Sex and the Principle of Universal Love

 from novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Helen a Healer

A person who loves is also a healer.
 Should there be limits to this love?

In the Brilliance of a Night

It should be called an invitation to heaven,
 a sex story that honors the Mosaic Decalogue.

Depopulation, Mozart, Ice Cream, and Wine

Civilization is culture.  It reflects our humanity. 
If we loose our humanity, civilization disintegrates and society with it.
Healing begins with a private renaissance.

Gentle Winds

Whose children are we? 
Are we not all children of our common humanity? 
Compared to that, everything else is rather trivial, isn't it?

The Sound of a Bird Woke Me

A gently daring brilliance is allowed to unfold in love
 in order to hold back the darkening of a failing world.

Sky Fire

If one comes from the sunshine into a darkened room, 
is it possible to bring a bit of the sunshine along?


Does unity mean getting together?
Or does it mean being one?
Does it need to be created?
Or does it need to be discovered?


Clothed with the Sun

John saw an angel, a woman clothed with the sun.
He saw in her the native image of mankind.
He saw her not covered, hidden, or embellished.
He saw in her the sun crowned with stars of rejoicing.




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