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Mastering the four winds

A science exploration by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


When the four winds (East, West, North, and South) come together they can blow the house down, but when they come together for a human purpose they can be constructive and be a force to create a new world. That's how civilization is build: on the winds of a revolution in human development, creating a new renaissance on a four-level ascending path.

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Empire is Depravity

An old German poem comes to mid. It speaks of the four great winds -- the North Wind, the East Wind, the South Wind, and the West Wind -- who in conversation are plotting as to where they should meet for their next spectacular dance. "Let's meet at the canyon," says the North Wind, "Oh yes, let's meet at the great bridge there," says another. "Ah, and let's meet there at the midnight hour when the last train is crossing," says the third wind. 

"Hurray," says the fourth wind, " what a wonderful dance this will be, a whirl-dance of fire, mingled with shrieking voices and breaking steel." 

And as they had conspired, so it was done.  As the poem ends, the first question is repeated. "Where will we meet again?"

The poet speaks of a bridge that has stood rock solid for ages and has weathered many storms, but not all of them coming together from all directions. He speaks, as if he was speaking of today's age, where we are increasingly threatened with the relentless force that combines all that is inhuman. And so, we in this age, if we care to survive the storm, find ourselves challenged to heal our world of this threatening and increasingly unfolding nightmare. 

Today, as in the poem, there are four horrific forces coming together which are poised to destroy all life, love, and civilization. Sure, we can halt the four violent winds in their track, but to accomplish this, and to protect our world, we first need to heal ourselves. And this we can do, because as the poet vaguely points out in the poem, the obvious fact is that the destructive four winds that challenge civilization are after all, but "winds." Thus, the poet defines the nature of empire, as but a threat of puffed up boisterous winds. He bids us to realize that the power of empire is but a ruse, because mankind, having stood its ground for countless millennia, is ultimately not easily blown off its foundation. There is a power in man that can command the winds, and cause them to cease.

Moral - Transitional

Empire has never been a producer and creator of anything, for the welfare of mankind, but has stood against it as a rapist and destroyer. And so in shame, empire hides behind its many faces that it created to conceal its real nature. It hides behind mysticism, imposed fear, poverty, impotence, religiosity, and so on, which altogether corrupt the face of mankind into smallness, hopelessness, and ultimately villainy. 

An example of the kind of destructive mysticism that empire utilizes, is found in the apocalyptic movement that prophesies, and even hails, the end of civilization, and in some cases the end of the world, conjured up by prophesies that it reads into religious texts, or mysticism interwoven with the wildest fiction that claims even science as a basis, though it is totally devoid of it. On this level of perversion, which creates a vast sea of indifference in society, we find again four topics before us. However, there exists a fine line that divides the fabric of civilization. Some call it the moral line. It sets the 'sewer' of empire - the immoral world - apart from the human world that is increasingly defined by upwards reaching scientific development. The four topics must be seen as transitional, divided into a level above that leads away from tragedy to truth, and a level below that leads deeper into tragedy and emptiness. The example below is related to every topic right across the moral domain and covers the fundamental question of, Entropy or Anti-Entropy. and  A Sense of The Nation

Living Anti-entropically (part 1)

Living Anti-entropically (part 2)

Living Entropically 

Active Research in the political world operation entropy 

Science is Spiritual

While the ultimate healing of the world, of the evils of empire, lays still far in the distance, a trend towards healing has begun. The policy of empire, "In Lies We Trust," is wearing thin. Example: A light is shining through. Indifference is loosing ground. Nevertheless, a long climb out of empire -- the mental sewer -- lies before us, even while the movement towards a new renaissance in the world is getting stronger. 

our loving our living   our sexing? our womanizing?

 If on this promise mankind holds itself true to its profound nature, a new futures unfolds, powered by the unfolding Principle of Universal Love and Universal Humanity that enables civilization and evermore uplift our life, our love. In ancient times the generic term "man" was read as "mind." This synonysm sets us apart with a 'sex' that no other species has developed, that puts us at the leading edge, the native sphere of science. There a pioneer stated, "Woman is the highest term for man." Is the pioneer hinting that there is a spirit in mankind that impels us to go beyond the leading edge of perception - on the wings of science? 

Isn't that how we become truly human, or as Friedrich Schiller had put it, "sublime," or as some ancient cultures had defined it, "divine?"

Higher - Order

The absolute and universal is what we see reflected in the Universe, and also in us, in mankind, for us all being a part of the Universe. Here we find our resource in every respect. The German poet Friedrich Schiller appears to have referred to this higher-order that reflects evermore of the absolute, when he spoke of the sublime. 

Spirit Life   Principle Mind

Ancient cultures have referred to the absolute, as the divine. The modern scientist might call the absolute the fundamental: that which IS; that to which we are bound: the infinite that we begin to take hold of to some degree, and begin to understand and make our own, which thereby becomes increasingly finite to us, even as we become increasingly infinite ourselves.

There are four higher-order qualities of the Universe, without which the Universe and us would not exist. The Universe is a marvelous place, from the tiniest speck to infinity, but none of it really exists in the small and isolated from the whole. Even the tiniest atom is a miracle of interacting forces governed by a complex array of harmonizing principles, without which nothing would exist. Not a single aspect of the Universe would exist if as little as a one principle would be counteracting and not harmonize. The, atoms would disintegrate. In fact they would have never existed. Would one be justified then to call the harmonizing Spirit, by which the Universe exists, Love? Here the human dimension of Anti-Entropy is no longer an open question. Axioms of entropy fall by the wayside, as will be reflected in such 'comon-sense' projects as building intercontinental floating bridges, automated indoor agriculture, and regulating the clime on Earth to avoid future ice ages.
( see:
The Intercontinental Bridge and  No Ice Age Allowed - we can block it )

Indeed what is Love? No one can quantify it. Poets, artists, and musicians aim to define it. But will there ever be a final definition possible? We only know for certain that if it was to vanish from the human landscape, civilization would collapse and mankind with it, just as the Universe would collapse without its harmonizing Spirit that might be called Love. 

However we can gain some sense of the indefinable, and bring it down to Earth, by looking at four of its main constituent dimensions with a few example.

Spirit: Beyond the Apollo space program - Why is NASA's assigned mission 3 sizes too small?

Life: Is mankind, the Universe's gift to itself? Is life, a powered function on a higher order?

Principle: Is the standard of economic principle - as expressed in the Universe - expressed in a 100,000-fold gain?

Mind: When science is doomed to fail, as with nuclear-fusion power, it opens a higher-order power, the power that powers the galaxies, that gives us the Universe.

In the universal sense, the four great concepts: Spirit, Life, Principle, Mind, are as One, unfolding laterally, side by side as it were, so that none is greater while each defines the whole and the whole defines each one in return. 

And this in a nutshell also defines the absolute of our humanity. It defines us as one lateral whole, standing side by side, each with its boundless individuality, reflecting the Universe that is One..


The flow of civilization is always a move towards higher levels 


There is 
 a higher order



There is an above


There is a  left

Is ignorance bliss?

There is a right


There is a below


developing means moving upwards
but flying on two wings
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