Video explorations  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Nuclear War - The Path to Extinction

A human crisis that technology cannot solve

Johannes Kepler, the German Astronomer that some call the founder of modern science, who raised the self-perception of humanity with advanced science, may have helped with it to end the Thirty Years War and to enable the Peace of Westphalia, which established the tallest platform for civilization that still stands in principle today.


Video explorations by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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The Science Revolution

Would Kepler counsel us to liberate science as he did in his time? Would he counsel us to open our eyes, become truthful, and step beyond the chokehold of physically impossible concepts?

Biological terror, and the lesser nuclear war terror, are not contests of will or technological power. These concepts are meaningless when the outcome is the extinction of humanity, or much of it. War means annihilation, including the depopulation war against humanity. These are wars of impotence. We wield weapons not out of strength, but out of our impotence to reach a hand across the table and deal with one-another as human beings.


Sovereignty versus Nuclear War

The nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima ushered in an era of terror to force the nations of the world to lay down their sovereignty at the feet of the masters of empire who claim the right to dictate their will to the world.

Mutually Assured Suicide

Allowing nuclear war is an act of suicide for humanity. The forces are on the march towards this end, aiming to force Russia, China, and India into submission.

Arresting the Infinite Crime

Committing War in any form is an infinite crime. Empire and war is one, and this one is the infinite crime.


The Economic Miracle



70th anniversary of nuclear war 



Gate Crasher and Constitution

One Principle, One Universe, Many Expressions 


Galactic, Solar, and Planetary Systems of an Efficient Electric Universe

One Principle, One Universe, Many Expressions 

Decapitated Humanity and its Recovery

The video is about the capitation of science and economics by the oligarchic system of empire, and its tragedies. It also focuses on the potential recovery of civilization in the face of the next Ice Age that is already on the horizon. 

Gems are we - unfolding a majestic song!
Listen to the song
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Brighter than the Sun

A fictional novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche about a political nuclear weapons sabotage to scare humanity to its senses, which becomes a cataclysm itself.

Flight Without Limits

A science fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche that explores the options for avoiding nuclear war.

A series of videos is presented here that explores the vast dimension of the process that are involved in dealing with indefensible weapons that force extinction upon humanity. We have played this game for more than 50 years and made the world more vulnerable instead of more secure. The irony is that the nuclear war challenge is the simplest one to solve. It can be solved in a week. One the choice is made to annihilate all the nuclear weapons, it won't take a week to get it done. But will we raise our humanity up enough to do it? This is the key question.

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