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Ice Age Wisdom Dunamics - part 2

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Archeology sees evidence that the human population had dwindled from tens of thousands to just a few hundred, living in caves at Pinnacle Point in South Africa, living of the Sea.

The event occurred during the last big dip on the benthic climate record, which gave us an exceptionally harsh Ice Age. While the event barely shows up on this long time scale, it does illustrate how fragile human existence is in the face of severe Ice Age conditions.

From this minuscule startup population from the end of the last Ice Age, coming into the current interglacial period, the entire 7-billion world population developed that we now have.

Everything that we have become, that we are and have achieved, the entire history of civilization, was wrought in the timeframe of the rightmost circle. This holiday from the cold is about to end sharply, possibly within 30 years.

All of our history unfolded in that brief period of the current interglacial timeframe of slightly less than 13,000 years in duration. Only the last portion of the interglacial period is shown here, where most of our history unfolded.

The full interglacial period includes the building of the pyramids that may have been built 12,800 years ago.

The climate record that is presented here, which includes oscillations going into the current interglacial period, and the highly magnified red one before, are reconstructed climate variation from ice data from the Greenland ice sheet. The Greenland ice gives us the best resolution of details, because of the stronger snowfall on Greenland, in comparison with Antarctica. Also note that the amount of precipitation reported during the end of glacial period was 80% lower than we have it today.

During the glacial times of a 70% weaker Sun the upper troposphere may have become a featureless veil of ice fog shrouding the planet. This would have been the face of the earth during 'normal' glacial climate.

The familiar face of the Earth as we see it today, with many land features visible through the atmosphere, is the face of the Earth during the brief span of its interglacial anomaly, which too, will likely be history soon.

It is interesting to note that the development of written languages occurred quite late in the current interglacial anomaly timeframe, and so did the development of the sciences. Also the development of empires occurred in this period, and the development of wars, slavery, massacres, and oppressions. All that we know about the history of our civilization occurred in the current interglacial period, as if anything prior didn't exist.

This lack of historic connection is understandable, because everything that happened before our interglacial anomaly, happened in an entirely different world, a radically colder world with a dimmer Sun, and 80% less precipitation so that only a few areas on the planet were able to support human populations, typically in small numbers near tropical rivers and and sea shores. This is the world we are getting back into with the Ice Age phase shift, potentially in the 2050s.

Our future world, unlike anything we have ever known

We face a totally different world at the 'moment' when the Ice Age phase shift happens. We face a harsh world as we have never experienced before, or even imagined before. Civilization friezes up at this hostile stage, unless we enable it to continue with advanced technological infrastructures, on a worldwide scale, which take decades to build. Since we have only 30 years left, we better start building soon. To wait is not an option. To wait means to fail. The transition timeframe promises to be less than a single year. The critical timeframe to start building for the future is now.

Failure is not an option

Little was known throughout the entire period of the history of civilization that the climate that had enabled our remarkable civilization to develop, is a rare, brief anomaly.

Nor is it recognized today that this anomaly, represented in the rightmost circle, is already collapsing again. The now ongoing collapse of our climate is so foreign in the context of historic experiences that it's very happening is difficult to comprehend, even to imagine, even while the collapse has already begun, and continues.

 The collapse began slowly at first, more than 3,000 years ago. We've now come near to the end of the line.

 The collapse of the current interglacial Sun is actually increasing. After the Sun's up-ramping by a Dansgaard Oeschger pulse had ended in the lat 1900s, interglacial Sun is now so rapidly weakening, or actually collapsing, towards the next Ice Age, that the phase shift to glaciation can be predicted to occur in the 2050s.


We now have a 7-billion world population. This means that we face the awesome task to bring this large population successfully into the next deep glaciation period, which is a period of consequences that have never been experienced before in the entire history of civilization, and that we carry this large population all the way through the entire next glaciation cycle of 90,000 years in duration, and that we do this on a planet that by today's standard becomes largely uninhabitable, as the Earth becomes an Ice Planet by the unfolding cosmic dynamics.

Since this challenge, to live in a different world, such as we have never know, which is by far the largest challenge in the entire history of humanity, remains carefully hidden from the world, almost universally, especially from the sciences and from the governments, the current chances for the collective survival of humanity are rather slim, or less than zero, unless we manage to wake ourselves up.

To wake ourselves up is the front-line issue of today. 'To be or not to be,' hinges on that.

The difficulty lies not in recognizing the physical evidence that should impel us, which is already evident everywhere. The difficulty lies in acknowledging it, because it is far easier to turn one's back to it and run away from the evidence, and close one's eyes, instead of having to deal with it. This is what is actually happening, universally. Society has committed itself to fail.

Modern society has become so short-sighted and small-minded that its future and its very existence is now threatened thereby.

In failing, society actively commits its children to death

by imprisoning them into a world that no longer supports human life.

We face the kind of tragedy today that was hinted at in the Jonah allegory, that in the story even God had problems with in getting it addressed. It is unimaginable that no one in today's world in the advanced sciences should be unaware of the physical evidence of the near return to glacial conditions and the ensuing consequences. The evidence is too strong for this to be possible. Humanity cannot be that densely stupid. God said to Jonah, go and talk with them. Wake them up. But Jonah said, no. The reason why we see no movement happening on this front in our time, suggests that the Jonah syndrome stands against us. It is far easier to close ones eyes and run away from the problem, than to face reality and stir one's stumps into action to change the world of human living.

A tiny bit of progress, however, has been made in the background over the last 50 years, and most of that in the last 20 years.

The application of Carbon-14 ratios as a proxy for solar activity is relatively new. Carbon-14 is a radioactive isotope that is generated by solar cosmic-ray flux interacting with nitrogen in the atmosphere. When the Sun is strong it has a dense plasma corona surrounding it, where a large portion of the cosmic rays are trapped. Consequently the Carbon-14 ratio is low. Inversely, when the Sun is weak, the corona is weak, fewer cosmic rays are trapped, more reach the Earth, and greater isotope ratios result. By measuring the ratio in historic samples we can measure the intensity of the solar activity in historic time.

The measurements prove that the Sun was getting weaker towards the Little Ice Age in the 1600s, and that the global warming from the 1700s onward was caused by the cosmic up-ramping of the Sun.

All this is known. It is measured historic data. But who dares to stand in the hustings speaking of this profound fact; speaking against the politically motivated fairy tales. The hustings are empty. The few who would stand in them, if there are any, would have no support in our small-minded world, regardless of the immensity of the astrophysical fact and their future consequences for human living on an Ice Planet without infrastructures being built for them. And so the world remains asleep at the time of its greatest challenge to it very existence.

The diminishing sunspot cycles at occurred in the 1970s prove that the solar up-ramping had ended, and that the long-developing down-ramping is now back on the fast track.

In the same timeframe of the solar reversal in the 1970s, the NASA/ESO Ulysses mission was being prepared to measure the dynamics on the Sun outside the ecliptic where such measurements are not influenced by other phenomena.

The mission was designed to observe the Sun from a wide polar orbit, in order to measure its activity patterns in clean space, and to measure especially the solar wind speed, temperature, and density being emitted from the Sun. It took 20 years to get the mission planned, built, and off the ground.

Meanwhile, as the first Ulysses measurements were coming in, the first on-the ground measurements were gathered that prove that the Earth was indeed in a cooling phase, as the diminish sunspot numbers had indicated.

The on-the-ground temperature measurements were reported by the Solar Terrestrial Institute in Irkutsk in southern Siberia.

By the time the Ulysses satellite had completed its first orbit in 1998, its measurements had delivered supporting proof that the sun was indeed getting weaker. In addition Ulysses provided proof that our Sun is externally powered by electromagnetic primer fields focusing interstellar plasma streams onto the Sun, which cut through the flow of the solar wind over the poles. This measured evidence gives us a huge confirmation of the nature of the Sun, as being externally powered by interstellar plasma flowing into it.

By the time the Ulysses mission was terminated in 2008, it had delivered measured proof that the externally powered Sun is in a free-fall type of collapse. Ulysses had measured the Sun's vital solar-wind pressure diminishing at a rate of 30% in 10 years. This too, is an enormously important discovery, and measured evidence.

Subsequent dynamic experiments, in the timeframe of the early 2010s, in high energy physics, had begun to explore the nature of focused plasma streams and their corresponding evidence in space. Likewise static experiments had been conducted to explore the physics of the discovered dynamic features.

It was against this background, in 2010, that NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope revealed the two gigantic plasma structures that I had mentioned earlier, extending above and below our galaxy's center. The discovery adds significant measured evidence which renders the entire galaxy, like the Sun, an externally powered phenomenon, responding to intergalactic resonances.

The bottom line is that almost everything that we now know in terms of measured evidence about our galaxy, the solar system, and the Ice Ages on Earth, didn't exist 20 years ago.

Without the modern measured data (that was never imagined before) the previous Ice Age theories were guesswork, done in the dark.

When Milutin Milankovitch had theorized in the 1920s that Ice Ages on Earth are caused by the combined effect of variations in the eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession of the Earth's orbit around the Sun, which he deemed to result in cyclical variation in the solar radiation reaching the Earth, he could not have known that he was hopelessly off the mark with his theory, because the fundamental discoveries of the real dynamics behind the Ice Age phenomena hadn't been made at the time. Nor could these critical discoveries have been made at the time, because the technologies didn't exist.

Milutin Milankovitch literally worked in the dark and made mistakes.

He failed to realize that the total energy received on Earth is the same, regardless of the shifting and the orientation of its spin-axis, which affects only hemispheric distribution.

He also failed to recognize that Johannes Kepler had already proved in the 1600s that the total solar energy received on Earth remains the same regardless of the shifting eccentricity of its orbit, which affects only seasonal distribution.

Milutin Milankovitch failed primarily, because he perceived the Sun to be an invariable constant, which modern measurements have proved to be to opposite, to be dramatically variable, and to be the actual driving cause for climate variations and the ice ages.

If anyone had even suggested in his time, in the 1920s, what we know today, what really stands behind the Ice Age phenomenon, that person would have been ridiculed as a dreamer, and would have been banished from the universities and relevant institutions. Sadly, the same is happening still,

Milankovitch stood on common ground with all modern Ice Age philosophers.

He looked for mechanistic causes, being unaware that climate and Ice Age are electro-dynamic phenomena. That's why all science philosophers fail, even big-name scientists.

Actually the lacking modern measurements had even hampered leading atmospheric scientists as late as 2003. Way back in time, in the year 2003, Professor Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski, a world-renowned atmospheric scientist and mountaineer, who has excavated ice out of 17 glaciers on 6 continents in a 50-year career, warned in his paper "The Ice Age is Coming", that according to the observed average duration of the warm periods between the ice ages, the end of the current warm period has already been exceeded by 500 years, but he didn't know why. 

The up-ramping of the Sun by a Dansgaard Oeschger event hadn't been discovered, that prevented the start of the next Ice Age potentially in the 1700s.


The existence of the Dansgaard Oeschger events hadn't been known until the North Greenland Ice Core had been completed and analyzed, which happened several years after 2003.

Neither had the fast rate of the diminishing solar-wind pressure been measured yet by the Ulysses spacecraft. This wasn't known until 2008.

All that Jaworowski could point out in his 2003 paper that the transition to the next Ice Age is near and may have already started, and he was able to warn that the phase shift between the cold and warm climate phases is dramatically short. He suggests that the transition phase may be as short as 50 years, or 20, or even just 1 year, and that the phase shift to the next Ice Age can start virtually without warning. He merely guessed on his forecast, because the relevant data hadn't been available at the time. Now that the data has been measured, more accurate forecasts are possible with the authority based of concrete facts.

The breakthrough discoveries are all denied. The evidence lays buried. The achievements are hushed as if they never happened. People go out of their way not to see them, so that they won't have to touch the subject, because if they did touch it, they would have to acknowledge to themselves that it is really up to them too to get involved, to let go of their dreaming and put the spate into the ground to change the world in which we live in accord with what must be achieved for humanity to be able to exist and flouris on the coming Ice Planet in 30 years, according to the available evidence that we have.

The difference between Milankovitch's time and ours, is, that in the 1920s the Ice Age issue hadn't been critical.

Now, almost a 100 years later, the issue has become existentially critical, because if the issue isn't understood soon, and the Ice Age consequences are not prepared for, by humanity creating itself a new world with high-level technological infrastructures, which are not even envisioned today, 99% of humanity will perish by starvation when the Ice Age phase shift begins.

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