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The rapidly exploding 2014-Ebola epidemic in West Africa has an amazing similarity with the ancient story in the biblical Book of Job. The writer explores the dimension of human suffering that frequently comes upon society, apparently without a cause and often without mercy, as does a swift-spreading pandemic. In the story, the writer pins the blame for the suffering onto the mythical Satan, who in the story, has corrupted God to allow a devastating calamity to happen, as a test. In modern time the process is called "active research."

The modern situation reflects to a large degree the mental background prevalent in ancient time - a type of extreme cultural warfare that society had conjured up against itself - which the writer of the story, apparently had attempted to expose and heal, but whose effort appears to have been sabotaged.

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The mental background behind the ancient story in the Book of Job, is reflected in numerous types of great books that followed, which combine as a template for exploring the background to the modern Ebola pandemic that is fast becoming recognized as the most-critical biological emergency of all times. 

The video presented here combines both the ancient and modern backgrounds into one, for a wide overview that places the 2014-Ebola at the center of a large stage, where it stands not as an isolated issue where solutions cannot really be found, but stands as an element of the wide, universal, landscape of civilization where comprehensive solutions are more-readily discerned. 

The Ebola crisis is definitely not a local crisis. It has some local features, but it is a global crisis by its very nature. While it is true that Ebola is not airborne, but is water born in bodily fluids, it is equally true that the virus is carried in aerosols ejected or exhaled. This means that when the current pandemic explodes into the many millions of cases in Africa that are likely not far off, the aerosol-born viruses may cross a threshold in density that enables intercontinental infections via the trade winds and the jet streams as carriers of the aerosols. Just as heavy clouds of dust are carried from the Sahara all the way to the Amazon, so the watery carriers of the Ebola may spread their load across long distances. This means that no one is physically safe until the crisis is overcome, and this is essentially a spiritual process of humanity's commitment to itself.


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