly slowly that you have thousands of years to adjust yourself to it." In response to this theory, society remains obediently asleep and dreams of endless summers.

But the real world is different. This is where the danger lies.

In the real world of electrodynamics,

our Sun is an enormously variable, fast-changing factor.The climate on Earth changes with the Sun. Ice Planet Earth happens fast.

In the real physical world, vastly larger factors rule the scene, than orbital mechanics.

These are factors that affect the activity of the Sun directly, from far outside the solar system. These are factors that power the Sun in the first place. These are variable interstellar factors that exist in space between the stars, which of course also vary the Sun with their variances that are resonance effects in plasma electrodynamics.

Throughout the interglacial period the Sun's activity variations also reflect the variations in the supply system for the Sun, caused by resonance factors within the solar system itself, and some similar factors.

With the Sun being a sphere of plasma interacting with interstellar plasma streams that the solar system is a functional part of, the Sun never remains constant. It follows the roller coaster ride imposed on it by external effects, and it also drops off to a lower default level when the interstellar streams are too weak to maintain the solar system in its present high-powered mode. We are close to getting back to the default level, the Ice Age level.

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