Failure of Civilization

 from novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Shoot Children?

The radio crackles: "I have a woman with children here. Shall I let them go?" 
"Shoot them!"
 "Shoot children?"
 "Small rebels grow up to become big rebels. Shoot them!"

The Three Hundred Years War

War never happens spontaneously. 
It is prepared step by step in silent secrecy,
 often for decades before the first bullets fly,
 including Word War I and II,

which is then foisted on society for its destruction.

The Three Thousand Years War

Moses counsels us not to break the honorable bonds that love has forged.
 The priesthood interprets: 
Stone them to death who dare to break the privatization of sex. 
We still sing this perverted song.
And so the 'war' goes on.

Miracle Images

Technology enables us to reach into space and see what no man has seen before. 
But what do we behold if we aim to see with our eyes closed and our mind shackled?

Sergei's the Oasis

There comes a point when the best established processes are not enough,
 when nothing remains to save us, but our humanity.

Mission to Hell

A child's poem: 
...I watched a rabbit under a bridge;
 then fire came;
 with a big light; 
the forest was burning; 
with screams; 
there was no more sky; 
there was night; 
not a voice.

Shadow in the Night 

The 10-minute missile is nuclear.
Can anyone see its shadow in the dark of night?
Who will catch it?
Who will even know?


Lord of Darkness, Lord of the Rings 

War has matured: The game is nuclear terror.
Weapons have matured: The watchword is, Daisy Cutters.
Strategies have matured: The lie is cultural 'freedom.'
Objectives have matured: Empires flirting with genocide.


The Supreme Being 

Is God the Supreme Being, or is it mankind?
Is the cross of God a cross of terror and genocide?
Or is the Supreme Cross, the Cross of Love?
Do we bow in pain, or stand tall as builders of worlds?



 Lunch Break Surprise

From civilization to Armageddon
 in thirty minutes.



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