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The incredible tragedy of the denial in modern science of Johannes Kepler -

a critical point in the science exploration by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Kepler's laws are refuting the theory of orbiting stars in a galaxy.
Kepler is thereby laying infinite electric energy resources at the feet of humanity.

Kepler's discovery of the principles of planetary motions, such as planets orbiting a sun, does NOT apply on the galactic scale. The theory that star systems orbit around the center of a galaxy, as is widely believed to be the case, involves a total denial of Kepler's discoveries. 

A point of science of critical importance

The observed motions of stars  in a our galaxy do not even come close to being in accord with the principle of gravity-based orbital mechanics that Johannes Kepler discovered back in the 1600s and has codified as his laws of planetary motion, based on his discovery of the principle of universal gravity.

The observed motions of stars in our galaxy project a radically different principle than the known universal principle of orbital mechanics of the Kepler-discovered laws of planetary motion. Since this is the case a totally different motivating force is evident than that of gravity. On this basis Kepler refutes the theory of orbiting stars and orbiting solar systems around the galactic centers, because the observed movements do not agree with his discovered gravity-based principles. The observed motions of stars in our galaxies, when seen as orbital motions in the context of Kepler's discovered orbital principles, are so vastly out of line with these principles that they cannot be rationally reconciled as such, which simply means that the entire theory of orbiting stars has no foundation to stand on. The theorized phenomena of orbiting stars is simply not possible, and therefore its is not happening. Anyone clinging to the theory of orbiting stars is guilty of the denial of Kepler, and the denial of humanity itself.

Let's look at the details that set the planetary motions apart from the galactic motions. We see a contrasting difference like night and day.

For example, the observed orbital velocity of the planets in our solar system is such that the average orbital velocity of the planets diminish with their distance from the Sun.

For Mercury, the innermost planet at 0.387 AU distance, the orbital velocity is 47.9 Km/sec. This speed compares with the orbital velocity of 4.74 KM/sec for Pluto, the outermost planet at 39.4 AU average distance from the Sun. (see Table) We see in the table of the solar system a roughly 10-fold difference in orbital velocity across the board, for a 100-fold difference in distance between the outmost and innermost planet. 

If one plots all of the planet's orbital velocity in respect to their distance an exponentially declining curve results, as shown below.


The observed orbital velocity (speed) keeps the planets roughly 70% below the theoretical escape velocity for their distance from the Sun (respective of the diminishing gravitational force on the planets, which diminishes with the square of the distance). All this accords perfectly with the Kepler-discovered laws.

Now compare these observed relationships, with the observed motions of stars in our galaxy (a typical spiral galaxy).  Curve A is the once predicted speed relationship, and curve B represents what has been actually observed.

In this comparison nothing agrees anymore on the galactic scale with the Kepler-discovered gravitational dynamics. The motions of the stars in our galaxy don't reflect any of the discovered principles as if the Kepler-discovered principles of gravitational dynamics do not apply on the galactic scale. This is so, because the principles of gravitational mechanics actually do not apply on the galactic scale, because gravity is too weak a force to have an effect on the galactic scale of dimensions, for to be applicable the galactic central gravity would have to reach across a distance of 50,000 light years, which is not possible as the required concentration of mass is not possible that would be required to produce such an immense force of gravity. But more importantly the observed pattern of motions of stars in our galaxy is likewise so radically different that we evidence here of two totally different operating dynamics, which by their evident characteristic are opposite in nature. 

Whereas in the solar system, the planet with closest distance to the gravitational center orbits with the greatest velocity - which it has to, or else it would be pulled into the Sun by its gravity - the opposite happens on the galactic scale. In the galaxy the stars nearest the center are observed to have the slowest motion, instead of the fastest motions. If the galaxy was a gravitational system, those innermost stars would have been consumed. They would have never existed.

While in the solar system the orbital velocity diminishes with the planet's distance from the Sun (or else the planets would escape the solar system), the observed velocity of stars in our galaxy is instead increasing with their distance from the galactic center, which tells us again that a totally different dynamic system is operating in the galaxy, other than gravitational dynamics (or else the stars would escape the galaxy by centrifugal force). 

A totally different dynamic process is evidently operating on the galactic scale than what Kepler observed in gravitational dynamics. The observed increase in the velocity of stars levels out after about 10% of the distance to the 'edge' of the galaxy with the speed-curve remaining flat from this point on as shown above. An orbital system cannot produce the kind of phenomena that are observed in the galaxy. The perception that a galaxy is a structure of orbiting stars involves a total denial of of the dynamics of Kepler's discovery and what is observed in the solar system related to these discoveries. What are assumed to be orbital motions are evidently not orbital motions as they don't match the known characteristics, but are motions resulting from different dynamics.

If the observed galactic pattern would be applied to our solar system as orbital motions, not a single planet would be in orbit. The bottom line is that the theory of orbiting stars doesn't have a principle to stand on. 

For example, as I stated before, the kind of massive gravity is physically not possible that would be required to effectively reach across the galactic distance of 50,000 light years and have a hold on a star moving 5 times the velocity of Mercury. Such orbital relationships are physical impossibilities. The amount of gravity that would be required to produce this strong hold over such a vast distance is impossible to even imagine as the effective force of gravity diminishes with the square of the distance.

 No evidence exists that the gravity of our sun as an effective force extends even as far as the inner edge of the Oort Cloud that surrounds the solar system at a distance of less than a single light year. And our sun is massive. It contains 99.9% of the mass of the entire solar system. The theory of a gravitational orbiting system that extends across 50,000 light years would require a minimal central mass roughly three billion times the mass of our sun. That kind of mass-accumulation is possible only in the world of dreams and in decapitated science where black holes are imagined up as 'epicycles' to explain a theory that has no foundation in principle. And even if the super-massive black hole that is theoretically not possible either, would miraculously exist with the mass of three billion suns, an orbiting system on the galactic scale would still not be possible. If the gravitational pull of it was so enormous that it would hold onto a star orbiting at 250 km/sec at a distance of 50,000 light years from it, all the close-in stars would have to orbit at velocities many times exceeding the speed of light, which too, is physically not possible.

In order to rescue the theory of orbiting stars, a few more 'epicycles' have over the years been invented that are supposed to make the theory possible. The main additional 'epicycle' is the supposed existence of dark matter that is not physically detectable, but which theoretically adds to the gravitational equation.

It is interesting to note that the 'epicycles,' such as black holes, dark matter, and indeed the Big-Bang theory itself that they are a part of, originated in the workshops of imperially dominated science where nothing greater than the force of gravity is allowed to rule. That's where the enigma evidently originated, of orbiting stars, as no other force is allowed to be recognized there as a motivating force for the motions of the stars observed in our galaxy. 

If one breaks through the decapitating barrier that imprisons science, a rather simple explanation for the motion of stars in a galaxy comes readily into view. The motivating force for the galactic phenomena is evidently the electromagnetic force of the universe. The electro-magnetic force is known to be up to 36 orders of magnitude stronger than the force of gravity, and its effectiveness does not diminish with the square of the distance as does gravity. It is a force with demonstrated galactic and intergalactic reach. No 'epicycles' are needed to explain the observed movements of stars in our galaxy. The movements are then no longer an enigma of orbital mechanics that cannot be explained with the principles applicable to orbital dynamics, but do instead reflect the well-known principles of the electromagnetic force and its universal manifestations, all of which can be replicated and experimentally demonstrated in the laboratory setting. The observed movements of stars is totally consistent with these known and understood principles.

For example: It is well known that if an electric current is passed through two closely spaced wires in the same direction the wires magnetically attract each other by what is called the Lorentz force. The movement of electric currents always create a magnetic field. Such movements also occur in space, which is far from being empty, but is pervaded with free-flowing plasma particles that all have an electric charge. The movement of the electric currents in the plasma in space (known as Birkeland currents) have been discovered to pinch upon each other by the Lorentz force, whereby the current streams become self-aligned into highly concentrated streams of electric currents. Such currents become self-propagating over large distances in space where more than 99.99% of the mass of the universe is recognized to be located in the form of electrically charged plasma. Since the movement of an electric current creates a magnetic field around itself, perpendicular to its flow, the field aligned currents in plasma are rotating with it. This phenomenon can also be observed in laboratory experiments. In a galaxy the field aligned currents are pinched together into vast concentrated plasma streams that form the arms of the galaxies, in which the stars of the galaxies are concentrated, and by which they are powered (rather than by nuclear fusion).

The observed velocity of movements of stars throughout the galaxy is nearly uniform at app. 250 Km/sec whereby the observed velocity closely reflects the typical observed velocity of the movement of plasma in near-earth space, such as the solar winds (200 to 800 Km/sec) and the movement in the heliospheric current sheet at app. 300 Km/sec. By this close correlation the motion of stars in our galaxy reveal themselves as not being orbital phenomena, but merely the effect of the ever-rotating magnetic fields that pinch-align the plasma currents.

It is self-evident why the existence of electric currents in space is banished from the field of physical science by imperial dictate that largely controls the dynamics of science along the Wellsian/Fabian doctrine. Just imagine if the recognition of electric currents in space was not suppressed, but the knowledge of it would be utilized with appropriate technologies, then the chokehold that empire presently has on energy supplies and thereby on the economic pulse of humanity, would vanish, blowing away with the dawning of an energy-rich renaissance for humanity.

Our interface to the cosmic electric energy streams is primarily through the ionosphere, which is so intensely energy-rich that it powers the immensely energetic phenomena of hurricanes, tornadoes, and the worldwide lightening shows that all dwarf our puny energy production from fusil fuels and nuclear power. The masters of empire have a strong reasons for keeping this energy source hidden as a means for protecting the system of oligarchic looting. H. G. Wells had already recognized back in his time that it is critical for the oligarchic system to keep science and technology dumb and decapitated. The restricting of all of the cosmic phenomena to be recognized as gravity-forced phenomena is evidently the path that has been imposed on science. History bears this out.

For example,the recognition of electric power streams in space goes back to the scientific work of the Norwegian scientist Kristian Olaf Birkeland (1867 – 1917) who had organized a number of expeditions to Norway's high-latitude regions where he established observatories under the auroral regions to collect magnetic field data. The results of his Polar Expedition conducted in the 1899 / 1900 timeframe contained the first solid scientific determination of the pattern of electric currents induced in the polar region, measured by ground magnetic field measurements. From this point on electric power in space was no longer an enigma, but a rigorously proved reality. It was Birkeland who, based on his observations, pioneered the fixing of nitrogen from the air with accelerated electrons for the commercial production of fertilizer (the Birkeland-Eyde process).

The Big-Bang theory in which the electric force is given no place, where only gravity rules, was evidently developed as a counterforce to put the discovered reality of cosmic electricity back into the bottle of obscurity. The Big-Bang was invented in the 1930s after Edwin Hubble had discovered that far away galaxies were associated with a visible redshift proportional to their distance that was interpreted to indicate that the distant galaxies and clusters of galaxies were moving away from our vantage point, and that the farther away they were located, the greater was the apparent velocity of their movement away from us.

The effect of the Big-Bang evidently was as expected. It put the lid on every form of science related to space-based electric energy phenomena. Also, as one might expect in the speculative whirlwind, no one seemed disturbed that the Earth was once again seen to be the center of the Universe. The Swedish plasma physicist, Hannes Alfvén almost stood alone in the field of scientific opposition. He regarded the Big Bang theory as a scientific myth resulting from convoluted extrapolation about the origin of the universe from mathematical theories developed on the blackboard, rather than theories drawn from readily knowable and known observable physical phenomena. Alfven became famous for his pioneering contributions to the science of solar plasma physics, which may have laid the foundation for the electric-sun model pioneered in 1972 by the American Electrical engineer Ralph Juergens who introduced the concept of the electrically powered Sun at this time. Though his calculation where too minimal to support the phenomenon, the electric power density evidently does exist in ample supply to justify such a theory. Today, vastly more observable evidence exists for the model of the externally powered electric sun, than for the model of the gravity-forced fusion-powered sun.

The significance of this development is that it places a near infinite electric-energy potential at our doorstep, ready-made for our utilization. Naturally, a huge wave of opposition has been stirred up against the evident cosmic energy reality that requires but a technological step of development for its practical implementation. It is here in our own denial of an unspeakably energy-rich potential renaissance, where we find the most tragic consequences of the denial of Kepler on which this tragic denial of our present potential rests.

Apart from the Big-Bang theory that proved to be highly successful in blocking the development of scientific honesty in cosmology, the related theory of a galaxy of orbiting stars fulfills the same Wellsian/Fabian science-bending objective. The two are identical in their mythical manner as no real principles exists that could logically support either theory.

Here Kepler comes to the scene again. What Kepler had recognized as universal laws has been thrown out of the window on the galactic scale as an irritant against doctrine. Ironically, Johannes Kepler who had discovered the principle of universal gravity back in the early 1600s, is now effectively ruled as non-applicable by the advocates of the gravity-forced galactic dynamics, such as the theory of orbiting stars, and the stars being entropically powered by a gravity forced internal fusion process for which likewise no evidence exists except in the world of mythological theories.

It is a tragic irony that the leading admirers of Kepler's scientific discoverers stand boldly before the world as the effective deniers of his discoveries by their championing the gravity-forced galaxy with orbiting stars (a physical impossibility according to universal principle) as if Kepler never existed and the operating principle of universal gravitation had never been discovered. It is an ironic twist of our twisted science that we throw Kepler's discoveries that are fully observable out of the window by imagining the myth of orbiting stars that cannot be observed since a span of 250 million years would be required to observe a single orbit. What are assumed to be gravitational orbits are evidently motions resulting from 'localized' electric phenomena that can be observed in the small in laboratory experiments. The irony is that modern so-called science is throwing away the known, knowable, and observable aspects of the universe for the sake of a theory that is not verifiable and observable, but which is required for political objectives to hide the real potential of the universe and with it humanity, and to conjure up apocalyptic theories of galactic forced extinction cycles to frighten children with.

It is sad to see this type of tragedy being promoted by the LaRouche science basement team as the numerous involved science contradiction discredit the valuable contributions the LaRouche political Action Committee is offering the world in the sphere of economic science and political science. It is difficult to organize society around LaRouche's contributions in these areas with the clearly evident contradictions in physical science standing in the way, which to add to the tragedy is used for apocalyptic terrorizing.

The situation has become especially tragic in modern time when the economic breakdown that LaRouche had accurately forecast as a necessary end-result for as long as the oligarchic system, misnamed an economic system, the system of empire, remains in control, as it does, which has now driven the world to the brink of nuclear war. While the denial of Kepler appears trivial in comparison, it is vastly more than that. The galactic apocalyptic crisis predictions that the LaRouche science team promotes, based on imagined changing conditions as our solar system is dreamed to be orbiting into a different arm of the galaxy, and out of another. The theory is so far off in the land of mysticism that the resulting air of mysticism puts a shadow over everything else that is build thereon, and overshadows the valuable contributions the LaRouche organization has made and is making. But most tragic of all, this science denial dreaming is depriving humanity of the infinite cosmic-electric energy that the universe has laid at our feed, which mystified decapitated science prevents us from opening our 'eyes' to.

That the orbiting-stars theory exists only in fantasy land is self-evident without anyone having to understand the resulting contradiction with Kepler, and still the mystification goes on, tragically.

We have seen in recent times the development of weather patterns that are reminiscent to what has been experienced back during the period of the Little Ice Age. But it is irrational to propose that this development over the last dozen years is the sudden result of the solar system changing its orbital position within a cycle spanning 62 million years? Nothing that happens on this immensely long time-scale of tens of millions of years can be rationally blamed for the rapidly changing short-term events spanning just a few decades, as we have experienced in recent years. Far simpler reasons for these short-term events are known and have been documented.

Likewise is it irrational to blame the sudden increase in earthquake activity that we have seen since 1998 on the effect of a 62 million year galactic solar orbit cycle. While the mystic proposition may seem rational in a cosmology where only gravity is the governing force, so that all phenomena need to have a gravity-mechanical origin, the resulting projections make no sense to the rational mind to which it is hard, and next to impossible, to organize people around such dreamscapes as 62 million year cycles producing apocalyptic short-term events over a time scale of just decades. This doesn't mean that a rational exploration for the increase in earthquakes isn't possible. It is actually rather simple to recognize the cause for this increase when one steps away from the gravity-only entrapment of science, and thereby the entrapment of the mind.

Of course, the entrapment is intentional. The effect of resulting science contradiction, on those who remain trapped, is precisely what the Wellsian and Fabian objective has been from the beginning, and still is to the present day. This long-standing objective and its doctrine still stands today. The effect too, remains the same. Most champions in modern science remain trapped by the movements of the oligarchic doctrine that renders the victims of imprisoned science as qualified contenders for the Wellsian-Fabian Award for Excellence in Scientific Mysticism and Obstruction of Reality.

The tragedy of the oligarchic entrapment that has captivated the best of us has made impotent victims of us all, is not specific to any group, ideology, scientific discipline, or religious orientation, but is the universal outcome of the oligarchic system having operated in the world for long periods essentially unopposed. It has created a culture of masters and subjects, of elite and obedient followers, instead of a culture of free human beings cooperating for their common welfare and secure future.

In order to block the equally irrational mysticism about a survivable endless bailout looting, or a survivable thermonuclear World War III, or a survivable total economic breakdown under imperial monetarist control, a strong universal commitment to reality is needed, instead of the opposite of quietly remaining trapped. The oligarchic mysticism should be scrapped on all fronts, especially in the sciences, instead of it being promoted there, to the point that the entire oligarchic system becomes terminated including its expression in the form of empire.

For how long do you think we will be able to survive in our mystic dreaming, without this necessary steps towards the freedom of humanity being taken?

To honor Kepler means to open our 'eyes' to the discoveries of the mind. One day soon science may do this, and as it does, humanity will discover the electrodynamics that produce all the perplexing mysteries about our sun and the radical climate changes that we now see, that are not really mysteries at all, but simple aspects of the already ongoing Ice Age Transition that is in a cycle of acceleration. By understanding the physical principles driving the transition we become able to respond and create the needed infrastructures to protect our food resources in the coming Ice Age world. That's easy to do. We have all the material and energy resources on hand, and the technologies to use them. But none of these will be applied if humanity keeps its eyes closed to reality and its mind chained, and its pioneer-discoverer, Kepler, denied. If this blockage is not released, humanity will likely be overwhelmed by the approaching Ice Age and become largely extinct, and this not because of any galactic factor, but for reasons of our cultivated blindness.

See the attached LPAC video about the great enigma that shouldn't be an enigma, which poses questions that shouldn't be questions. See: Our Galactic Species (Dec, 29, 2011 - 9 min)

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