A 'wanting to be King' story 


Beware oh dreamer! 
You tighten your noose with every step.
The plan is in control,
 not you.


In the story a low-level technician of Russia's Strategic Rocket Forces is cleverly manipulated to play king for a day in order to save mankind. He is a family man, a patriot, and finds himself in a position to make a unique intervention in the Cold War theatre. He stages an accidental launching of Russia's biggest weapon that has security protocols built in. The protocols should render it harmless. He counts on the shock effect of a close call to hell to bring the world's thinking back to reality.

His plan though isn't really his plan. He finds himself drawn into it. As he gives in, the plan takes on a life of its own. He becomes the servant of it.

One wonders how many such servants exist in the world, or patriots with the opportunity to intervene? As the present political landscape is drifting evermore rapidly into policies for nuclear preemption one wonders at what threshold some misguided patriots become 'inspired' to join the bandwagon of preemption and force issues that no one can control, as we find them staged in the story.

This 'King of a Day' fantasy story with the title, Nuclear Preemption, is the opening chapter of the novel, Brighter than the Sun, by Rolf A. F. Witzsche. The novel was written in the 1980s when the world was brimming with 65,000 nuclear bombs and the doomsday clock stood at minutes to midnight.


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