Ice Age Ahead (iaa)  

Terminating WAR forever is possible
It is a measure of our humanity

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Three existential challenges stand before us:

Global financial and economic collapse
Nuclear War
 The next Ice Age ahead (not global warming)

 Ice Age Now in 30 Years?

evidence / dynamics / science / electric sun / nuclear fusion / sustainable development

Triply Divine Humanity

spiritual history / science / healing / alternate Jesus / justice

Spiritual Science

climate change / carbon politics / genocide /science abuse / manmade global warming impossible


The critical issue is still, nuclear war.
War must be eradicated or else humanity becomes eradicated by it no other option is possible

Note: This page has been dedicated to present the work of the foremost antiwar action organization, the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC), that is operating within the foremost war mongering country on Earth. My presenting of this organization's deep-reaching commitment to stop another world war does not mean that I am an agreement with all policies and statements presented. In fact I am in complete disagreement with a number of major aspects and conclusions. Nevertheless, the cause of peace and the security of humanity and civilization is too critical an issue to let disagreements stand in the way of presenting the views of the foremost activists for peace, civilization, and economic development, unwise as some of the views may be. Avoiding war in the present is a critical requirement for meeting the Ice Age Challenge in the future that won't be a challenge if humanity no longer exists.
Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Freedom begins when the world is free of the terror of empire

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