A love story from a novel 
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.






Our larger world,
 the universe,
 is a marvelous place with boundless potentials.
 But what is greater, 
the gigantic universe of infinite space,
 or its most precious gem,
 the human being?


The story presents a space-fight SCIFI metaphor. An advanced idea has enabled the physical distance of the universe to be reduced to zero. While we may never develop the capacity to travel physically in an instant to wherever we want to be, we certainly have the potential to do this mentally. There exists no inherent inertia to resist the unfolding of a profound scientific idea. We have seen countless cases in history where an idea has transformed the world, like the ideas of Homer, Dante, Solon and Socrates, Christianity and Islam, etc. In the story the metaphor of zero distance unfolds in the background to a double love affair and the vastness of the universe.

The story, Window to the World, is a love story from the novel, Flight without Limits, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche. The novel was written in the 1980s to explore mankind's innate capacity to overcome perceived limits.

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