Mozart and the Christ: a video by Rolf A. F. Witzsche 

An Inner Revolution

Focused on Mozart's opera "Idomeneno"


The video takes us back in time almost two millennia, to before the term, Christ, had any specific meaning. Still it was a force from the heart and soul that stood even then, in opposition to mythologies of evil, force, war, inhumanity, murdering, human sacrifices, and so on. The video takes us back to the Trojan War, in the eyes of Homer, and to the Greek god Zeus; Posidon, the god of the sea; Aphrodite; Helen of Troy; and the heroes of the Trojan War, such as Achilles, Agamemnon, and Idomeneus, and of course, the deception story of the Trojan Horse.

Mozart's opera, Idomeneo is staged at the end of the Trojan War tragedy. His main characters are from the mythological story, but not to recount history. He explores with them the critical failures in mythology, which, if the underlying principles had been understood, could have avoided the historic tragedies, which happen to be also the principles that are needed in our time to avoid the tragedies before us that include nuclear war, biofuels genocide, mass depopulation; and to enable us to prepare our world for the next Ice Age that will likely begin in the 2050 timeframe. In focusing on these principles, Mozart's link with the Christ comes to light, the link to the human heart and soul where the right ideas are rooted that deny the mythologies, old and new.

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